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  1. Very cool. So good to see people building their own speakers
  2. And hopefully it is Dolby Vision like TLJ.
  3. CAVX

    Projector calibration

    The Arves Gamma curves are 3rd party software that allows you to create an S Gamma Curve in software, then upload that directly to the JVC. It is a bit quirky, but very cool with how it works. I wish all projectors with a data port could use this.
  4. CAVX

    Mixing Speaker Brands

    Yes and no. There is the whole "we only have 2 ears" thing, but then there is also the fact that the first stereo tests in the 1930's used 3 speakers for LCR which oddly enough is still used today. Soundtracks pending, sometimes a centre just helps deal with the pile up of noise that can make dialogue unintelligible. Dialogue played over one speaker sounds a certain way. The same dialogue played over a stereo pair will sound different due to the effects of comb filtering. This is why the dual centre (one above and one below) was nothing more than hype. It just didn't work. Muli centres does have its place and SONY did their SDDS-8CH thing in the 1990s/2000s with 5 screen channels. And those two extra screen channel speakers did make a difference. Shame it didn't take off.
  5. That kind of changed 21 years ago when they released the "special editions". Suddenly what was originally "Not Recommended for Children" became targeted right at them.
  6. CAVX

    Mixing Speaker Brands

    If you can get another 2 for L and R, your front stage is going to sound amazing.
  7. It is almost like cyan/green highlights. You see these on reflections of light on faces, but the image overall looks very good. When they are brothers, the Wachowskis running audio commentary said that the green tint of the matrix was to show the that something was not quite right with the world. In the first video release, the PAL version of the DVD was more green than the NTSC version. The two sequels were very green and once it came to BD, the first film was colour altered to match the other 2. I'm glad they went back to look closer to the original 35mm film look. The issue I have is the over use of highlights. Even a dull wall light in the room behind Neo is running near max white light on this transfer. The police flash lights at the beginning are just insanely bright and some of the skys seem way over driven to the point of crush. The blacks are solid and the image is the sharpest we have seen this to date.
  8. THE MATRIX is not the first UHD/BD combo pack to have a new transfer for the BD. TERMINATOR 2 JUDGEMENT DAY is also a brand new transfer on the BD which is an upgrade from the previous Skynet Edition. I have just finished watching THE MATRIX (UHD) and it is good to see that they have colour corrected it back to the "not so green" look of the original film release. This disc is Dolby Vision and over rides OPPO control on my system, so you can not use MODE 1 2 or 3 for enhancements of HDR content. Whist they have cleaned up the white in the construct, other parts seem a bit noisy. Over all the picture is superb. The blacks are black and the shadow detail is something we've not seen on video before. I'm not just not 100% convinced on the highlights being used as heavy handed as they have been in this new encode. Highlights should be a nice touch like they are in lightning in MAD MAX FURY ROAD. Everything bright seems to get the highlighted treatment in this. This might even be a case of too much of a good thing. The Audio is nice. I don't have ATMOS yet, but the 7.1 Dolby True HD mix that my system does decode sounded really nice. Loud, deep and enveloping.
  9. I am looking forward to this. Hopefully take the family over the weekend.
  10. Damn, missed that deal of the year.
  11. CAVX

    Oppo 203 and 205

    I'd 2nd this, even if still running a 1080P display. These are great players.
  12. CAVX

    Oppo Uhd 4K Player

    I certainly will log it with them if the fault repeats.
  13. CAVX

    Oppo Uhd 4K Player

    Update: And watched the same title the next night and it played with no problems, so I don't know what is going on here. Player has not missed a beat since.
  14. Awesome. Now to hope the local JB actually stocks this new version.