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  1. Thanks for that. Spoke with my dad, looks like he is looking for something different. GLWS
  2. What size room do you have these in and do you think they are sufficient to fill the space?
  3. Interested in the subs if they are still available, can inspect and pick up Monday.
  4. Thanks Pete, i have also read they are quite good musically but wanted to see how they compare against the others i have listed, sounds like a good option either way Thanks Betty, thats in VIC and im in NSW so probably not an option, but thanks for letting me know about Subsonic, ill keep an eye out for them also
  5. Bump. Whats the consensus on the below: Velodyne Impact 12 KEF PSW4000 Focal Chorus SW700S.
  6. Although I have used ugly cable for years in the past and had no issues (but my system is far from audiophile) you could get good quality Australian made tycab cable for the same price. Something like the LFC26502-BK-100 is 12gauge and is around $140 For a 100m roll.
  7. Thanks for that detailed response AI.M. I don't mind playing around on WINISD (I remember building my car subwoofer years ago) but if it limits my options due to amp and volume it may be easier to find a working one. So I have bookmarked a few of the velodyne impact 12" I have also come across the below two and wondering how these would go: KEF psw4000 Focal chorus sw700s What's the consensus on the velodyne vs kef vs focal? I'm also keeping an eye out for a rel
  8. Good spot, as it is still a current model sub i may go and see how it sounds before i grab this one. That was the sort of information i was looking for, so sounds like buying older subs with dead drivers isnt an option
  9. Thanks guys. I have set up some alerts for Rel, SVS and also Richter to see what pops up. I have also come across the below busted JBL sub which isnt too far away. Pending the amp is working fine, what sort of driver would be a good replacement for this amp and box volume (happy to fill the port if a sealed box is more appropraite: https://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/hoxton-park/speakers/jbl-pb12-12-250-watt-down-firing-powered-subwoofer-need-repair-/1247742244
  10. Thanks Pete. Also, any chance you are the same pete-mac from OzFoz?
  11. Thanks for that guys, i might keep an eye out on the classifieds here. I was considering DIY, but it looks like it will cost just as much (or more) than buying one second hand- yes i may get better components but its looking to max out the budget of $500. I also assume no issues using the high level inputs to wire it in?
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