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  1. Would love to, but my bank balance is maxxed out. I hope it finds a new home 🙂
  2. Haven't got 1 in front of me atm, but from memory about 3-4mm...
  3. I've got 6 of the LF70's with the plywood insert; will keep it natural (oiled or varnished) as I like the "warm" look of timber, especially as the rest of the room will be black and white. I've also got 4 with the perspex insert for places where I want them to blend in a little better. Personally I think they look pretty good for bass traps, and as it's a dedicated music room aesthetic ideas are largely irrelevant; form follows function is my motto! Cheers guys, Steve 🙂
  4. Thanks mate; I read the link already- nothing I wasn't already familiar with. For some reason the image doesn't work for me even after refreshing the page, but the mode "numbers" do show up, so at least I can get a sense of what's going on or where there are nodes/no nodes. Thanks for the help! 🙂
  5. Thanks Mike, appreciate your input! 👍 I've gone ahead this afternoon and ordered 6 more of the LF70's, plus 4 of their similarly designed (ie foam with curved front panel) flat panels; I figure that gives me plenty of options to move them around the room and add/remove the fascia panels to tweak the end result. I'll definitely use the fractal diffusers somewhere between the speakers on the front wall, and will probably place one or more of my current DIY absorbers there as well; at least everything is lightweight, and can be easily moved around until I find the best layout! Hopefully will be up and running within a month, but depends largely on how long it takes me to paint, and how long it takes my sparky mate to finish the power and data hookup! Will keep you posted... 🙂 Cheers, Steve
  6. Hey Hipper, I've had a look at the link you posted; thanks very much. From what I can tell (without having seen these charts before) my Bonello reading is pretty good (ie constantly rising), and it appears that whilst there's a few modes in the c50-60Hz range, the vast majority are above 100Hz, so dealing with low bass shouldn't be too much of an issue; am I reading that correctly? Also, I can't get the room 3D thing to work as I can't seem to "select" a particular mode; any tips on how you do this? Cheers, and thanks again, Steve 🙂
  7. Thanks Hipper, Already on it; I've got a dedicated 20A power circuit going in for audio gear only, using 6.5mm2 cable and a high quality socket. 🙂 I'll definitely go down the measuring path once the basics are all in place, and thanks for the link; I'll look into it! Cheers, Steve 🙂
  8. I'm not afraid of the DIY option, but I've already fully batted my roof and have EPS under (most) of the floorboards, so can't really use them anywhere else. Here's a link to an article discussing the LF70's; seems like they work pretty well down to around 60-70hz. Given they aren't too expensive, look good, and are easy to install and tweak, they seem like a good, safe bet... https://www.avhub.com.au/news/hi-fi/soundacoustics-bear-lf70-corner-bass-trap-492122
  9. Ok, thanks Peter; that's the sort of info I was hoping I'd get to save me wasting tie and money. Given the feedback from both you and Dave I might scrap the DIY Bass olumns and get some more of the LF70's. At least then I can easily add/move/remove them, and also play around with adding or removing the front panels to tweak things a bit. Cheers, Steve 🙂
  10. Ok, thanks Dave. FWIW my speakers are Wyndham BR1's- 2 way front ported floor standers with a dome tweeter and subtle waveguide. I take your point re testing; just figured there's some general "do's" that will work regardless of other issues. My gut feeling is that high frequencies have more of an effect on imaging/spacial preception than low frequencies due to the shorter wavelength being both reflected more from traditional surfaces, and also causing a greater disparity in timing between left/right ears, so perhaps sidewall treatment (if any) would be fine to focus on mid/upper frequencies; perhaps just a couple of very carefully placed absorber panels will be all that's required. Guess I need to get building! Cheers, Steve 🙂
  11. Thanks for that Dave, much appreciated! 2ch listening will be the primary use for the room, so that's what I'm really treating for. I'll start a build thread once we get a bit further along, but it sounds like you think sidewall treatment isn't going to be that important in this room? Regarding the front column bass traps, R2.5 poly batts have a nominal thickness of 100mm; if I overfill so they're only 50mm thick (ie double normal density) do you think that's enough? With the size I'm using I think from memory they'll be around 500mm deep at the apex if that helps. Once again thanks for your input! Cheers, Steve 🙂
  12. @davewantsmoore I'd love to hear your thoughts on this setup? Been a long time watcher of your posts and respect your opinion...
  13. Wiffle

    Coffee in Wollongong

    Hey Mick, Must have been a bit brisk in Goulburn the last few weeks! If anyone shows interest in a GTG I'll definitely keep you in the loop! Cheers, Steve 🙂
  14. Ha ha; probably sitting in a box in my garage! Certainly makes the job a lot easier! 🙂
  15. Item: Gyprock/plasterboard panel hoist- goes to approx 16' Location: Wollongong Price: $150 ono Item Condition: Almost new- has lifted about 12-15 panels total Reason for selling: Finished reno- NLR Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, COD Only Extra Info: Bought this to build my new listening room, especially to fit the ceiling panels. Construction is now finished so NLR. It'll handle sheets up to 3.6m wide and 1.2m high easily, and it allows 2 people to do a job that would normally require 4 or more. Unlike most of these hoists which only go to 11', this one will lift to approx 16', so great if you have high ceilings. I couldn't find one that lifted this high to hire, but 11' ones range from $45-95/day to hire, so this is cheaper than a few days rental!! Packs flat for transport or storage too. Due to size and weight this is pickup only I'm afraid. Picture is from the site I bought it from; you get the idea! Pictures: