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  1. No, not many commercial amps even the mega dollar brands use what I call “soft start”. Probably the only brand that I know of using “soft start “ are certain ME models that uses a triac to control the current on switch on. I learnt about “inrush currents” back in the days I was doing electronic TAFE... But I didn’t learn from TAFE, it was never taught.... I leant all about amplifiers and there PSU via AEM (Australia Electronic Monthly) from an article that David Tillbrook published.... He talks extensively how to minimised the “turn on degradation on components like electrolytic caps and switches on the mains side..... He developed a “soft start circuit” pcb that’s incorporated into the PSU of the AEM 6000. Those who have built that project would have read the article and why a simple circuit with a 10 ohm resistor is constantly in series with the mains, within a few seconds you’ll here a click where a relay engages and bypasses the 10 ohm resistor.... Anyone who have built this pcb and used the specified BOM and got it to work would realised that the 5W 10ohm that was specified wasn’t going to last....... every time you switch “on”. The ends of the 10ohm 5W resistor would glow brightly through the ceramic.... So I used 2x 20 ohms 20W in parallel... The bright glow on the ends of that 10 ohm 5W resistor on turn on would have rang alarm bells, 1. This is taking in massive currents on switch on, 2. You need to increase materials to reduced the load.... If you have a watt meter, you can test this, you’ll see when you switch an amp on, you see that there the highest wattage consume is on switch on... then the wattage will gradually drop as the caps comes up to the voltage applied. The other way is use a MM, use the resistance scale, place the probes according to the polarity of any electrolytic cap that’s fully discharged and you’ll see that there is a momentary short, and then the resistance increases... All this comes under discharge/charge as degradation, becuase when equipment is off, your caps are fully discharged, turning it on, raises the voltage across them, This is not the same as having the amp on, having the amp on the 50/100hz cycle is no longer full discharge/charge cycle becuase the voltage isn’t dropping to zero, it’s now referred as ripple voltage... ripple voltage increases as you crank up the volume, now that’s true for class B amps...
  2. You guys know how it goes right..... post some pics or it never happen....😜
  3. https://www.audiosciencereview.com/forum/index.php?threads/review-and-measurements-of-the-ps-audio-stellar-gain-cell-dac.9273/ Wow this thing measures worst........
  4. factors that can reduce the expected life of a capacitor are:  High leakage current.  Frequent charge and discharge cycles.  Excessive reverse voltage.  Application of voltages greater than the rated voltage of the capacitor.  AC voltage exceeding the limits of the capacitor.  Operation at temperatures exceeding the maximum temperature rating for the capacitor. there you go! 😜 Edited: high operational ripple voltage will reduced life too.......
  5. Very entertaining..... better than watching South Park....😂
  6. Toyota have there fair share of recalls and that should be looked as a positive way just like what VW is doing here.......unlike Ford, that brand is just as bad as a Boeing where there CEO thinks that the Max3 is the safest jet produced.....even after 2 fatal crashes cause by bad design that puts lives at risk...... and they wonder why it’s grounded world wide....
  7. When a power supply is off, the supply filter caps are fully discharged, when you switched it on they represent a short to the mains so momentarily there is a huge “inrush current” that occurs and quickly drops as voltage for the caps rises, this also contributes to shorter life, not only to the caps but places a strain on the on/off switch.... It’s damn if you do and damn If you don’t.....
  8. The Definition of “standby”. Can be technically vary different from manufacturer to manufacture.... An Example: The product I work on will have areas of the device with huge power consumption for heating are switched off..... while some competitors will turned the display off to give the impression that it’s on standby. This includes on/off switches too, some competitors on/off switch will just turn the display off, but the device is very much on full power consuming electricity, where the product I work on has a DPDT switch that isolated the mains. Nowdays to have the accredited green power logo, it’s changed all this , clients requesting to turned the standby timer off is now illegal in some countries, they now have set them to turn to standby after 240mins Max. There’s no pleasing everyone, even if a product has a start up of 30sec some will want you to turned that off so there is no wait time, and this is requested by MPs from Dept of Environmental and Resources!!!!!
  9. This will cost them dearly, they should have done a recall. Like I posted earlier, at least VW did a recall. You’re dreaming 😂
  10. At least they offer a recall, Unlike Ford that will never say there’s an issue.
  11. Son Bought a Samsung 55” LED top of the line.... when we got it out of the box one of the HDMI inputs was not working.... Rang Harvey Norman point of purchase and they said just bring it back... Took it back and they swap it with another one sealed in a box....... I love it when there’s no question asked,,,,, you’re not interrogated to the enth degree!
  12. Why a Linear PSU? Go 38mins in......the man from Hypex strikes again...... https://www.manley.com/news/2019/6/17/a-factory-tour-with-produce-like-a-pro-and-a-chance-to-win-a-micmaid Now who would have thought that a SMPSU would be utilised in Tuuube gear hey!
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