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  1. Dangers of cycling

  2. Dangers of cycling

  3. Dangers of cycling

    @Sir Sanders Zingmore tske note of this post. If you've done defensive driving, the law means jack Shcitt when it come to your safety. If you're on a push bike and the road narrows, the law maybe on your side, defensive training applies risk manangement, your safety is way more important, eliminate the risk! Don't allow the chance of vehicles that as close as 30-40cm travelling at 60-80km/hr anywhere near you, because if you allow the opportunity to contact happen you as a cyclist will always come out 2nd best. edited: when I was riding a bike to school and back I avoid all highway and high traffic areas and places where road narrows, I'd ride in streets with very little traffic going into back streets I avoid being a statistic.
  4. Dangers of cycling

  5. Dangers of cycling

    Here's another incident, that typical cyclist don't follow road rules. In the CBD on Burke St, indicated left to come to a complete stop to dropped my daughter off, I get 2 cyclist follow one by one riding pass on my Friggin Left where my daughter was just about to open the door, in the corner of my eye I screamed; " wait! ", now if she opened that door both cyclist would smashed right into that left door! WTF! If I indicate left and come to a complete stop at the curb don't pass me on the left! That's part of the road rules!
  6. Dangers of cycling

  7. Dangers of cycling

    Here's one experience I think that they should legislate. Vehicles have to dip there headlights when there's oncoming traffic. So cyclist are just plain disruptive and don't give a Shcitt about any other road user. If you're using those high powered LED when it's dark to be seen, why do they aim it directly at on coming traffic? What's worst are the flashing ones and on top there's sometime a pack of them doing exactly the same and some fit it on there helmets!
  8. Dangers of cycling

    Just don't get why cyclist ride 30-40cm distance from any part of a persons body? An instant move in the wrong direction can cause injury to both the pedestrian and the rider and I would say the cyclist would come out 2nd best!
  9. Dangers of cycling

    That's why you need to give predestrian space, like they advertised drivers to give at least 1/2 to a 1 mtr of space.... and seriously I agree, they make an aweful red mess if you hit any cyclist or predestrian and then there's the paperwork! Can't deal with the formalities.
  10. Dangers of cycling

    Is that all cyclist do is get fit once a year! im actually all for those health events and fund raising events, they do a lot of good! Beach road would be awesome for a bike event. Do you get into the event on the Grest Ocean Road?
  11. Dangers of cycling

    Good luck with that! They don't care whether you are a predestrian, they're gonna pushed that bike as fast as it goes without stopping, and they're don't give a rats behind whether you're a elderly or a yummy mummy pushing a pram! They have no respect what so ever! Take my earlier post! What hope do you have with the left indicator flashing away, the vehicle is now stopped and because there's a bike run I had to wait till there was a break in the pack before I can proceed doing a left hand turn! It's just human nature that dictates over curtesy that says I have right of way! To stopped that they will have to use speed cameras and every bike has to be registered like a car with a registration plate, then you may have a chance!
  12. Spending money on older cars.

    Now that's the typical assumption. That will depend on the make and model.
  13. Dangers of cycling

    Bloody oath...
  14. Dangers of cycling

    @evil c FYI, the cops only fine tourists who don't wear helmets on scooters. The locals are exempt... So make sure you have a helmet on if you are gonna hire a scooter. Also take photos of every angle on the scooter you hire and point out any damages on there paper forms. The countdown timer is standards across China.
  15. Removing Dog urine off my speaker grills?

    That will redefined Doof Doof.... hence the reason no dogs in rentals