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  1. If your an iTunes user, you can also do this with an AppleTV, Airport express etc, or an Airplay cabable receiver/speakers.
  2. The HT Guys did a review on it the other week, and noted the same darkness issues. They also said it was difficult to make out detail in some of the scenes. It is supposed be be a dark film, but I agree that as it is, it makes viewing difficult.
  3. Not sure about that (didn't think to look). Possibly contact Convoy International and ask first.
  4. Harman Kardon have a unit called the HK 3490 which is $999 RRP, street price should be less. They are greta units (I have one and it is awesome). Otherwise, I'd say your looking at brands like NAD, Rotel etc as most of the 'others' don't seem to have digital ports. Enjoy. BTW, try this link. It was $780. http://www.digitalcentre.com.au/c/14188/1/...-receivers.html
  5. Just me, but, I refuse to pay for Foxtel until I can select what channels I want (I don't mind if they say I have to have 5 - 8 minimum), but I refuse to pay for channels I will never watch.
  6. What worries me (as a TiVo owner and fan) is that Robbie has left Hybrid and gone back to the USA, and there seems to be nothing coming out of Hybrid to say all is going smooth. If they abandoned it, we are all in the sh*t, as it relies on them for the EPG. I agree it is the best DVR. Just can't understand why they don't promote it more.
  7. Same. I had a topfield, had lots of issues with it. Flicked it, got a Tivo and now have 2x TiVO's. They work really well, and now they are a lot cheaper.
  8. I have 2 generations of Accusound speakers. The first is the Delta's which are awesome (they are about 10 years old - got me through my teenage very loud rock music stage, and still go hammer and tongs in the home theatre). They were so good, I got a set of the XD's from Ebay. Full warranty, $699, and they too are excellent, though you can tell the difference. The guys on the ebay store are fine to deal with, and their is a warranty with Accusound for 5 years. I called them to confirm, they said it was a 'factory outlet' store.
  9. I have been very happy with my Accusound Speakers. The Deltas (10 years old) were made in Australia, but the XD's were designed here and manufactured overseas. They are really good, nice punchy bass, with no loss of detail in upper, and the price was awesome. $699 for 5.1 set.
  10. For the record, I like my Accusound Deltas (about 10 years old). I recently got a set of Accusound XD's and they too are great, and I couldn't beat the price of $699 for the full set, including sub.
  11. No! Got to the Hunter Valley for wine, but you'll have to import your speakers from elsewhere. We don't make them here :-)
  12. Ahh. Didn't read the end of your posting to see it has been returned.
  13. Hi. I have an AVR360 and found the same as you. Music disappointing, but movies were kick ass. It took me a while to tweek to unit to what sounded fine. Make sure you download the advanced manual (if there is one for your model) from the HK site and check out what it says. The thing is so configurable I got well lost at first (Interface could be clearer too). If no good, call Convoy (the distributors). They have always been helpful to me.
  14. If they do go the 24-bit route (which I hope they do), they will still need to offer the current files, as people will whinge about file sizes, space it takes up etc. Also the compressed version would be better on an iPod, especially if your listening with those God awful standard ear-phones.
  15. Hello. Apologies if this is the incorrect area to post such a question. I am after a working (or non working apart from the drives) Harman Kardon CDR2 unit, to use for parts to fix my unit, which has a failed CD-R drive. If anyone has one collecting dust, or knows of one, please let me know. I will pay a fair price and shipping. Regards.
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