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  1. Thanks for the info, but it sound a bit too DIY for a clumsy, lazy sod like me,
  2. What are those Bunnings things? They look like great cable stands!
  3. Yep, tweeters at ear level, although you do have to consider the kind of distance from the floor MIke deisigned the crossover for. Mine are on 45cm stands - which work very well - but I believe Mike's own stands are 50cm tall.
  4. I just upgraded to these from the RibbonTeks - which were already the best overall speaker cables I'd heard up until that point - and I am absolutely astounded at the magnitude of the improvement. It's as if there's much more of everything, except that there's also less of the nasty stuff - so it's much better than simply turning up the volume, as the sound is also much smoother and more relaxed. Recordings become fully alive at lower volumes, but are also less strained at higher volumes. There aren't many upgrades I've heard that make your system better in every way without any downsides, but this is one - the essential neutral and natural character of the RibbonTeks is fully preserved, but literally everything is much better. I find it hard to believe you can buy better speaker cables than these at any price,
  5. Yep, the ML2 i s still available in standard, PlusR, Reference and Limited variants (the last built to order).
  6. Mine have CAST, and I thought it was worthwhile, especially given the very cheap price (relatively speaking). It doesn't mean your investment in CAST is wasted - it just makes the best even better.
  7. I'm mighty happy with my pair, even more so after the silver bypass upgrade. I've had them for more than 5 years now, and I don't think I'll ever buy another speaker.
  8. ljmac


    For the isolation platforms to work with stands would simply require redesigned stands. Indeed, the stands themselves could be vastly superior isolation platforms if designed correctly. In fact, I recall a brand of speaker stand whose name I unfortunately can't recall that are designed as frequency isolation platforms. I wish I could remember their name, as they are only stands I've seen that I am reasonably sure would be superior to my old Target Resolution 2s (which are still regarded by many at the best speaker stands ever made, and do indeed work brilliantly with my ML2 Limiteds).
  9. ljmac


    Of all the ML2 Limiteds' remarkable qualities, it's this which surprises and impresses me the most. The bass seems to have the same openness and transparency as the mids, something which is not only unprecedented in my experience, but something which I never imagined would be possible. Combine that with it's incredible speed, extension and punchiness, and you have a bass like I've never heard before. Indeed, when I listen to it, I no longer think "that's great bass" - I think "that's a great sounding bass guitar" (or kick drum or synth bas or whatever).
  10. ljmac


    Those Peerless HDS drivers are certainly proving hard to beat! I'm certainly happy with them: such a natural and neutral sound, and also very robust - what those little six inch woofers put out sometimes frightens me! They're really great all-round, vice-free drivers.
  11. ljmac


    I haven't yet heard the ML5s, but I suspect I will still prefer my ML2 Ltds for exactly this reason. Indeed, I've always preferred stand mounts to floorstanders in general, and incredibly, with the Ltds I can still have bass extension flat into the low '30s! Having the cleanest, quickest mini-monitor style bass you can imagine going that far down still astonishes me, no matter how many times I hear it.
  12. I have to say, when I heard that really run in pair at the GTG I went to, I have largely reformed my opinion of the ML1 - I guess the pair Mike demo'ed to me were just too new. Then and again, I heard the first pair of ML2s at every stage of Mike's build, and thought they sounded great from the get go. I think just being a bigger speaker gives the ML2 a bit more breathing space, so running it in isn't as critical as with the ML1s. But that well run in pair I heard were very much up with the ML2s IMHO.
  13. I'm not entirely sure this is what I want. I'm very big on transparency (I think the ML2 Ltd is the least coloured and most transparent speaker I've heard), but I'm also very big on neutrality, and I think Mike's speakers have the most neutral balance I've heard too—anything leaner would probably sound too cold or clinical to me. I am a music lover first and an audiophile second, so I want my whole collection to sound good, and the balance Mike strikes achieves just that—lean recordings aren't too lean, but tubby recordings aren't too tubby either. Still, I definitely want to hear this—I may very well love it.
  14. ljmac


    Sorry - how do I delete duplicate comments?
  15. ljmac


    It's a shame you didn't think of this when you built my ML2 LImiteds - it sounds like a really nice upgrade, but I'm too lazy to move them. I wil definitely get the crossover upgrades you mentioned previously soon though - a big advantage of outboard crossovers!
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