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  1. I have this version, fantastic. If you love Peggy Lee you can’t go wrong.
  2. Wow a great setup for someone. These are the bigger brothers of my setup. I am running the regular 3way Tikandi (only 2 channels in upper box) and unpowered bass in lower box (I use an external 2 channel class D to each sub) Class D amps work well with the Tikandi and are cost effective to getting the 4 channels in this case. Prospective buyers won’t need to calibrate the speakers again, but will need to do room correction. My suggestion would be to find optimal speaker spot in the room and after some listening sessions contact DEQX to get the room calibrati
  3. Oh love Freddie Hubbards jazz during this period.
  4. mostly some late 60s and 70s j-Jazz tonight. Plus one Australian and one US emphasis on soul jazz and fender Rhodes (never enough)
  5. Wow that Sony TT is pretty. The Denon whilst good were never easy on the eyes
  6. The new Bob Marley 1/2 speed Abby Road Remasters are great quality.
  7. they also sell ZYX cartridges which sound slight less ‘hot’ than the Lyra, with a sweeter mid range. I am currently using a Lyra Delos and ZYX 4D on different turntables.
  8. In my case it was a Bluenote Tone Poet Series (quality Jazz reissue recordings) and i cannot hear any degradation in sound quality when compared to other LP's in the series. The sound quality after flattening could be depend on how it was warped; simply warped with age due and storage, was it in transit, or maybe warped in during manufacture process (heavy vinyl cooling unevenly) I believe the device they used at Dutch Vinyl may be this AFI FLAT Record Flattener v2.0, but I haven't been close enough to confirm (it looks like this one from a few metres away)
  9. Plus one for Dutch Vinyl Melbourne. They did a great job of flattening one new record that I had that was warped in transit. the only thing I would say unless the vinyl is new, valuable or treasured I wouldn’t want to pay to get it flattened. they also have a store in a Brisbane but not sure they have a device there
  10. Hi Yep I believe there was some pairing with the good Dr, as both the 3 way and 4 way models of the Tikandi dont have any crossovers. I didn't buy the Tikandi new (2nd hand off stereonet), only the DEQX was new
  11. I have only had one record that looked like it got warped during transit as opposed to a manufacturing issue (RAREWAVES US sold via Amazon). In my case rarewaves refunded my money and didn't request I return it, and because the vinyl surface was in perfect condition apart from warping i paid to have it flattened here locally. Hence a near mint record for the price of flattening
  12. My Speaker calibration was done inside by Alan (Legend Audio Tikandi - these have no internal crossovers), but can understand why people try the measurement outdoors. But that brings to mind would it have been a good idea for DEQX to maintain a list of known speaker calibrations a bit like Devialet SAM? So like the PSE144 mentioned above these could be shared?
  13. Be interesting to see when they do release qobuz here whether it will have any additional Australian Content. I found Oz rock/pop a bit light in the UK one I am signed too. Does anyone know if content between UK and US version varies or is it exactly the same?
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