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  1. thanks for the tag. I log in a couple of times a month. Opps. Hope it was a great show !
  2. Hi, thanks for sharing those memories. It just brought some flash backs for me. Underground, Ice Box, and even earlier than that Sugar Reef. Which Doofs have you been too ? I only get to Rainbow Serpent Festival in Victoria these day. Best outdoor sound systems imo
  3. same here. I got caught in the hype for a bit. Then I had a listen on the big system, although I did enjoy it, I found some tracks were so similar to previous work it took the shine off a little. I quite enjoyed the last few tracks which is softer / mellow. Good album but not at the same level of enthusiasm for me.
  4. First photo album from the festival. First Nations cultural sharing, link to a few photos https://orlandosydney.com/2018/celebrating-first-nations-on-dja-dja-wurrung-country-at-rsf-2018/ Opening Ceremony Main Stage. Huge crowd
  5. great beats, especially for a Sunday afternoon
  6. they're pretty good clips, what was it recorded on? I'm only starting to record video on a new phone and am pretty happy with that This year same, great lighting and effects, heck of a lot of production set up for just one day
  7. good to see djs using flacs, I occasionally walked passed the chill stage and mostly good clean clear sound, maybe that was you
  8. Next year ATM...? never too old as @jim13 said. Year before last I took my 20 year daughter along. I'll post a link here when I get some photos online
  9. sorry I missed this thread earlier otherwise I would have made sure to come to see your gig
  10. This was my third year shooting for RSF so I'm probably a little biased in my comments so I won't too much. Culture, colour, music and art is what I notice the most and loved it all as usual. Our country is so dynamic / huge contrasts in weather. The sound systems were all really clear this year, (except in the pit as you'd expect) I noticed it was better tuned than in previous years. More than once I was walking away from a stage and turned around to soak up the big outdoor clear sound. I get in amounts the crowd dancing for close up crowd shots and could chat to them fairly easily (considering where I was) Next year we should have an SNA catch up there
  11. That admission is a good first step and my guess in him making such public comments is they've already started to address that internally. If they could incorporate some of the Mirrorless camera functionality and some of the ease of use features in mobile phone cameras into a DSLR, I would welcome that. I find the ergonomics of mirrorless and my mobile phone, V30+ not all that comfortable
  12. thanks mate ! yeah once or twice, lotsa fun with young creatives
  13. A recent shoot I enjoyed. More here https://orlandosydney.com/2017/event-photography-star-city-sydney-pacific-international-runway-fashion/ if you're into fashion and runway shots
  14. I've had the great pleasure of being there for the last 2 events. See here https://orlandosydney.com/2017/blues-fest-2017-byron-bay-northern-nsw/ and https://orlandosydney.com/2016/music-photography-blues-fest-2016-part-1-byron-bay/ Mick Fleetwood was fantastic Hope to get a shoot up there again but won't know for sometime
  15. I've been looking out for a wide zoom for Events (mainly) and haven't come across a lens I've been happy with the compromises. I use the 20 1.8 as well and that's what I compare wide zooms too (expecting too much I'd say) The 50 1.8 at f4 is sharp enough for Events and the zooms I've had a look at up to 35mm fall short in my view. So thanks for posting your observations on the 16-35 4. There's a photog up here who uses that lens a lot for landscapes with great results http://blog.avernus.com.au/
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