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  1. Further information: Hi All, Selling my much loved M2Tech Hiface 2, I'm the first and only owner and this unit has performed flawlessly over the past years. Unfortunately, it doesn't want to play with my new 2020 Mac mini (so I don't recommend you buy it if you have a 2018 onwards mini). I have contacted M2Tech and although Marco believes the unit should be fine 'as is' he said I could send it back to Italy for a firmware update. Instead, I decided to buy another converter which is working well in my system, so I thought I'd list it here in case someone would like to try one of these units on
  2. Thanks for the conversation all - just to close out, I ended up buying a Shiit Eitr from the classified here, I think I'll stick with the Rega a bit longer. I'm guessing the Schiit will at least match the Hiface-2 in the performance stakes, which will suffice for the time being. But it's great to know things have moved along regarding usb implementations - when the time comes it'll be nice to ditch one box and just have the straight DAC. Cheers, Dan.
  3. It's a mac mini and yep - USB output. What you say may be true, but perfection is an impossible task that's never achieved in anything......for a sustained period. I'm happy with what I hear, as long as there is some cleaning of the signal (i.e. external converter, upgraded 'modern' DAC that can perform the same feat). On my old mini I tried the optical output, and it was worse than an unfiltered usb line. And there's no way I would ever go back to using CD's or any other delivery medium.
  4. Hi Daniel, What would you recommend for 1K that would fit the bill (I'm happy with personal preferences and fully understand the subjective nature of this business). I see there is a bit of a following for GIESELER equipment....looks pretty decent @ $1200. Thanks mate, Dan.
  5. Hmmmm.......from the last comments, perhaps a new converter is still necessary, and the 'safest' option......Thanks for the update guys.
  6. I would tend to agree with Musicbee, IME I've noticed changes in my system with any component swap-outs, at times subtle changes, but they're there. Obviously, changing the DAC will produce a more profound change, and as you rightly state Con, no guarantees that I'll like the 'new' sound. It would seem that if I decided to try a new DAC, it most likely won't require external assistance with 'noise' reduction / reclocking. I'll dwell on this some more over the coming days. Thanks again - I appreciate your words folks.
  7. Hi Con, Thanks for the responses. I 'get' that messing with the DAC will change the sound, but no doubt so will a new Usb/SPDIF converter. I'm lucky that I run a tube set up, so I can flavour to taste with some rolling - like with the rega, it's a bit warm so my tube selection is more clinical (well, as clinical as tubes get). This tends to balance the sound out a bit. I think I'm pretty lucky, there are few sound signatures that I don't like - I just find them different is all. Maybe the issues I'm having are a sign it's time for a change (well, I won't be
  8. G'day Folks, After posting a WTB advert over in the classified section for a new USB/SPDIF converter - and getting zero bites, got me to thinking (yes, my wife was amazed that this is actually possible). How far improved from 2011-2013 are DAC's these days in regards to jitter / re-clocking etc? At the time that I purchased my set up, most Usb implementation on DACs were rubbish, and the mighty Rega is not immune to this statement. To purchase a new USB/SPDIF converter looks like it'll run me ~$600 for something decent, something like a WFS Ulink. Alternativ
  9. Item: USB/SPDIF converter - I'm keen to see whats out there ATM Price Range: $0 to $500 Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: Hi All, It's been a long time since my last post - I've enjoyed many happy years from my system.....until my 2011 Mac mini pooped its motherboard a few weeks ago. So I get a new 2020 mini......now my M2Tech won't work. I've contacted M2Tech who have been good - but I'll need to send the Hiface 2 back to Italy to fix the problem (firmware) and I'd rather put that money into a replacement. I'm looking for a decent USB/SPDIF converter, I'm not keen to replace
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