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  1. I normally would be available during the day but tomorrow also only in the evening. Please pm or SMS if you need a second person. Roman
  2. That DAC design is typical of John Westlake from Pink Triangle. Very high density and small footprint. In Cambridge DAC Magic, which is also his design, he puts the DAC board next to output and away from power supply. In here, due to huge valve output board, it was probably moved closer to the mechanism. Very competent implementation of the valve output. And very neat, unlike Lampizator's mess. GLWTS. Roman
  3. Yes, I the one I have is a straight 1520 (the old one)
  4. If your preamp is a truly balanced design and your active speakers' amp also is, the benefit should be huge: lower noise floor, more slam, more immunity to external noise, better stereo. Everything. The easiest way to check if they both are (before committing yourself to a set of new expensive silver cables) is to try some ordinary XLR cables which are not so expensive. The difference - if any - will be much greater from using XLR over RCA cables, then that between ordinary ones and extraordinary, silver ones. Try maybe borrowing some XLR cables from a fellow SNA member.
  5. Hugh, I do happen to have a DCD-1520 which - sadly for you - does not play SACDs. On the positive side, it has Sony KSS-151A magnetic drive mechanism which is one of maybe 4 or 5 best mechanisms ever made. In comparison, all the SACD players have a cheap $10 DVD mechanisms which last only few years. Some CD player makers like Chinese audio-gd, supply 3 spare Sony KHM-313AAA mechanisms with their top of the line SACD transport. This is what they think of them... Bad luck again, for even if you were to forgo the need for playing SACDs, it would cost several hundreds times above y
  6. So how much do you want for your 338ESD? It is a great player and I used it for transport for a number of years. I would never swap it for X559ES, for its mechanism is inferior in my opinion, very rare and expensive.
  7. I am tempted... If no one else will bite, I'll take it. Cheers ROman
  8. Ke? You are in Perth, where we had 1 case in the last 11 months. Why were you in the house all this time? Or have I misunderstood something? Like maybe you are first time in M.R. since Covid? The vino is so impressive....
  9. Sure a lot of stuff. But... I know this collector from Melbourne who bought a Electrocompaniet pre-amp from me and later became a client and then a friend. He said, Roman, I have 38 pairs of speakers but I am unable to count the components... :-) You sure lack CD Players. I am down to only about 15, so if you need any, just send me a pm. Welcome to SNA Roman
  10. I could not find it anywhere. Plenty of reviews but no stock. 😞
  11. I dare anyone with their $500 plus cables to cut the branded heatshrink and look inside the plugs 😉
  12. These Amphenol plugs are excellent. The case is made of metal, so the shield is continuing all the way to RCA socket. They mate well and are Australian made. Shielding is particularly important for phono signals because of their low level. Could not agree more. Each plug socket connection degrades the signal, so ideally, you should just replace the whole remaining length with a new cable.
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