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  1. I am using the MusicCast app on my iPhone to stream Tidal to a WXAD-10 and this works fine. Are you saying that the receiver doesn't support Tidal streaming from the MusicCast app?
  2. I am a CAD designer too, and I have switched to apple airpods, mainly for the convenience of being able to pause music if someone wants to talk to me (by taking one out) and the other 'tap' controls. The comfiest headphones I ever had for all day use were Sennheiser PX100s. I am not sure if they are still available or not. The Grados arent even comfortable for 10 minutes, s I don't think they would be suitable. The others will be fairly heavy for extended use.
  3. All I will say is that I expected this movie to be dark, but oh boy...
  4. I will be getting one on launch with whatever driving sim will be released with it. @rmpfyf I am currently playing project cars 2 as IMO it has the most realistic physics and online gaming. GT Sport is also very good and graphics on that are stunning. The only title coming close on xbox is Forza I believe, but last time I played that, it was too arcadey for me. If you are interested in getting your kids in to clean, fun racing (instead of the demolition derbys you get in random online rooms), checkout raceonoz.com.
  5. I always had Onkyo up until they dropped Audyssey room correction. Their after sales service was very good. I had no problems having both a HDMI board and also a display board replaced out of warranty period.
  6. Welcome Mish. I would definitely be interested in a meet in Adelaide if you are organising one. I also have the 4XX, as well as HD650s and THX-00s, along with a few mid-fi amps.
  7. I installed 4 x Polk RC80i with XTC baffles in my Home Theatre, and have been extremely happy with the results. My other speakers are all Polk RTiA series though which are a good timbre match. What are your existing 7.2 speakers?
  8. Check out the Pagnian Imports website. https://www.pagnianimports.com.au/
  9. As funny as this is, the Stinger GT is actually a nice car to be in when in this situation
  10. I think the M140i is more of a hot hatch, better compared to the Audi S3 or Golf R.
  11. Absolutely. It was a very tough choice for me between a Mustang and a Stinger. It was only the safety rating and four doors that tipped it in the Stinger's favour for me.
  12. You may want to look at the specs again...
  13. Advertised in the paper and on TV every day here in Adelaide.
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