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  1. Ok, i guess you already know what works and not.
  2. Not a typo. Pressure absorber is much more work and i just realised that he's renting so i made a more practical suggestions. ?
  3. As your speakers have big woofers, first point of order would be pressure absorber. My suggestions are : 1. Built triangle on all 4 corners (60cm length on the walls) polyester batts absorber up to ceiling height. 2. Binary or Qrd diffusers for the first reflection and front wall. 3. Absorber at the back wall (behind your sofa) preferrably that can go down to 100hz (it will need to be thick, and mixture of foam and batts) Regards Henry
  4. Put a standing divider next to the sofa, it will improve immensely. The wider the better
  5. the context from Dennis's video about green glue is the target. the context from Dennis's video about green glue is the target of treatment. if LF pressure is your target, green glue is not effective. it will take a lot of density of materials to absorb LF pressure, which is the most common problems in a small room. the structure of the walls, structural integrity of the room, density of the walls and materials that you put in the room will be the defining factor. in general, i think its best to : 1. Absorb LF pressure as much as you can (especially if
  6. Always admire your original approach on the design and build ??
  7. Its also one of the major contributing factor for the sound in the room.
  8. A well designed speakers wont let the cone breakup interfere the music repro on the speakers. On the other hand designing speakers that can be very expressive, controlled and enjoyable is the very art itself.
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