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  1. Hi, thanks for the message but I have found one now.
  2. This looks pretty nice at HiFi Disposals, SACD as well. https://hifidisposals.com/products/arcam-cds-50
  3. Still looking for options, so please let me know if you have one to sell 😊
  4. Item: PS Audio DirectStream DAC in Black Price Range: Depends on spec and condition Item Condition: Ideally I am looking for excellent, near new condition, preferably boxed with all original accessories. Extra Info: Must be black. I can collect in Melbourne, or happy to pay postage for the right unit.
  5. I'll grab these please if they are still available? Cheers Paul
  6. I find it amazing what a stereo pair of these can do considering their size, it always puts a smile on my face. Just add WiFi, no addition dacs, pre-amps, power-amps, interconnects, power supplies, power leads, hifi shelving, spiked feet etc etc and they even adjust themselves for the position in a room! The bottom end they produce seems to defy the laws of physics Definitely heaps of WAF too!
  7. If you’re into the Apple ecosystem then it’s hard to beat the Homepod for a fun little background speaker (IMHO). Apple have opened them up now so you can listen to the radio via TuneIn and there are rumours that they will be opened up further when iOS-14 arrives to access Spotify and Tidal natively, however you can use both now via AirPlay I’ve never seen them this cheap 😊
  8. Dear Santa, I’ve been very very good, please drop the wonderful amp into my stocking. 😊 Definitely the next amp I’d like in my system, just can’t justify it right now 🙁 GLWTS Paul
  9. I currently use a Chromecast Audio (via optical) to stream internet radio stations into my DAC. I have it setup up as the default output on my Google Home Mini and it couldn't be easier. Great SQ via the optical output, I think it's brilliant! Great price with the included optical cable. GLWTS Cheers Paul
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