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  1. Hey George, I really like the terminator - I borrowed one from @Dacman (a member on here that deals Denafrips gear, I also know him from work a long time before he was into digital hifi stuff) when he was in the midst of overhauling his system. I have also heard the Pontus + Ares DAC's - I like the Ares, but found the Pontus a bit dry for my taste.. maybe with a different source it could be warmed up a bit.. It's more open / detailed sounding than the Ares but seems to lack a bit of body. The Ares is warmer but not as detailed and the soundstage is a bit more closed in. The Terminator is in another league to the other denafrips gear - it has a more open and detailed sound than the Pontus and the body of the Ares Best of both worlds. The only downside of the Terminator is that it shows up a poor source - using it with geneic usb out from my non audio pc, the treble sounded a a little raw - swapping to an Auralic Aries via AES with the js2 psu (also on loan) solved that problem! I also have an optimised audio PC running server 2016, however there was an issue getting the amanero USB board in the DAC to work with it - apparently this will be fixed with audiophile optimiser v3 + server 2019, so not really a Denafrips issue. Dacman has a Soundaware D300 ref streamer running i2s to the terminator via roon - It fills the room with sound and comes really close to his vinyl rig - maybe bettering the soundstage. Unfortunately the price of the Terminator + streamer are outside my budget but if I get a sweet bonus from work I'd probably lock it in I've heard a few other DAC's - my current one is AMR DP 777 (I couldn't test it back to back with the terminator as it has an issue which is awaiting a fix from AMR) - and my preference is for the R2R / multibit sound, like yourself. I have read a few reviews (audio stream, SBAF) where people say they don't like the terminator, and varying descriptions of the tonality, so the best thing to do is have a listen, I liked it, but it needed a matching source for my speakers (event opal) which are on the brighter side.. once I had the terminator / Aries combo plugged in it was the best sound I've had at my place Cheers, gav.
  2. I heard the x5 at a mates place setup next to an Auralic Aries (femto clocks + linear psu version).. The x5 was ok, and seemed to work fine, however we both thought the Aries was the better unit sonically.
  3. Item: M - Audio DSM 3 Location: Melbourne Price: $650 Item Condition: Used Reason for selling: Upgrade Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: I love these speakers but I've upgraded to far more expensive ones , there's no room in my apartment for a 2nd system so time for them to find a new home. Bought new as demo stock from Store DJ - no boxes, the manual can be downloaded from the net, lots of options to adjust the sound with the digital crossover and on board DAC. Made by M-Audio and Digidesign (when m-audio was part of Avid) these were around $2k aud new and are in a higher league to the current M-Audio products. In good condition with one split in the rubber coating of the top corner of 1 speaker (the cabinet itself is fine) see pic. Pickup only melbourne CBD. Pictures:
  4. Item: Sennheiser HD-25 Location: Melbourne CBD Price: 140 Item Condition: Used Reason for selling: BOught 2 pairs Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Selling my 2nd pair - slight tear on the inside of one ear pad otherwise in perfect working order. No box / case. Pickup CBD or can post at cost. Pictures:
  5. Item: Cypher Labs Sustain 84 Headphone Amp Location: Melbourne CBD Price: $900 (RRP $2k) Item Condition: Used / Excellent Reason for selling: Marie Kondo Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Bought new from Addicted to Audio - this is a great desktop headphone amp! Only selling as I want to go up the ladder with Cypher labs. Comes with original packaging so I can courier at cost if required. Also I have a ton of tubes for the buyer to try - see pics.
  6. tem: Fostex TH-X00 Headphones Location: Melbourne CBD Price: $300 Item Condition: Good working condition with some scuffs - please see pics and read below. Reason for selling: Marie Kondo Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Perfect operational condition - a few scratches Pictures: These headphones work fine however there are a few small scratches (2 on each cup) on the cups, and some very slight freying on the cord (it got stuck to the velcro on my jacket ) The freying could be easily removed with a small razor and the cord is not damaged. I have tried to highlight this in the pictures. Please note that due to glossy cups these aren't the easiest things to photograph well! Please also note that there is material gently placed over the headband - the previous owner did this to reduce wear to the headband and I have kept it on meaning the headband is as new. It's not attached to the headphones in a permanent way and can be easily cut off. Comes with original box and pouch. Prefer pickup in Melbourne CBD but can post at cost. Cheers, gav.
  7. So they sound different? I had both at the same time - the 7 is a bit more "easy listening" and the 7.1 is a bit more "hi-fi" I kept the 7 and sold the 7.1 ...
  8. a 2nd hand pair of krk VXT 6 or VXT 8
  9. I have heard both sets of speakers in Dacman's room - to my ears the Ushers play on a similar level to the puppy's... The puppy's are a little bit more detailed and technically proficient where the ushers are a bit warmer and musical - there's something really nice about the way the bass and mid range integrate on the ushers and the mid range in general seems a bit more lush / captivating.. Both sets of speakers fill the room with a nice 3D soundstage, which is helped no doubt by the fancy electronics in Dacman's rig - listening to DSD thru the Terminator DAC is pretty damn good. Also shows that the ushers scale well with high end gear.. I also heard the mini dancer 2's vs. the be10's and the 10's are on another level entirely, not just a small upgrade.. cheers
  10. Different gear, speakers, ears - different tubes In the same amp I tried EML 2A3's but vastly preferred the Sophia Princess - I sold the amp to a friend and he liked different ones again
  11. When I tried a GEC rectifier tube in my old stratus headphone amp I was amazed at the difference - I would recommend trying different ones for the sake of it.
  12. No, but thanks for the offer..
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