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  1. Blade Runner 2049

    I hate it when sitting in the edge of the row and someone infront starts playing with there phone.......so distracting!
  2. Lubricant oil for Thorens TD124

    Photo copier oil? Maybe, Originally used in the scanner rails because it doesn't attract dust and solidify. Areas that can't use WD40 or triflo, or normal machine oil; all these will go tacky, solidify and cease.
  3. Lubricant oil for Thorens TD124

    Oils ant oils use Launa oil.
  4. The joys of being an old SLK driver

    Not If you owned a black Mercedes Hearse!
  5. Dueland tinned cable - input requested

    Banging on drums the 3rd time is definately of topic..
  6. The joys of being an old SLK driver

    Trump will have you removed
  7. The joys of being an old SLK driver

    And that goes with electronic components too. Cheaper to get a new one. I hate going to sites that had a flood. I had one women tell me that the machine has a service code and it's not working. The bloody thing was still plugged to mains and she was turn it off/on to reset the code. Some people just don't get it, why is it you don't feel the carpet is drenched with water would have been a dead giveaway that the area has been effected by a water leak? The second I saw that on approach I ripped the power cord out of the wall and cut of the plug so they can't use it. Lifting the document feeder up and the glass and scanner section was drenched in water! Shes lucky she's still alive! And that's not the only incident either!
  8. Dueland tinned cable - input requested

    In all my working life I have never seen copper oxidise when you stripped the insulation of some old equipment. And some of the stuff iis electrical and temperature stressed. Copper does go brittle in high temperatures, especially when units heat to 200C, they change colour too.
  9. The joys of being an old SLK driver

    The OP is for Victoria. I very sure the Husband of the dead women in the OP is the prime suspect. He's been giving the police the run around and referred to a lawyer when the body was found.
  10. Dueland tinned cable - input requested

    My apologies, I thought you meant caps. Misread the post, no idea why they impregnate copper wire in oil!
  11. electric cars

    These guys are having fun doing laps at a self storage place in Brooklyn
  12. Brimstone

    Absolutely agreed. Which makes some scene so hard to watch. And Dakota Fanning, the look in her eyes, the breathing and her body shaking, you see and feel her heart pounding in moments of fear and anger. It's brutal the way the emotions are shot and viewed, it's so convincing.
  13. Dueland tinned cable - input requested

    The oil is for high reliability and it's used to prevent shorting. It takes a capacitor application to industrial applications like your supply grid for power factor corrections . It takes it to a level that a any dry cap can't achieved. Just don't consider any "paper in oil" or bees wax. These are organic and have a limited shelf life. Infact avoid or replaced these rubbish types when you encounter them, not worth the effort as they are unreliable that can catastrophic fail. Also avoid any electrolytics that have paper as a dialectic, there are many of these that are Class by manufacturers as "audio caps". Paper is the worst material to use in any electronic component.
  14. Brimstone

    @Sime about time you liked a movie I watched everytime i I go for a nature call that dunny scenes flashes in my mind...
  15. Everything unplugged

    Don't forget to disconnect external antenna.