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  1. As already suggested by other, I would first try to run a long Ethernet cable (eg 10m ) to the auralic from the current Telstra router and see if issue goes away. Then if you are not able to use a permanent Ethernet connection due to the house setup, I would then use a mesh router which has Ethernet ports in the back and place a satellite router near the auralic so you can run a short Ethernet cable and the wifi is then offloaded to the capable mesh router.
  2. Yep I have this, a great buy. Extremely well recorded. Each album has a sketch of the positioning of the piano and bass etc. you will soon find out if you have your left and right channels in reverse, as positioning in the sound field is spot on.
  3. If you want Starwars Themed art that puts the characters in different scenarios, but is still Starwars art I quite like the prints from Outré Gallery. depends how traditional you like your art eg Han Solo as if done by Andy Warhol https://www.outregallery.com/collections/concepcion-studios/ or Starwars characters in a Samurai set https://www.outregallery.com/collections/jed-henry
  4. Tom waits 'Going out West' - guitar twang Beasti Boys "Sabotage' - drum hit
  5. Yeah sad, seems he died of Covid-19 complications https://www.rollingstone.com/music/music-news/harold-budd-dead-1100872/ My first Harold Budd album (CD) i bought was the 2000 release "The Room". His first release i believe was on Brian Eno's short lived label in 1978. On a related side note the doco on Brian Eno "The Man who fell to Earth", which also mentions Harold Budd, Cluster etc is worth watching If you have Amazon Prime it is free and I think I have seen it on youtube
  6. also unless you manually edited your Roon data, you can even just move the core to a new computer and rescan the tracks from scratch it doesn’t take that long (unless you have a big library or an underpowered computer running your core)
  7. I remember going there a few times years ago <2014. I treated it like a fascinating free museum of HiFi past, a place to stand gawk but not buy.
  8. Yeah Kogan is weird pricing for a single speaker $349, pricing for a pair just $399 i guess pair pricing is for Black Friday
  9. played in sequence Lou Reed - New York 2020 deluxe reissue. Wow blows my previous version out of the water Terry Callier Turn You to Love so smooth Delvon Lamarr Organ Trio - Live at KEXP 2018 mighty B3 organ and some grand guitar and drums to wrap it up.
  10. I remember back in the mid to late 90s Craig Calhoun (brother of Will Calhoun, Living Colour drummer) used to play the basement in Sydney regularly. I am positive Will appeared at a few of those gigs. the band was funk rather than rock
  11. These copper mats weigh a couple kilos at least, so people with lightweight belt drive turntables should be cautious if adding that much additional weight. The Technics and others like my Yamaha GT-2000 would be fine
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