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  1. Yeah their album covers remind me of that scene from Spinal Tap where Nigel doesn't understand the difference between Sexy and Sexist. They got in some trouble with the album Honey for the cover and inside art. There were all sorts of rumors created around that https://pure-music.co.uk/the-ohio-players-get-sticky-with-a-little-bit-o-honey/
  2. Skin tight - Ohio Players heres a live version of “Jive Turkey” from the tv Soul Train
  3. Speaking of Eno i have been giving the 1978 album Cluster and Eno a flogging over the past week. I love this album. The combination of Clusters roedelius and moebius really offsets against what can be Eno’s excesses
  4. My guess is that the CD’s could be poor recordings? @Ronny Schiltcare to name the CDs that didn’t sound great or had an issue with sound on the marantz?
  5. Seems there is one small provider offering DsD streaming https://primeseat.net/en/ i found it hard to find out what you can stream, seems to be mostly Japanese recorded classical music. I haven’t used I just googled around. the main way to get DSD is purchase tracks online or rip tracks from SACD disks
  6. @JulesOz yes there has been some keen pricing on the standard LS50, but was after the Active version of the LS50 or LSX. I wanted these to work with Roon
  7. Item: Considering a pair of KEF Wireless LS50 or LSX to work with my Roon in home office Price Range: Fair price for condition, plenty LSX have been selling new for as low as $1595 and possibly lower from retailers Item Condition: new to used Extra Info: Not to fussed about colour but in saying that some colours do look cooler. Would consider with or without some form of floor or desk stand.
  8. Yeah I am considering one of these. Which other ultrasonic RCM have you compared to ? currently I use the Kirmuss and a vacuum dry via record doctor 5. The Kirmuss is great for 2 doing records at once but because of the larger volume 5-6 litres it is setup for larger batch cleaning of records (30-50 in my case). See if I can sell the Kirmuss
  9. yeah i was after some new vinyl releases from HMV Japan and when i go to the cart for shipping. 🔴 sorry cant ship internationally currently
  10. Hmm two options 1) buy a NAS like Synology or QNAP. 2) repurpose a pc with multiple disks and use FREENAS or similar software. Problem is that typically PC mother boards don’t have RAID by default. You could buy a raid card
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