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  1. There is a cure...... just buy more hifi gear.....
  2. You already know the answer to that It’s not hard to put in processes to deal with everyone of these issues. Currently. But if you decided to jump in a vehicle and passed all these criteria and still manage to hand the honour to Stevie Wonder because he wants to drive!......
  3. https://www.news.com.au/technology/innovation/motoring/hitech/elon-musks-desperate-plan-to-boost-tesla-exposed/news-story/719c6dafbde2e75e2ca387b38672d5a7 Very ambitious, in a year we will have XXXX robo taxis everywhere earning a living while we sleep! Just like e bikes that’s now nowhere to be seen, I wonder how many will be vandalised? People get out and do a runner? You need systems in place to prevent all these things from happening. Melb isn’t (Australia) the place for self service.
  4. If you jump into a vehicle with no steering and pedals your at the mercy of that autonomous system, what training is required? How to drive that touch screen? However this evening I wish autonomous vehicles were already here and in place; when you sit in the front passenger side to teach your kids how to drive can be “ severely stressful” hair ripping moments “.
  5. I could be wrong but I remember that the 2 generation Yammies had 3 laser tracking, also one of the 1st manufacturers using LSI compared to the original 1st Yammie CD player. the SQ on the very 1st Yammie, forgot the model number uses all discrete components, that populated the circuit pcb, weight a tonne and was expensive, they al sounded different.
  6. But planes have manual controls whether it be a joystick that airbus uses or the traditional steering used by Boeing. The 737 MAX "bad programming through crap processes " was approved by the FAA and certified to fly until 2 catastrophic incidents...…. makes you wonder doesn't it? Some say the plane shouldn't require MCAS at all and if it did it shouldn't be approved because they changed the designed by using more powerful engines that makes the noise light. All in all its due process of commercial marketing that dictates to get the product out into the market place ASAP, no different to any other product really.
  7. https://www.news.com.au/entertainment/movies/new-movies/avengers-endgame-smashes-firstday-box-office-records/news-story/cc2d5b68f601c2f2875150db3ed3f2c7 $10M AUS on release smashes 1st day box office record.
  8. The X26 is a very good implementation of the 9038. But, from what I’ve heard, some like some don’t. If I were to spend big on a dac this would be one on the list. https://www.audiosciencereview.com/forum/index.php?threads/review-and-measurements-of-gustard-dac-x26.7007/
  9. Have no faith in autonomous vehicles, when you go no steering wheel or pedals for override control incase of failure...... we are putting too much faith in the engineers and programmers who think they have it all worked out! A typical example; Boeing Max etc.
  10. The oppo 205 has an output standard when set on 100 of 2Vrms at the RCA (unbalanced output) You need to check the input spec of the amplifier you are using as some will have a 1vrms and can be severely overloaded. Cheapest suggestion is to reduce the volume to cater, failing that you’ll need attenuators as one has already advised. https://www.audiosciencereview.com/forum/index.php?threads/review-and-measurements-of-oppo-udp-205-uhd-player.3660/page-2
  11. This is my dac of choice right now, at least it’s affordable..... https://www.audiosciencereview.com/forum/index.php?threads/review-and-measurements-of-topping-d50-dac.2403/ oh, did mentioned the iPhone.....
  12. I’m just ageing gracefully..... and if I waffle like an old grumpy jerk, then I know it’s old age..... There are things better in life than hifi....😱 I had the Bosses 20yr old niece who is absolutely gorgeous, just finishing her nursing degree and decided to fly out here to spend 3 wks with us..... I took time off to show her what Victoria has to offer, showed her all the tourist sites.... Restaurant and night life... because of her quite and shy nature you have to start the conversation..... so she goes home but tells us she really didn’t want to leave. ....she tells her mother that who tells the Boss that I’m the best dad she ever had, far better than her her own father! Maaate she’s welcome here anytime she wants, I’m on top of the world.... and yes I thought id share by....waffling on.....
  13. I’m actually hiding the fact that what my daughter calls me; a living tight arse.....😲 I still have the M51. 😱 I did a blind test with a fellow SNA member with a group of other dacs he had in his possession, i thought I could tell the difference on initial switch on, as time went on do you think I could pick the difference even though one was seriously brighter than the others? Nope, it all sound the same... maybe I need to live with them for a while? Who knows....or maybe it’s me getting old.... just because it’s the latest doesn’t mean it’s better, it maybe better than there previous product line, hence some here like basic ladder dacs such as the OP who bangs on about them... just remember listening is purely personal and subjective, just because one thinks it’s better may not be the case.. you can keep searching and looking for the holy grail and spend the mega $$$$ and still be unhappy! The owner of those dacs said he likes this dac because of this and this one because of that, put in a decrapifier or a oversampler and it sounds like this for $xxxx.... when in reality, if I were to change a $10-20 component here I can achieve the same effect! I did say once there’s a reason why they decide to use certain chips and components and then force you to upgrade $xxxxx on a psu.... if that’s what you’re into all the best to you... these days I buy component were I see independent tested with THD graphs measured from reference gear such as from AP. I won’t touch on something thats measures poorly., simply because I can’t stand distortion. ..... And that my budget isn’t as great as some... and that’s from me who enjoys listening to a set of Breyer T90 via any iphone.... Please accept my apologise if I disappoint or offend anyone!
  14. Sums it up really. Hence the reason why I refrained from purchasing another fashionable DAC. Even ladder DACs that someone I know keeps banging on about!
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