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  1. If only you were in WA instead of Tasmania. I have two of those 240 to 120 converters. One is Tortech's huge 1000VA unit and another is a finely regulated smaller unit. I need someone with some 110 or 120V equipment to test them before I offer them for sale but do not know anyone local who does 😞 They show good output voltage but never tested them under load so I cannot really say they are working.
  2. When I sell stuff I always look for what is a World price and try to some 10-15% below it if I want to attract Australian buyers. I have found the best source of prices to be HiFi Shark and for this player the link is: https://www.hifishark.com/search?q=moon+eclipse# I also always check the expired/past sales because it gives more real life prices rather than the original ones which are not always achieved. Hope it helps Overall, other than 4 x Burr-Brown PCM-1704K chips which are the last good DAC chips every made (and some say the best ever made), this unit also appears to have PMD-100 HDCD decoder which takes it to another level. Plus a decent loader mechanism. If only I could afford it, this would be certainly on my list. GLWTS
  3. I happen to have some Furutechs which are surplus to requirements. But they are only 50cm long. One pair is FA-αS21 and the other FA-13S
  4. I'll ask a friend who always wanted and kept borrowing mine if he still wants it. Cheers Roman
  5. Where were you when I was selling my Dp-80L? 😉 I had to send it to Milan and courier broke it (partly) on the way there. Great machines they are. If you can, get one with Sony KSS-190A mechanism, Like 11, 60, 70V or 80L Good luck with your hunt. Roman
  6. I am not even going to tell you that I have Electrocompaniet EC-4.7 for sale, because you know it very well 😉
  7. I have found a site that would make transfers but would need help from fellow members. Rather than making individual letter, I would want to make whole lines that go onto Meridian gear. Does anyone have their timeline with all the model numbers and wording? The site is here: https://customrubontransfers.com/letraset-dry-transfer-lettering/
  8. Further information: For sale is a complete Roksan Caspian Stereo System Extremely rare in this good condition. These units have never been sold to anyone and come from one of the directors of a company which made them and have seen very little use. When received, the only item that needed service was CD player which had its belts replaced, limit switches cleaned and PLL frequency adjusted. All the other items were fully serviceable and only performance checks were carried out. A video showing the Tuner and Integrated Amp inside is available from my hear-net-au channel HERE, and the CD Player's video is available HERE This system comes with original Roksan remote which is virtually brand new for it has never been used (I unpacked it and fitted batteries for the first time). Should you want to, I will separate the units so you can buy only the pieces that you want/need. Please pm for details. This combination of both Integrated Amp and Power Amp is ideally suited to people who want to do bi-amping, sending low frequencies to the speakers with one amp and the mid and high with the other. I can ship this but all 4 items weigh about 40kg and probably will be packed in separate boxes because they are very heavy. All covers have been resprayed with PlastiDip which is an rubberised automotive coating similar to the original one used by Roksan. This is because they all had markings from being stacked one on top of another. Photos:
  9. Yes, I will be interested in this too. I have some old Lettraset sheets hidden away somewhere but they are just standard sets, so one would have to do them letter after letter and they would never come out straight as would be the case where whole words are already made up. Also, mine are black, so not much good for black components. These letter sets would be great in yellow to re-do all the Meridian lettering that comes off. :-)
  10. I have plenty of CD players but from the brands you specify, I only have Marantz CD-40 & CD-50 and some other ones but priced higher. The only machine with AES-EBU is... Cambridge Audio DiscMagic 1 CD transport. :-)
  11. Indeed, silly me. I have 6 boxes of Roksan in my workshop and still got it wrong. 😞
  12. It would be. But the name of the TT is Xerxes. Roxan is a maker. Origins are Persian. Thanks for posting this ad Famo. I am now really into Roxan having fixed and sold ROK-DP1 transport and shortly to list the Caspian CD player, Tuner, Integrated amp and Power amp combo. I really wanted to see the Xrexes which is the original piece that started all this Roxan saga. All of the Roxan components are extraordinary in some way. GLWTS Roman
  13. I do have a Dell XPS-13 i5 with 8GB of RAM which is only ever used when I go overseas. But I am going away to Margaret River in a month's time so will need it there. XPS series are light and thin (1-1.5kg) with magnesium metal chassis and good displays. They come with 13" or 15" screens but are normally more pricey than regular Dells. With Dell you always get more than with other manufacturers for the same money and there is always Service Manual available from their site for download. So if you want to replace something or upgrade, you can do it yourself. Cheers Roman
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