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  1. Addicted to music

    Massdrop Topping DX7s DAC

    Thanks for the honest post. Youve probably seen me post this on other threads, but the D50 is an amazing value especially when you look at these measurements. https://audiosciencereview.com/forum/index.php?threads/review-and-measurements-of-topping-d50-dac.2403/
  2. Addicted to music

    Massdrop Topping DX7s DAC

    Keep us posted please and please provide a link. Thanks.
  3. Addicted to music

    Massdrop Topping DX7s DAC

    Have you compared it to any other dac?
  4. Addicted to music

    Power Consumption while nothing playing

    I have one of those power meters that tell you exactly what they consume..... However never forget.. happy wife happy life. 😜
  5. Addicted to music

    Hardware advice on moving the the NBN

    Instead instead of starting a new thread, I’d though I get a response from this one, if not I’ll just start a new thread! 🤣 ive got a Billion 7800 DXL wifi modem that’s served us well since it’s release. We’ve had it for 4yrs and it’s range the entire house 40sqs of living dual story without a hitch and almost never require a manual reboot. Lately, and I think it’s age that the thing is consistently dropping out on the wifi. I know for a fact that that these wifi don’t last long. Searching the net shows that some Billion are using glue that turns conductive due to age especially the 7800n However this 7800DXL has minimal glue, regardless and not taking any chances, I’d open it up and removed all the glue that’s applied to several places but the wifi especially the 2.4ghz is varying all over the place and is not a consistent signal. We are having FTTC implemented in 12 -18 mths. I’m thinking of replacing it but looking on the net not many are now taking on the Billion. I’m looking for a anything with a Broardcomm Chip set as I’m 2.7km away from the exchange. So we are limited to the Netgear D7000 or the TP Link 2800 that will tie us in when the nbn arrives. https://www.centrecom.com.au/tp-link-archer-d9-ac1900-dual-band-wireless-gigabit-modemrouter-adsl2?gclid=Cj0KCQjwuYTYBRDsARIsAJnrUXDEqDyo1RBiJ3U_i_dFJEcvT1y0nAqM25boLP5bVARo71KPtpdF7MgaAsQJEALw_wcB https://www.centrecom.com.au/tp-link-archer-vr2800-ac2800-adslvdsl-wireless-modem-router The Archer d9 isn’t full nbn compatible, hence its on special. any thoughts would be appreciated.
  6. Nice, but dac has a evolving landscape, better to have a dac in a separate box.
  7. And here’s an independent measurements for the D50. Measures better than the Shcitt that’s out there even the Top of the Shcitt Yggdrssil doesn’t even come close! For what you pay for the Yggdrssil and the hype it better be good, because this D50 knocks it its socks in terms of jitter and distortion levels. Well done to a Chinese product! Only drawback is that it’s not XLR supported. The Topping DX7s is but at almost 2X the price. https://audiosciencereview.com/forum/index.php?threads/review-and-measurements-of-topping-d50-dac.2403/ https://www.amazon.com/Balanced-Headphone-Amplifier-Topping-2ES9038Q2M/dp/B07B4V1J7K/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1526853435&sr=8-1&keywords=topping+dx7s
  8. Addicted to music

    ATH-AD2000x vs Beyerdynamic T90

    I agree with these comments, and yes I have Stax and was trying to sample an alternative to what I had which was a Lambda Pro with a SRM 1 MK 2 driver. I had a choice, but the choice was based on economics and SQ. At the end of the day I wanted a headphone that I didn’t need an expensive amp to drive which would have beèn a SPL monitor: https://kenrockwell.com/audio/beyer/t90.htm The Stax Range are all different, I can’t justify the 007 or the 009 and yes I’ve heard both. @Frameperfect is spot on in his post. You may find your 2000x is all that’s required. I can undersatand how so many owners have said it’s sibilant due to the bump from 5k. But that bump gives you clarity and transparency in the HF that’s not for everyone’s cup of tea. I just couldn’t justify the cost of any of the Stax and the inconvenience of a reliance on an electrostatic driver. I’ve also heard a $40-50k can system that included the Hi end Woo drivers, way too much for my pay grader, With the T90 it’s a 3.5mm jack that directly device. http://en.goldenears.net/13369
  9. Addicted to music

    ATH-AD2000x vs Beyerdynamic T90

    I'd auditioned the T90 against Stax 007 stax 407 LCD 2 Beyerdynamic T1 HD650 HD800 AK702 and came out that I'd prefer the t90. They're no longer made and I think there's a new model that supersedes it. I bought the k702 and did direct comparisons but the T90 left it for dead in terms of efficiency and dynamics. I tried the AT50x because I wanted a sealed unit, but they're not cheap enough for me. The beauty about the T90 is that they are more efficient than the T1 and they are very different to the Sennheisers in SQ. The other thing about the T90 is that you can power them with a iPhone 5 or a Lenovo laptop and it's all I will ever need. And I have a Stax Lambda Pro.
  10. Addicted to music

    cold solder noise - isn't like a ground hum?

    You have a good friend Bob good to see that he’s done some work and there’s improvements. I won’t comment on threads with hum issues anymore becuase 9/10 someone will post that it’s DC on the mains, and 9/10 of those post here will encourage the OP to play with the mains and not know the skill level I have no recommendations. Little do they know that that if there is DC on the mains your equipment and others will overheat especially the mains step down transformer! And you’re going to notice that heat will start to smell. I will admit that the mains is not a perfect supplied sine wave, it’s been effected all the way to the house so regardless of high quality wiring it’s going to make zero difference. Old equipment that hasn’t had a service will likely to have there performance degraded by aging caps. Old Preamps that employ rotating multiselector switches and bolted RCA plugs are prone to wear and tear on the connector points of those switches and bolts will loosen in time that will developed a cracking noise and you rotate the switch or on the RCA. Even spade connectors will loosen there tension over time, that’s why many uses screw type mounts to secure the connection. The 1st degradation in any Preamp will be the old mechanical volume pot that will wear the contact point and the carbon wafer as you rotate it, the more you use that pot the worst it gets regardless if it’s a sealed ALPs that’s $000s Today’s modern preamps; the better manufacturers will use sealed SS relays to switched the inputs. The RCA are no longer bolted on the earth via the rear panel, they are soldered to the pcb and bolted via other means. Volume pots are no longer deployed and In place we have switching resistors with relays or even better volume control chips that digitally control the analog attenuation. Caps are one of the most common issues for hum, an aged electrolytic will do this intermittingly. You be surprised that once you replaced the caps, the silence is deafening! How to improve of what little hum there is maybe possible with someone else’s skills. But to completely eliminate it you need to move to a different Preamp or Power amp.
  11. Addicted to music

    is buying Oppo a risk?

    I’m not worried about Interdyn. If you look at the layout, OPPO is built to todays Standards that I’ve been banging on about on another thread! 😜 Look at it, it’s easy to repair and modify! Neatly laid out! Even any 3rd party can do a repair just with basic tools. However FW like you said is up to OPPO California and not Interdyn. The only issue is that Laser unit, that’s built from the ground up by OPPO! How many will fail in 2,3,4-6 yrs? And how many are on the shelf?
  12. Addicted to music

    New D'Agostino Monoblocks...$250,000

    That will depend on the what output devices are deployed...look familar?
  13. Addicted to music

    is buying Oppo a risk?

    Its taken about 4yrs to get the 105 right with FW. Haven’t had an update for a while now so I think that the 105 Is just about “right” ....not perfect. I don’t think manufacturers like Sony LG or Panasonic are that responsive for 4 yrs in supporting a product where the media supported is evolving and issuing it with updates for compatibility, this is where OPPO excels. I would say that the 205 with the UHD support may possibly take longer to get the FW right as UHD is more complex and evolving, that said I’ve stopped following the forum for the 205 and not sure where it’s at! I don’t think OPPO would be silly enough to pull their FW support for the 205, they have a reputation to not let there brand be trashed especially if there concentrating on the phone business. Id have to say even though I don’t use the 105 for optical discs but a music server, it’s been a fun product to use without going all out PC based that can be expensive. the 105 as a hardware has been extremely reliable, not one issue for the 4 yrs but then look at the built quality; it’s outstanding, it measures well in the audio department and supports XLR. Heck iv even used the 105 as a main Preamp! The 205 is built in the same manner can’t see that you’re going to need hardware support after purchase, touch wood! If you’re thinking about the 205 pull the plug and do it now! From all reviews it has better SQ than the 105, that said I have not heard or done the Comparison.
  14. Addicted to music

    cold solder noise - isn't like a ground hum?

    If you think what I outlined is “insulting” to those who employ that technic then let that be a wake up call. I stand by my post, I’m sick on working on designs where you open a cover to repair and you do more damage than good and has high hazards. Where just transporting the product goes faulty because a component has physically shifted! Where trying to replace a component and the possibility of damaging the insulation of group of spehgetti wiring with a solder iron is a high possibility or shifting a group of “spaghetti bunched wires “ changes the performance or even worst do more damage becuase exposed leads can short by shifting a component for access, even worst electrocution! Then there’s the possibility of screwing up and causing cold solder joints because you are constantly moving or changing the position of those wires. Not to mention the likelyhood of breaking a pin connection that’s soldered and connecting multiple components on a 3D plan! Etc etc! Need I go on? There is no excuse for sloppy manufacturing especially the techniques we have today.
  15. Addicted to music

    New D'Agostino Monoblocks...$250,000

    At the 26:00 he saids you can run this any any electrical outlet and it will play. Like I said your total capability is limited to the mains.