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  1. You need to contact the buyer and arrange to meet where you take the money and he takes the goods.
  2. If this falls through, I am also keen. Cheers Roman
  3. One look at all the copper shielding inside and you know it is not an ordinary player. GLWTS
  4. If only I needed a pre-amp, this probably would be on the shortlist. GLWTS
  5. Disappointed you haven't captured her in the photo... Top cat!
  6. This should be a huge improvement. When I first connected my EC-4 to AW-100DMB, I originally thought something went wrong. Total silence from speakers at full 100W. A tiniest of noises from tweeters with ear right next to them. The music coming from this silence had so much more slam. It was like buying new hifi. From there on, never again have I even contemplated buying single ended system.
  7. Wait till you get the real Class A preamp like EC-3 (with phono stage) or EC-4 (the same but without phono). They are a class above the EC-4.7 which has remote control to its credit, but lacks the slam of earlier, Class A models. We know who and fine fellow and gentleman he truly is. I am partly to blame for introducing him to the EC stuff (when he was still in WA) and which I hope he still enjoys.
  8. Why don't you recommend one? I.E. the one you used to use with good results.
  9. Additionally, in vintage stuff there are hardly any CMOS devices. And further, here in WA there is enough humidity in the air for it not to be a major issue. I have to get one of those re-chargable cans, making it more economical. For now I use the solution from my R.F. days where compressor was used at the beginning of every job to clean the red dust from mobile radios. Less dust, better slug movement in them R.F. coils and they got broken less often. Problem with running the compressor is that it is bulky and very loud (and I do a lot of work around midnight).
  10. That would show all the intermittent faults... 😉 I used a whole can of board cleaning spray recently to do a Marantz pre-amp. It had a sticky mess of general dirt, some salty sea-spray and some kind of fluff. But being densely populated it was a painful job and I was hoping for some kind of easier, automated way. Also, it hardly ever comes out really nice visually. Maybe a bath in baking dish filled with isopropyl alcohol to loosen the stuff up and then the spray to move the contamination off the board?
  11. Before some pics here can be posted, the gear must look good. How do you guys clean boards, especially these densely populated, where a toothbrush soaked in isopropyl alcohol just does not cut it? I was thinking of getting a large ultrasonic bath, but one with decent size costs a fortune. Any suggestions?
  12. You can get any length from Anyware or WES/Wagner. $2 each or thereabouts depending on length. The are 0.5m and even shorter. I use them a lot in my workshop as I do not want to have a mess on my bench when several components are connected. IEC end are available with right angle plugs too.
  13. Well, did you fix it? I got interested in this because there is a similar one (in black) offered for sale and it is a decent player. If you still haven't I might be able to help. Cheers Roman
  14. I doubt it. As talented as your kids might be, it takes more than 4 hours to teach anyone to play music. Unless they are Keith Jarrett who - once was seated behind piano - hit few keys to find out where sounds were, and started playing. But he was well over 3 years old by then. Or so the legend says.
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