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  1. I auditioned a pair of Stella Utopia Evo with FM amplification and was mightily impressed. Any insight on how a pair of Stella will pair with Naim Statement ? Vocal sweetness is important to me.
  2. Any owners of Fenestria ? I am interested to know more. Thanks.
  3. Any idea who does TEAC reference series in Australia? Interested in their streamer.
  4. Thanks for the info. I am in town for the next few days & would like to my bits sorted hence the request for something local. 😅 WAR Audio - have not visited them for the last 30 years. Maybe it’s time
  5. Know anywhere in Perth to purchase better quality IEC plug & Australian power plug ? Thanks.
  6. Thank you all for the insights.
  7. Apologies of this newbie question. How is Melbourne Hifi ? Are they reputable to deal with ? Thanks in advance.
  8. Shout out to John for the very professional & quick service to secure the speakers. Took them home fired them up. First impression : 1) better staging 2) better bass than the ProAc D1 (but then again, the D1 looked diminutive side by side with the SCM19). Probably not a fair comparison. Will burn in when I get back to them. Not as smooth yet. Also, I had them on 26" stands. 24" is more suited.
  9. Ok a little update. I will secret over to John's place to pick up the ATC 19 passives tomorrow while the Mrs. is looking the other way. Unfortunately, I will fly away for a month early hours of Saturday. So, perhaps I will get to them in March. Anyway, another pair is waiting for delivery in my next destination. Will burn in then go head to head with a pair of M30.1. Amplification is likely to be a Naim 282 + supercap + 250.1 combo. Unfortunately, the placement may not be ideal but what to do. BTW, I am a diehard ProAc fan or sorts. The Carbon 8 has been with me for the last 4 years. While there are so many temptations out there, I am still holding on to the C8 both due to financial constraints 😓 and also the fact that the whole system is built around them 😅.
  10. Thanks guys for the quick reply. Also hello to fellow audiophiles in Perth. Had the opportunity to audition a pair of SCM19 in a semi near field setup. Mightily impressed. Bought a pair for my other place overseas. So, thinking maybe I should seek out a pair for the small space I have in Perth.
  11. As the title says - who is the dealer in Perth ?
  12. Sorry to hear. RIP Frank. Bought my first real hifi from Frank Prowse at the end of 1994 - a NAD 302 & a pair of Mirage speakers.
  13. The biggest improvement will come from a clock upgrade.
  14. That last picture looked like the KL show from couple of years back. Huge hall with only curtains as partitions.
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