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  1. I have heard this cable in my system, very nice indeed! glwts
  2. I think that it's a great price for the cobalt, and it's a nice SQ jump over the Dragonfly Red. GLWTS
  3. Hi I have a Samsungs9+ and the cobalt - combo works fine with the USB adaptor cable that came with the cobalt (for me 🙂) I have checked it with tidal and Poweramp What software are you using it with? Cheers Gav.
  4. I gave the group admin a heads up
  5. the one you picked seems good - but you would want to check the keyboard / trackpad / screen in person before buying.. this is where cheaper laptops usually suck I have been burnt buying 2nd hand ex lease ones in the past..! You never know how badly they may have been treated.. Stick to new
  6. Item: UltraRendu Price Range: 900 Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: Im looking to try a UltraRendu, based in Melbourne CBD.
  7. Yep, but given the price point of the DAC it's probably not worth spending a lot on a nice psu.. I've experimented in the past using battery packs + a cheap DAC to good effect. Some battery pack brands sounded better than others, but to my ear they all improved the sound over a wallwart..
  8. Hi, I would try powering the topping DAC with a USB battery pack, to see if you notice any difference in SQ before shelling out on a full LPSU. AliExpress have a lot of sellers who will make a custom linear PSU with more than 1 voltage output, could be worth looking into.
  9. you can use a web browser on your android phone to set it up. no need for IOS. (source - I borrowed one and got it working without any apple gear)
  10. now sold - thanks for the interest
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