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  1. Thanks, Marc. I'm happy to report that notifications are now coming thick and fast to my Yahoo address so there is light at the end of the tunnel.
  2. I am no longer receiving email notifications to my Yahoo address from StereoNet and StereoNet Asia. Is anyone else experiencing this issue?
  3. I agree that Federal incentives would be good. Unfortunately, a leaked discussion paper reported by ABC indicates there is no reason to get our hopes up. Well worth a read: Australia's electric car strategy only doing 'the bare minimum', expert says of leaked draft
  4. This is one of the better ones I've come across. Very, shall we say, uplifting 😃
  5. Interesting, Paul. I've just had a look at Bahnhof and the 10 Gbit/s plan (10 up/10 down) has now been made available to customers. Cost is approximately $65 per month. Very impressive, at least at first glance.
  6. Further information: For sale is a Synergistic Research 20th Anniversary Edition AC Master Coupler power cable with Australian wall plug. It is suitable for all applications, including high current components, though personally I’ve only used it with a PS Audio P10 power regenerator and BHK250 power amplifier (both now sold). I found this cable to be an excellent performer, particularly so at this price point. Item condition has been conservatively rated as ‘Good’ due to a peeling sticker, which can be seen in one of the attached photos. This sticker can of course be removed.
  7. Unfortunately there are a few ahead of you. Well priced power cables move very, very quickly. This cable has generated significant interest and is sold pending payment
  8. Further information: Well known Australian power cable which uses Furutech power plug and connector. I ordered a number of Signature power cables from Peter (Audio Principe) in various lengths, all with custom black/white outer sleeves. This cable is no longer in use and therefore available for sale. Photos:
  9. Further information: Available for sale is a pair of 1.5 meter Crystal Cable Micro Diamond XLR. Excellent cables which deliver Crystal Cable’s characteristic neutral and transparent performance. I’ve used these together with their speaker cables as well as a few other brands with great results. The cables were purchased through the forum and were offered without a box or certificate. Prior to this listing I contacted the Australian distributor, who together with Crystal Cable confirmed their authenticity. Should a potential buyer still have concerns, these can be alleviated by
  10. Further information: For sale is a 1 meter Acoustic Zen Absolute 75 Digital cable. This is Acoustic Zen’s top-of-the-line coaxial digital cable made with zero-crystal ribbon copper and is terminated with RCA locking connectors. An excellent sounding cable, however no longer needed as I’m now using I2S. Current retail price is USD498/AUD685. https://www.thecableco.com/absolute-75-digital.html Photos:
  11. I have available a 2m DFPC Signature in very good condition. It has an Australian Furutech plug, factory fitted by LessLoss. If this might be of interest, feel free to get in touch via PM.
  12. Further information: For sale is a 1 meter Audioquest Mocha HDMI cable. The Mocha is a limited edition version of the Coffee, only available through a select few online retailers and offered at a lower price point. This particular cable is the slightly more expensive Cryo treated version, which I believe was only offered by a single retailer though no longer available. The Mocha is a terrific cable and presents in excellent condition. I would estimate it has only seen 80 hours of use as I decided to upgrade shortly after its purchase. Additional information
  13. Still looking for one or two Shunyata NR V-12 cables. Will also consider Shunyata Delta NR V1.
  14. Further information: For sale is a 3 m pair of Piccolo Diamond speaker cables with splitters and banana connectors. These cables are Crystal Cable’s entry level offering and physically they are surprisingly thin, though there is nothing thin or insubstantial about their sound. In my view these strike an excellent balance between neutrality and tonal color, offering transparency without the ruthless honesty some cables exhibit. RRP is approximately $2250. https://www.thecableco.com/piccolo-diamond-speaker-cable-with-splitters.html Photos:
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