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  1. I am talking about before the filter, to protect it. I needed one for mine.
  2. You may need a restricter then if the system doesn't have one integral
  3. I have a similar system, as well as a whole house system, and water flow is hardly restricted at all.
  4. Yeah, photos really dont do it justice.
  5. Use the cameras!
  6. It's actually very good with good quality source material via USB. Digital radio and bluetooth is a bit meh IMO.
  7. My results using Bowden's Own After Glow
  8. https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Car-Wash-Filters-Calcium-Lime-Spots-Hard-Water-DI-Deionising-Resin-Filter/113003160570?hash=item1a4f8363fa&enc=AQADAAADAFjVrDbVsZ8oH%2F8PNHtt9VX4%2Fw7FZcmMuqsX8uaFEduVKBxYG9NFLDsBZI6a7ybeyPFu7lRnSoH7iGJiz9wn8fKqifa%2ByQH3f%2B3vF3Bwy0jI%2FLqDbGJgIWlcuZUEklaQ2Ms8CEqNd%2BNLLdYTgCH%2F82q%2FECcLEhViX8O5VkmLI2PpuxZd0XJ1T3TC6fvU8f5LvGOo3nG1Xt5jTA0LEzERzpXPwk77C%2FT1dkLh8dRCpADJyHoeiXHPEpYbooC%2BvK%2BQlPa%2FuUvAZnEa0ra40l3Cv4hNcmvw8A1996RbI4VDa1%2Fmz6mD1JZfXLkGY9mu1AKdTn799tRnaxvhHgxQoraxGe7hrWHso1i9lxkLylDCDz77fUOoN%2BzBnoTyyKW98ZB5thvFX30DdLXSBr3LKqP5yQoi%2BRBdd5838oamLjpqZFGRaHirGGAJB%2BLhFGch%2FGFwQHmO4%2F5tSlqqVQaduLXvcca1zhTU7I5P1JiBL4PDpnWgt%2BVVW%2FwflDn2YJ%2FmVD5LefvsBnkm%2FuyjtVgJW3dS7Jay99DpzpfClvitScg8WPTMc%2BOXEWY1wF8lg2185%2FuSn7sGqliQ6NBLsnu7%2BOgigv8R3EWTpb0GIK61iQLwExe8pvc%2F5KtnOWqtnd1dURptO%2FTN9QFooBmX2IErX3KmYMXlgjDnsZi1gJUVn4TVATMgFeT0PMeomkc%2BmLFiUt%2FMjbaMOaIfzs0gB8Y5DvpzgdQjmWrM9k7nEDW%2BNEst%2FYRiUQNjx8UiSwLjQJ6Nhb4oMpeQGPc4zFftl0wN%2FjbIx2H%2F1Y3bpoqNZiAnHMAiNjpKXd3pwTySBgXGg3X80qM9N5%2Ba6Ommd%2BmcK4sEjFGK%2F6krYKoOPcGGJRftJ5G3SQWrzSVhGAOhJq6fSSwndlBALp%2BKX5DQi5RCe9jp7%2FNKWZnxWu1%2FHzPFvq5jQO2o1IwbZJ1Rcz8Pxyac3yGdzyw7t7JRAX8B3W2LF61pIj8GjbgXF46iGFPlGwTCLcn6vf%2BaO84DUMpBoQswKeG9FCgcMg%3D%3D&checksum=1130031605703e37c95341be4e91b170542a01ad2211
  9. I wish I still had the time. Keep it up mate!
  10. I use a car-washing filtration system, but the afterglow leaves a nice shine, and helps protect the paint between washes.
  11. @Sime V2Good luck with it. I hope you can keep it up. Unfortunately time became my enemy after a while, but I have had good results using a 3 bucket wash, then finishing with Bowden's Own After Glow and a big softie cloth.
  12. @Sime V2 Are you going full non-contact with your washing?
  13. Tested launch control yet?
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