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  1. Just bought this cool puppy! I'm really looking forward to receiving it. Still need to get my hands on a SUT. Built by a cool dude in Wellington. It's base on a Bruce Heran tube design which I don't know a lot about but I'm sure it'll sound sweet. Here's a few specs.... 4 x 12AX7 tubes 1 x 12AT7 tube Mammoth, separate power supply - well over spec'd for this design. Twin highly-regulated HT and filament supplies. large and lovely ClarityCap and NOS paper-in-oil K75-10 capacitors in audio path.
  2. Oh shite, did I mean jazz factor....
  3. The R32 rocks! A great phono stage with a heap of jizz factor.
  4. Sweet old Kenwood KA-5700 and Pioneer TX 8500II. Soon it will accompanied by a restored L75 and a Bruce Heran designed Tube phono. Still looking for a SUT but seen plenty on flee bay.
  5. There's the Lenco shaped lever on front low down? It's probably yet to be shown off on LH until the arm is attached so hold on... I really hope Adrian doesn't mind me showing it here. He lives in Spain so I guess he wouldn't have an affiliation with Southern Hemisphere forums.
  6. The greatest thing I've found with Lenco guys is they take them very seriously and there are some extreme levels of build as seen on Lenco Heaven. I'll ask about speed control next time I talk to him. I've personally found standard L75's pretty good stability wise (without going OCD fussy) particularly if your power at the wall is good.
  7. I'll pick his brains and find out more. I'm not sure if he commissioned or DIY'ed.
  8. A client's absolutely stunning Lenco awaiting an arm from me. Hope he doesn't mind me sharing it as he's on the other side of the globe.
  9. Item: EMT JSD-6 Phono cartridge ****SOLD**** Location: Auckland NZ Price: AU$2200 Item Condition: Excellent - Mint Reason for selling: Fee up funds for another purchase Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, Extra Info: My JSD-6 has only carried out light duties and played a maximum of 60LP's. It only got mounted a small handful of times for special duties (Genuine reason for this). It is One year and three months old and hasn't been mounted for 7 months. I need to free up some funds for another project. This is by far the most special cartridge I've ever heard, it hurts selling it but something more important has forced the sale. Pictures:
  10. This is a great tuner! I used to have one and regret selling it to raise funds for a turntable. It's the best FM i've ever heard. On a good signal, it's close to high quality vinyl playback!
  11. Wow, they look amazing! Super classy! Cute dog too. Is he/she a doodle of some sort?
  12. Thanks Full Range, I'll gave that a read. I did search for it in the post you've made but couldn't find it. I did however find a pic of your X/O and it looks beautiful.
  13. Oh one thing i forgot to mention was the subjective speed of the speakers seem faster which really does make them seem more musical and engaging. This is not a subtle change. It could just be the removal of the midrange haze allows me to follow the music better as its more open without being brighter. It's cool and I'm having fun.
  14. Yeap thats going to be a problem I've just replaced the 30uf and the 2.2uf and they are much bigger. I've also replaced the 3.6ohm resistors with the Audio Path resistors and wow what a difference in a positive sonic direction already! I can hear my solders (I used 2.5% Cardas lead/silver solder which I've alway liked the sound of) and the new components which sounded a bit grainy and peaky but eased considerably over the last 25hours. The veil has definitely lifted around the midrange. The guys say that those Audio Paths are on par with Duelunds Cast but take 200-300hrs to fully settle. The build of them is outstanding. I haven't connected the earth screens yet. I'm still waiting on the M-cap Supremes to arrive and will slowly feed them into the setup. The 2.2uf was replaced with an Audyn Plus Cap which seem to be reasonable caps and all and all I'm very happy with the result. The inductors will be the next big change and I'll do the caps in the bass driver part of the crossover which is separate. They are big electrolytic caps that need to go. Once its all sounding good, I'll make new boards to fit them on and lay them out with a bit of space. It looks a bit rough at the moment.
  15. Thanks for the heads up about Speakerbug. I didn't know they existed. I would has got some nice Jentzens. When I do the Inductors I'll try the wax versions. They look real nice. I'll try and find your crossover build. I'm keen to see how it turned out.
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