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  1. Is this unit an Isotran of some sort? I can see power in, and then a link to 2 separate output transformers? Looks very well made...
  2. Everything that Rantan said +1. 👍 Aurealis cables all through my system now, and can't see it changing. Geoff is a legend. Oh, and he makes awesome instrument/mic cables too if you're into that thing. Better than Mogami platinum IMHO...
  3. Hi mate; can't help with the playmaster, but welcome to SNA!
  4. I'm just a little envious Anthony; what an iconic place of music!!! 🙂
  5. All yours mate; send me a PM and we'll sort out the payment and delivery details. Cheers mate, Steve 🙂
  6. Just to clarify folks; I've had quite a few people asking me if these are the Q500. As far as I know they are (that's what the previous seller listed them as from memory) but there's no numbers on the cables to confirm. If anyone knows these cables well they may be able to tell from the pics I've just posted. Cheers, Steve 🙂
  7. Item: ETI Quiessence speaker cables 2.5m Location: Wollongong Price: $150 + postage Item Condition: Excellent used condition Reason for selling: No longer needed Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, DD, COD Only Extra Info: I bought these about a year ago from another user here; planned to put them in another system but didn't end up happening. In the meantime I've replaced the crappy ETI banana plugs with some high quality Z-plugs. These are very natural sounding copper cables that will work well in just about any system, and for the price you certainly can't go wrong! PM me if you're interested; very goos cables at a bargain price!!! 🙂 Pictures:
  8. The uRendu/ultra are great streamers @jakeyb77 and hide in the background as they're very small so visuals are not so important. Doesn't require roon, but I use it ad think it's well worth the money. The Konverter plays Tidal MQA no problem with my setup, and it's very nice to have all of my digital music in one library (tidal/ripped/downloaded). Are you absolutely sold on the Node and no Roon? Might be worth reconsidering... 😉
  9. Hey mate, Pretty sure Clay recommends the USB input for the Gross, but as it has optical and coax inputs as well you've got options! If you buy one let him know how you'll hook it as there's different firmware optimised for each input from memory. Als ofrom memory the Gross will handle DSD up to 512k, and when I play MQA files through my Konverter (very similar DAC) it passes them through at the highest sample rate. If I've made any mistakes I'm sure Clay or someone else will pick me up, but that's the basic gist. The Gross is an outstanding DAC, especially running through your pre-power combo! Cheers, Steve 🙂
  10. From memory they're pretty efficient; may 90-91dB if I remember right? Should be easy to drive...
  11. Still available folks; too good to be sitting idle! Shoot me an offer; worst I can do is say no... 😄
  12. Would love to, but my bank balance is maxxed out. I hope it finds a new home 🙂
  13. Haven't got 1 in front of me atm, but from memory about 3-4mm...
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