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  1. Hard Rubbish Finds and Op Shop Treasures.

    Yeah they don't make things like they use to. Now if you sold the illuminators and the Elektra you'd get to keep the coins....
  2. Knock offs/clones on ebay

    The name change is worth $16k extra
  3. Knock offs/clones on ebay

    When you consider Samsung, LG and possibly Sharp having the only mega production facilities in the world producing most of the panels where else are you gonna get it from?
  4. Knock offs/clones on ebay

    Fully agree with you, but companies can charge whatever they like, no law against that either. However I don't think Ayre will be stupid enough to do the same if it was to survive because forums such as the one you linked will exposed them straight out!
  5. Knock offs/clones on ebay

    Disappointing yes, but there is no law against it. The benefits are just a business decision, why would Ayre go and start up a production facility and produced bluray players that's going to cost mega dollars with little of no returns, when you can access someone else's facility that's aready in the business with all the skills and resources and possibly make it cheaper that will benefit you financially. Like I said it happens in every industry, the printer industry is well known for that. Kodak etc had a R&D dept that was so up its arse that they fell behind the competition and had to either buy out divisions such as IBM and contracted out there market segment to Canon and Konica etc. Remember Nashua, that was a brand created from Gestedner but all there copiers were produced by Ricoh. Ricoh produces for other brands worldwide, they were at one stage 45% of the Japanese market, they are huge in EU and US.
  6. Knock offs/clones on ebay

    Does Ayre still do the same thing? There is a lot of rebadging and it happens in every industry, not just audio..
  7. Knock offs/clones on ebay

    I go to HK and Gongzhou ever 2nd year. Ever since I rolled up into China over 20yrs ago, the Chinese and the locals in HK direct me to places where to purchase goods. I get the impression each time I go that the local Chinese don't even buy local products! It's a known fact that locally made goods destined for the local market have a greater factor of failure. Goods such as cameras, phones etc are definately to be avoided at all cost, and you have to go to the local stores they trust! Possibly the only store that is of any reasonable quality is an Apple Store. You can walk in an Apple Store and be confident that the product you get is the same quality as what's destined overseas, the serial numbers are tracked and if you added the additional warranty it covers you world wide whereever you maybe. When you do the calculations and the exchange rate conversions even though the Aussie dollar is tracking low it works out that you're not saving all that much and there is no consumer law such as VCAT or ACCC that guards you if something goes wrong. The other very noted fact is that as you cross the Chinese/HK border you notice the huge ugly arguements from locals trying to buy from HK and bringing into the mainland! There is a huge import duty that they pay if they can't proved that it's there for there own use. In several years I've been told to leave the Lenovo Laptop that's company issued at a relatives place just in case I can't produce what was required and it gets confiscated! This year, its that old that it's looking a bit worked out that they're gonna look at it and let it passed! Strangely enough is that everytime I'm stopped by a Chinese Customs official and Get told to emptied my luggage, the minute they see that I have an Australian Passport I get told to go! And my lugguage is never searched! Not that I do what the locals do bringing in exports into the country. Have a look at the situation we face in the supermarkets in relation to baby milk formula, it's a classic case in hand as to why the Chinese don't trust there own products!
  8. Knock offs/clones on ebay

    You wouldn't even give that a thought. Becuase by the time you desolder the components of the pcb, I'm sure you'll also find that the circuit pcb isn't up to the usual standards and the traces will fall away as you remove those components. On the other hand if the circuit pcb were to a designed standard, you can physically forces and ripped the component of the pcb and the traces will remained intact, and yes that's from experience with SMDs.
  9. Knock offs/clones on ebay

    Hence the reason why I don't buy anything on eBay. Parts can be copied to the exact size spec, colour and labelling. I remember seeing a WIMA MKP cap here on SNA thats cooked on a circuit pcb. When a close up photo was posted you can see the gold print for the characters were different to that of All the WIMA that I own. Can't remember what it was but yes from a clone store in China as the owner had admitted. When I purchase components I strictly purchased them from places like E14, RS, Mouser etc. That way I know what I'm getting. That includes all Semiconductors.
  10. Knock offs/clones on ebay

    I'm sorry but this is where I draw the line and disagree.
  11. Knock offs/clones on ebay

    @joz pic looks like there 80V 10,000uf each @125dBmonster that little dual channel amp looks like it's 50V 10,000uf but the pic is blurred so do correct me if I'm wrong! FWIW: i really do not see a problem with the Electra gear. The thing is made to be serviceable in case something goes wrong. @Aussieamps is right up there with the latest manufacturing process, all neat and well thought out on the layout and it's built with precision. The Electra gear is also a one man band, and there is a lot of thought that's gone into it. The wiring is there for serviceability and nothing more. I have to admit that being at @joz place with the Illuminators fully lit up! The SQ is 1st rate, in fact we did some Preamp comparison with the he Electra Pre that was there and it's a bargain for what he charges and the built quality is 1st rate. 2ndly I'm not sure what all the fuss is about and how this thread all of a sudden bring Apple into the topic. Unlike many countries around the world, the Chinese have the ability to adapt to change in production and quality. You can get there facilities to build anything to any quality as per requested and at very competitive prices and also distribute anwhere around the world. It's no brainer, hence the reason why it's the production facility of the world. Hence the reason why a company like Apple would see the benefits and then use there facilities. The reasons behind these decisions isn't made lightly, who wouldnt prefer to have there product built locally? However, why should you choose a local facility when the skills and the facilities are already there geared up and it's going to cost you much less! Here's an article: http://appleinsider.com/articles/17/07/25/apple-will-bring-3-manufacturing-plants-to-us-president-trump-reveals
  12. Knock offs/clones on ebay

    Seems that it only comes in a EU/US plug, so when you get it here I'd be happy to covert it with a standard $3 Clipsal 3pin plug
  13. AI: yes but no, but....

    welcome to a new age in medicine. A robot that passes the written exam to being a doctor with flying colours. https://www.9news.com.au/world/2017/11/19/12/19/robot-doctors-machine-passes-medical-exam
  14. Is there a cassette tape resurgence?

    Ya gotta love those UV meters on tape decks, I can watched the needle bounce around all day!
  15. Is there a cassette tape resurgence?

    They are the ultimate tape. Like you said superbly constructed in every way it's a work of quality. I couldn't afford these but managed to buy either one or a few, can't remember the quantity I had but boy look at it, nothing comes close. In the end and I know it's a sin, but when I moved to Point Cook the entire collection got turffed in the bin, straight to the tip. BOSSES orders, and I gave away my Nakamichi BX-1 deck away here on SNA. I think I still have the metal version of that tape in a VHS somewhere. Edited: yes you are very correct, the price on these where around $25-20 each. You couldn't get the 120min but I can't remember wether they came only in a 60 or a 90.