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  1. Or bring them to my workshop in Wanneroo and I will have a go at them. Once I can test them myself and open them up, I might buy them on the spot or offer you a much, much lower quote. Cheers Roman
  2. You have put in some serious work into this and hopefully it will be worth it.
  3. Great stuff. I'll have them, Big Thanks! I have a friend in Deer Park who is a big stereo collector and he will post them to me (for I service his stereo gear in exchange). Contacted seller.
  4. I would grab these but shipping to Perth from wherever you are would probably be very high :-(
  5. I will have it. Thanks. Seller contacted.
  6. Item: Electrocompaniet Class A EC-4 Pre & AW-100 (120) DMB Power Amp. Fully Balanced, Dual Differential. Location: Pert N.O.R. Price: $3999 but open to offers Item Condition: Very Good Reason for selling: Marching orders. I have now 3 EC pre/power combos Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Probably the best Electrocompaniet pre / power amps from their golden age, these units sound just sublime. Valve like sound with transistor like slam. Unparalleled low output impedance (0.001 Ω) resulting in Damping Factor of thousands. Will drive ANY speaker load, including highly inductive B&W Nautillus, ANY electrostatics. Very clean inside. Last two pics show units inside, first power amp then pre-amp. No faults were present in either of these units and only cosmetic work has been done. Both Pre-amp and power amp had the idling currents / voltages adjusted and power amp had output voltage checked for DC and confirmed to be 0V. These were in fact units that I was preparing for Conrad, Perth's most prominent audio aficionado and his interest confirmed my 20+ years love affair with EC stuff as valid. Sadly, I took a week too long to swap the front panels, clean the amps up and check their setting and... he bought a house instead. Some interesting specs: Max current - 80 Amps, 200W into 4 Ohms, 350W into 2 Ohm. THD at half power less than 0.001% Rated output power - 10% change in line voltage will give app. 20% change in output power. The silver screws on the pre-amp case are not original - they were like that when I got it. The Plexi-glass panels are in pretty good nick. They are the best that I had and fitted them for Conrad and it is just too much hassle to put the original ones back. I am sad to see them go, because they come from my own EC-4 / AW100DMB combo that I had from new. Finally, boards inside AW-100DMB power amp have designations that suggest, that it might in fact the later and more powerful brother, AW-120DMB. I have no idea if this was done at factory but would not understand why would anyone have done it afterwards. It all looks like untouched, original stuff. Maybe they ran out of the old boards and used new ones. Who knows. XLR sockets appear to have been upgraded by previous owner to much better quality. Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  7. Item: C.E.C. TL51XR Belt driven CD Player. Brand New remote, Box, Balanced (XLR), AES/EBU Location: Perth N. O. R. Price: $1500 but open to offers. Item Condition: Very, very good. (Can't say As New because there's always some blemish to be found that I might have missed). Reason for selling: Raising funds Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only. Extra Info: Will ship anywhere. Very much in original condition with brand new original remote, puck and box (including all the packaging inside). For local purchasers I can print out the User and Service Manuals which is not practical when posting due to the extra shipping costs involved. No works has been done on this. Just 2 drops of oil to stop a squeak and a new belt. Unlike some earlier C.E.C. units, this player reads CD-Rs with ease. Despite CD turntable being driven by belt, it fast forwards, rewinds and skips tracks like any other standard, direct driven CD player. Also unlike a lot of C.E.C. units which only use a standard, unmodified $15 Sanyo mechanism, a massive upgrade here has taken place and whole spindle has been re-worked and large mass brass assembly spindle has been manufactured and incorporated (please see pic below). This unit has balanced output, with 2 x PCM-1796 BURR-Brown chips. Rubycon and Cerafine caps used inside. It also has all three typs of digital outputs: - balanced AES/EBU on XLR - coaxial SPDIF and - optical Toslink Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  8. When I was going to school, they told us, that an amplifier worked in Class A when it was so biased, that all of its working area was in linear range of its active components' characteristic. Maybe things have changed.
  9. The ones used in pro audio and in top of the range domestic designs. You can recognise them from the outside by having XLR connectors (though of course not everything with XLRs is truly balanced). They have two separate symmetrical amplifiers which are used for the hot and cold parts of the signal. Preferably differential in design. Not many of these are made with valves 😉
  10. Thanks Sergio. I was just too late.
  11. Not so. I just bought some from: www.storedj.com.au https://www.storedj.com.au/search?ProductSearch=oyaide xlr
  12. If you are new to PayPal, they will hold it until the buyer flags them that the transaction is OK. If you are on PayPal for years, you get money instantly, but any disputes with buyer are subject to PayPal final decision.
  13. I'll let the friend of mine know. With free postage, this is a true bargain. We are in Perth though...
  14. This things do happen but not very often. Firstly get yourself one of those $25 ebay component testers and test all the transistors. https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/DTU1701-TFT-Screen-Display-Multi-functional-TFT-Transistor-Capacitance-Tester-XX/292575935308 Now knowing which leg is which, make sure they are put in right way round into the circuit. Then check out capacitors in the MC circuitry, for them being without voltage for years could have gone bad too. Good luck.
  15. I would improve soldering on the pictured board. It is very dull and possible prone to failure with time. Joints should be shiny and have a lot less solder on them (have no blobs).
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