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  1. @Bill125812 Bill is a member and makes cables from reputable manufacturers, hopefully he can help. BTW stick with XLR.
  2. @Al.M have you any experience with these? They also come with a ribbon tweeter as a different variant. It looks like the original variant was designed by SC.
  3. This is my biggest gripe.... unless a product has transparency I’m out! the whole process was to revenue raise as pointed out from an audio manufacturer that refuses to participate.... for it to work the licensing has to extend from ADC to DAC... And even if a manufacturer were to take it on the mystery remains on what it did to the original recording, the whole process was to reduce size so it was easily access on line, it’s a bit late as we enter the age high speed connections. All this so that little blue led is turned on! 😂
  4. There was a number of members including mods on multi threads who said the MQA is better and I remember the host here promoting MQA and made the comment that manufacturers will be left behind if they didn’t take MQA aboard becuase of the uptake in one HiFi show he was at, in that thread I challenged MQA as a money grabbing incentive that implements alterations rather than improvements, if it were to take off it was in the wrong time of release, it should have taken off in the late 90s.
  5. The assumption that’s been made is the usual BS that Ringing is HF can leak into signal path, to snub it correctly you need to take into consideration of the winding of the transformer.
  6. Does all this technical sales pitch in audiophile electronics engineering explain why standard run of the mill power supply diodes are the most reliable and stable components for AC to DC Conversion, I’m talking about standard full bridge rectifiers used for 230V 10A 60/50hz switching. The ringing on the on/off crossover is at least stable at zero volt and doesn’t move when temp increases, and one thing for sure doesn’t inherent reverse leakage that can be destructive to electrolytics. I would stick to the standard diode, if your worried about diode switching ringing, which should be the l
  7. those OPA827 OPA 1612. OPA 1642 are the best for audio, nothing comes close, if you’re getting into LM or LME get in there fast from trusted suppliers as they are being wiped out of existence and replaced with OPA.... The result of BB taking over National.
  8. Most manufacturers will, it’s to provide circuit isolation incase DC offset increases. It’s acts like a DC isolator. Even some amplifier manufacturers use it one on the output of there preamp and then one on the input of the power power amp. In this arrangement if there equipment is connected to other manufacturers products they guarantee stability and reliability. Even the Magtech has it on the input of the RCA, hence the reason I use XLR.
  9. Surprisingly some of the locations sill remain untouched which is good to see.
  10. Some more details can be found: https://www.madmaxmovies.com/mad-max/filming-locations/melbourne-university/index.html my daughter was fascinated by the how it started and bought the whole collection on 1080. She was really fascinated where she’s been and where filming took place.... In Fury road the ex colleague had shown up in a few scenes, I won’t say which one for privacy reasons but was base in Sydney, and I was fascinated how the part was obtained.... would have love to be part of it, if it was here in Melb would have put my hand up, wouldn’t care
  11. I was way too young to be let into the cinema when this was released... I remember the ads where the interceptor would drive through a caravan..... But why it’s such a cult to us Mebournians is that the movie was shot around Melbourne and country Victoria.... The garage scene was done in Melbourne uni underground car park that I believe is still there. Some of the other court scenes was done near science works where the old sewerage pumping station was, some of these places are still there and you can related that to the movie when you visit these places. The little house that Max w
  12. More like tell those here on this site who entertain the idea of current drive amplifiers that’s on the brochure with sales gloss with certain speaker manufactures. All amplifiers are Voltage Source and all that sales pitch about current drive will always involve Voltage Source designs somehow modified to gratified the idea they are current drive. Buy into this hype you have to realised that the amp/speaker are designed to compensate for each other, change the speaker and the result will change (not matched)
  13. the accuracy of hearing is age dependant and exposure, I doubt that at his age and many here who are able to hear above 12-16Khz, hence as you age, microphones are a trusted instrument
  14. I assume The flat earthers that he’s referring to is ASR. At least Amir shows you what is measured and what can be done than sit infront of a camera mumbling on about it and then starts selling speaker cable...for 17mins
  15. external RF rarely causes oscillation, and if it did you wouldn’t be able to hear it! Some components and circuit arrangement can self oscillate, if you hear a “buzz” it’s in the audible hearing freq not RF! some designers refuse to follow data sheet guidelines and therefore introduce instability. Audible “buzz” can also be caused by component tolerances, I had to use a high cap value to get a output device stable, sometimes you need to go against the grain to get things to work. If you work with opamps, some can’t be rolled in to the circuit of a different opamp because it has specifi
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