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  1. @Telecine the product has a tested date of 1989, that’s 30 + years.... if it’s a DC supply out 18+/- VDC, I’d suggest you replaced the electrolytic capacitors in it.... it looks like they are basic small cheap caps especially the values on it, Prob no more than $10 total however that’s assuming as I haven’t seen the rest of the circuit
  2. The Lintons Classic are an easy speaker to listen to..... I had the 1.7 in a 5x7m room..... You’ll need a sub if you want to go down this path for it to work. They tax the room and need to be away from the wall to breathe. I’ve listen and compare to the next version 3.7 and I can assure you there’s bugger difference and not worth the extra cash, the 1.7 is a great entry to the flat planar world.... I had them for 2yrs in hope that “burn-in “ would get them better, well comparing to my DIY “burn-in” is a load of crock! Switching back to the DIY ribbons after 2 yrs had ens
  3. https://www.whathifi.com/au/reviews/sony-wh-1000xm4 just released and I’ve seen it here: https://addictedtoaudio.com.au/products/sony-wh-1000xm4-bluetooth-noise-cancelling-headphones-wh1000xm4?variant=32520221327456&utm_medium=cpc&utm_source=google&utm_campaign=Google Shopping&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIpteKxKiL6wIVO8EWBR0S9Ac8EAQYAyABEgLKPvD_BwE like to see what the difference between these and the mx3. But I guest COVID 29 and stage 4 restrictions I’m gonna wait for a while.... you either like them or hate them......
  4. Checking the manual for the Belcanto s300 has a switch that lifts the ground for XLR/ RCA switch, is this what’s on the back of your model if so the position for the RCA should have the switched so the button pushed in for RCA and out for XLR to lift ground. https://www.manualslib.com/manual/15214/Bel-Canto-M300.html?page=6#manual
  5. Are you Making sure the power amp is fully powered down, before you go unplugging RCA/XLR inputs? If not get into this habit. The last thing to power up in any configuration is the power amp.
  6. I haven’t caved in......haven’t bought coffee since..... Have to admit, going cold turkey was challenge for the 1st month...... tied and totally exhausted and was also forgetting things,,,,, Every morning had this enormous crave, but I soldiered on! Took a while to get use to and eventually settled down. Rarely touched the stuff, just green tea in the morning and nothing else.... only have it on social gatherings during work when GTG with colleagues, we drop into a coffee shop just to catch up..... I have to admit the smell and taste is addictive, but now I don’t rely
  7. And when you get, unbox and turf the package in the waste bin while it’s still outside, get disinfected and wipe down the product b4 it goes inside...... then wash your hands like you you’re a surgeon going into OR. Trust nobody and assume that COVID is on every surface....... Im sorry, but it’s the only way to stay safe!
  8. On any power amp pcb, the input signal components which usually includes a differential stage for SS would be the most susceptible to noise..... this is where it deals with low voltage signal. Always use shielded cable, whether they’re RCA or XLR to the inputs, this is compulsory,. If noise is introduce here with your signal, it will also be “amplified “ in the voltage gain stages. To keep noise low it is always preferred to have a star ground; all ground to one point.
  9. Don’t go and get maccas in Point Cook and you’ll be fine Andy..... Unconfirmed Reports saids that Daniel Andrews want people to have a permit to travel for on site and essential services. Apparently your work need to put your case forward so a permit can be issued. The rules remains, you can only travel no more than 5km radius from your place of residence, you’re only allowed out to get food, exercise, essential work etc... Everything is off limits starting Thurs Morning.
  10. Don’t get any ideas, I just admire there hearing capabilities, that’s it nothing else And no, I’ve never had the on a plate....... not that i know of!
  11. Be interested what you and @sir sanders zingmore thinks if you guys ever get around to doing this. I’ve done the comparison Magtech vs nc400 and have posted my experience many times on this forum... BTW feedback is about error correction (distortion reduction) and constant gain over a wide freq range to control open loop gain.... Depending on the electrical characteristics of the devices used and the design, too much and you can also run into instability...
  12. And If you haven’t realised, that’s basically what every manufacturers saids about there products.....
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