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  1. Addicted to music

    Cardboard Box for Sanders Magtech: Found

    Ensure you switch it off when not in use. I have it on a power strip that has a on/off for each point and I power down from there. The reason why Roger recommends it to be on24/7 is to prevent the main switch from wearing out! His words!
  2. Addicted to music

    It's illegal. STOP IT!

    While @Luc thinks he’s watching! 😂 My Sammy LED had a recording feature. I can hook up a USB 3.0 to the USB port and record programs in full 1080p whats even better is I can do this with some programming and watch it later! 😜 Definetely illegal me think...
  3. Addicted to music

    New desktop computer required

    Here is a pic of an installation of a wins printserver running wins7 As you can see the wins Update is 2 pages and that’s double sided. Mostly consists of security updates from MS. I’ve known these updates including the system updates can take up to 3-4 times the space needed. So if your server initially takes 12GB to run, at the end of life it’ll be about 38-45GB of data when we back it up! That sloooows the whole system down to a crawl and can sometimes crashes.... Lucky me hey, how else am I supposed to pay my bills.....
  4. Addicted to music

    It's illegal. STOP IT!

    Yep, guilty as charged.... throw the full force of the law at me including slapping me Over the head! 😂
  5. Addicted to music

    New desktop computer required

    I’m sure he wants a non Apple product Dave....😂 Good value for $1200 with a 2 yr replacement....what more do you want? As long as it fits his needs has plenty of USB 3 ports and maybe some SD slots....bonus! Seriously you can’t argue with $1200. Im a cheap skate if I was to run Office there’s also Open office! But not sure if that’s still available...
  6. Addicted to music

    Series 5000 MOSFET stereo power amplifier - Upgrades

    A mate of mine had all the test gear. He used a jug element for the output and yes he used water to ensure it’ll survive. Those Hitachi Mosfets were indestructible if you never exceed Vgs. We even short circuited the output just for fun! Then he left for Grease! So I’d never got to test my 6000 out like he did. But in saying that I’ve used mine to drive 1.8 ohm ribbons with a 180uf MKP cap, parallel with a 1.6mH inductor that’s hooked up to 2 Eton 11” in parallel since 1994. The 6000 has been driving these in this arrangement since it was up and running. No issues for almost 25yrs. The 6010 was testing the water waiting for parts for the 6000. Certain parts like Wilma caps only came as samples or quantities of 1000s. So some stuff you just had to wait. That’s why it took so long for my 6000 to get up and running. I’ve moved on now and back to BJTs. I’d probably never build a mosfet amp again. However some of those Pass Labs are interesting.
  7. Addicted to music

    New desktop computer required

    Awesome buy Trevor. now do yourself a favour, buy a USB 3.0 1TB drive and get use to backing up your data! Just in case you have test that replacement warranty. 😀
  8. Addicted to music

    New desktop computer required

    Windows 10 is stable, just don't let it upgrade itself. Or use something else....😂😂
  9. Addicted to music

    Series 5000 MOSFET stereo power amplifier - Upgrades

    I built both the ETI5000 AEM6010 the 100W @ 8ohms and then the AEM6000. All three never had mad oscillation, the 5000 and 6010 I used typical wirewound that was plentiful everywhere, even if you look into a ME they were using the same. The 6000 I found Stuart Electronics in oakeigh (no longer there) supplying metal plate resistors. Using Polystyrene can be a PITA, the values change permanently with heat.. One thing I realised is that even the boys at Silicon Chip has discovered, replacing all ceramic caps actually gave a design better THD figures.
  10. Addicted to music

    New desktop computer required

    Apple Educational support programs, and the obvious bling bling. I saw the prices on the Educational program, wait for when JB, Myer or even Kogan have there specials, the 10% discount works out a better deal. But that’s not why they have them, win10 is just not stable enough to run the stuff they run.
  11. Addicted to music

    Series 5000 MOSFET stereo power amplifier - Upgrades

    Brings back memories. You should have built the AEM6000.
  12. Addicted to music

    Free Whirlpool 7.5kg washing machine

    It may not look OK with all the rust stains, but somehow I think it will outlast your new one! 😂
  13. Addicted to music

    New desktop computer required

    @LHC those 15” retina screens aren’t cheap! Sorry to hear that it was out of warranty. I too had the screen replaced on a 2012-13 15” MacBook Pro just to utilised the Apple Care warranty. I had 3-4 areas that went pale but the product wasn’t a brick and possible can do without. If it was out of warranty I would never pay $1170 to have it replaced! My daughter has had it for the last 4yrs for her Uni and in the 1st month she dropped it on hard concrete floor that’s damaged a corner, this thing is still performing well, no issues.
  14. Addicted to music

    New desktop computer required

    I was doing an installation at RMIT last month. In all the class room was full of Macs not a Pc to been seen. Even the kids or student should I say use the latest 2017 MacBook pros. My daughter tells me why?
  15. Addicted to music

    New desktop computer required

    Nice pickup Trevor. That HP are very decent. My Brother looked after a ton of these in his days running IT for City of Kingston b4 they moved onto Lenovo’s.