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  1. I've got a uRendu, which is similar SQ to the SMS200; I previously had a SBT with Gieseler LPS. The SBT is good, but IMHO it's not in the same league as the SMS/uRendu. FWIW 🙂
  2. Wiffle

    Groß DAC & Pre-Amp?

    I did think seriously about it, but decided to keep the two parts separate for future flexibility...
  3. Wiffle

    Groß DAC & Pre-Amp?

    I've just finished a demo of the Gross, and ran it through Clay's Pre-amp, as that's the one I've got!!! I want to maintain my vinyl rig, so a pre-amp is more or less essential. As I'm committed to an Australian made system I'll look at upgrading the pre once Anthony Holton get's his up and running, or Clay does one, or I find another suitable alternative. If I was running digital-only I'd certainly consider omitting the pre. Cheers, Steve :-)
  4. Wiffle

    Hi from Sydney

    HI mate, and welcome to SNA! Plenty of info and other resources for the hi-fi addict on here; enjoy!!
  5. Wiffle

    Currently Spinning

    Just giving this a first stream- impressions are very good at this point! It's got all the quality of their early/mid 90s stuff and vocally, it's almost indistinguishable from the late Mr Weiland. A very welcome return to form!!! [emoji106][emoji4] Stone Temple Pilots -ST 2018
  6. Those dowel joins are just perfect; beautiful work gents!!!! And I know they're going to sound every bit as good!!! :-)
  7. I have the first version of this, and it works great, But no jumping current meter with my Holton power amp; there's just too much storage capacity to allow current feed to vary, which is of course the way it should be! :-)
  8. Wiffle

    Currently Spinning

    Ohh man, so many winners there; so many great bands!! Thanks for bringing them up! Blues for the Red Sun is one of my Desert Island albums... [emoji106]
  9. Wiffle

    Currently Spinning

    Awesome album, and much better than part 1 IMHO [emoji4]
  10. Can I please have: The Clash – London Calling – Dutch 2LP VG+/VG+ 30
  11. Wiffle

    GIESELER Groß DAC official release

    I don't know; atm my uRendu isn't even showing up on mysonicorbiter, even though the router says the lan link is fine...
  12. Wiffle

    GIESELER Groß DAC official release

    I'm curious about this too as my urendu has been unreliable with the Klein, and sometimes just plain unreliable!
  13. Wiffle

    SOLD: Radiohead CD's

    Count me in! Pm me with payment details and I'll get it sent [emoji4]
  14. Wiffle

    SOLD: Radiohead CD's

    Am I too late too?
  15. Wiffle

    SOLD: Radiohead CD's

    How much for postage to 2526? Cheers, Steve :-)