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  1. Hmm, maybe they added additional checking after I signed up. has anyone tried doing the initial payment with a PayPal balance instead of having payment pulled from an underlying Australian bank account. not sure how Qobuz would do this unless PayPal returns info about which country the PayPal account was setup in? i see you tried the US version, did you try sign up with UK version of Qobuz?
  2. I have my iPad and iPhone setup to use Australian, US, and China app stores. US to run OViD app for documentaries China to install the CHina Merchants Bank App you will need to create 3 separate email/accounts. you can just sign out of one iTunes account and login to the other temporarily to download apps from US or China app stores. Once done you log out and log back into the Australian App Store. Very straight forward. i only need the China or US app stores again each time there is an app update.
  3. Whether you use a VPN or other browser tool, I only required that when setting up the account and payments, and when editing account details later. ( I used PayPal). After setup I have never needed the VPN active to stream or cache music with Qobuz whether in Australia or even China. i set the account up via UK, but believe Qobuz are now also in US. they substantially dropped the price of their plans recently, shaving 10 GBP off my monthly bill.
  4. Yes, to me it seems the same. I previously ran Tidal through Roon and now run Qobuz
  5. They stated there is better available for the same money, sound wise and build quality. they Didn’t say they were rubbish, just look elsewhere first in that price range but I would say if you get a chance to try/listen or better demo an onkyo at home and you like what you hear, dont be put off by my comments alone. I would listen to multiple brands
  6. Wow a lot of PF copies there. Vinyl is now a bit like Aussie real estate pricing, if you already are sitting on it you are sweet, if just getting into it is damn expensive nice filming
  7. I recommended a Marantz PM5005 a few weeks back to my dad who was looking to replace an old arcam alpha 5 (failing due to age). He bought and loves it. MM phonostage, headphone out remote. his budget was as close to $500-600 just be wary of matching the amp correctly with speakers. When reviewing I also looked at Denon, Yamaha, onkyo etc. i was warned off the onkyo a-9130 and the next one up the ladder 9150? by a dealer who sold them. 2nd hand on StereoNET is another good option but you may need to wait to get the right amp.
  8. I still use ExpressVPN as it is the only "stable" VPN i have found in China. Not sure about the speed drops as my primary focus has always been on stability, but i can successfully stream Netflix through it.
  9. I Just got the Optus WIFI Broadband. Up to 150Mpbs download and consistently 40Mbps upload. 500Gb per month. The modem Huawei B808 (largish not a small handheld modem) comes with 2 Lan ports and you can put in bridge mode if you wanted to you say an existing network.
  10. I started watching this, but i seem to have gotten lost between what happened at the end of season 1 and now. Feels disconnected (probably my memory, not the show) I think i will need to go back and familiarize myself with the ending from last season
  11. Looks cool. But do you think the noise floor is due to the hologram process, or is the same noise floor on black vinyl.
  12. For just moving, strong cardboard boxes are good enough. for storage for any length of time I would instead go for these or similar sealable plastic boxes. Obviously it also depends on the value of the records http://www.reallyusefulproducts.co.uk/australia
  13. I was never a huge fan of the original Next Generation with Picard (I did like the character Picard and some of the others just not the plot lines), but agree with you in this new series that he and the universe have changed. But i call that a plus not a negative I love the darker and grimmer version in this series Picard.
  14. Demondes


    I don't see a problem with VPN usage in general. When in China (which I am currently not) i use a VPN for everything, out of necessity. This allows me to see the big part of the internet that disappears in China, Google search, Australian news sites, Netflix. Stereonet may be accessible (cant recall as I usually have VPN on). Often I have as an endpoint USA, so Stereonet will ask me if I want another version of the site. Not sure why you would want to run stereonet through a VPN whilst in Australia
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