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  1. Sorry anyone who is asking for info or sending me pm's ... suburbs just going through NBN rollout and we lost connections yesterday. I will try to get on when I can but apologise in advance if it takes a few hours to check and respond. (Bloody NBN!)
  2. Sorry anyone who is asking for info or sending me pm's ... suburbs just going through NBN rollout and we lost connections yesterday. I will try to get on when I can but apologise in advance if it takes a few hours to check and respond. (Bloody NBN!)
  3. Maybe someone who is a guru on these players will chime in to clarify. But my understanding was that the CX-7e later models manufactured with the MP included, had the front panel 'waveform' to show this. However, if you had an older non-MP CX-7 or CX-7e you could still get the MP mod done, but I do not believe they changed the front plate over to the one with the waveform. Mine certainly didn't. As per the thread (https://www.stereophile.com/content/ayre-cx-7-cd-player-cx-7esupmpsup-october-2009) the mod changed the cable from the transport from flat ribbon to twisted pair, and also added a "time remaining" feature to the display. I have opened the player and in photo 1, you can see the cable from the transport is not a flat ribbon. Photo 2 you can see the front circuit board was originally ver 2.2 but has been updated to ver 2.4. As this board is on the front, it has the display, buttons etc circuits on it. I loaded a short video to youtube to show both that the remote works perfectly (and is included in the price) and also I point to the display where it can indeed be cycled through the display options to show a "time remaining". Hope this satisfies everyone. If not, sorry but it's all I have. Photos added and here's the link to youtube showing the remote works and LCD can display time remaining ....
  4. Item: Ayre CX7e-MP Location: Brisbane Price: $1,500 + shipping at your cost Item Condition: Excellent. Reason for selling: NLR Payment Method: Cash, Paypal Extra Info: Only mark is slight blemish on the left front ridge above the Ayre logo as per the photo. Other than that, no other marks. Not shown in the photo's is the remote control which is included in the sale. Both balanced or unbalanced outputs as well as digital out should you just wish to use the transport in this excellent player. All original boxes and manuals as per photos. The "e" for Evolution model (as this example is) has upgraded sound compared to the non-evolution models, as per this review here ... https://www.stereophile.com/content/ayre-cx-7-cd-player-cx-7e-february-2006 Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  5. Item: ME550 Mk 1 + Hi Cap Location: Brisbane Price: $800 + shipping at your cost to any Australian location. Item Condition: Excellent front, back and sides but shows few marks on top as per photo's Reason for selling: NLR Payment Method: Cash, Paypal Extra Info: Bought this amp from friend who used this in his second system. He had the Hi Cap option retro-fitted as per the photo of the invoice (installed by Reg Mills stereo). The strong sunlight in the top surface close-up photos shows up the equipment 'feet' marks far worse than they appear in real life. When in a cabinet, or in normal light, they are not noticeable (as per the photos taken from about a metre away, which show how faint those marks really are). The amp has performed flawlessly over the past 6 years driving Ambience 1600's and occaisionally Dynaudio S1.4's. All the original packaging and manuals supplied. I've seen Mk 1's minus the Hi Cap option selling for around this price, but I have not had Peter Stein check it over and I am aware the new owner may wish to do so, so I offer it at this (lower) price. Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  6. Item: Ambience Ultra 1600 Ribbon Speakers Location: Brisbane Price: $1,500 firm Item Condition: Excellent. One small flaw with cloth at back of one speaker as per last photo. Reason for selling: Downsizing. Payment Method: Cash on pickup only. Extra Info: Used to listen to this rig in a much larger room downstairs, but due to renovations now moving HiFi listening upstairs and hence need to sell off some equipment. The Ambience 1600's are in great condition apart from the small blemish with the cloth on the back of one speaker. That blemish is on the edge of the cloth over the timber frame at the back, and hence not noticeable from listening nor side positions. I do not have the boxes they came in and hence pickup only. Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  7. My retro system circa 12 months ago for a monochrome photo challenge by friends on Facebook. Gale GS401A's, Gale GT2101 sporting an SME 3009 SII and Shure V15 Mk3, Lecson AC1 pre, and Lecson AP3 power. Unfortunately the Lecson AP3 power amp expired under load and has since been replaced with ME550 HiCap fed by MF XP-100. Occasionally I throw the Lecson AC1 preamp back in place of the XP-100 just for fun. But I prefer an Ortofon M15E Super over the Shure V15 Mk3, and the AC1 phono stage doesn't work as nicely with the Ortofon compared to the phono stage in the XP-100.
  8. No hurry to sell. Sold some telescopes and camping gear so the Dyn's and the stands are all packed up in their original boxes in storage until someone who wants them finds this ad (or the ad expires). Cheers.
  9. Dropped price to $2,000. Not going any lower than this as this is a low price for as-new condition speakers and stands of this quality Dynaudio product.
  10. Wonderful video ... thanks for posting Arni. This is the problem with me and Hi Fi and why I own all these components (enough to build 3 systems probably) ... as after watching that video link I now want to take the 1.4's out of their boxes and listen to them again! Cheers
  11. Thanks treuben for your excellent summary and knowledge of the Dynaudio's. I've not listened to the 1.4LE so your comments summing the differences up are much appreciated. I also own Ambience 1600's, Gale GS401A's and Monitor Audio BR5's ... all which have been swapped in and out with a variety of turntables and pre/power amps. Compromises in all combinations of course. That's why this is such a fascinating hobby! As you correctly point out, the ME550 I own is high current (it's the Hi Cap version). Forums do suggest the 1.4's sound the best with such amps. It is a match made in Heaven. Bass is tight and controlled with such current. Having said that, I did also run them for a while with my old Denon PMA250SE which is down on the watts at only 30 per side, but does, however, have high current with one of those nice 3D power charts showing doubling of current etc etc. It's one of the reasons the old Japan PMA's are still well regarded. The little 250SE also made the Dyn's sing beautifully. And as the PMA250SE is an amp I'll probably never sell due to its wonderful sonic qualities (for my musical tastes and ears) I've often worried about should it ever fail. They can, thank goodness, be had for $400 second hand so a good deal for anyone who may want the Dynaudio 1.4's as a good, musically involving, amazing quality speaker, but wonders what $ amp is required. As you say treuben, ME550's can be had reasonably cheaply, but like I said surprisingly good with even the little PMA 250SE or any of the PMA series IMO. Summarising my affair with the Dynaudios, absolutely beautifully made cabinets. Top quality components. Small form factor so very Wife friendly. Sonically - Beautiful mids very much like my Gales reknowned for the Peerless K40 midrange driver used in that speaker. Many Quad electrostat owners are said to have had a pair of Gales as well as the Quads because of a similar sweet midrange, so lifelike and 3D, except they could drive the Gales louder! So the 1.4's should likewise be considered (IMO) similar to Quad electrostats for wonderful midrange. The Dyn's highs are less err "sharp" compared to the Ambiences ribbons. And thats to be expected I guess. The bass is deep and very good provided you take a bit of time to waltz them around the walls a tad. No biggie ... as one ends up with superb sounding speakers at (in this case) for $2,200.
  12. Item: Dynaudio Contour S1.4 + Dynaudio Stand 3X Location: Brisbane Price: $2200 Price reduction to $2,100. Reduced to $2,000 (not going any lower!) Item Condition: Very good. Like brand new. Reason for selling: Too many speakers, not enough ears. Payment Method: Bank Transfer or cash on pickup. Extra Info: These Dynaudio speakers and stands are in perfect condition. Non smoker household of mainly Jazz, Blues and classical (lately) listener. All original packaging. Pictures:
  13. Dropped price to $800. This is now 57% of new price and as per the photos, they are in first class, as new condition. Note that they are not the "C" model (as in LCD2C) which are a "cut down" version of the LCD2 and which retail for $999. If you are checking price and come across LCD2C's for $999, then check those same retailers and you will find they will also have listed the non-C versions like mine for around $1,400. They are also lightly used. I purchased due to me having the 'middle' townhouse in the block sharing a common lounge room wall on either side with both my neighbours. IE could not use my main speaker rig at anything above a "TV" volume without disturbing my neighbours. So headphones were the option. However, within a couple of years of purchase, first one and then the other neighbour both ended up in jobs requiring them to work weekends. Hence turning up the volume on my main system was no longer an issue. I don't think I've used the Audeze's more than an hour a month for the past 3 years since then. My listening preferences are jazz, blues, swing, and smatterings of classical and 70's/80's rock. They've never been pushed to high volumes. I'm a non-smoker and a bit of a clean freak with the whole house, and vehicle all regularly cleaned ... and that means all my HiFi kit is also kept in showroom condition. I was extremely p'd off when the LCD2 leather earpads deteriorated despite my bi-monthly schedule using the Audeze supplied leather conditioner! I use Mother's leather conditioner on both vehicle and leather lounge chairs, which show no cracks nor peeling after 18 years! Wish I'd used Mothers conditioner on the LCD2's! BTW, In order to list the LCD2's, I have replaced the leather earpads with proper Audeze ones.
  14. Item: Audeze LCD-2 Planar Magnetic Headphones Location:Brisbane Price: 900 850 800 Item Condition:As-new Reason for selling:No longer using headphones for music reproduction Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal Extra Info:I am the original owner from new. Earphones, headband, earpads, original cable, carrying case/box all in pristine condition. The original leather earpads did show signs of wear so I have just replaced with new genuine Audeze ones. Said to require headphone amps with lots of grunt, but I've happily used these with a low watt Bottlehead Crack headphone amp at no more than 11-12 o'clock volume level. Note: These are a pre-Fazor version. Will ship at your expense to anywhere in Australia. Shipping weight 2.8kg. Dimensions 34cm x 27cm x 17.5cm. Pictures:
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