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  1. Maybe I was just lucky with the balanced interconnects but always got better results with the balanced connections. Thanks for sharing views everyone. I added a Mcintosh -Ma7200 to the list and now. Based on all the internet reviews I found Hegel seems to be the winner. Hoping to get the dealer allow me to borrow one so I can check with my speakers at home before biting the bullet. the recent Vitus sold here was tempting as well
  2. Naim’s sound signature is nice but I don’t understand why they don’t provide balanced connections. In my list now, Michi and Macintosh Ma352. So far only listened to Hegel which impressed me but can’t help wonder especially what Krell would sound like.
  3. Anyone who owns or listened to Krell’s new s300 integrated? Unfortunately none found for audition in Melbourne. Trying to make a decision between. Hegel H390 and Krell here to match with Sonus Faber floorstanders. Appreciate all the response.
  4. I am confused with advise given by different people on what cartridge I can try to replace Elys2 on a P3. Some believe an MC cartridge with low output would not work well with my tone arm/ tt cause it is not as sophisticated to calm resonances. I was thinking of getting Dynavector 20x2 low output to match my Dynavector p75 mk3 phono amp. Anyone used a good cartridge on a budget arm before?
  5. Have the same unit and still enjoying it after ten years. Very good value for money. For a while I thought this was a dull amplifier. I was shocked when I upgraded my speakers to SF’s and how warm the sound has become.
  6. I got the same response from my partner but then he doesn’t like even sonus faber aesthetics. Some people are born allergic to good sounding things. GLWTS
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