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  1. Hi. I'll take this please, if still available. If you can give me your bank details, I'll transfer the $. Thanks.
  2. Yeah there's probably some good advice in there. They used to be a good mag many years ago imo, but now just seem way too commercial - ie seem to support their advertisers way too much. I reckon a better mag/website out of the UK is Hifi News. Just my tuppence worth.
  3. Looks like it has sold. Just a red one for $785 now, then some new ones for more.
  4. No I don't, but i was tempted to buy one for myself. There are some good reviews on the web that are worth reading (ignore What Hifi, as people should). From my perspective, the fact that they don't come up for sale as pre-owned TTs must stand for something. Ideally, gear should be auditioned, but as many of us know, other factors come into play.
  5. Or Hifi Clearance have an unused TD206 on ebay for $745 with cartridge and free shipping. Worth a look.
  6. If you like vintage, Thorens, manual, there is a well looked after Td316 on ebay going for a bit more than I think it is worth - worth having a look and making an offer imo. I have had mine since 1989 and of the many TTs I own, it is one of the few I will never part with. Getting it to Qld would be a hurdle.
  7. Thanks for the suggestion klackto. I had a look but these will be out of my price range - quite hard to find pre-owned too I imagine. Will keep an eye out though. Cheers.
  8. Thanks Cameron. I can see now that the Rega is the way to go. Hadn't even considered a power supply upgrade but will look into that down the way. Cheers.
  9. So true. This is a crazy-good price for some highly regarded speakers. Someone snap these up for heaven's sake!
  10. Yes, fair question. I'm looking at purchasing an Acos Lustre for sale on Stereonet, but understand that it is possibly too heavy, so was looking for advice from IIX owners.
  11. I just checked out the brochure - no mention of weight but I am guessing it is not a heavy tonearm from what I can see. Very nice - and out of my price range. Thanks though.
  12. Hi audiofeline. Do you happen to know the model of the arm?
  13. Thanks vwo69. I understand that is a good pairing. Would you consider that arm a heavier one?
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