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  1. Argh ok my mistake.....not my intention to kill thread......sorry.....
  2. It was a while ago when I compared these 2 DACs Not often these heavy weights are compared directly in home systems though so understand curiosity . I am happy to offer more of my experience/opinion and thoughts but not sure a whole thread is needed. Cheers Jones
  3. Mono power bases , Femto 33 clock and matching Select Transport/power supply. The Select 2 I trialed had Femto 33 so cannot comment but told it makes a difference. The mono bases surprised me with more improvements definitely worth looking at.
  4. Yep Vivaldi had some beautiful lines to it......and the black was far better look than the silver imho .....suited my all Gryphon system.
  5. Yep no problem at all. dCS Vivaldi 2 was the first digital system that truly impressed me multiple times I auditioned it and is the first system that finally let me feel that the playback system was no longer the weak point. The Engineering, build quality and the amount of adjust-ability is just phenomenal. This is Vivaldi's greatest asset but can also be its weak point. Having lived with Vivaldi 2 it is very easy to get lost with the amount of user adjust-ability and end up having a sound that is not what you set out to achieve.Vivaldi is brutal at exposing equipment not up to task or set up correctly. I truly understand why people think Vivaldi can be too analytical,dry and sterile but I will counter that is usually due to being paired with inferior/non compatible equipment or not being setup correctly. I know when I did not have the Pendragons setup correctly Vivaldi laid it bare.. Vivaldi can be sterile cold, analytical far too honest but then it could be fluid ,full, dynamic and so natural in the right system When you compare Vivaldi 2 to Select 2 everything I liked about Vivaldi 2 was now even grander, larger than life ,sound stage expanding past what I was used too ,lightening fast transients dynamics and attacks amplified but never fatiguing . Bass with more impact and quickness that is just frightening ......pure and just sounding right. A naturalness that I have yet to hear in other DACs and as Chanh mentioned less grain which really needs to be taken in context compared to each other(Vivaldi 2 vs Select 2) not other DACs .The sound just draws you in and immerses you......so so addictive.... I will never knock Vivaldi 2 I really loved the sound of it and enjoyed every minute I owned it ......but you can never undo what has been heard .Select 2 for me is just in another class .....
  6. Yes was a rare treat to compare them directly in my own system Both superb in their own right and I would agree imho the 2 best digital systems I have had the pleasure of hearing.
  7. 2 of the best DACs that I have heard and owned ...... dCS Vivaldi 2 full stack and MSB Select 2
  8. Way too early just enjoying them at the moment will put Solos back in much later down the track..........as above shame you are not able to hear them....... by the way must get me some of those cable lifters.....I assume better empty than full?
  9. I wish it was possible for you to hear these......they match superbly well to the Select 2. Since your last visit have made further improvements with position of speakers ,Q setting and position change of equipment .....I think it is quite substantial , when this covid blows over you will have to pop over for a listen
  10. Superb setup Chanh truly impressive what you have done! The Monos and the new room mods I need to hear one day soon hopefully....
  11. The older Levinsons were a little darker in presentation from memory to Krell ........ mono;'s will always be a plus but I really do think Krell lost its way since Dan left so not much support for their products. Some good advice to look at your speakers but to get your system running if you enjoy a more detailed brash sound go the Krell if you prefer a slightly darker fuller sound the Ant Sig will be the one. The caveat will be not really sure how either will work with your existing gear. A real shame you can not audition....this covid is bloody challenging nothing like hearing equipment in your own system.
  12. I have enjoyed Krell amps and owned them some very nice amps.. Heard or owned pretty much all of the Gryphon amps from the Antilleon Sig upward. The Ant Sig is a superb amplifier a legend but is at the bottom of the Gryphon range' Krell and Gryphon both have great control of speakers but differ in sound signature. Depending on your tastes and speakers will depend on which you like. Gryphon is renowned for a lush ,full natural sound Krell leaner brash and detailed. Go listen to both to be sure or you may end up with something that does not suit your speakers or taste.
  13. Plexus plastic cleaner protects and polishes .....Wilson audio and other manufacturers recommend it and it works wonders on my high gloss black on my Pendragons......expensive but highly recommended.
  14. Heard the 30.7s they are super damn impressive for the price. No speaker I know comes even close for the money ......3-4 times the cost I still struggle to think of a speaker which offers what the 30.7s can. Anyone looking at the big Rockport, Magico,Wilson,YG Acoustics etc really must hear these..... color me impressed which does not happen often! Thanks for the kind G-man for making it possible. much appreciated
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