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  1. My twopence worth. I also prefer manual, but I also can see that for some, a level of auto can be a good thing. I can recommend this guy who has a PL-514 https://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/plenty/other-audio/warm-analogue-sound-pioneer-pl-514x-turntable-serviced-/1233597700 You could also check out this youtube vid, which compares a new entry-ish TT with an older Pioneer, as it suits your situation.
  2. No problem Ghost - my assistance will probably be limited, but there are others here with vaults of knowledge that can help. Love the turntable but don't know the arm unfortunately. My suggestion would be to start a new topic with a heading such as "Does Anyone Recognise this Tonearm" including your photos and I reckon you'll have your answer in no time. Wimbo may be right about the top of the line 30 being different to the 20 - I don't know. I do know that when my 20 wore out about 10 years ago, I replaced it with a D15-XE Mkii and I must say, I was quite impressed. I am still using it. If you are committed to keeping to the VMS range, I would check out www:thakker.eu and search VMS - there are quite a few items available across the ranges, some are compatible styluses made by others. Locally, there are a few retailers that keep the 3e and 15 styluses, such as Klapp AV, Audio Tailor, etc - Melbourne Hifi have the 3e on sale at the moment for $59. If you want to know more about the VMS range, I would check out https://www.ortofon.com/vms-cartridges-p-614 as there is a bit of information there. Good luck with it all and enjoy the journey.
  3. Hi. Which Systemdek is it and can you post a pic of the tonearm? The 3e was the bottom of the vms range, but still an ok stylus. Check Thakker for what else might be available, as I think the 3 and 5 (and possibly the 10) had the same cartridge. Going back a while now so my memory is being tested. I recently took out a vms-3e and put it on a pl-516 and it sounded quite respectable. Then i compared it side by side to an at-95 and it lost out. Admittedly the 95 was on a systemdek ii, so there may be other factors at play. Still, you may be better off with one of the accepted low budget champs for similar outlay. Elliptical stylii can still be enjoyable, so shouldnt necessarily be automatically written off.
  4. What, no "Sideways" - that is a crime. I love that movie! "Drive" should be there too.
  5. For anyone near Dee Why who likes Cambridge Audio and/or Castle speakers: https://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/dee-why/stereo-systems/hi-fi-system/1230381863 Gee why couldn't it be me - love those Castles! Absolute bargain IMO!
  6. Hi Norman. One is a Luxman Pd272 and the other is a Systemdek IIX. So both are about 470mm wide by 350-360mm depth. I am considering polishing the existing ones, which are in pretty bad nick.
  7. Hi there. I couldn't find a previous post regarding this in general terms, so hope I am not repeating old ground. I recently went to get new perspex dust covers made and was informed by a local plastics fabricator that gluing together pieces of acrylic is the only way these can be made up (at least in an affordable way). I was shown an example and I commented that the glued joints were visually very obvious. In the end and despite my disappointment, we agreed that the top front and back edges would be rolled and the sides glued in, all using 3mm thick panels to reduce the obviousness of the joints. To make matters worse, the side panels would have to be on the outside - not underneath the top panel. All of this was a compromise but I was willing to give it a try. I asked about accuracy of construction and was reassured that these would be millimetre perfect - i.e. exactly as per the dimensions I gave them. I collected these yesterday, took them home and placed them loosely on the turntables to check the fit. What a disaster! Dimensions all wrong, bowed bottom edges, dipped top edges, hardly two parallel surfaces on the covers. I am not even going to bother going back as they obviously don't know or care how to do what we agreed upon. So my question is simply this - can anyone please offer advice about what options are available for getting these made up to a nice standard? I am guessing the use of thicker panels will help with the bowed bottom edges for example. Is glued acrylic the only option? I have looked on German ebay for pre-made items, but these are about $300 delivered to Aus which is too much for me, especially without knowing what you are getting. Any advice will be greatly appreciated. Cheers.
  8. Very close. My wife who is Italian once asked me what I'd call my band if I had one and I jokingly said The Fun Ghouls. It is an ongoing joke.
  9. Item: Musical Fidelity M6i Integrated Amplifier - Silver finish Location: Hobart Price: $1950 plus any Paypal or shipping fees Item Condition: Mint! Reason for selling: Change in circumstances. Payment Method: Cash, EFT, Paypal Extra Info: Regretful sale of this amp. I have had it since new for 5 years. I look after all of my stuff and this is in mint condition. Comes with all the original packing, etc and will be well re-packed for shipping if needed. Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  10. Item: Primare R32 Phono Stage - Silver finish Location: Hobart Price: $800 plus any fees for shipping, Paypal, etc. Item Condition: Mint! Not a mark on it. All original packing available. Reason for selling: Change in circumstances. Payment Method: Cash, EFT, Paypal Extra Info: Very reluctant sale due to needing to downsize. Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  11. For those keen on picking up one of these, Videopro have these on ebay for $1495 less 15%, so $1270. Bargain!
  12. No phono stage on this one. I think the M6Si that came after does though.
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