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  1. I don’t have the article. But I still have the kit. Someone else with the article might chime in and post it here. The kit would be over 30yrs old and it will need a recap. Hence the reason i don’t use mine anymore. The Hitachi mosfet output device are literally indestructible. For the 6000 power amp you can see that it has a speaker protection pcb on both sides, I can’t remember if the soft start was on the protection or on a separate pcb. Depending on the transformer used the article specified a 50-0-50VAC 300W. I used 500w. The filter caps are spec at 100VDC 10,000uf and with 240V it should run rail voltages 75-0-75 vdc. The best you can do is visually inspect further to ensure nothing is damaged and that there are no wiring defect. Turned it on and make sure you measure the speaker outputs to ensure that DC is zeroed. If not, there are 2 potentiometers, one for bias and the other to adjust for DC offset on the output. The article will explained procedure. Also on switch on those relays should “click” and if they do it means that it hasn’t detected DC on the output of the amp, but even after this stage I recommend you use a MM to ensure there is no DC on the output. The same go for the preamp, turn it on and resure that there are no DC on the output RCA b4 you go live plugging it in.
  2. I wouldn’t worry too much on that article especially the disadvantages outlined for XLR uses. If you have a look at a lot of test results and measurements of today’s components with XLR and RCA, the XLR is showing way better SN figures than RCA. And these are components that “are” single ended design. Today the tolerances are a lot better for Solid State and you have better resistor tolerances. If your devices support XLR, I’d suggest you try them and see what you ears think while comparing the RCA support.. I was pleasantly surprised at the results when I did this test just to ensure that the XLR were working.
  3. mmm, I need to do some more investigating, and ask more questions for next weekend....
  4. hehe, have questions to ask..... Take it easy on me because I still drive a 2011 Mondeo, my 2nd 2011 Mondeo......☹️ today, I happen to drop into a Mazda dealership. How do you get a test drive a vehicle, everyone I've been too, not just Mazda, just talk about arranging one! I see that you can actually book a test drive on line.. is this what you have to do these days to actually get one? in the days when I bought the Camry , all I had to do was walk in and asked! today its like even if you asked you still have to arrange for one! I mean I'm there, do you want a sale or not? Excuse my ignorance but Next question is that at this Mazda dealership, I asked to see the boot to check out the spare tyre and space. The sales guy took ages as nothing will work, then I realised that everything is push button, now that's some luxury that Im not use too because every car I drive has been a company car(old school) where there are actually levers and handles.... Guess what, he then saids the battery is dead! Cant open the boot!!!! Then he walks me outside to the one he owned and presses the button and the boot pops open. Hopefully Im sure its not the same for the bonnet, If it is, then how do you get to the engine with keyless entry to replace the battery? I remember the Falcon use to have a secondary backup " a cable" or a handle just in case the electronics didn't work! The Mitsubishi outlander had keyless entry so I never thought about using the key or thought about what would happen when the battery went dead on it.
  5. I'm a couch potato. I don't want a media to occupy space...... When I get home from a hard days work, I just wanna have a feed, put my feet up, flip a few switches turn up the volume and be done! chose an album or a couple of tracks on a ipad wirless! What a great era we live in to be able to do that! I can play that track a billion times and not have to worry about cleaning preparation, wear, flipping sides to play the rest of the album. …….and when I use to use them, the vinyl sounded so much better unit that little silver disc showed up! what a game changer in convenience. Don't have to have 2 copies in different formats and now all could be stored on a phone!
  6. “No”. You should not be concern..... thats quality built......you can see on some they also used copper screws...where are you gonna find that? Notice also the power supply filter caps are stud screw types that are always higher current rating than there pin equivalent with the same type rating.
  7. I’ve never had issues with those screw in types, especially if they come with a spring type washer, the washer will keep it secure forever, some washers even have biting edges to ensure the contact and are non ferrous. The spades are the biggest problem here, I’ve seen these go wild and become a fire issue, but that’s stuff that’s in 30A 3 phase. I’ve seen purple plasma jump tracks because these spades have come loose and over heated.... now days if you see non ferrous screw in types with a biting washer, that says quality to me..... in Japanese gear that I work on if a spade is deployed its with a spring on the center and I have never seen the fire hazards issues that use to happen!
  8. Those green connectors will “lock” on to the Cable via the screw above, they stay secure. Stick the wires in and lock and secure them with the screw, that’s it. You can see that spades are also used here, in time spades will open up providing a loose contact. I’ve seen on the stuff I work on they now provide a leaf spring to secure the connection in the centre of the spade in case it goes loose. But those are hard to find.
  9. I’m not building them ATM, I have a Magtech 😜 However I have a very soft spot for Hypex products. They are awesome! Wish I could be more help, I just found out here! Maybe check on the Hypex website......
  10. I’m glad to be proven wrong, I have no experience with the Kuga/Escape . what I have experience 1st hand is the Mondeo and the Ranger.... and then Falcon Wagon don’t get me wrong either, these vehicles have great driver and road dynamics but in terms of reliability I would never own anything under the Ford logo.
  11. No, but diy for these modules are easy, provided there’s a dedicated cabinet with all the correct cut out and holes..
  12. Those green contact thingy are way better than spade connectors..... Trust me, I’m a gynocologist 😜
  13. You’re in Victoria, in Melb suburb? If if you are you can tee up with either myself or even @mwhouston for hands on.....
  14. Bargain..... my pair is staying on my head! A lot cheaper than any Other alternatives....... and you don’t need an expensive head amp to drive these, any old outlet will do!
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