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  1. Hi have a Goldnote Donatello on my Michell Orbe on the end of an acoustic signature TA-2000 tonearm. This was a combo bought second hand on stereonet last year, but I haven’t had a huge amount of listening time since So it’s the only cartridge I have had on this combination so far. With that proviso it is definitely less revealing than a Delos Lyra I had about 1 year back, but that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It tracks very well with almost no surface noise in my combo. I would describe it as smooth but not veiled across the sound range. i love the sound, but What percentage of the sound is due to the turntable, tonearm or cartridge to the overall sound I am not sure
  2. Demondes

    Online purchase via Klapp Audio

    I don’t think there is anything sinister in this, traditionally for smaller stores the cost of the online shopping tool linked to real time inventory and POS system hasn’t been achievable at lost cost, unless... I think it’s now practical and cheap to do assuming you start from scratch linking POS, inventory and online store into one. But most shops probably bought software a few years back and are locked into an $$$ for features software cycle secondly I think you can mostly assume expensive items are not in stock unless they are clearing items that are stated demo Oh and finally I have always had friendly service from Klapp, but it’s usually walk-in.
  3. Demondes

    loudness wars 2019

    Whilst I agreee with what is said above about loudness “pushed to 11” on many new pop songs, and that it destroys music for non critical listening and streamed music in day an office many people I work with are accustomed to a constant sound level. They often have the opposite issue of too quite and too loud with well recorded music But to be far there exists a number of equalisation techniques within hardware and software such as Sonos to overcome some of this via equalisation at least between songs if not within songs. also I believe radio stations have always had the ability to reprocess audio to reduce the dynamic range (I think I am correct here?)
  4. However isn’t the B8 model the 2017 model? i thought the C8 was last years model.
  5. Demondes

    Went to Quality(?) Records today

    Yeah I used to be a regular there too. Maybe the new owners don’t want to be loaded with the debt of having a lot of new stock on shelves, but the likely medium term outcome will be you drive away your regular buyers
  6. Yeah I really enjoyed the nightflyers. it was quite dark, the pace does pickup. The psychological and horror elements are definitely stronger than in most sci-fi dramas. to me I quite liked the darkness of the start of 1st series of Star Trek discovery, but I think it fell apart across season 1.
  7. Demondes

    The Expanse

    I thought that syfy killed off the series after season 3? Did is someone else pickup? good looking forward to season 4 i have read some of the books.
  8. Demondes

    Anyone tried UD1S Records?

    Yeah I have some of these. The original Santana Abraxas and Bill Evans are going for ridiculous prices on Discogs etc. i agree that these probably the best sound you can get for albums released, with 2 negatives that detract from the wonderful sound 1) price too high (especially with Aussie dollar strength) 2) 45rpm means u are getting up from listening position more often. Not really an issue for me. the next releases are Marvin Gaye what’s going on, Stevie Ray Vaughn, and another Bill Evans
  9. Demondes

    JBL Options...experience??

    The first figures I quoted were for the 4429. eg 55hz 4367 probably roll off -3db around 40hz i don’t wanna be responsible for talking you out of them. Likewise when I heard the 4367 on 2 occasions great bass, both times at what I consider moderate to loud playing conditions cheers
  10. Demondes

    JBL Options...experience??

    I also found the freq response stats for the JBL 4367 for -6db 30hz to 40khz i could not find the response for -3db for that model. also I need to add at low listening volumes this issue becomes more apparent. At higher volumes which I enjoy during critical listening sessions, bass is a lesser issue. i think this is one area where individuals differ in their preferences. also I don’t listen to bass heavy dance music etc. its mostly vinyl and jazz, blues, some classical, and rock.
  11. Demondes

    JBL Options...experience??

    Hi @mattjtaylor2809, no not referring to sub bass, as I don’t use these for movies etc. See the manufacturer stats for -3db and -6db drop off below. 3db drop at 55hz, so I am talking about supplementing the range between say 20hz and 60 - 80hz Technical Specification (according to the manufacturer) Frequency Response: 55Hz - 20 kHz (-3 dB) Frequency Response: 40 Hz - 45 kHz (-6 dB) Maximum Power Input: 200 W Sensitivity (2.83 V / 1 m): 91 dB Nominal Impedance: 6 Ω Crossover Frequencies: 800 Hz, 7 kHz Dimensions (HxWxD): 635 mm x 400 mm x 300 mm Weight: 32.3 kg / piece
  12. Demondes

    JBL Options...experience??

    I have a pair of JBL 4429 that I bought on stereonet mid last year, as the seller had upgraded to JBL4367’s i had a great listen to 4367 at his place and also back at the hifi show in 2016. The 4367 have a fuller sound on the bottom end whereas I would say 4429 pull up shy on the bass I want from a speaker. great sound in the mids and high but on their own they don’t go low enough for me. Depending on music type and the owners preferences for bass sound they may be perfect as is. I will trial a pair of REL t9i with the JBL 4429 when I get back from my holiday overseas next weekend. Will come back with results here in a couple of weeks i drive the 4429 with a McIntosh ma6700 200w per channel amp and I believe that is more than enough power. I think 100w you are thinking of should have no issues with any of the JBL’s mentioned. also as mentioned they require stands to get to the correct height, but are suprising biggish boxes, stocky is probably the apt word😂 i may consider moving on the JBL4429 And trying something different, so if you want to stay in touch. have the original boxes and shouldn’t be trouble shipping
  13. Demondes


    Wow did you drop the price further? Has the stand been removed from the deal?
  14. Demondes

    FS: B&W vintage DM6 Loudspeaker, circa 1975

    This model has covers? Are they included
  15. Item (relist): Micro Seiki BL-51 Turntable with Rega RB301 tonearm + 1 new Thakker belt Location:Richmond, Melbourne Price: $860 (no cartridge) including extra belt, or $30 dollars for new Thakker belt only (Note: Rondo Cartridge sold) Item Condition: Mechanically Very Good for Age, Cosmetically Good for its age Reason for selling: replaced by a Michell Orbe SE turntable and don't have the space for 2 turntables Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal (+3%), COD Only. No shipping at this stage. Extra Info: Given I don't have the original box I prefer not to ship, so pickup only. This turntable is very quiet with a quick startup, and has that great classic look with a great wood effect (if that is what you are after). I have polished up the aluminium platter and it looks much better, especially for the age. The Rega RB301 tonearm is a solid performer and has continuous RCA cable feeding out through the turntable. Any 3 point REGA arm could be fitted here. This turntable was bought this year on stereonet; refer to this ad (note that sale included the Benz cartridge) https://www.stereo.net.au/forums/topic/247279-fs-micro-seiki-bl-51-turntable-with-rega-rb-301-arm-and-benz-micro-gold-mc-cart/?tab=comments#comment-3909699 Note some photos including the one showing a small dent are taken from previous owners ad. He did a great photography job, hopefully doesn't mind me lifting them. Pictures: