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  1. Demondes


    Wow 😮 love the look with the covers removed, the big horn is prettier than the black cover. would love to listen to these if they were in Melbourne GLWTS
  2. Item: Acoustic Solid - Solid Wood Turntable + Wilson Benesch ACT 0.5 Carbon tonearm (no cartridge included) Location: Richmond Melbourne Price: $3K ONO for both, but would consider separating tonearm and turntable for sale Item Condition: Excellent 9/10 Reason for selling: Picked up another turntable on Stereonet (Michell Orbe SE) and this has to go Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, Extra Info: A bought this turntable mid year from another stereonet member, the high mass platter and design makes it very stable and almost impervious to vibrations, unlike some turntables that require wall shelves or careful placement consideration. The outboard motor design is very simple and easy to setup. The Wilson arm is also quite straight forward and can be adjusted for VTA via a screw. A superb high end turntable, with a really nice wood finished plinth. The silver platter and the light wood colour really complement and create a turntable that aesthetically looks pretty cool. RRP was $5,700 with the standard RB300 arm, however this one has the Wilson Benesch (was RRP $1,995) tonearm. I do have boxes for the tonearm and the turntable, but as it is a heavy turntable prefer local sale first ) if possible Manufacturer description: Acoustic Solid Wood Turntable Solid Wood The Acoustic Solid Wood is designed in the classical style and is a more robustly constructed version of our Classic Wood model. It uses a heavy 60mm thick aluminium platter running on our precision "zero tolerance" bearing. This is mounted on to a solid 76mm thick MDF plinth, which is finished with a cherry veneer. The platter is string-driven by a separately housed synchronous motor, powered by our microprocessor controlled supply unit. The platter is fitted with a mat made from natural leather, topped with a 5mm thick acrylic layer. The unit is supported on three independently adjustable feet. The Acoustic Solid Wood provides further bass extension due to its greater mass. Stereo imaging, resolution of fine detail and dynamics are all to a very high standard. Music is reproduced with a flow that is the essence of the real thing. Platter: 60 mm thick aluminium machined from a single billet Mat: Natural leather with a 5mm thick acrylic layer Control: Microprocessor controlled power supply Drive: tring-drive by a separately housed synchronous motor Chassis: 80 mm starke Echtholz furnierte Kirsch-Platte Dimensions: 470 x 370 mm; 250 mm Weight: Approx 35 kg Pictures: Note I have lifted the photos from previous Stereonet seller @Mr Thorens
  3. Item: ORTOFON Cadenza Blue Cartridge Location: Richmond, Melbourne Price: $1600 (New, delivered a week ago) RRP $2499. Not sure what pricing rules dominate with unused but opened cartridges . I have the receipt from local Melbourne retailer Item Condition: New (Note: outer box opened, but stylus not removed from inner container) Reason for selling: The Tonearm on my current Acoustic solid turntable was in the shop to fix one wire, so the Cadenza was not fitted. Whilst waiting for my tonearm, in a stereonet fit of madness I went and bought the Michell Orbe SE with tonearm and Goldnote Donatello, and love the configured combo so much I have decided to sell the acoustic solid and the Cadenza cartridge intended for it. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, Post Extra Info: The Cadenza Blue model is using a Nude FG 70 stylus with a very thin ruby cantilever. The improved winding process on the armature ensures better channel balance. The soundstage of Cadenza Blue is wide open and grandiose straight out of the box. Micro dynamic and ambience will be evident when listening to complex compositions. It reaches a very high degree of definition in the perspective, which is very present. It is true to the music with a tremendous clarity. Note: first 2 images are of the actual item, whilst the cartridge shot is a stock image Pictures:
  4. FYI These are the older stronger discontinued line, which maybe called expedit (not kallax). Anyway a few people are interested A couple of photos of one item to confirm
  5. Item: ikea kallax shelves in the black colour. 2 2x2. And 1 2x4 cube sizes. 3 in total all the same colour Location:Richmond Melbourne Price: free Item Condition:used some scuffs but generally good Reason for selling:not being used Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: these are great for vinyl or box storage Pictures: will add a photo later today.
  6. Rondo Cartridge sold separately, therefore only Turntable with Rega Arm available Price Drop to $1000
  7. Wow guys can’t fault any of these nominations but have a soft spot for the Big Pink. oh and was only born that year, so didn’t pick up any of those albums at that time, unfortunately neither did my parents😂 shame on them
  8. Ahh, you decided to put this back on the market? Great setup
  9. Updated, now 2 options for sale Option 1: $1100 (no cartridge). Option 2: $1250 + Ortofon rondo red ( when setting up I realised the height of the cartridge requires the use of a shim to raise the arm, these are around $25 for an adjustable 2-8mm. This will be included in this option but haven't bought this yet. both come with additional Thakker belt
  10. Demondes

    SOLD: FS: SANSUI AU 11000 Legendary Beast Amp!

    Wow that looks to be in amazing condition in the photos. GLWTS
  11. Update: will include the Ortofon Rondo Red cartridge in the price (firm at $1250) or bargain without the cartridge if not required