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  1. Many thanks ! I have a couple of things to do to get it running 100% but its a great ' bedroom system ' ...
  2. D70 Mk1 , needs a little bit of tlc , gave it a massive dose of Deoxit , a few minor things to address ....
  3. I had a pair of those back in the late 1980's , fantastic speakers . I loved the monthly ritual of oiling those cabinets with teak oil , I was convinced to trade them in on a used pair of RS1a's , which in someways was a retrograde step and added too much complexity . Wish I still had them ....
  4. Item: Audio Research Corp Classic 30 or D70 Mk2 Price Range: $1250 to $1750 Item Condition: Used Extra Info: Silver faceplate . I'm after an ARC Classic 30 to match with my recently acquired SP8 , recreating my 1st tube system I had in the 1980's , may also consider a D70 , beggars can't be choosers -:) . Silver faceplate . Thanks .
  5. Truly sad news , I actually met Josef in his ' pre Bankstown ' days when he used to buy and sell from the Trading Post and had a delivery van as his mobile office , In fact i actually managed to sell him something before he sold me something . I have been a customer ever since , he had a knack of coming up with an irresistible deal that you couldn't refuse and for an item about 3 rungs up the ladder from what your budget allowed . I think from memory he was the 1st to sell VTL in Australia . I remember those trips to the Chinese Restaurant on Thursday evenings after the Bankstown shop had clos
  6. I know an excellent technician who is a walking encyclopedia on vintage equipment , he is at Bonogin on the G C . He has restored several vintage Pioneer and Marantz items for me . P.M. me if anyone would like his details .
  7. Thanks everyone for your feedback ! The Unit has gone to a new owner in Victoria !
  8. Further information: For sale I have a pair of MCRU ( Mains Cables Are US ) 2.5 metre mains cables . MCRU is a large UK based manufacturer and distributor of Audiophile cables & accessories and their products provide great bang for buck . Here is their link to the 2 cables I have for sale , plus photos of my actual items . https://www.mcru.co.uk/product/mcru-aus-mains-power-lead/ https://www.mcru.co.uk/product/mcru-no-91-aus-power-cord/ I have just purchsed an Isotek power board so my cables now only need to be 0.7
  9. Thanks everybody for your responses , I have a buyer lined up for when I am ready to sell in a couple of weeks , thanks again !
  10. Many thanks ! I think I will list mine around that price also !
  11. There is a guy in Japan asking Aud$9k on Ebay , LOL .
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