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  1. Still looking for one or two Shunyata NR V-12 cables. Will also consider Shunyata Delta NR V1.
  2. Further information: For sale is a 3 m pair of Piccolo Diamond speaker cables with splitters and banana connectors. These cables are Crystal Cable’s entry level offering and physically they are surprisingly thin, though there is nothing thin or insubstantial about their sound. In my view these strike an excellent balance between neutrality and tonal color, offering transparency without the ruthless honesty some cables exhibit. RRP is approximately $2250. https://www.thecableco.com/piccolo-diamond-speaker-cable-with-splitters.html Photos:
  3. Thanks, Kym. It's a good question given the imprecise wording in the ad (I will update the description to clarify). The Piccolo comes with an external switch mode power supply, however it is possible to replace this with an audiophile grade power supply. From what I hear from other owners, this offers a worthwhile improvement.
  4. Further information: Note that this is the 1 TB SSD version with no DAC, with RRP of $3660. Excellent server which received a very favorable review from Sound + Image magazine Australia: Link to review: http://web.archive.org/web/20180319023447/https://www.avhub.com.au/product-reviews/sound-image/digibit-aria-piccolo-music-server-subbed-444802 The unit presents in excellent condition and would estimate it has seen less than 100 hours of use. I find that I simply prefer the whole experience associated with playing cds and therefore no longer have an interest in servers or cd ripping. I found the DigiBit Android app to be very intuitive and easy to use. The server comes with an external switch mode power supply. This can be replaced with a 3rd party audiophile quality power supply (such as from SBooster or similar manufacturer of quality power supplies) which further improves its performance. Features: · Easy to use – just open your tablet and start playing music · 100% silent operation · 1TB/2TB (HDD) or 1TB (SSD) internal storage · Multizone support · Fully automatic CD Ripper (insert & rip), with external DVD · Best metadata retrieval in the market with auto access to 5 databases · Bit Perfect digital audio · Support for up to 32bit/384KHz PCM/DXD music files and DSD 64/128/256 with optional DAC. 24bits-192KHz and DSD64 via SPDIF · Digital (USB) and unbalanced analog RCA outputs · Compatible with Airplay and DLNA · Wifi 802.11.ac · Supports storage expansion * through wifi connected network · Supports a broad range of music formats: WAV, FLAC, Apple Lossless (ALAC), AIFF, AAC, Ogg Vorbis, MP3 and DSD256 Additional information can be found on the manufacturer’s website: http://ariamusicserver.com/products/aria-piccolo/#1518946942963-e9dc344d-5157 Photos:
  5. Further information: For sale is a set of aluminium Nordost Pulsar Points. These are good value devices which help reduce blurring and increase clarity. Photos:
  6. Thanks for looking into this, Willco. It is interesting that the new generation V2 seems to be available on all but a few models, seemingly Venom being the exception. I wonder why that is, as it would be reasonable to expect it to be available on all models.
  7. Thanks for sharing, Willco. I did note your positive experience with these cables which mirrors what I have heard and read elsewhere. I certainly agree that the mains plug will need to be factory fitted, something which is particularly important for current Shunyata products. As for V2, I was not aware that this was available for the Venom series other than Venom HC . Rather, I was under the impression that V2 is only available from Delta and above - I'll need to look into this.
  8. Item: Shunyata Research Venom NR-V12 Power Cable Price Range: Market price Item Condition: Used Extra Info: I'm looking for the above mentioned cable with Australian ac plug. If you have one which you are considering letting go, please get in touch via PM.
  9. Polestar Precept looks simply magnificent in this photo.
  10. I would like to purchase these if still available. PM is on the way.
  11. Further information: For sale is my PS Audio Signature BHK250 power amplifier in silver. These amplifiers do not seem to be available second hand that frequently which is interesting, as I understand they have sold quite well in Australia. I choose to interpret this as BHK owners being highly satisfied with their amplifiers – that has certainly been my case. I have greatly enjoyed the sound of this amplifier. However, one of the many aspects of this hobby which I enjoy is the journey itself and so the time has come to try something different. I am the second owner, having purchased it lightly used. The original owner removed the protective plastic film that covers the top of the unit, so unfortunately there are some minor surface marks, likely caused when dusting, and what I believe is residue from the film. I’ve attempted to capture this in the attached photos, which proved quite complicated and in my view makes it looks worse than what it is. Should the marks be an issue, PS Audio recommend using an automotive scratch removal polish. The tubes, a matched pair of 6922 Gold Lion, are 3 months old. Detailed information about the amplifier can be found on PS Audio’s website here: https://www.psaudio.com/products/bhk-signature-amplifier/ I am willing to ship the amplifier, however preference will be given to a local buyer who is able to collect. Photos:
  12. I would like to purchase these if still available. PM on the way.
  13. I'll add a third advantage and that is politics. Or to be precise, the lack thereof. They are where they are not due to the achievements of a single government. Rather, incentives have gradually been put in place over a period of 30 years by different governments and broad party coalitions. It's a helpful reminder of what can be achieved if one puts political game playing aside, and instead demonstrates a willingness to come together for "the common good". This is not meant as a political post but as an example of broadly agreed upon policy. I will now step down from the soapbox.
  14. I'm not a green communist, however I do agree with you. I looked into getting the first generation electric Mini when it was introduced a decade ago. Unfortunately it wasn't widely available. As you say, the car isn't too big which is a positive., and I viewed the range as sufficient back then - in fact, it would still meet our needs today. I would say that cars like the Mini, e-Up. e-208 etc are what many people are looking forward to, particularly those living in or near larger cities.
  15. Further information: I have used this cable to feed my PS Audio P10 power regenerator. As the P10 has now been sold, the VooDoo Infinity Power cable is no longer needed. Current model with a retail price of $1 250. https://www.classaaudio.com.au/power-cable/1510-voodoo-infinity-power-powercord.html · Designed for Solid State & Tube Power Amps and Power Conditioners · High Current #8 AWG High Purity Silver-Plated Copper Conductors · High Harmonic Resolution · Balanced Dynamic Control · Articulate Soundstage Imaging · Gold-Plated PowerPhase Tellurium Copper AC Plug & IEC Connector · 100% Copper Braid Shield Coverage The VooDoo Infinity Power AC Powercord represents a new era in power cord design, with high harmonic resolution, breathtaking imaging and transparence and accurate dynamic control. The Infinity Power is especially suitable for solid state and tube power amps and power conditioners, where high line capacitance, opaque background, dead-neutral tonal balance and the ability to reproduce accurate harmonic complexity are essential for a vivid holographic soundstage and accurately controlled dynamics. The Infinity Power is a hand-built power cord with the cryogenically treated PowerPhase Gold-plated Tellurium Copper IEC Connector and AC Plug. Each of the #8 AWG high-purity silver-plated copper conductors is wound in a proprietary geometric design. Each strand within the lay of the conductors is individually insulated with velocity-matched Teflon dielectric insulation. The Infinity Power is 100% protected from invasive EMI and RFI with heavy-gauge copper braid shield. The power cord body is sheathed with double layers of abrasion resistant mesh sleeve for maximum durability and optimal flexibility. All of the wire and connectors used to build the Infinity Power are cryogenically treated in our custom cold fusion deep-immersion process at -315o Fahrenheit (-192o C) to structurally align and fuse the metallurgical molecular structure of the conductive metals for optimal sonic performance. Photos:
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