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  1. Most manufacturers offer extensive warranties and typically the battery will be replaced under that warranty. I would think there are few if any Leaf owners that paid $33k for a replacement battery. Fortunately Nissan Australia has just introduced a battery exchange program so a new 24kWh battery, with a 5 year warranty, is now $9k. That's good news for both existing and potential Leaf owners. As for the Hyundai, the current replacement cost isn't really that important for most as the the Ioniq and Kona have only recently been released and both come with a 8 year warranty. Al, if your curious about EVs then it's worth visiting Hyundai Doncaster as they have a couple of Kona demo vehicles.
  2. US test drive of RHD? Must say I'm not a fan of the aero wheel caps, though fortunately they can be removed. BTW, have you decided to get one or are you awaiting further information on the Kona?
  3. Global demand for Kona far outstrips supply, so not allowing new orders might be how the importer chooses to manage the situation, which, BTW, is not dissimilar to what is happening in some other markets. In the US, it is only available for sale in one state - California. Hyundai produced less than 12,000 Kona EVs for export in 2018, so they really need to increase those numbers.
  4. I spoke with Tesla today and they informed that local pricing for this model will be $55k.
  5. Volvo recently shared their vision for a future, fully autonomous electric vehicle. They describe the concept vehicle as a sleeping environment, mobile office, living room or entertainment space. We have a long way to go before we get there, if we get there at all. Nonetheless, it is thought provoking.
  6. I wouldn't underestimate Volkswagen's commitment to EVs. They are committed but also have no choice as new vehicle emission standards, as well as various cities banning diesel, are forcing them and other manufacturers to invest in modern, low and no emission technology. Because of this, you have Toyota and Nissan who both have announced they will discontinue sales of diesel vehicles in Europe and instead invest efforts into electrified models. There really is a massive transition to EVs about to take place, and the Volkswagen Group is a good example of that with their intention to build 16 EV production plants by 2023 and an aim to sell 3 million EVs a year by 2025.
  7. Is that the estimated price for Australia? $40k is equal to €25k, so it is basically just a currency conversion. If we can get it here for low to mid 40s, then it will obviously be very competitively priced.
  8. I believe this sums it up, though I hope that you soon can add Kia Niro to the list. The next few years should be very interesting; Volkswagen as an example recently introduced their MEB EV platform under the motto 'Electric for all'. It's expected that 10 million cars across the Volkswagen group will be based on this platform, with their first mass market affordable car to be released next year at an estimated €25 000. So with any luck, we might see Volkswagen on the list for 2020.
  9. Indeed it is, and it will be their Australian HQ.
  10. Good news for craft beer enthusiasts, as BrewDog has opened a craft beer hotel. From the press release: Independent craft brewer, BrewDog is celebrating the opening of its hotly anticipated craft beer hotel, the DogHouse. Located at the site of its US brewery in Columbus, Ohio, the DogHouse is the world’s first hotel to offer guests a night’s stay inside a brewery. Guests will be able to watch the brewers at work from rooms overlooking the state-of-the-art brewing facility. The 32-room DogHouse will feature beer taps in each room and a built-in shower beer fridge amongst many other features that make for the ultimate immersive beer utopia.
  11. It exists and is located in Malaysia. I'm sure it sounds great but it is a very busy looking room.
  12. Yes, it will be interesting to see if they sell. I personally don't think they will, at least not in the immediate future, but time will tell.
  13. BP has purchased Chargemaster, Britain's largest EV charging provider. This comes only 9 months after Shell purchased one of Europe's largest charging providers, NewMotion, so we are seeing some interesting positioning taking place, though I would say it's hardly surprising. BP buys Britain's largest EV charging company.
  14. Looking forward to the new S60 being revealed on Wednesday. All production will take place at their new factory in South Carolina.
  15. The accompanying Relentless pre-amp consists of three pieces. It's not on display but attendees have seen pictures and apparently it looks great.
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