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  1. Not a great deal, even if you knew the extent of damage. If you search the forums for primaluna. A premium prologue (better than the classic) was listed for $1250 and it was in good shape. ebay tell the guy “he’s dreaming”
  2. Almost makes me want to do some sort of unboxing video as proof each time I open one lol, I hate the whole concept of unboxing videos.
  3. Hopefully you can send the photographs and you don’t need to send back as proof. Have you bought successfully previously from MOFI? @Goatboy What was the number of the bob Dylan?
  4. Wow, I just ordered this and the new thelonius Monk one from MOFI (not released yet). Hopefully I don’t get this issue. So far have all in the series none with issues. Some bought locally some bought directly from MOFI. sometimes when I see those super scratched premium items I think a disgruntled employee has done that on purpose, (pay or job protest?) rather than manufacturing process issue.
  5. wow, nice looking piece of furniture, great price for someone in Adelaide
  6. Need to be a bit careful, the sample size was really small <100, and was also conducted by the RIAA which has a vested interest. Those issues aside it still isn’t great whatever the level. bad for consumers —> likely inferior product bad for artists —>. May not be getting the full proceeds
  7. Wow, that is a good price, if the performance levels live up to the claims. I may want to check that one out myself distribution seems to be sonic purity thanks for the heads up on that one @Mat-with-one-t
  8. @hugo_wilco had that Luxman at one stage so may be able to provide some feedback on that. i was considering one but have not listened or tried yet.
  9. I have had the RCM sensor 2 the past and it very transparent and revealing. Hard to beat without paying more. have you tried different cartridges in it rather than swapping the phonostage itself. as per above you need to provide a budget and what cartridge are you intending. For example Do you want phonostage flexibility and valves eg you could try and Luxman EQ-500 but at rrp $9k maybe above your budget whest above looks great although I am not familiar with it and seems more expensive than the RCM. It seems designed to work well with very low output cartridges. Do you intend to try a low output MC? there was Audio Research phonostage in the classified if you wanted something different.
  10. How much for the remaining cable? I am using the standard cable currently.
  11. dual 1015 idler that supposedly is on good condition on Facebook marketplace. $200
  12. Can I please take Miles Davis ESP Sam Rivers Marion Brown Roy Haynes - we three Shamek Farah
  13. I like your cabinet great looking finish on that, where did buy (or did you make?) that one? Also is it all one piece looks heavy. edit: can see it's 2 pieces
  14. Wow 50H, is the original version with the papst motor?
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