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  1. Phone....iPhone7 Im done on the mega dollar requirement.
  2. Now if she was selling me THD.....😍 I would have bought that analyser....with someone else’s money of course 😜
  3. https://www.audiosciencereview.com/forum/index.php?threads/review-and-measurements-of-matrix-audio-element-x-dac-streamer-amp.7782/ the Matrix X dac streamer would be my preference @ $3000US if I had that to splurge..... now that’s one killer DAC that saids a lot about how to get it right on the bench in engineering. on my wish list 😜
  4. For phones and Laptops and other devices it’s usually a poor manufacturing process where certain components short out. The Samsung recall on there note 7 is an example. Now lets also not forget that Lithium ion has a very low runaway temp. An example here that’s highly published for Tesla. https://www.google.com.au/amp/s/electrek.co/2018/06/16/tesla-model-s-battery-fire-investigating/amp/ https://www.businessinsider.com.au/tesla-model-s-fire-explosion-shanghai-parking-garage-2019-4?r=US&IR=T It goes to show that even with the necessary power management monitoring and regulating battery use in Tesla, the fact due to low thermal runway exists is no secret; the potential of these high energy density packs are well known to Burst into flames if you operate outside these safe margins, once thermal runaway occurs, it’s hard to put out. https://www.google.com.au/amp/s/abcnews.go.com/amp/Technology/tesla-opens-investigation-car-burst-flames-times/story%3fid=59930420 Edited: and this is the comment from that link: Last week, another Model S caught fire shortly after being towed to a repair shop in Pennsylvania, despite word from Tesla that the battery had been disconnected and would not catch fire. According to Reuters, there have been at least 14 instances of Tesla vehicles igniting in the past six years, most of which have occurred after a crash. Battery fires can burn hotter and longer than those of Tesla’s gasoline-powered counterparts. Tesla’s own documentation for first responders says a fire in the Model S can take up to 3,000 gallons of water to establish sufficient cooling for the battery. I find it hard to justify that people think that EV are less likely to catch fire than a ICE with these views at this angle; Damage a Lithium Ion power pack and you are guarantee that battery pack is going to short out and overheat; thermal runaway is guarantee to occur, it’s a known fact! Damage and puncher a flammable tank and the only way to start a fire here is if the fumes/vapours are ignited by a flame or a spark. You see thousands of ICE completely disintegrate yet only a low percentage burst into flames..and with some collisions you wonder how that didn’t burst into flames . Now days the fuel tank are placed under the back seat of most vehicles to avoid being damage for a rear end collusion.
  5. Who wouldn’t have a beer with Bob...😀
  6. My daughter who just turned 23 and has a Degree in Games Design is trying to convince me to buy her one as a delayed birthday present...… I'd aleady bought her a Sony PS4 Pro because she used that excuse as R & D to get her Degree..... I don't think she can use the same excuse as getting into the industry as a paid designer is not that easy to get into.... She's tossing between 2 casual jobs and also doing volunteer work for the local council in educating kids trying to get into the industry.
  7. oils aren't oils My brother loves Penrite awesome stuff!
  8. If you can buy any LM or LME opamps do it. They’re getting wiped out by TI hence the reason they bought them out. You can see on the TI website that they are slowly being replaced or substituted for OPA. Yes the LM 4562 and some LME opamps I keep coming back to, way better than any OPA2134 or AD 825.
  9. This would be my recommendation without disecting a perfectly working DAC and possible stuffing up its performance without a CRO to see what you're doing. Or going down the path of a better PSU. The NE5534 are not bad device and I doubt you will find better as to why people are still using it to this day. The OPA 2134 and AD 825 has very little love and as far as I'm concern and are not as good as some. The OPA sound plus range are heavily compensated and are unity gain so they should not be a problem with oscillation, however there is no love for the 2134 and those who swear by it really have not tried others. the OPA 627 is waste considering its cost, its latest iteration OPA 827 kills it on every level and far cheaper but only comes in SOIC. The topping D50 has as far as I'm concern the better of the OPA range; OPA 1612, way better than the 2134 and that's why so many manufacturers are currently using it....no surprises there. The D50 built quality is superb and it measures extremely well for just a $300 device that has all the bells and whistles apart from a psu.
  10. Awesome news mate, well done on the build, those NE5534 are legendary.....
  11. mmmm. jack daniel and coke......mmmm. and Im a non alcoholic drinker!
  12. wish I had the cash! Awesome DAC! Check the jitter measurements here... its almost non existant. https://www.audiosciencereview.com/forum/index.php?threads/measurements-of-rme-adi-2-dac-and-headphone-amp.7546/
  13. I hate to say this, but JB as good as they are to deal with in terms of warranty, they are box movers..... some will most wont.... I walked into a JB store and all this guy was into doing was how fast he can convinced you to hand over that cash... The usual tactics are; we only have one left, sorry sold out on these but these I have in stock and not many left! And usually the ones he does have in stock are ones no one wants..get the picture? I was there for 15mins and this is what i heard and saw as people made enquires To get them to move a panel side by side for you to compare, you should bring your own test material, even your own source! And then ensure that the settings are set accordingly. A store that has no FTA is not that far fetch, but silly if it’s not available for demo purposes. Nearly ALL stores; HN, Good Guys, Beta Electricals and JB will have there panel section way in the back of the store where it’s nice and dark accept Myer Melb. No surprise here and nearly most will be set on dynamic or cranked to the max. I’ve heard that some are not allowed to vary or deviate from the recommended settings; I don’t have to explain why that’s the case, but if a panel suffers “burn in” and the settings are deviated the manufacture/supplier will refuse to accept liability and exchange the panel under warranty. LG will replace a OLED quick smart when a store representative phones it in for being defective, however that comes under certain conditions, where Sony and Panasonic are yet to be experience.....according to a Myer rep 5 mths ago! I don’t know how you would compare HDR settings and I think it’s all a selling point, there not on professionally commercial screens and most are calibrated using a spectrometer, at one store a panel was on demo mode for a comparison with and without HDR, on HDR spit screen 50:50 the panel was obvious set on Dynamic the picture on HDR was that saturated that it looked like it was cartoonished and fake....it was no way realistic it should have left with HDR turned off!
  14. For external USB 3.0 powered HDD to work for both Mac and Win you need to format the drive to Exfat b4 use. Mac will not work with NTFS.
  15. Isotek....🤪 Obvious the wrong item was sent..... just st imagine if it got delivered to the door step....😜. I’d think I’d be feeling really high!
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