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  1. Can I grab these please. Benny Goodman Carnegie Hall Jazz Concert (2 LP Hard Boxed Set), SOPB 55007-8, JAP Press with OBI $30 Bing Crosby with Buddy Cole and His Trio - Songs Everybody Knows, MCA-3120, JAP Press $18 Count Basie - Live at Birdland, YW-7543-RO, JAP Press with OBI $22 Louis Armstrong & All Stars - Satchmo at Symphony Hall Vol 1, MCL-3001, JAP Press with OBI $20 Kenny Clarke - Skippin', BT-1313, JAP Press $25 Milt Jackson and Strings - Feelings, MTF 1050, JAP Press $20 Saturday Nite Swing Session (Mono), YW-7523-EV, JAP Press with OBI $15
  2. Item: WAVAC MD300B Amplifier plus extra 300B's Location: Paddington, Sydney Price: $2600. $100 donation to SNA. Sharply priced so low ballers and suspected flippers will be ignored. Item Condition: Amp - Excellent. See note below re spare tubes. Reason for selling: Taking up room in the attic Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: A stunning amplifier both in looks and sound. I bought this from Victor 5 years ago and it probably hasn't had 100 hours on it since. I just fell in love with the Wavac sound -- I subsequently bought a Wavac LCR-X2 phono for my main rig. Can be used without a preamp, so a bargain to enter the world of Wavac and 300B tubes. Currently running with Golden Dragon 300B Super. I will also include a pair of Full Music 300B/n. PLUS a pair of Elrog ER300B which I purchased new. About 3 years ago when using the Elrogs the amp let out a nasty sound from one speaker. No magic smoke. I instantly disconnected and put back in the Golden Dragons. I have never had the Elrogs checked but as most know the early ones were notorious for failing. I suspect one of them is cactus but buyer is welcome to take them and have them checked. I have run this amp at a GTG using my Eclipse TD712 MKII speakers. These are 84db and therefore you would expect with the Wavac they should sound terrible. A number at the GTG preferred the sound over my 110W Pathos Logos. Happy to demo either with my Eclipse speakers, some much more efficient Blumensteins, or BYO. Original packaging included. Original add from Victor which has more info. Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  3. I have the Ortofon SPU Classic version of this SUT and its excellent. Highly recommended. However, there are two versions, one primarily for the SPU and one for the 103R. Yes, there are other carts that will work perfectly with each version. In order to avoid confusion perhaps the seller should call out which version it is.
  4. Telos are the local distributors. http://www.telosaudiodistributors.com/brands/schick-tonearms/ I have one on a 301 with a SPU that I could be persuaded to part with.
  5. Oh no. Not the Leben mate. Good luck with your move and the sale (of the AN)
  6. It seems like the Sydney crew performed well. I’m certainly very envious reading this thread and kicking myself I didn’t make the effort to get down there. Looking forward to the Sydney show. We will no doubt sort out some suitable entertainment. Might have to fly @evil c up here to coordinate activities. He has set the bar high. [mention=117697]luc[/mention] Happy to put you up at chez viognier.
  7. I’ve given the Sydney blow ins strict instructions on appropriate behaviour south of the border. They have also been advised to align themselves with the fisherman from the north of the state and avoid those southerners with their Pink Floyd and Eagles trash.
  8. Correct James. I’m still running the Synergistic cable, though not using the ground as nowhere on the TT to ground it. It’s a good quiet cable. I do actually want to get a new cable from SUT to phono as some point. Max, you are welcome to borrow the Synergistic to try out. Btw. It’s been too long since we caught up (Nax and James) System sounding great with a new PC1 Supreme though still some room issues to tame in new house.
  9. @PKay this is right up your alley. And a bargain.
  10. Have you listened on vinyl? What’s the pressing quality like?
  11. For me it comes down to how you see SNA. Is it a community or a marketplace just like Ebay and Gumtree? I’ve always seen it as a community where people act as@kaynin pointed out in relation to selling gear. With the community also comes knowledge sharing, gear swapping, loans, GTGs, friendship, music sharing, gigs, helping out with setups etc. Oh I forgot booze. If it becomes a marketplace where behaviours cause community members to lose interest and leave because of what many see as inappropriate behaviour then I suspect the whole thing will collapse. No community, no marketplace.
  12. Sounds like a plan mate. Look forward to catching up.
  13. I grabbed presale SOH for @ABG @PKay and I know @ferchersan and @O.Sydney also have tickets Anyone going is in for a treat.
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