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  1. Yep, https://www.racv.com.au/about-racv/our-business/media-releases/racv-acquires-gippsland-solar.html Up goes the costs 😤 like all of there other products.
  2. Well if you stick a six in, where are you going to fit the electrics? The Subaru Forrester has the new generation motor that’s suppose to be better fuel efficiency and more power, again this thing isn’t as smooth as the Outback version which still has the older version drive chain. it seems a trend that as they move forward in efficient and power the pistons are travelling further if you read the Toyota Marketing hype and they angled the valves further apart .... so you can see why the engine is not as smooth and refine, to me it has this unrefined V8 note, so if you like that it’s not a bad thing! have to say that the Honda was the worst with CVT, at least the Subaru has programmed steps so it feels like a geared transmission... I would say the Toyota CVT in the RAV4 is actually well mated, especially for the hybrid.... I also drive the petrol only version and that felt like “a Camry” 😀 when on demand yeah, the motor whines but you get somewhere, with the Honda HRV you wonder where that rev and power has gone....and you have to wait till it takes effect. The mats are the ones that are in the accessories, not cheap! They are rubber or what they refer as all weather mats, I’d prefer these over the carpet mats, so much easier to clean. https://tottenham.lemanstoyota.com.au/new-vehicles/rav4/accessories/ Yeah, when I was looking at the Camry it’s like a saloon, The 2003 is bigger with a bigger boot... the boss loves it, I guess if it wasn’t for my daughter she’ll be still going with it....
  3. @Mat-with-one-t and @rmpfyf I’ve decided to go with Glen Clark, thanks for bringing him to my attention. That price he gave me $7217 has had STC already applied but not the Vic Rebate $2225 as I understand his email.... that was for 6.6kw Q cells 330W maxxx 1/2 cut panels and a SMA 5kw inverter... price also includes removing 3 hot water service panels so the PV can be west facing to take advantage of the afternoon sun. i spoke to his receptionist and immediately Clark has put it though to Solar Victoria and get this...... he’s following all the rules; at this point a deposit is not needed! I then get a automatic generated email from Solar Victoria to get ready for 9:00am this Tuesday. The receptionist tells me that it’ll be February or March latest if Solar Vic approves so at least you have an idea of installation ETA. But here’s the crunch, they don’t require a deposit until it’s close to the installation date and by then they want 25% of the total price without any discounts applied.... so that works out to around $2600 as a deposit just b4 installation. He wasn’t the cheapest and he didn’t have 100% 5 star reviews. I had a quote that was similar with a Fronius inverter around $2k cheaper but wouldn’t removed the 3 hot water service panels or placed the panels where I wanted them, besides all the warning bells rang in my head that you can hear in the background that this was a call centre for India..... and the guy was arrogant and controlling....no thinks! already been burnt once! Other quotes was just too much much, although one my brother had just used and they give monitor the system via 4G SIM card on a Solar Edge System. The other had 100% 5 star reviews, I’m just a little cautious when it’s 100% 5 stars, the rep was approachable but just way too expensive....
  4. I rarely use cruise control, with the Burnley Tunnel you have to keep monitoring that speedo, right to where it bottoms out because that’s where one of the cameras are. Then there there are no cameras but never take my word for it either, knowing my luck they’ll stick one as you crawl out of the tunnel next week!
  5. My advise is to travel well within the limits when you’re approaching or in a tunnel, bridge or overpass, parked vehicles where mobile units that are station wagons or utes that are heavily tinted and approaching overpasses, this is where highway patrol hangs out, they hid themselves on the on ramp of highways so as you pass the use radar from behind.
  6. I really don’t care what google pay for it, I don’t use them. This is more accurate direct from the site: https://www.camerassavelives.vic.gov.au/sites/default/files/embridge_cache/emshare/original/public/2018/09/63/356bf47ca/fixed-camera-locations.xls Now I haven’t even logged onto this until now and you can see why I used the Burnley and Domain tunnel, it’s exactly what I said it was.... Apps that rely on users reporting is a false sense of security.....
  7. There are 3 fixed speed cameras in the Burnley Tunnel, 2 in the domain tunnel, the Waze app failed to detect any of these cameras the 1st time I used them... other failed report is on the East link, also multiple locations down Princes Hwy. Not hard to see identify where these cameras are in the tunnels, if you watched the road you’ll see the detection grid on the road, once you locate that detection grid the cameras are just above on the roof of the tunnel. In the Burnley tunnel the 3 are as you enter the tunnel to you bottom out and yes there is a detection near the bottom, there are no detection as you climb from the bottom. The Domain tunnel is different. i do not use any of these technologies and I haven’t logged into the Vic government website that will tell you exactly where all the fixed cameras are and I haven’t been caught once in 35yrs of driving with any of these fixed cameras. And yes, on the road all day. edited: it was my son who introduced me to waze app, and as soon as I realised its not detecting curtain location I warned him not to rely on it.
  8. In Victoria you are allowed 3km plus over the limit, when you get a ticket it usually tells you what the detected speed was then they minus 3km for errors. So if you’re detected above and minus 3 and it’s still over is why you are receiving the ticket.
  9. The Camry and the new RAV4 are on the same 2.5lt engine.... The RAV4 doesn’t have a V6. There is no V6 Hybrid in the Camry trims. i think the Mitsubishi Outlander is way smoother than the RV4, easy! Just gutless and that CVT doesn’t do it justice. Or any favours ... The CVT is well mated in the RV4 Hybrid.. really fits the drive well IMO. I haven’t played with the infotainment, without the key you can’t turn it on.....and at the dealers there’s no chance, I got to have a listen to the sound system and what the boss needs it’s more than enough. But what I’ve heard on reviews it’s not as hires as some, the camera is definitely SD and nothing special, but either way we are use to nothing in the 2003 Camry and Mondeo has nothing, zilch...... so this will confused the boss me think...... has some really nice safety, the camera behind the mirror detects speed signs, predestrians and cyclists, as we pass a speed sign it’s actually tells you on the display and warns you, even when entering a school zone..... this has both camera and radar to work, where Subaru rely directly on cameras.
  10. Waze is not accurate, I’m more knowledgeable where all the fix cameras are..... waze rely on people reporting them.
  11. My dad was 88 and was still driving a Holden Astra until some Truckie didn’t see him indicate to turn right and the car got written off, he was then put off from driving.... he’s never had one accident in his life.... I’ve had a double B within 30cm from my behind travelling at 120km/hr in a 80 zone and I just didn’t get to make my right hand turn, tailgating at that distance, all I could do was get out of his way, and let him pass.... hit the brakes when he’s at that distance and speed....you just end up 2nd best! Then did a u turn to stay on program. This is how you stay alive!
  12. You get that everywhere and it’s not singling out groups. Yesterday a young beautiful blonde on a merc SUV didn’t see me come around the corner as she was facing a stop sign, I know that this intersection is a blind spot where she stands so I gave way to her, she then Realised she’s in the middle of the intersection where I had right of way, I stopped used sign language so she can proceed because she’s in the middle of the road, she wave apologetically and then waved again with a smile....... gosh o love my job sometimes..... slow drivers don’t necessary create havoc on the road, that’s just being impatient... ehst I hate is certain people that loses it and it becomes a toad rage incident... For me I can’t get emotional, all I can do is wave an apologetic wave even if it’s not my fault, this is what you have to do when your corporate logo is stuck on the door!
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