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  1. krakatana

    Great buys on Bonhams

    @t_mike It probably comes with plenty of drugs in all of the nooks and crannies. What a great piece of history, it should go in a museum.
  2. Item: Mordaunt-Short MS909W Subwoofer Location: Perth Price: $200 Item Condition: Very good, a few marks on case but not very visible Reason for selling: NLR Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Specifications Frequency Response at 3dB: 30Hz to 200Hz Dimensions (HxWxD): 420mm x 420mm x 420mm Amplifier: Integrated 300 watt Digital Cross Over Frequency: 50Hz adjustable to 200Hz Weight: 28 Kg
  3. krakatana

    R.I.P. Frank Prowse (Frank Prowse HiFi)

    I bought my first speakers from Frank about 20 years ago. A lovely guy who was so patient and helpful with my agonizing decision. RIP
  4. Not that you should be expected to do so, of course, and nor is it the real issue, but examples 1 and 3 should be able to be corrected using the software that has displayed the waveforms of the music files. Thanks for bringing the issue to attention.
  5. So, a step up from my old Nuforce Ref 9s', just need to get a case.
  6. What's the purpose of these, George? Who are they marketed towards?
  7. Hi Rocky, I have 2.2 uF Mundorf silver/oil output caps in my DAC. Recently added 0.01uF Cornell-Dublier 940Cs as bypass caps. They added a little more detail and treble to the sound of the Mundorfs.
  8. krakatana

    Local pressings with low stamper # may be better?

    @aussievintage As well as the remastering that candyflip described there was also that remastering of Sgt. Pepper by Don Bartley for the Sydney HiFi Show in 1983. Only 500 copies.....
  9. krakatana

    Local pressings with low stamper # may be better?

    Were the plates made in Australia or sent from the UK? I was under the impression that the UK pressing would have the advantage having the plates first which would then be sent elsewhere. Or is that wrong?
  10. krakatana

    Technics SP-10 MkII spruce-up

    Thanks, but where is that table originally from? The impression I get from reading is that the varistors may only need a spray of De-Oxit rather than replacement?
  11. krakatana

    Technics SP-10 MkII spruce-up

    It should be fine. The only possible issue is that the diameter of the original can is about 35mm and the diameter of the one you have linked is 25mm. But just wrap something around the can to get a tight fit. No issues with height. Where did you read about the varistors needing be changed?
  12. krakatana

    Technics SP-10 MkII spruce-up

    A mixture of Kemet, Vishay and Illinois Caps, due mainly to availability. Primary considerations for selecting the power supply caps were maximum operating temperature and expected lifetime. NB. I made a mistake with the original list: 1x 100uF/60V (axial) should be 1x 100uF/160V (axial). 1x 1000uF/100V (can) https://www.digikey.com.au/product-detail/en/kemet/PEH169PA4100QB2/399-12296-ND/5427898 Not ideal as it has a large aluminium bolt at the base. This can be easily cut off with a hacksaw. The original cap was 1000uF/80V, good luck finding that! 1x 1000uF/16V (axial) https://www.digikey.com.au/products/en?keywords=MAL211816102E3 1x 100uF/160V (axial) https://www.digikey.com.au/product-detail/en/illinois-capacitor/107TTA160M/1572-1663-ND/5410815 But I would go for this one now, it was out of stock when I ordered. It has a slightly higher rated voltage but a much longer expected lifespan and higher max. temp: https://www.digikey.com.au/products/en?keywords=MAL211892101E3
  13. krakatana

    Technics SP-10 MkII spruce-up

    There's actually four boards but two are closely associated. Varistors in the control circuit (VR101 = 20k Ohm, VR102 = 2k Ohm) and Power Supply (R405 = 500 Ohm, R415 = 2k Ohm). Will have to research what the modern equivalents are.
  14. krakatana

    Technics SP-10 MkII spruce-up

    No, it's an 1982 model. A few of the original caps in the power supply have lower voltages than the ones that I listed but the capacitance is accurate. Thanks, I didn't know about the varistors.
  15. krakatana

    Technics SP-10 MkII spruce-up

    I would call it peace of mind rather than paranoia. Not servicing it is like driving your car for several years without changing the oil. Having said that it still hasn't been put back together yet, maybe it won't even be working anymore! The thing is that nothing appeared abnormal with the TT. Except maybe for a slight, consistent wobble in the strobe? The first picture is the worst of the caps from the power supply and the second is from the TT.