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  1. They also had one in Westfield Bondi Junction for a while and another in Hawthorn East/Camberwell area
  2. Yeah that looks more like my frames from ikea. another handy thing I use is the Velcro mounting tabs rather than screws or nails. The ones with glue that you can peel off the Wall if you decide you don’t need a mount anymore. almost a must when renting
  3. Wow I only remember their television ads with the guy banging the gong didnt realise they released any amplifiers etc. I guess made under licence?
  4. If you are not selling all to first poster, can I please have cannonball adderley somethin’ else ella Fitzgerald at opera house count Basie in london sonny Stitt plays from pen of quincy john coltrane favourite things john coltrane a love supreme john Coltrane and Johnny hartman
  5. The problem I found with some of those vinyl picture frames is that they are too small. If there is detail at the edges of the cover then they are often obscured by the frame. The wooden ones from JB i bought were like that were terrible, they didnt give the cover room to breathe. They were cheapish though My next solution was I bought some larger HOVSTA IKEA picture frames (40x50cm) (birch, brown, black and maybe white?) $19.99. This has a frame that allows the album to sit back well away from plastic front. It gives the album a look like some of those sports jumpers that people frame, where the glass/plastic doesn't squeeze the item displayed then i bought some sheets of thin cardboard/heavypaper from Officeworks which then push the album of any depth to sit freely in the middle of the frame, with plenty of white space (or other colour dependent on cardboard) around the image. I would post pictures but currently overseas and couldn't find any nice shots on the phone The only complaint I have about the HOVSTA is that a glass panel would look much classier than the cheapish plastic they use. Black and White album covers alternating with coloured ones looks great on the wall. 4 of the ones I have up currently are EDIT: correction I remembered that i placed the picture frame spacer behind the album cover and cardboard. The album was pressed against the plastic so it didn't move. I didn't want to pin or glue the albums to the cardboard from behind, allowing me to not damage the covers and also make for easy swapping
  6. Hmm, that really sucks. I haven't been to that part of Newton for years, so guess they are still operating? I remember seeing the stuff in the shop that looked retro cool, but always doubted their pricing considering they hadnt renewed all the caps etc. Wow 5 year old thread.
  7. Ahh great, he can really blow a horn
  8. How can you fight for the sweet spot then? 😂😂
  9. wow you are paying for Tidal and Qobuz?
  10. Looks good. Yep rough pricing would be handy
  11. Item: REL Bassline Blue cable 3m Location: Richmond, Melbourne Price: $220 current RRP $549 Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: I bought this cable a few months back when I had 2 REL T9i subs. I have sold those so no longer have use for this cable. It was purchased on stereonet Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal or can post. Extra Info: please see attached stock image, will add additional images of item tonigh Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  12. Yes will consider posting, but currently have a local offer. Will consider posting if local offers fall through I don't have the original box but can safely pack. Fairy Meadow is NSW? Near Wollongong?
  13. Item: Magnum Dynalab MD801 FM/Internet/DAB Tuner Location: Richmond, Melbourne Price: SOLD (bought from LWA on commercial forums) Item Condition: very good Reason for selling: Roon 1.7 has internet radio, so not using. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: includes unit, power cord and a universal remote following text is lifted from the original Len Wallis advert This is FM listening at its finest. This one is a current model (RRP $2,190), checked over by us and it's mint condition price. So the MD 801 Internet Media Tuner gives you multiple audio sources: Access to over 20,000 Internet Radio stations and podcasts via on board WiFi antenna or LAN. Access to terrestrial FM, and locally connected music collections in a variety of formats (including AACs, Real, MP3s, FLAC and WMA). Then there’s good old FM, in Magnum Dynalab’s proven high-end performance original ad Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
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