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  1. Just replace the whole mechanism. The little pot you mention is laser power adjustment and very often it is very sensitive and should not be adjusted without laser power meter (which now costs hundreds and is hard to come by). Crank it by too much and you laser will burn out fast (hours). The work is simple and mechanical. The only thing you got to do is to remove the solder blob short from the new mech. When you get the new mech, post a pic and I will tell you where it is if you do not work it out yourself. Wear cotton clothing so you do not generate static electricit
  2. @Newbinfo I fix CD players and my wife says that there surely must be easier ways of making money... You have a long road ahead of you my friend if you want to fix electronic stuff. First step is to enroll at TAFE and do a Diploma in Electronics Engineering for a bit of knowledge of how stuff works comes useful on many occasions. As far as your current problem, we would need a video showing what is actually happening. Which will be pretty hard to do, given it is a DVD mechanism and the disc clamp is part of the cover you have just removed... No CD player will ev
  3. Hello, On the picture of the rear it says it is 100-120V AC. Has it been converted to 240V AC? Great player, GLWTS
  4. rockeater

    CD Player

    Yes, I do have a few but they are not gathering dust. They are nicely stored in a compactus, so that they do not gather dust 😉 When I come back home later tonight I'll give you couple of options. Cheers Roman
  5. I happen to have Opp 83 and 93 available for sale. But not under $200 :-) Even Cambridge Audios that I had were more than that...
  6. And foolish me sold 3 of them at around $800 mark with people that it was way too much to pay. I am yet to meet anyone who has any knowledge on the matter who would suggest that current players are better (let alone streets ahead) of the players from 80s and 90s. Look, this guy is trying to buy $2000 player for under $200 and you are suggesting that he buys a $399 one? Admittedly it has a competent AKM DAC chip, but it still is Sigma-Delta one coupled with $10 mechanism. Which works nice and quiet, because it is brand new. Wait a couple of years and it will be due for repla
  7. Thanks @Spider27 This is a fine transport but I usually only buy faulty stuff. These do not fail that often. GLWTS
  8. I have 18V DC supply for the old Nitsuko phone. Could you also post a picture of the plug that goes into equipment? Someone also has to measure polarity of it...
  9. I had the more upmarket one, RD-991 with the same DACs but also PMD-100 HDCD chip, adjustable dither, full of Black Gates, Nichicon Fine Golds and Muse, WIMA, It looked like the best made CD player inside and I bought it because it was the cheapest balanced player available at the time. Sadly the performance was pretty average and at the time of sale I finally found that it was not balanced at all. The cold outputs were merely inverted by a set of op-amps. Inside looks great but pretty average.
  10. Get some kind of app that edits photos and flip them in there before uploading. Any app will really do because they are all really intuitive on Apple devices.
  11. It is intact as far as all the parts being there but it is in bits. There was not a point in putting it back together is it was to be used for parts.
  12. I have faulty CD-74. I needed a mechanism from it so the rest is complete. How much are you willing to pay for it?
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