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  1. Great sounding speakers. Speaker finish is excellent, including rear leather treatment. Look so much better in the flesh with the matching brushed aluminium and glass base Focal stands which have internal cable routing. Scores 11 on the WAF scale if that matters. GLWS.
  2. Duratone did a very good set up on my turntable a few years back, I think the turntable guy only worked part time so wasn't in the shop every day. I took the TT to them, they set it up and aligned everything better than I was doing at the time so I was very happy. I picked it up a few days later. Cant say now tho' if they still do this (or as well).
  3. Great tight live session, Springsteen and E Street Band on fire in ‘75 but... disappointing recording quality...
  4. Welcome!....but be warned you may not be the oldest or only git here....😁
  5. Dave Grusin, Lee RItenour, Ernie Watts. 1977, Direct to Disc recording.
  6. Ah yes, I also loved the Kelly’s Heroes song as a young kid when it came out
  7. Half speed mastering, Mobile Fidelity 180 gm vinyl. Very lush romantic production... not a party-starter though. 🤣🤣
  8. I’m pretty certain I’m the only one with this LP! Recorded live at the Jogjakarta Sultans Palace in 1971.... quite mesmeric....... nice to think of the next trip to Indonesia... when we can all travel again....
  9. I’ve had a CD94 MK 1 from new. Only replaced belts twice in 31 years, same laser. For SACD’s I use a Marantz SA11, had one laser replacement in 12 years but not sure if that was the real fault at the time. Also use a CD5005 for study system... works flawlessly. Three very different generations of Marantz players and chipsets, but similar sound signatures ( a sweeping statement of course).
  10. Great sound quality from the Naim Label and Abbey Road remastering and intimate performances from guitarist and singer. 2002. Anyone else got any Naim label LP’s?
  11. Classic 1970’s Rock Opera but unfortunately this is a studio version.
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