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  1. Someone should crab this bargain.... GLWS.
  2. Hi Torsten, welcome aboard! Your Linn sounds interesting, You should post a photo on the Vinyl forum under the Show us your Turntable thread. Cheers TT.
  3. I’ve got the Aria 906’s and matching stands (which they bolt into). Have also had them off the stands sitting in a bookshelf. They do have a more coherent sound and tighter bass with firmer support so if you put them in a bookshelf make sure they sit on a good base for isolation (if space permits).
  4. I had the Yamaha RN601 in my system as a temporary amp whilst my other amp was sent back to the manufacturer for repair. Very pleased with the sound and features. MM phono stage was fine (I had a spare MM cartridge I swapped in for my TT's usual MC), amp section was reasonably powerful and not harsh (if lacking the finesse of higher priced integrateds) and the streaming capability was great and easy to set up (in fact my family preferred its ease of use over my much more sophisticated separates which were being serviced). A good option that fits all of your requirements for the price, but I haven't heard it with your speakers so cant say its the best option for you. Good luck with your hunt.
  5. Yes me as well, I’m always looking for new music so when album purchases are posted I search for the music to listen. This one was a wild ride!
  6. Hi Andy, some Mothers Day vibes from Otoboke Beaver...
  7. I run an AT150MLX in my spare system which only has an MM capable preamp (Sugden C28). Nice detailed sound, good dynamics and tracks well. Never had a set up problem. Not as sophisticated as my Clearaudio Maestro Wood but a lot cheaper.
  8. Well you know what happens when you open Pandoras box....
  9. Just noticed your Bunnings Acacia wood cabinet. I did something similar with the Bunnings Acacia bench top wood a few years ago. Used Bunnings threaded pipe and bolts which I sprayed black for the uprights. I can add another shelf as required. Simple, cheap and very effective.
  10. Great little performer, many good memories of this back in the day. GLWS http://www.vintageaudiobliss.com/2013/12/sansui-au-101.html?m=1
  11. Just noticing the many good bargains in the Classifieds at the moment. I dont need any more gear (he says bravely...) but it's always interesting to see what is out there and wonder what the combinations would sound like. For example, currently for sale are: ME550 HiCap ($800) ME25 Preamp with phono ($750) P3-24 with Ortofon Bronze and all the upgrades ($1200) Kris Symphonix ($970) That would make a pretty good system for well under 4k or add the Ayre CX7eMP for another $1500 to take it further. Good cables of course come up all the time for not much. Of course there are plenty of other cheaper options in the listings and more expensive as well (consider the Lenehans with the Devialet integrated perhaps). Anyone else play around with the listings and build virtual systems like this?
  12. Great speakers for a small room. Look very sexy with the matching stands. I’ve got a set in my spare room. GLWS.
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