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  1. The bean counter strategy......
  2. Addicted to music

    Magnapan speakers

    @Gary janezic my pay grade prevents me from going anywhere near the 20.7. I have said on this thread that I have directly compared the 1.7i to 3.7i. There is a $4-5k difference as you go up, the wow factor to outlay more coins didn’t justify, don’t care what others think. If I had to spend the same amount even though I love the 1.7. I’d be going into something different, something heaps more efficient and that will involved refined tweeters and drivers that are bound to have impact and speed. Don’t let me put you off on your journey aiming for 30.7 As this is way above my pay grade.
  3. Addicted to music

    Magnapan speakers

    That will be in the next product cycle; 40.7. How else are they gonna generate income!
  4. Addicted to music

    Magnapan speakers

    There’s always room for improvements, you can use other magnets and also close the distance between the magnet and the ribbon itself.
  5. It’s funny we all have different expectations. I have an expectation when I listen to sound and I have an expectation on electronics.... i remember walking up the stairs during a Hifi show and remember that disgusting edgy sound coming from this huge function room, Massive amplification via some massive speakers that was mega dollars. To me and a few other SNA members couldnt believe that that sort of SQ will sell! To me, something was seriously technically wrong! Yet some members told me latter in the day that they had fixed that up and it’s now a joy to listen to so I went back to that room, however as I approached that area you can hear that it wasn’t fixed and it was exactly the same, edgy, distorted sound quality with something technically seriously wrong! If I heard that in my rig I would be on a mission on fault finding, and I’m sure I’ll pin point the offending component.
  6. You should take the microwave and place it near your Preamp.. I’m sure then it will effect the rig. I know then when the boss listens to AM SBS and she uses the microwave the radio goes spastic, full of static masking the signal.... however when you move the radio the static subsides as distance increases, don’t forget that interference is base on power and it’s a square factor so it doesn’t take far for the static to subside. Never had an issue with the 5Ghz cordless phone, will never know now because nbn has arrived and I’ve done away with the landline, everyone is on mobile and I can’t justify going VOIP.
  7. @MLXXX if you watched that link you can see that mains distortion is around 1.68% And that’s on a good day! I’ve seen worst and if the waveform goes asymmetrical DC will result. What I’d like inverter manufacturers to do is supply a screen shoot of the output from a scope with all the associated measurements on there entire range of inverters they manufacture while under load. Therefore consumers can make an informed choice. Like I said I haven’t experienced any hash that’s effecting my rig, but I did here the old 30yr old Hoover washing machine spiking through the stereo, or switching off LEDs. Either don’t concern me now as switching of LEDs you only do to come or go, you’re not standing there playing with the switch, the Hoover packed it in not long ago and the kids forked out for new washing machine.
  8. Ears are cheap, but are they accurate.... I can safely assume that everyone here on this thread are not 15-18! 😱 Just because I can’t hear it doesn’t mean it’s not there and someone who’s more younger and in tune can walk in finding it unbearable, Just consider yourself blessed if you don’t hear the hash form inverters. I had an in-line filter, taken it off not because it was improving things it was causing other issues.
  9. Addicted to music

    Surface noise after tonearm wire replaced

    Is the surface noise happening without playing a record?
  10. Addicted to music

    North Queenslander...Apple User... Newb :)

    I’m a little worried that if you sell what you are happy with to down grade, you’ll be left wanting! That’s the main concern. Normally people go the other way and upgrade. However I understand why you’re down grading and there are lots of options out there. So becuase you want to connect a shortwave radio too you’re going to need to be able to have multiple inputs for an amp. Hopefully someone here who has a gone down this path will chime in.
  11. To be honest @andyr if a person does the test and hears no difference at all whether a filter is in place or not, and tries it several times and cannot tell the difference do you think that they’d persevere until a difference is known. Not everyone have the same Solar PV setup, all are different here on this thread, and we all live in different areas. Many say they cannot hear at the start of this thread, and some say they can hear it day and night...... I couldn’t tell becuase I don’t have PV on the roof. But there are many surrounding residence who do! Yet I find the rig sounds better at night which just could be my imagination.
  12. Here’s a better way, but note, I would not recommend doing this, I accept no responsibility if someone electrocute themselves. I’m just putting it here to show that the mains can be measured and viewed. I did this back in the mid to late 80s becuase certain psu would just die, and we had to place monitoring equipment with a plotter.
  13. Addicted to music

    North Queenslander...Apple User... Newb :)

    Welcome Todd, whats youre budget and for a desktop system are you prepare to go active speakers?
  14. Addicted to music

    Wilson WAMM installation album

    @Pim i fully agree with you, and many here, a bigger room encourages better sound. Treat it and it’s even better. I have a 4x7 metre room, it’s untreated but theres A big pile of rug and a massive glass opening on one side. When I had a GTG here I did place a massive curtain at the rear to absorb reflection in which it did nicely to reduced muddiness. What Andrew Jones did in the TAD room was he did the same, used heavy curtains to 3 sides of the wall right around. But personnally I won’t jump into a Rolls, a Camry is more familiar territory and I know it’s very hard to break a Camry, not sure about a Rolls....🤣
  15. You off to Sydney with the M Scaler for this meet?