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  1. Currently Spinning

    Lucinda Williams - Blessed Just great...
  2. This will make someone very very happy; I love my Holton! GLWTS
  3. I'm interested, but got to check on funds...
  4. Currently Spinning

    Is there any other way to take coffee? [emoji6]
  5. Currently Spinning

    Comacozer- Kalos Eidos Skopeo Thank god/goddess for rainy days, or I never would have discovered this Sydney 3-piece today!!! Just lashed out on all 3 of their albums on vinyl after 1 listen, and my TT won't even be set up for another 2 months! If you are a fan of Stone from the Sky, or like psych rock, space rock, or stoner rock, then you will LOVE this!!! Seriously awesome, trippy stuff!
  6. Currently Spinning

    I agree she was recognised by her peers; just that most punters only think of DB when they think of the Heads. They were a great synergy of talents...
  7. Currently Spinning

    Talking Heads- Stop Making Sense (remastered). Don't know why I love you like I do... [emoji4] Tina Weymouth was a really underrated bass player IMHO.
  8. Go on then, give in!!! [emoji1]
  9. About to sell for $320 posted on ebay; anyone here want to match that and pick up this bargain?
  10. Currently Spinning

    Kairos is a really great album; thanks for the recommendation @Hensa Going to give Last Smoke a spin tomorrow...
  11. Currently Spinning

    Radiohead- The Bends Just because...
  12. Currently Spinning

    Midnight Oil - 10-1 Thought I'd give it a spin in anticipation of seeing them at the domain tomorrow, and then again in Wollongong on Monday. Bloody great album, and the recording/production is superb! So happy Jim is going to tough it out seated!
  13. Yep, receipt is present and accounted for!
  14. Pretty sure I do still have the receipt; will just check now...
  15. From memory it has an updated user interface, superior WiFi, and 8 ethernet ports vs 4. Just heading to work but a quick Google will confirm if that's correct. Just remember you need fttp for it to work as a modem. [emoji5]