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  1. I had to read the 170KG a few times trying to work out if that was 70kg and my eyes were misreading. Wow
  2. Thanks for the info. It’s a great price, but unfortunately won’t work sizewise for me.
  3. on the Elfi Chaplin Low Line TV Unit. Which shelf is adjustable, the 2 doors to side only? Also what is the height gap in centre between base of soundbar shelf and base of the unit? and the width of the side doors, trying to see if Standardd sized components would fit inside anywhere The top is veneer or wood? thanks for any answers you can provide
  4. so since you re selling as a pair price is $35? The top part was confusing looks like you expected somewhere in the range $15-20 for both together?
  5. Wow lovely cabinets. I have a pair of JBL4429 and love the JBL sound
  6. Wow just had a listen to Volcanic Rock on Qobuz, great stuff. when was the repress? On Discogs I see the original in 1973 a repress in 1973 and 2003 Italian reissue
  7. Interesting haven’t come across this previously.
  8. Oops that should be a JL Audio F110 not JBL (JBL 4429 are my speakers) i think the bottom line is all 4 brands I mentioned will work with careful placement and adjustment. the rep t7i will work in a small to medium room, but I went for the larger 10” t9i and got a very good price on a pair.
  9. I have 2 Rel T9i in my setup and took a while to get the sound just right. I had previously looked at SVS and also Rythmik and have owned one JBL F110 in the past. i know 2 out of that bunch work wonders when setup correctly and I am sure the SVS and Rythink also work
  10. Yeah android store works differently from Apple store. But if you google say “ how to download foreign apps android” you will find articles like this that seem to suggest it can be done https://android.gadgethacks.com/how-to/easily-change-your-play-store-country-download-region-locked-apps-games-0186542/ Step 1Clear Data on the Google Play Store App. Open your Settings app and select "Apps." ... Step 2Change Your Phone's IP with Your VPN App. Open your preferred VPN application. ... Step 3Change Play Store Country.
  11. Ahh For iOS, you can find on the Australian Apple store, it’s available for download there i never require the VPN to play music on the iOS Qobuz app in Australia, only the original login/signup needs be created via VPN in UK or elsewhere.
  12. Does Blackrider have the printed inner sleeve with lyrics? (the original 90s release of the album. if so I will take that one thanks
  13. are these region free by default? if not is this region free for DVD's
  14. Can I ask a silly question, if it’s a preamp only why does it have the speaker outlets?
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