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  1. I second that. For $175 you can't go wrong with Sony ESD model. I have two of them but mine are higher models and much more expensive (like 5 times as much but with better mechanisms). I have 20+ players and if you give me an indication of any favourite brand, your like and dislikes I would be more likely to help you. Recently I posted this in another thread about buying CD player where I have listed the more budget ones: Parasound C/DP-1000? Cambridge CD-6 Marantz CD-40, CD-50, CD-52 (all below the budget). Arcam Alpha, Alpha 5+, Alpha 6. Plus Alpha 9 that I have
  2. Yes, please. I am in Wanneroo and can pick it up. pm sent
  3. Indeed they they do. There is a good reason to go that path. These mechanisms had real glass lenses made by Carl Zeiss and are mechanically very good, with the swing are being magnetically driven in a friction-less manner. If they however leave the output the way it is, it means they are D.I.Y hobbyists without access to an oscilloscope. Anyone even half professional can easily modify the SPDiF output of a CD player and there are plenty of ready made recipes on Lampizator's website.
  4. Now going to be posted at eBay at a higher price. Having listened to it some more, I grew to like it more and decided that I want to keep it for some time. Additionally I came to realise that there is no rule anywhere which states that my prices have to be the lowest, particularly having spent almost a week full time on first troubleshooting and repairing it and then tweaking the transport to instantaneously read anything (any CD or CD-R). I will let this ad expire waiting for any possible local interest at the original price.
  5. I would be keen too if Phil does not buy it. Does it have the remote and the box?
  6. JRiver is some kind of portable toy I believe? 😉 My B.I.L. used to have a red one. There sure are better ways of ripping CDs.. Like using a proper CD drive from Plextor and E.A.C. as software. You get guaranteed, perfect FLAC copies that can be expanded then back and burned as CD-R if one wanted (for some people like to use CD-Text feature of their CD player). It is indeed another choice but not a very good one. There simply aren't any good CD mechanisms made in more than a decade, with Sanyo still making some available of their old designs. But that is about it. Most of the "top
  7. I now have a kind offer of $3500 from Sydney and a local one with a Esoteric player as a trade in (which I have to fix first 😉 ), so things are looking reasonably good. Even though it involves packing and posting, and it is on par with currently the lowest World price for Wadia 16, a cash from Sydney is preferred for obvious reasons :-) Also, It is better to send it to Sydney than to the other side of the globe to some unknown eBay buyer with feedback of 3...
  8. Thanks Bill. I have too many to list. Parasound C/DP-1000? Cambridge CD-6 Marantz CD-40, CD-50, CD-52 (all below the budget). Arcam Alpha, Alpha 5+, Alpha 6 Just finished beautiful Chinese Eastsound CD-E5 Couple of Pioneers CD-7100 (magnetic) and PD-5700 (stable platter) from memory. Any favourite brands? Also Cambridge DiscMagic 1 transport
  9. I do not have much in that price range, maybe Roksan Caspian and Sony CDP-338ESD (which I used to use as transport for couple of years, until I got CDP-X7ESD which has a nicer loader) and Cambridge DiscMagic 1 Transport but I am sure others will have plenty of offerings. Maybe also a couple of Chinese offerings but mechanisms in these are too modern for a good transport. From a person who fixes CD players, this is a right choice. SACD units are glorified DVD players and feature $10 DVD mechanisms. Hardly a basis for a Transport. Kind of like Subaru Vortex sports car of decade
  10. Further information: This is the best CD player I have ever had in my workshop. When arrived, it did not do anything other than power up... Normal service of belt replacement and limit switches cleaning restored its function as a Transport. Reversing an incorrectly inserted display panel ribbon cable, restored control of the output, and replacement of one Burr-Brown BF-634 buffer restored distortion free operation in the right channel. So really a normal service and a $20 B-B buffer chip is all that was originally needed to get it going properly. For value compari
  11. Cooking with GAS! With the newly serviced Wadia 16 being over 20kg, I was not sure if the glass shelf on top of the rack would support it safely. And with the player being so large that none of my small tables was deep enough, I had to use my BBQ stand for it (the BBQ unit itself being away for service). Sounds good. It is the best CD player I have ever had here and I have been fixing CD player for the last 5 years and always have 20+ units in stock. Maybe Krell KPS-28c was close. P.S. Does anyone know how much weight the Bell O'ghetti glass shelves can support?
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