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  1. Will do once I get a grip on what the DPS4.1 is contributing .....I will also try swapping plugs to see if this changes anything. I may also take some measurements using a Trifield meter and 879B BK precision LCR meter if I get around to it .....trying to see if I can identify specific characteristics to see why I seem to prefer certain power cables in my system
  2. Taylon seems to look very similar to the material used on the Sablon bochinni plugs. Will try and track down the Sarum T to see if I can try it The Sablons Kings I purchased could not be used on my Select 2 Dac.....the Bochinni IECs are huge and will not fit due to the bevel on back of the Select 2 DAC....a real shame as I enjoyed the lower models. Have moved the Kings to Mephisto Solos. Quite a few more PC cables have come into the systems for trial .Recently acquired a Goebel Lacorde Statement PC (matches my existing XLRs and speaker cables )and also built a Furutech DPS4.1 wit
  3. Further information: Furutech FI- AU 3112. Brand new never used. Original packaging bought from Australian agent.Copper rhodium plated AU compliant plug Photos:
  4. Further information: Furutech FI-52M 20A us plug. Bought for a cable that did not eventuate. All original packaging bought from authorized dealer . Seen as the best of the best. Installed on most of the ultra high end power cables. Photos:
  5. Further information: Isotek 24Carat C19 IEC connectors. Come with packaging. Will sell separately If paying by paypal fees to be met by buyer. Photos:
  6. Further information: Isotek Evo Optimum C15 cable with AU plug. This cable was a 2m cut down to 1.2m. IEC C15 and AU plug are original connectors. Re-terminated by electrician . Comes with original packaging. If paying by paypal fees to be met by buyer Photos:
  7. Do you want to try the Renderer V2 module?
  8. Further information: Isotek 24 Carat Gold connectors. 16 amp 250V. EU Schuko. Price is for one. There are 7 plugs available. 6 out of the 7 have original packaging. One has no packaging. If paying by paypal fees to be met by buyer Photos:
  9. Further information: All original packaging. If paying by paypal fees to be met by buyer. Conductor The conductor of the Continental 5S consists of 5 Nines pure silver. After being melted in a ceramic crucible, it is molded into 15mm diameter round bars. It is further reduced in diameter by means of 19 repetitions of the cold rolling process. Afterwards, the silver wire is further reduced to 1.05mm by a low-speed drawing process. After the final rolling operation and mirror surface finishing, stress and strain that is generated by the drawing process is slowly remov
  10. Been an interesting experiment for me. All of the cables were used on the DAC and transport Putting in the Evo3 Optimums on either the DAC or Transport the sound stage collapses a little and it definitely sounds like more haze is in the system compared to the Sablons and Ascensions. One should take in context Optimum is a very nice power cable. On my transport the Ascensions surpass the Optimums with a quieter background bigger sound stage and less hash with much more presence. Comparing Valhalla V2 to Ascension to each other on the transport is an interesting one. V2 on the transpo
  11. Sorry just seen this will put some thoughts down tomorrow.
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