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  1. rockeater

    Medical Grade Power Cables

    You can get any length from Anyware or WES/Wagner. $2 each or thereabouts depending on length. The are 0.5m and even shorter. I use them a lot in my workshop as I do not want to have a mess on my bench when several components are connected. IEC end are available with right angle plugs too.
  2. Well, did you fix it? I got interested in this because there is a similar one (in black) offered for sale and it is a decent player. If you still haven't I might be able to help. Cheers Roman
  3. rockeater

    FS: denon dcd 1520 cd player

    Yes, please. pm sent
  4. rockeater

    My System this morning

    I doubt it. As talented as your kids might be, it takes more than 4 hours to teach anyone to play music. Unless they are Keith Jarrett who - once was seated behind piano - hit few keys to find out where sounds were, and started playing. But he was well over 3 years old by then. Or so the legend says.
  5. So does mine and they look good in your room. I would have bought a second pair but shipping without cartons is way too dangerous. R
  6. rockeater

    My System this morning

    Begins to look serious!
  7. rockeater

    My System this morning

    Is the kitty for sale? What music does it prefer? I used to have a cat that liked Keith Jarrett's Standards Trio. Used to run up and sit on the sofa facing speakers. Later found out it was deaf, so in fact it like Gary Peacock's double bass. 😊
  8. rockeater

    SOLD: FS: C.E.C. CD Transport TL51X

    Yes, please. pm on its way
  9. I will not. 😊 This DP-80L might be a challenge though, because it features KSS-190A mechanism. Which is very good but also very obsolete, unavailable, rare and expensive if found second hand (high hundreds of dollars up to a grand). I always wanted to lay my hands on a player with it just to see it in action, so chances on me hesitating are nil.. Sorry. 😉
  10. Yes please! pm sent (thanks Gents for remembering me)
  11. rockeater

    E.O.I. W.A.R. Audio Reference One

    I knew that someone here will know the truth 😊 I only remember that they were from some big time speakers and these two came to my mind. Thanks for correcting me.
  12. rockeater

    E.O.I. W.A.R. Audio Reference One

    Pat O'Brian told me at the time of purchase that this particular driver setup was taken from some big time speakers of the time, like Wilson Audio Grand Slam or Utopia or something. I have just forgotten which ones they were. Thanks to others for kind words. And Merry Christmas!
  13. Item: W.A.R. Audio Reference One speakers Location: Perth N.O.R. Price: $7500 but open to sensible negotiations. These rarely come up for sale and the replacement cost for a new version I am told is now $18000 Item Condition: Good used condition. Maybe they need a polish of the piano finish (which I only noticed when taking pictures of the stand). Reason for selling: Leaning towards planar speakers Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: I thought I would never sell these but as I am moving towards more dense free jazz with sometimes 3 horn players improvising simultaneously, I am slowly moving towards planar speakers. Having already Magnapans in my workshop and Nakamichi Dragons in family room. I have now began to restore Quads 2905s and if this works out good, the Reference Ones will become surplus. They have quality drivers: Raven R1 ribbon tweeter Accuton / Thiele C2 70 ceramic midrange and Cabasse 21NCD paper honeycomb 8" bass driver With some minor modifications they can be triple wired if so desired, having separate access to high, mid and low drivers (for electronic crossover etc.) They come with their dedicated stands that can be filled with sand or lead shot. From memory, speakers weight is 44kg each There is some info about them in this thread below: Speakers around $10k page 11 Speakers around $10k page 19 and in some other places in this thread. Pictures:
  14. rockeater


    Yes, I will have it. Tome to have a SACD pm sent
  15. rockeater

    Presentation of items for sale

    Photos of front panel only are my pet hate. I want to see the back of the because it tells me about features, connections and amount of them and whether the gear is balanced or not. Often, there will be a year and place of manufacture and other useful info like voltages.