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  1. I am not a great fan of surface mount technology, but a unit that is all balanced has to be good. It shows that they know what is truly important in the design. And it is a beautiful piece too. GLWTS.
  2. Your best chances are to look for it under its name which can be found next to the pink connector. Sadly, the picture is too low resolution to make it out. Do you need this particular board or any Pentium 1 board?
  3. Niraj, I have a selection of about 20 of them. From the brands you mention, you could probably get a Marantz CD-40 or CD-50 from me. I also have a Denon but it is a higher model and I would want more money for it. I am in Wanneroo. if you are interested, please send me a pm. Cheers Roman
  4. I could significantly improve the design of your pre-amp by reducing the signal path. If you want to, I could send you a much smaller version of your enclosure. This would reduce not only the signal path but also a cost if you ever go fully commercial. Sadly, it will not be cheap. Mine has been cryogenically treated on the Moon. It greatly improves mid-range which make female vocals sound smooth and life-like. Quite unlike my wife. I do have a Khozmo passive pre which I received from a friend of mine and could lend it to you for evaluation but it is balanced only (meaning a proper stuff), so it won't interface to your (probably) single ended valve amp. But do look them up because they are anal in their design and it is a superb build quality.
  5. Very well, but is it a digital or analogue cable? If this was pair I would add them to my collection!
  6. No, it is sitting on my "to do" shelf 😞 This should not be that bad. The level drop would suggest if is after the DAC, in audio amp section. Whereas it is a modern unit with surface mount components, it should be fixable on component level. Sadly, yes, it appears so. But it looks a great player on paper and I am keen to get it going... one day. I had a couple emails from them and they said these missing components should be in place. But... the company was sold and probably no one who worked there at the time of manufacture is no longer there so it is probable impossible to check, unless another owner comes forward. Thanks for trying and having a look in your archives. R
  7. Thanks for this. Sadly I do not have anything from Accuphase now. I had a Dp-80L transport but it was sold and has been shipped to France. But it was not a CDP and certainly did not have any inputs. Xheers Roman
  8. I give 12 months unconditional one but only for local people (for things get damaged in transport) Kym, thanks for the kind words but I am not a solderer! :-)
  9. Gumtree is a eBay owned business for some time now. Surprising when one hears it the first time but true. As far as 300% profit which you call outrageous, it is not different to what supermarket charge (with exception of milk, bread and eggs) , let alone other businesses. If you buy a piece for - say - $200 and you sell it for $600, for the $400 you make you have to: check it, clean it, if necessary fix it (in most cases it is necessary, because a lot of people sell stuff at the first sign of trouble), then you have to take pictures, make listing, replay to offers, meet people, and if you are posting, you have to find a box, research shipping options/prices, pack the damn thing and then stay at home in case courier will show up when promised. I buy faulty stuff, fix it and then sell it (for people do not want to pay for labour). To even find a replacement part it takes an hour or more. It is not all roses. And a lot of people will tell you about one fault and then you find three more in it. I just sold a Cambridge Audio CD player for $200 to a SNA member. It cost me $50 and I sold it for $200. That's 300% profit. Out of that, I paid $40 shipping with TNT. So it is only $160. The Sanyo Laser was $20. It makes it $140. The player cost $50, so it is only $90 profit for me. It took me over an hour to pack it and 1.5 hours to fix it and clean it. So I made $36 per hour on a 300% markup. Hardly El Dorado. 😉 It is more like Community Service.
  10. Yes, I am thinking about it. But at $155 plus another $35 for the courier it is $200 before I even start. The mechanism is listed as Philips VAM without any details, so do not know what to expect. I fixed couple of 99s and 66 and 67 so I do not think this should be an issue. It is just I am not sure if there is a market for one of these once fixed.
  11. Tell me your brand preference and I'll get you one. I have 20+ of them.
  12. Well said. Price is very often set by marketing; targeting a certain market segment. Say you have a DAC. There is nothing in any DAC that would cost more than $100, with the case (box) being the most expansive item on the parts list. Sure, you can have 3 whopping R-core transformers which cost $150 each. But they are not necessary because the whole thing only consumes 15W of steady power. So these R-cores are also part of marketing and not engineering.
  13. Can you share the photo? I am not impressed with my XLO termination too, was just curious to check out my Signature 3 XLR but found no world-class quality from my impression for a 1.1k US rrp, just my ack the termination work takes more time as lots of small wires ( like 13 wires per connector) I think this is OK for a beginner's DIY project but substandard in a $500+ cable. Please note that the ground connecting tails are not a carefully chosen wires from some audiophile cable but off-cuts from some comms signal cable they happen to have had at the time (for each has a different colour). And that is why most manufacturers use branded heat-shrink. If you cut it to see what's inside, you loose some of the magic for it is no longer original and if you want to sell it, the buyer can also look inside to see what he is paying the top dollar for.
  14. Cables made by well known companies are not made by them but as any OEM job, merely outsourced to regular, industrial cable companies that make your regular energy transmission cables. There just isn't enough demand for audio specific cables to invest in a company's own plant. The OEMs are given technical specifications, colour requirement and what needs to be printed on them. Then some poor person has to fit plugs. Because there is far less magic about all this than people imagine, the final step is a branded heat-shrink so that people do not peek inside the cables and be disappointed with the finish (I can post some pics here of $500+ Japanese RCA cables that are very amateurishly made). What worries me is that companies making stereo gear proper are getting into cable game, instead of sticking to real engineering. Obviously there must be a lot of profit in cables, if they rather lose face than forgo the extra money.
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