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  1. Ok, in that case I stand corrected. I understood that the Nucleus was more like a cheaper version of a Antipodes Audio device rather than a standard NUC. If all "the smarts" is in the Operating System then i guess going with a NUC should be as stated just as good.
  2. Nice, I am so close I can almost hear them from my house 😀 (Richmond Vic as well). I would love a second system built on something like these but space and timing (SIGH)
  3. Yes running a Curious USB cable to my DAC. For this use case, why would the Nucleus edge the others out ? The combination of optimised OS/Driver/Hardware combo i suspect would provide the best output from the USB. Likewise for more expensive options such as Antipodes
  4. Yeah me too, I have 3 turntables (Yamaha GT-2000, Thales TTT Slim - II, and a microseiki) and would love to compare this to my Luxman EQ-500 which also has 3 inputs.
  5. I run a Mac Mini, because I had one available. It doesnt need to be fast or new, just 16GB of RAM i found was required for a big library DB. Also I run it away from the system in a cupboard with the NAS. Whilst it doesn't make noise, being physically isolated from hifi area is even better. The Mac Mini connects to the DEQX via ethernet. I think any of the solutions above are good with Roon, and If I didnt have a Mac would have been happy with a NUC or Roon Nucleus. If you are planning to use a USB cable to your DAC? the Roon Nucleus may edge out the NUC and Mac Mini. Any solution will benefit from an SSD for the Roon DB, the music itself can sit on any HDD
  6. Welcome Luke. Yep you will find lots interesting and experienced people here. It's also a great place to buy and sell
  7. Hello, and welcome Torsten. i haven’t been tempted down the Linn path yet, but that is a radical change to the suspended state of the typical Linn. Currently I have a Swiss Made Thales TT with a Thales tonearm and an old 80s direct drive Yamaha GT-2000.
  8. I think this was Sean Penn’s first as a director. The “Indian Runner” with Viggo Mortensen and Charles Bronson, based loosely on Bruce Springsteen’s “Highway Patrolman” from Nebraska. some may find it to slow moving but it’s an emotional film about 2 brothers. I am pretty sure I saw this at the old Mandolin cinema (long gone) that used to be near Hyde Park in Sydney. They used to play cult and American independent films. It was grungy and not particularly comfortable, but who cares when the films were great and you were young. and a great soundtrack
  9. I would definitely spend the money on a second HDD to make a second copy of your FLAC files you don't want to have to re-rip. You can always make another MP3 copy from FLAC, but not the reverse
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