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  1. I had HDMI connectivity issues with my NR708 in 2014, and had it repaired-happened twice infact. for some time now I had network dropouts and thought it may have been my network. But last week, it dropped out 2 to 3 times in a quick succession and then started getting some burning smell from the receiver. Saw some sparks coming out so quickly turned off the receiver. I am too scared to turn this on. Has anyone faced similar issue?
  2. My OnkyoT NR708 has been behaving strangely and has stopped recognising the video /audio from other HDMI inputs like DVD player and media player. Initially I had problems only with Sony blu ray player, but now it happens with any other devise-whether turned on or not!! So even though the movie is playing on this device, Onkyo says 'no signal' and reverts to cable/Sat even though foxtel is turned off. I was hoping to see this thread on this forum as there are heaps like mine, complaining on the onkyo support on the US site and getting instant services. apparently it is an known issue with this model, and I have a gut feeling that perhaps this will crop up soon in Australia(being 'behind' in trchnology compared to US). Does anyone have similar issue and experience? I have changed the cable, tried using front panel in case remote was wonky, reset the remote-turned off the receiver from wall and started again-no luck- apparently it is a faulty model with known recalls!!! Anyone has had experience in Australia?
  3. Hi Fi trader in Newtown! beware This place sucks...the guys have no concept of customer service. I had to return the speakers within 2 hrs of purchasing (in box-unopened), and I was told that they do not have to refund my money as they do not have to by law! Also, he gives me all this nonsense about his staff spending an hour with me and he has overheads to pay etc etc, asking me to fork out 10% restocking fees!!! Be careful when dealing with such people! :mad:
  4. I have Dune Base 3.0 and had the last 155 version which was the official version. I was connecting my seagate ext drive to it and had all my photos, movies (iso) and music on the ext HD-playing well However, I could not get anythiong else working (torrent/Internet radio etc, so went to the latest firmware upgrade Now my ext HD has different folders like inetradio_config, IPTV config, lost+found, qtbrowser and a swap file. There is no way I can get back to my folders and am worried that I may not be aboe to recover them. My PCs (win7) now asks me to format the ext HD. I tried downloading ext2 on one of the laptops (XP) hoping to open my media folders, and that too shows me only the folders mentioned above only 14G used although I hadabout 600G used in the HD Is there anyway I can get my media files back? Can I change the codepage in EXT2 volume manager? Partition type= HPFS/NTFS Please help -am hoping someone has an answwer to recover my media files It says utf8 codepage
  5. I am looking n number of forums for some answers 1. How does one get a laptop to see the HDD on Dune 3 base-am using ext2 but can't get it working 2. Zapptti and yaDIS are some sort of indexing interfaces for a nice layout of movies-is that correct? However, once I download it how do I install it to Dune?? Am just lost Someone please help me get these answers sorted?
  6. I have been looking for a proper media player which would allow me to see channels on TPG. Atlast something is available Just to check- Does the media player have to be connected to network with an ethernet or can wireless work? I have the TV downstairs, and the modem is upstairs. Will I be able to connect using a long ethernet thro the wall?? Or will I beable to connect thro wireless connections? SD
  7. I Have a Mediagate 800HD now-but I am baffled as to how I am supposed to copy the media files across from my laptop Do I have to create my own folders on it ? I have the 1TB seagate hd in it Also can I connect it directly to my laptop without the router and be able to transfer my files without going through the router? The user manual says so but I am not sure if I have understood it correctly The plug which connects to the mediagate wire (the power supply for Aus) is also loose fitted...has anyone else had such problems? Please help SD
  8. I certainly will be watching them on 42"+ LCD TV So what you are saying is using the standard video audio folder is the way to go? What about ISO-If I kept that it will play OK? Right? That way I just have to back up as an ISO image and then drag and drop it to the hard disk What about MKV files? Are they smaller/better quality? Don't want to spend time recoding etc....too many DVDs to do that SD
  9. I am a newcomer and whilst this discussion is on converting video files to DVD, I want to find about the reverse action I would like to store my DVDs on a Hard disk with the best format and least space occupying-I know the concept of AUDIO_TS and VIDEO_TS folders etc. But is it better to backit up in ISO format (DVD shrink allows that)or is there something better format? Also advice me the program to be used to create this format I have added the same question in another thread in the hope I shall get an answer to this
  10. I have been doing some research and if you can dish out 412 AUD, you can get Mediagte 800HD-capable of wireless n which is meant for audio video streaming One of the guys in whirlpool has been using and found it very useful What I want to know is what video format is best to record in to utilise min space and keep best DVD quality? What program can convert a DVD into such files?
  11. OK this may not be the right place to ask this question but I can't think of closest discussion to ask this question If I wanted to copy my own DVDs into a mediaplayer to keep them all in one place-what format is the best to record in and what program to use? Aim is to use min space and keep best quality audio video -what is MKV format can old DVDs be converted to mkv? I have DVD shrink and IMGBRN and Roxio
  12. thx for your answer-have made up my mind now Mediagate it is. BTW that price is in USD so it will come to close to 390 AUD anyway Megaware has it @412+151=536 which seems to be the cheapest I have seen till now-unless anyone has seen a better price Regards SD
  13. Ok I have read a lot about Divco 6500A on this thread and I was almost on the verge of buying Mediagate 800HD (which is a media player with no TV tuner) Has anyone considered Mediagate 800HD and then decided to buy 6500A recorder with TV tuner? Or the other way around? I cannot make up my mind between the two Mediagate 800HD with 1TB HD costs 580 and it is Wireless n capable It is DLNA compliant Video Output: HDMI (480p, 576p, 720p50, 720p60, 1080i50, 1080i60, 1080p60), Composite (CVBS) wireless n capable, DLNA compliant and plays all sort of formats Audio Output: HDMI, Stereo (CVBS), S/PFIF (Coaxial/Optical) Video Format: .avi, .wmv, .mpg, .iso, .vob, .ifo, mp4, .asf, .tp, .ts, .m2ts, .mov (H.264), .mkv; Video Decode: MPEG 1/2/4 SD/HD, AVI, H.264 HD, WMV 9, VCI, DivX/Xvid Audio Format: Audio Decode: MP3, WMA, AAC, MPEG 1 Layer 2, PCM, WMA Pro Photo formats : JPEG, BMP, PNG, GIF Other formats: ISO, IFO Subtitle formats : SRT, SMI, SUB, SSA Any features in 6500 which falls short of these? Has anyone added the HD and used it with 1TB (which brand and which model?) Need advice and guidance Sadhana
  14. Note, wireless streaming of TV is still pretty hit and miss and wireless N is still pretty rare and expensive. you're better of getting a TV sender from Dick Smith that will cost something like $100. What I was hoping was to use a TV tuner on one of the recorder and use the same thing as a player to hold all my music and backed up moviesI. came across DViCO TViX M-6500A Multimedia Player with DUAL HD TV Tuner which is a combination of the two-do you know much about this? Have seen on this: http://www.exatek.com.au/osc/product_info....products_id=131 If you say keep foxtelIQ then I am better off keeping mediagate 800HD which is not only wireless n capable but also DLNA compliant (it costs 412 without HDD)
  15. I am reading this thread hoping to find out if I should buy a media player w 1TB disk space(Something like Mediagate 800HD for $600) or should I go for a Recorder which can also allow me to record TV shows etc and I can do without foxtel IQ. I am new to this forum and am really lost here My requirements 1. Keep all media in one place-photos, music and movies (some downloaded and a number of DVDs that I want to back up and keep in one place-apx 100+) 2.Get rid of FoxtelIQ so I can use my own recorder to record good programs/movies etc off Foxtel or TVs 3. Ensure it has a wireless capability to be able to stream it to other rooms (haven't bought anything yet for that)-think wireless N is the best for audio-video streaming 4. Is DLNA compliant so that it will be able to communicate with other standard products easily 5. Have enough storage capacity to manage the stored content Please help me decide
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