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  1. I have a Benq W2700 and had similar issues until I changed my HDMI cable to a 18GBPS fibre optic one. The difference was night and day.
  2. I am using the Bose SA-5 amp on our patio (under main roof) and love it. It has the added advantage of airplay functionality, and the 2 sets of speaker outputs allow me to connect to 2 x full range in-ceiling speakers and 1 x Cambridge Audio in-ceiling subwoofer (great for a bit of extra bass at parties).
  3. Bose Soundtouch and Sonos are a couple of systems that come to mind.
  4. Not coming here unfortunately
  5. This is something that Ring has implemented really well in to their last couple of updates. The person detection works really well, and I no longer get notifications from street traffic (street is only about 5m from doorbell)
  6. 2001 remaster is the version they have on Tidal Master. I only listened to it again a couple of days ago, and it sounded sweet They also have the 2004 remaster, but this only in Hi-Fi quality so can't compare.
  7. https://www.insider.com/cancelled-cruise-for-couple-is-recreated-with-an-ocean-video-2020-3
  8. Get back under the bridge.
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