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  1. Dr. Trainor is the coauthor of the study and Meghan Trainor is a pop star who had a hit named “All About that Bass” a couple of years back
  2. Co-authored by one Dr. Trainor - no relation to Meghan right ? 😆
  3. Yes, quite a gang here but I am located in East Malaysia, far away from KL. Still, a lot of interactions via whatsapp. BTW, bought my first set from Frank Prowse Hifi back in 1994/5 when the shop was at the other end of Stirling Highway. NAD 302 + Mirage book shelf from a gentleman named Ivan.
  4. Thanks guys. I am stuck in Malaysia for now. Hopefully, I can get back to Perth next year & get this started. For now, wifey & myself bouncing ideas. I, of course want a full fledged stereo room bigger than what I have in Malaysia but have to compromise the location - on the first floor. How to get a 200kg speaker up the stairs ?
  5. Well, surely but slowly, my wife and myself are about to embark on our so called retirement home. We will tear down our existing house and build another. This is likely the last house we will build / buy. Need to get the sound room right. Anyone in Perth consulting on room design / acoustic ?
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