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  1. It’s funny, my brother got the latest Xbox for his daughter, my niece, who is btw 7. He can’t wait to get back into a PS....
  2. https://www.news.com.au/sport/tennis/australian-open/tennis-fans-lose-it-as-chair-umpire-marijana-veljovic-steals-the-show/news-story/43cbd3fd26b4158cf4f237c0514be07c OMG 😮. 😍 I agree with Genie Bouchard.....
  3. And to think I was Vick’s cough lollies, Thanks mate, you just remind me, I have a stash in the glove compartment. 😜
  4. Gezuz what am I going to use to clear my nostrils 😀. Diesel does a great job!
  5. When you have a Cybertruck, there’s now a Cyberhouse to go with it https://www.google.com.au/amp/s/www.dezeen.com/2020/01/07/cyberhouse-cybertruck-apocalypse-modern-house/amp/
  6. Or diesel! I know it sucks..... I went from Point Cook to Lorne last w/end on 1/3 of a tank, by the time I got to Lorne, I was ear bashed to to point of being deaf and was constantly told that if she didn’t work on the weekends, We’d be divorced along long time ago.... this is as google was telling us that we had 21km to the Caltex in Lorne and the info was telling us there’s 11km range left...... my reply: “ but you love it honey”. 😜. Happy to say we made it to that Caltex servo.
  7. That’s where there should be government incentives if they were serious.... An electric or Hybrid as I’ve realised only attracts a $100 off on your registration with RTA.... that’s it! So what are the incentives must come from the manufacturer, ATM if you get on the Toyota Website, the RAV4 Hybrid is only $2500 more, if it was any more I’d ditched the idea! Especially when you’re told there a 6-9mths wait for delivery. Your next viable option is the kuna or Model 3... and no way I’m going to a Model 3.
  8. A They are hidden, you have to use an app to find them, no big deal except when I roll up to a Charging Point there is a sign that saids “out of action” TBH I’ve only seen an out of order sign once and it’s in the CBD!
  9. Agreed And that should go to every product considered.....however Im Also guessing experience and reliability comes into the decision.... you wouldn’t touch a Ford etc knowing all the transmission issues they have for any model they have.....and not to mentioned all the other issues that make the vehicle stop! Reliability is at the top of the list for me, nothing worst left stranded in the middle of nowhere and you have to deal with it.... getting towed is not in my DNA!
  10. That was the thinking a few years ago and most likely 12mths previously, a lot has changed in 12mths where you guys are now reporting a 15min charge via a super charge station,... However EV still isn’t cheap, the Kuna is $60k and the bottom of the line Tesla 3 starts at $70-120k.... Not exactly affordable to the masses.... Convenience/inconvenience as you outlined, there isn’t the quantity of charging stations out there especially out in the west of Melb, all those charging points are massed in the CBD and inner eastern suburbs. Even the petrol stations out after Geelong are disappearing.
  11. https://electrek.co/2020/01/24/mercedes-benz-tesla-acquisition-automation-firm-affected-battery-production/ Here’s the real reason, no surprise here. If merc were serious about EV, they should do what Tesla did, partnered with a battery supplier: LG Chem etc and get them to have exclusive supply. Elon wasn’t stupid with Panasonic. At some stage in the life cycle of a product manufacturers are going to experience a shortage in the supply chain that halts production...... i should know, to supply some items to my clients I have to be very imaginative to be able to have things of the shelf for them.
  12. Hows this for great sportsmanship,, hats off to him: https://wwos.nine.com.au/tennis/rafael-nadals-touching-act-of-kindness-for-ball-girl/66012e4f-4ff8-4f3a-9687-0826214404ef
  13. Not really Andy..... its the output stages that determined max power...... you can have a spot welding PSU that’s 1000A capacity. but if you only have one pair of output devices that’s only 8A considering it’s configured within SOA, that’s all that amp can give you. that’s why some power amplifiers are rated at 100s of watts use multiple pairs, an example is where a Magtech uses 10 pairs of transistors in parallel configuration to give you multiple current capability.
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