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  1. The Renderer has impressed me so far....I used to own a Aurender W20 and while I enjoyed the W20 the Renderer gives more flexibility and the sound on early listening sessions has it offering more of every thing....a lot cheaper for the Renderer if you have a MSB DAC to boot. Of for another listen.....
  2. Bluray Pure Audio, DVD-A and SACDs

    Hmm MQA .... a clever marketing tool indeed for a lossy format. There is no need for another lossy format which MQA is . Current internet speeds are able to stream full Hi-Res without compressing it..... I hope it dies but seems to have a lot of support. Time will tell.
  3. Bluray Pure Audio, DVD-A and SACDs

    I am sourcing from Ebay, Amazon and other smaller sites where I can find the discs... Yeah I figured as much.... a shame really. I do hope a few releases still keep coming through though. As for the SACD vs DVD-A vs Bluray I do not have a preference either way yet ....all formats offer some superb recordings and some downright awful. Its nice to be able to play them all and the MSB DAC I own plays all formats equally as well.
  4. Bluray Pure Audio, DVD-A and SACDs

    The Nirvana black cover and In Utero Bluray Pure Audio discs are 2 of the discs that have impressed....I know Nirvana are not your typical reference recording but the rawness and power on these recording far surpass the CD .....maybe our different DACs and transports??? I will have to track down the Beck Sea Change and compare it to the SACD. The SACD is a favorite and it would be interesting to see if I have a preference either way.
  5. Bluray Pure Audio, DVD-A and SACDs

    Al thanks for the recommendations......I have ordered both. Cheers Elton John: Goodbye Yellow Brick road, Bob Marley: Legend 30th Anniversary I have on Bluray Pure audio.....both very nice recordings really enjoyed both I have the Beck Sea Change on SACD so have not chased it on Bluray.....the SACD is a damn fine recording! I have ordered the other recommendations thank you Thanks ordered. Yes I was not impressed by the Amy Winehouse......quite a disappointing recording really ...goes to show Hi rez means nothing if it is not mixed and mastered well. I have no issues passing 192khz /96khz/88khz/48/44.1khz , 16/20/24 bit via digital. The MSB UMT V trasnport outputs in Proprietary I2S to my Select 2 DAC. Thanks for all the suggestions appreciated
  6. Always been a fan of SACDs having amassed quite a few (100s ) but recently I have a MSB UMT V transport currently residing in my system which has opened the door to quite a few other high resolution formats. Some of the titles of DVD-A and Bluray Pure Audio which I have purchased recently have really caught me off guard how good they are . If anyone has any recommendations for Bluray Pure Audio or DVD-a would like to hear about them. My music tastes are very varied so all genre recommendations welcome but only 2 Channel recordings please. Thanks in advance.

    Please check PMs payment has been made
  8. SACD questions

    The Oppo is a nice fit all multi-disc player but you will not hear SACDs at it best with this player. The analogue section will not compare well to your current Meridian player.
  9. SACD questions

    Bill size is not really an issue with the cheapness of storage now this truly is an issue of long ago. As to MQA here is "my opinion" it is a marketing/control tactic by the big music corporation /distributors that are trying to reinvent the wheel and control money distribution. There is no need for a proprietary packing tool when you can stream full uncompressed files with current internet speeds.................music corporations/distributor are preventing this as they will lose control. The sooner that MQA goes the way of the DVD-a/SACD/dodos the better it will be for artists and for consumers. SACD/DSD can offer some superb sound and to label MQA as better really is your personal opinion "from the DACs you have used and heard" but a bit of stretch. I do agree that unfortunately what has not helped it is greedy music companies/distributors taking advantage/deceiving the consumer with poorly upsampled titles.....this seems to be what usually hurts these new formats.
  10. SACD questions

    Gee do not let me get in the way of a bit of experimenting......there are some magnificent recordings on SACD/DSD......also some absolute shockers but if you like its limited choices means the Meridian is hitting the highway..... I liked the Meridian sound but did not like the fact they offered no SACD/DSD support and seem to rail you into going all in with them with all components.... Emm Labs,MSB,Accuphase, dCS, CH Precision all can output in DSD from transports. It is usually via propriety links but I am sure I had DSD running via my dCS Vivaldi 2 transport to the MSB Select 2 dac from memory. I am sure there may be more but if your curious they are the ones to try in my experience from owning them and hearing extensively...one other would be Esoteric but I have not heard it enough to make a proper judgement. I have the MSB UMT V Signature Transport in my system at the moment which plays every disk you can throw at SACD,DVD-a,Blu-Ray,DVD,redbook etc ...no discrimination ....and paired with the Select 2 DAC is just mind blowing on all formats I throw at it.......it is refreshing to have no limitations on the little disc you can spin. Maybe its time to try some new flavors other than Meridian......go on dip your toes in! If you do dip your toes in make sure you hear MSB....my favorite by quite a margin.
  11. SACD questions

    Daz why the urge for SACD playback? I have a pretty sizeable collection but struggle to find titles I really want......with your taste in music....I suspect you will find less. Are there any particular titles you are interested in?
  12. SOLD: FS: Dynaudio Sub 250

    Still for sale but electronics failed....price adjusted accordingly.
  13. Item: Dynaudio Sub 250 MC Location: WA Price: $100 Item Condition: Not working electronics has 2 resistors with hotjoints. Cosmetically excellent Reason for selling: Taking up space time to go.... Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal(fees to be met by buyer) Extra Info: All original packaging and accessories. Take as is looks an easy fix but do not have time ....driver and cabinet alone warrant price Pictures:
  14. FS: Denon AVP-A1HDCI 3D

    No thanks.....still for sale.
  15. FS: Isotek Syncro power cables

    Sold pending payment.