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  1. Addicted to music

    What gang problem?

    All cultures.
  2. Not at this rate while we are discussing speakers and filters....
  3. Addicted to music

    The great Mobile phone rip off

    And once that happens, and believe me it will happen.... you can kiss that nbn good bye!
  4. Addicted to music

    MG20.7 Form follows function

    You’re the only one wearing blue pants...... way to go @djb fashion trendsetter for SNA 2018!
  5. Addicted to music

    Goldmunds little secret

    Around 2008 http://www.xtremeplace.com/yabbse/index.php?topic=53100.0
  6. Addicted to music

    Goldmunds little secret

    It’s no secret, the Pioneer DVD 300 were some of the best players around. The transport is indestructible.... its been all over the forums if you search for Goldmund Pioneer it’ll all come up! goldmund cd player pioneer
  7. Addicted to music

    Breaking in

    All light producing devices degrade from day 0. Projectors will need constant calibration because of it. But with panels it depends whether it’s plasma, LCD, LED or OLED. You should see this test that’s conducted up to 48wks: https://www.rtings.com/tv/learn/permanent-image-retention-burn-in-lcd-oled
  8. Addicted to music

    The great Mobile phone rip off

    Mmm, yes you’re right the Nokia 3310 was a digital phone..... my 1st phone was a NEC P3. Built like a brick....literally was a brick... The boss got upset and threw it at me, the thing bounced of the brick wall, the battery fell out, reclipped the battery back on and off it went like nothing had happen..... Now try that on the latest Apple or Samsung ans see how far you go!
  9. You’ve just ruin my hopes for improvement using 35A power cables as speaker cables......damn! 🤪 And just when I realised the gauge wire actually fits in the banana plug!
  10. The boss saids she still have me.....as an accessory! 🤔
  11. Addicted to music

    The great Mobile phone rip off

    I have the best contract of all. Since mobile phones hit the Australian shore I’ve never owned a mobile phone. Always provided by work! My wife wanted to update the Nokia 3310, yeah remember them? Analog! So the cheapest way to do it was on a 2 yr contract with Optus for a iphone5, one of the better deals at the time and it was $80 per month including data of 500 MB.... once the 2 year had finished, plans on the market were something like unlimited calls and SMS and 90mins international to certain destination all for $40! Now you can get better! So the best thing to do is ditched the plan for s nice shiny new phone, buy it outright and go on whatever plan you like with no contract where you can pick and choose whatever plan you like at will! And it’s like 5-30GB of data for around the $40-50/mth unlimited calls and SMS! Just shop around!
  12. Addicted to music

    Breaking in

    Somethings unfortunately fail straight out of the box! Unfortunately luck is never with me, I purchased 2 DACs and the 1st had to be returned as was faulty and would not lock onto the spdif signal, it keep dropping out. The 2nd unit resolved that issue! The 2nd dac triggered the speaker protection tpright out of the box, that’s never been triggered before since I build it 30yrs ago and it was producing crackling sounds that dropped a channel and triggered the protection... it was fixed and sent back that should have been replaced with a brand new unit....I’ll never purchase of this outlet that will remain nameless, after been stuffed around for 2 wk. And here’s another being delivered faulty, I’m sure that something happen to this either during transit and a component has been compromised: https://www.audiosciencereview.com/forum/index.php?threads/review-and-measurements-of-hifime-uda38pro-dac.4064/ This is why if something isn’t right it, let you gut feeling take over and send it back! You know when something is wrong, you would have at least listened to the components working in a demo or on a loan to tell you it’s faulty. Don’t persevere with it as most are under warranty, the quicker you react to it the faster it gets fixed!
  13. Addicted to music

    From across the ditch

    welcome Ian....
  14. Addicted to music

    signing in on an IOS device

    Resolved in safari settings
  15. Addicted to music

    signing in on an IOS device

    I had to reset Safari on an Ipad because I was having issues with the 4G. Not sure why, but I can sign in on my Win 7 laptop when I log into SNA but with the same login and password, however I am unsuccessful in signing in with the ipad!!! Edited: on the Ipad I get a Error code 2S119/1