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  1. @Luc apologies just an occasional visitor here these days. I missed the Alfa Mist gig unfortunately I was away. It was actually the SNAer formally know as Hensa that put me onto Alfa Mist. A great artist to kick off this thread. The last gig I saw was Ezra Collective at Oxford Art Factory with @Bell Ringer I’d certainly recommend them. https://youtu.be/C7w42A8h16c
  2. And now sold and heading to a music lover. Thanks for the interest.
  3. Yes I still have the Eclipse TD712 MKII. That’s eight years of pumping out tunes now. I still love them. Every time I upgrade the system they are up to the task. No intention to change them at the moment. Remarkable speakers.
  4. Correct Mikey. I left the stock Electro Harmonic 6922s in place for at least 7 years. Only changed them because I had some Golden Dragon sitting around.
  5. Victor sold them to a mate of mine who still has them. Exceptional speakers. If I didn’t have small room syndrome like the OP I’d be very keen. Well worth an audition if interested in some high end speakers.
  6. Thanks James. It’s been too long mate. I was tempted to name some of those brands that went home with their tail between their legs. As you can imagine it took an amazing amp to move this on. I’m still flying the integrated amp flag though. I’m sure someone will be very happy with this though.
  7. Item: Pathos Logos Amplifier Location: Paddington 2021 Price: $2400 $100 donation on sale to SNA. Sharply priced so low ballers and suspected flippers will be ignored. Item Condition: Very good but see note below re volume control Reason for selling: A Greek beast now sitting on the rack, Ypsilon Phaethon, replacing the Italian beauty. Payment Method: Cash, Paypal, Bank transfer Extra Info: This has got to be one of the sexiest amps available. A hybrid amp, with valve pre and solid state power putting out 110W @ 8Ohms and 220W @ 4Ohms. I have owned this amp from new, imported from the UK when I moved back to Sydney 8 years ago. It’s never given me an ounce of trouble. Drives my 84db TD712 MKII with ease. Note. There is some tarnishing of the volume knob which you can see in the photos. Looks worse in them than when sitting on the rack doing its thing. Note this is version one of this amp, not the second version with inbuilt dac option. Happy to demo. Interstate SANers feel free to send someone on your behalf. Comes with remote and original double boxing so I am happy to ship at buyers expense. I will supply with basic power cable as I have been using shunyata and will be keeping it. Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
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