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  1. Replacing a USB port on a DAC

    I have done this recently for a SNA member in Perth. Take covers off and take it to Altronics/Jaycar/WES to get a spare. Then assess if you can do it yourself or not. If you were in Perth, I would have done it for you for a six pack of Pale Ale. Cheers Roman
  2. Or even I if you are going to Northern suburbs any time soon.
  3. FS: Quadmatrix Sound System by AWA

    Skender, I bought it and still do not know what's inside... I presume, that you hook it up to the amp's output and the four sets of sockets are there for the 4 speakers. Unlike the unit I had in Poland which had its own amp for the rear speakers, this is a passive design and - at least for now, with out trying or opening it - it appears to provide a phase shift to create a quadro effect. The effect that I know from the Polish design was similar to having a mixing desk that would let you set the 360 degrees sound stage of your choosing, with each instrument playing separately. Will let you know once I find a bit of time to test it. Cheers Roman
  4. SOLD: Esoteric P500 cd transport vgc

    I'll have it Conrad! PM sent!
  5. Kym has been my best customer and now he also became a Friend. I do most (if not all) of his audio servicing and he lets me audition a lot of his prolific audio purchases, which otherwise I probably would never have the opportunity to see in action. Some - even though they work fine - we open up to see the design, engineering and manufacturing and results are often very surprising. Either way.
  6. Indeed I do fix CD players. Only this morning (2am) I have fixed Sudgen CD player with an tray not coming in and out issue for a member from Australind (aertex). I am in Wanneroo and you can contact me via pm. Cheers Roman P.S. Thanks srms for the mention
  7. I am tempted, they look so good. I will check with my cable expert to see what he thinks. Cheers Roman
  8. Tempted... I have one of these which my customer had a go at himself and received it in bits. It would be useful for comparison. Let me get back to you after I crunch some numbers. Cheers Roman
  9. SOLD: 2 month old OPPO HA-1

    It is named headphone amp but can't it be used also as a normal DAC/Preamp? Does volume control only work on the front headphone socket? If it did also on do balanced and unbalanced outputs at the back, it would be a very nice and neat DAC / balanced preamp. Cheers Roman
  10. FS: Quadmatrix Sound System by AWA

    Yes, please! I had used similar item developed 4 decades ago in Poland by people from the nuclear research facility and it worked great. Hope this does too. pm sent
  11. eg the BHK is not a name for the amp being used. The one you linked to is $27,000 PS Audio - hardly a cheap amp. Chinese or not. I just think that if you mention such irrelevant items as signal cables, isolators, and what kind of capacitors were used in the speaker crossovers, you should give kudos to the Chinese manufacturer of the cheap amp. All of these including the kind of transport used, have little to do with tested power cables, or at least less so than the power amp used and its output. But no bragging rights I suppose.
  12. What a shame. i need one of them for my other system. If it were to fall through, please send me a pm
  13. Why no name is mentioned if it is "up there with the best" ?
  14. Welcome back to the HiFi World Marek! I tried to buy these drivers off Marek twice and twice he changed his mind at the last minute. Now I see the final result of the project. GLWTS.
  15. SOLD: Sale pending: DIY Project Box

    If the sale was to fall through, I would love to put in Lampizator's Lampucera DAC in it. Cheers Roman