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  1. Yeah Qobuz allows you to buy and download tracks, although I haven’t done that because you can stream at 16/44.1 or higher (dependent on the plan). The premium plan gives you a discount on purchasing tracks. also when you stream via a phone r iPad you can choose to download and store (without charge) the tracks in a cache (don’t believe they are accessible to shift to a NAS for example). So for example I have around 50gb of XD quality music on my iPhone.
  2. Oh 😮 Timing is everything, I am sure a few more than just myself are saying wow amazing deal. Unfortunately being overseas and having move my own speakers on first excludes me from snapping these up. You can even sell your power amp or expensive integrated
  3. Ahh yeah sorry I wasn’t implying they would sell. Just somewhere to see one in action
  4. Wow 😮 these are great value
  5. Technically No you just need to VPN to Uk when you sign up on the qobuz website. Don’t go through apple itself as that is more expensive once signed up they don’t seem to care. I can now use Qobuz in Australia and even China where I am currently without the VPN. i only signed up for CD quality as it is expensive compared to other services. You can choose the cache locally the files you play
  6. Yes, sad news. He had some great albums over the years. Including a resurgence in the late 90’s starting with Anutha Zone in 98. he comes from a long line of New Orleans greats and particularly pianists including Professor Longhair James Booker Allen Touissant
  7. I know where one of these is in action. Dutch Vinyl record Shop in Abbotsford (Melbourne). They currently use it as their turntable for playing music in the shop. It’s connected to a McIntosh Amp and some big old beastly speakers of which I cannot remember the brand. @tcliffo1 I see you are WA based, not so easy to pop around to the store. its solidly built.
  8. I love the convenience of Roon Having used it since the first days. i have Qobuz added as well which I prefer over Tidal. with regard to tagging and file naming, I add all new music to jriver temporarily and use that for tag editing before then dumping the renamed files on the NAS. Roon for me runs fantastically on my Synology NAS. the newer QNap and SYnology are fast enough to run a giant library (>10TB 300000+ tracks. Just make sure you have at least 8Gb RAM.
  9. Yes Great Dane and Moderntimes both have many classic items of Danish furnish. I would be interested to see pictures and details on what the other items are as well. Can you please email or PM the details. Also do you have the internal dimensions of the listed piece above, in particular the right hand side upper and lower shelf
  10. Yep I had issues with tidal, but switched to Qobuz. i rarely have streaming issues with Qobuz
  11. Depending on your taste 1. For Soul records anything off Al Green's Call Me album A number like Jesus is Waiting is a slow burn classic, that builds and builds. The backup singers falsetto coming in behind Al Green is amazing. It could work on digital, but the Speakers Corner Record is excellent. 2. +1 for DCD there a lot of excellent DCD tracks 3. +1 for any track from Cowboy Junkies Trinity Revisited. especially Blue Moon Revisited with Margo and Vic Chesnutt or Sweet Jane with Margo and Ryan Adams. Great guitar effects on both and a vocal slow burn.
  12. Nice recommendation thanks, listening to this now on Qobuz.
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