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  1. Just noticing the many good bargains in the Classifieds at the moment. I dont need any more gear (he says bravely...) but it's always interesting to see what is out there and wonder what the combinations would sound like. For example, currently for sale are: ME550 HiCap ($800) ME25 Preamp with phono ($750) P3-24 with Ortofon Bronze and all the upgrades ($1200) Kris Symphonix ($970) That would make a pretty good system for well under 4k or add the Ayre CX7eMP for another $1500 to take it further. Good cables of course come up all the time for not much. Of course there are plenty of other cheaper options in the listings and more expensive as well (consider the Lenehans with the Devialet integrated perhaps). Anyone else play around with the listings and build virtual systems like this?
  2. Great speakers for a small room. Look very sexy with the matching stands. I’ve got a set in my spare room. GLWS.
  3. I've got very similar kit- Kuzma Stabi/Stogi, Lyra Delos and Kuzma speed controller. I also have the dual platter upgrade. Great sound at a very reasonable price and your package is set and forget with the RCM Sensor 2. GLWTS.
  4. Bought mine in 89. Martin Colloms did a good job with these and the bigger MC3. Mine still going strong in shed system where looks dont matter! GLWS.
  5. Hope so, the 375 seems to get better reviews but more expensive of course... usual trade-offs apply.
  6. Theres a NAD integrated in the classifieds for around your budget. Seems to get good reviews from users.
  7. Back of each package in the photos says box contains 4 GAIA III isolators. So I'm assuming he's selling 8.
  8. There’s a Meridien power amp in the classifieds right now that could fit the bill. No connection to seller, just pointing it out etc...
  9. Hi, I’ve heard your speakers with Levinson amps. Good synergy but will cost much more than your budget. If you are going 2 channel try to pick up a used Krell integrated, plenty of grunt to drive the Revels and these amps pop up in the classifieds reasonably often and within your budget. Not sure if you are in Brighton or India so this will affect your buying options!
  10. Some info here re the general idea.... http://www.theabsolutesound.com/articles/townshend-audio-rock-7-turntable-tas-209/
  11. ..."a lot of money for potentially mostly wow..." A common issue in this game I suspect!
  12. https://www.stereophile.com/content/london-decca-jubileereference-phono-cartridge-fremer-london-reference
  13. I'd hoped he would have played some of the rarer LP's on his impressive system for us to hear!
  14. For those that haven't seen this before. Some interesting pre-Christmas watching. He is certainly a polarising figure though!
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