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  1. I feel for you Chris, I'm in a similar situation... I hope the collection sells and you get back on your feet very soon.
  2. @Steffen there are no dimmer controlled lights in the house, and @BATMAQN the nearest TV is upstairs, was in standby (no-one watching) when the buzzing was going on, and it's on a different circuit... Bewildering, right? Cheers, Steve
  3. Hi Folks, I'm hoping someone can help me out here. I've got a Giesler Konverter running into a Holton 500 amp to Wyndham BR1's; Speaker cables are Aurealis 303 Litz and IC's are Aurealis XLR Dragons (also Litz). For about a week now I've been getting an intermittent buzz (not a hum) through the speakers. I've isolated it to some form of induction through the IC's ( I think). If the IC's are disconnected from the power amp, but the amp is on and connected to the speakers, all is silent. If the IC's are disconnected from the Pre/Dac, I still get the buzz. Like I said it's intermittent; right now it's a buzz of a second or half second every 3-15; 2 hours ago it was going 60% of the time. When it's really persistent, the transformer hum is also audible (from c.10-15cm). What can I do?! It's driving me nuts!!!! Cheers, Steve 🙂
  4. Whatever happens, please don't run over it with your ute!!!! If I had the cash I'd be all over this like seagulls on a chip... GLWTS, and someone, grab this bargain!!!
  5. This is an absolute bargain! I so wish I had the money to spend on it. Going to make someone very happy!
  6. Beautiful! But too many medical bills ATM. I hope it finds a deserving new home 🙂
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