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  1. Addicted to music

    Cambridge Audio 'Edge' hi-end components.

    Why do I always get the impression that you were Bill Gates or Steve Jobs drinking mates? 😂
  2. Addicted to music

    Is this a superior Amp design/build?

    I could be wrong Trevor, but I believe Earle has military background. I’ve seen his work and it’s outstandingly impressive. Parts placed in a manner that you can service it without causing damage or introducing faults, one of the best hand built designs for an Australian product. He also uses some really nice components designed to last. Then I have to say I’ve seen the other end of the spectrum, heard it in the flesh and have no idea what the fuss was all about. The minute the music was on I told the owner to turn it off, the tonal characteristics was way off compared to the SS and 2 other extremely well built valve preamps, where one had a PGA 2130 volume control chip.
  3. Addicted to music

    Quiet fridge/freezers?

    It’s not how well the compressors are hidden. The new efficient DC inverters have lest moving parts compared to the old AC driven types, the moved to the DC inverter technology are just so much more quieter and also more efficient too, as they have far less moving parts. You’ll notice the energy star rating is higher too.
  4. Addicted to music

    Quiet fridge/freezers?

    I could be wrong, but the LG inverters are quite, until you place it with items like metal cans or glass bottles that make them vibrate when the compressor turns on. I was stunned how silent it was when we 1st got ours and wondered whether it was actually on! Couldn’t hear it until we place bottles and cans on the shelf. Had to keep checking and made sure it was getting cold. It’s now over a year old and yes you start to hear it.
  5. Addicted to music

    Is this a superior Amp design/build?

    I was sold......until he bang on BS about the volume pot.... I’m done!
  6. Addicted to music

    Is this a superior Amp design/build?

    😱 beyond my pay grade..... @Sime V2 very well built, nothing super fancy about it. It goes to show how knowledgeable in manufacturing that this guy just sits infront of on test bench all day and not knowing what can be achieved in frabrication. The copper rod would have been done at a local metal works, all you need is the specs or a sample and they’ll do it the quantities you want in no time. I requested copper bars to be cut from a sheet of copper and all I did was told them to cut to size and address the specs for the holes. The comment on the detailed to frabrication how it’s a continuous panel isn’t hard either if you want that implementation. Has nothing to do with SQ, just to highlight the attention to detail. Pros and cons on Alps pots, there are many Alps fans here but there are better implementation, pots are a thing of the pass for me.... no doubt it has its place in its price range the thing is going and listen to one in the flesh!
  7. Addicted to music

    Cheap 2-in-1 Laptop recommendation

    Hopefully someone will chime in, all my stuff is via work and they load the antivirus on it but more importantly the work emails are constantly scanned.
  8. Addicted to music

    Cheap 2-in-1 Laptop recommendation

    https://www.lenovo.com/au/en/laptops/yoga/yoga-500-series/c/yoga500 they are nice, 1.6kg. This would be my backup if I didn’t get the MacBook.
  9. Addicted to music

    Oppo UPD-205 or Pioneer UDP-LX800

    For a multifunctional (jack of all trades) device with the wifi built in its perfect in every way. https://www.audiosciencereview.com/forum/index.php?threads/review-and-measurements-of-oppo-udp-205-uhd-player.3660/ when i I saw these measurements I set out with intent to purchase, but unfortunately I was too late, I should have bought one heavily discounted when It was 1st introduced at the beginning of the year. Not only that it employ a OPA1612 which are very highly regarded, add the ESS9038PRO and it’s something else!
  10. Cost is priority number one, cables should be at the bottom of the list on improvements.
  11. Addicted to music

    Oppo UPD-205 or Pioneer UDP-LX800

    I would seriously think twice in putting mods from any website. If you have plans to do so get them to supply measured data to show the improvements because the OPPO105/205 are literally benchmark products at its price point, they are designed to measure extremely well with extremely low noise that’s considered branchmark. The stock standard SMPSU is fully regulated to all areas both video and audio and I can’t see how this link to a “Linear supply” will improve things. Why f. K. up a well implemented well design that’s designed to measure well, Measuring well tells you that everything works. Why tinker with a perfectly implemented device?
  12. Addicted to music

    Cheap 2-in-1 Laptop recommendation

    HP Pavilion X360 14-CD0008TU starts at 1.6kg. My daughter’s school in bag full of books for year 10 -12 weighs in at around the 15kg. But these days when you buy the books you get the book in soft copy and a license to run it. So I’m betting that that’s now lessen. She also carried a MacBook that’s 4x as thick as it has a full size HDD with built in CDs.....remember them?
  13. Addicted to music

    Beware of Snake Oil & Blind Belief!

    No..... and I seriously will never recommend to do so or advise anyone to perform a dangerous practice.
  14. Addicted to music

    Fragility of Micro USB.

    This is a Wacom Intuos touch pad with a Micro USB. It’s around 2 to 3 years old that my daughter uses for University. Around the $400-500 it’s not cheap that comes with a touch sensitive pen. As technology advances things get smaller and as they get smaller the easier it breaks, but this micro USB Connector for charging is one that takes the piss out of consumers. There is no proper fixing screws of any kind to lock it to take the physical stresses, instead they relied on a bad designed leaf bracket for reinforcement and the rest is all soldered in. As you can see, the housing of the micro USB has broken off the solder points on either end, this finally places physical stresses on the 5 pins that are soldered onto the tracks on the pcb. Finally all gave way! What a piece of Shcitt design. The leason here is that you can’t avoid micro USB or USB C. So when you access these ports make sure you treat them with care and not to stress these ports in anyway.