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  1. Up for sale is a pair of Monitor Audio Bronze BR2 speakers. These were my primary speaker before upgrading to a set of PMC floorstanders and bang for your buck, I’m not sure these can be beaten. Only selling due to upgrade to PMC and ATC speakers at significantly higher cost. https://www.whathifi.com/au/monitor-audio/bronze-2/review Would prefer local sale as I don’t have the boxes. Further information: Photos: PLEASE READ If you include any reference to pricing whatsoever in this section (excluding RRP),
  2. Up for sale is an amazing Marantz CD6006 CD Player. This was the primary source in my Hi Fi system which consisted of Dual KT120 monoblocks, Prima Luna valve Preamp and PMC floor standing speakers. It sat in the system like a glove and sounded amazing. Only selling as I’ve gone full streaming (Tidal and local FLAC) and don’t need this anymore. Haven’t got the box so would prefer local sale. Cost me $1,250 only a few years back. Further information: Photos: PLEASE READ If you include any reference to pricin
  3. I’ll take this if the sale falls through and can collect tomorrow (in Box Hill South)
  4. Possibly already mentioned, but A Perfect Circle’s Eat the Elephant (2018) is an MQA masterpiece in production and arrangement. Very highly recommended.
  5. Thanks mate! Yes, I am looking forward to Quoboz, hopefully they have enough content to compete with Tidal. Being able to stream a full Hi Res / FLAC file must be better than a folding/unfolding process. My test of the FLAC files I have does reveal that they have better detail etc than the MQA files. And yes, this is how I have it setup, with the RCAs of both the Node and the rDAC going to my Prima Luna Preamp, so I can quickly toggle between the DACs and use the MQA filters / conversion if I choose to.
  6. Correct - this was where I was getting my information and why I concluded that the Node was outputting a 24/96 “unfolded” file to the rDAC. It’s kinda comforting knowing that you’re not a the mercy of the whole “MQA enabled” thing. If I see a nice DAC that I think might be a step up in terms of sound quality to the rDAC and it has a good reputable up scaling feature (e.g. Chord, Audio Research), I won’t have any hesitation in trying one out. But for the time being, the Node streamer with the rDAC doing the conversion duties is sounding absolutely killer in my A system.
  7. Ahh right! Yeah I thought it was just the WiFi chipset and layout that changed from 2 to 2i
  8. To clarify, my above comparison had nothing to do with the 2 vs 2i DAC, I have extended the conversion to include 2i DAC vs external DAC
  9. Bit of an update to this topic..... So I ended up buying another Node 2i! With the $100 cash back offer, I couldn't refuse. Such a cool product with a great user interface. But what was more interesting was my studio (reference) system AB test of the Node DAC vs my Arcam rDAC I did earlier this week. The Arcam sounded just a little better. It's not to say the Node DAC didn't sound great, it does and without a true AB test, you would be very happy. But with both the Digital Coax connected to the rDAC and the RCAs of both connected to my Prima Luna preamp, I c
  10. Thanks guys Definitely will research Qobuz. My temptation is to just get another 2i but then my rDAC might become redundant. I might try my FLAC files first, ABing the 2i DAC to the Arcam DAC and check out the results. I’m pretty impressed with the 2i thus far, but haven’t had a chance to test in my A system which is where all the detail etc will be revealed. So far though Tool’s Fear Innoculum via 24/96 FLAC on the B system is pretty bloody good! To be continued.....
  11. I am considering purchasing an original Node 2 (not the 2i) for my A system. Currently have the 2i in my B system and love it. I would pair it with an outboard DAC connected via Coaxial and connected via LAN. I have read that the improvements of the 2i over the 2 are a better WiFi chipset (less noise?) and better DAC. If I am not using either for my setup and the Node is purely a streamer and Tidal MQA “unpacker”, would it be academic whether I get the 2i or 2? Hoping to save some $ in the process here. BTW - I am using an Arcam rDAC with a DIY e
  12. Issue resolved! User error 🙄 The preamp out section is a little confusing, as the bottom label suggests the whole block was for the preamp outs and with my bad eye sight and dark area, I had inadvertently connected to the 7.1 ins for the Front LR. Now I’ve moved it across and voila, it works. With my new Node 2i, the result is amazing! The external power amp is SO much better, very happy. And the HT setup sounds much bigger. Thanks for your help.
  13. Thanks for the reply. I am now approaching this differently. I am using my main speakers in my original 5.1 (now 7.1) setup (the front LR ceiling speakers) as Height / Wide speakers. It’s really amazing the difference from a HT perspective, the Monitor Audios as the primary LR speakers. But I still have the same issue. For whatever reason, the Denon will not allow the power amp to connect to the preamp outputs for the Main Front LR speakers. I have tried the Custom Amp Assign function, effectively turning off the amp just for the Main Fronts, but still no luck.
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