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  1. Good call only my opinion and in comparison to other gear I have owned previously and at the time.......... Ayre MX-r's ,Antipodes DX , Krell SACD Standard
  2. Most of the products that I have regretted purchasing have been/are still rated highly so not sure a good idea to list .....maybe its my tastes that's the issue.....
  3. I will assume you mean internal which is 48.5mm diameter. Cheers
  4. Item: IsoAcoustic Gaia 1 Carpet disks Location: WA Price: $200 for 2 sets (4 in each set) Item Condition: Like new used once Reason for selling: Gryphon Atlas spikes Payment Method: Cash, Paypal Extra Info: Each set has 4 carpet disks. All original packaging . Price new was $380 for the 2 sets Pictures:
  5. Whole loom may be a bit of an ask as I need a set of 2m xlrs for the mono's and a set of 3.5m xlrs for the bass towers......then 2.5m speaker cables for the ribbon towers. I will inquire but suspect it might be tough. The Lenehans would be up against some heavy hitters in the Goebels but you never know until you try!
  6. @Darren69 always wanted to try Goertz cables almost bought the AG3's but I see they have gone the way of dodo..... is there a demo set of the Lenehans to try ??
  7. Look forward to your thoughts on the 30.7s when they arrive. They look super impressive!
  8. Yes the Pens would seem to be an updated/simplified reboot of the IRSV and Gen1s by Flemming is my guess as well. My first ownership of a Ribbon speaker which has me hooked. Not sure I could ever go back. I have spoken with Ron in regards to the Pendragons on a few occasions a very nice and informative gentlemen . The VTLs Siegfrieds would be one of a few valve amplifiers I could live with. Heard Rockport Arrakis 2 with 4 of them powering it in Hong Kong was very impressive. If you make it across to WA drop me a line and will be happy to let you have a listen and get your thoughts on the current setup....and you never know maybe a set of 30.7s may be here as well. Cheers Jones
  9. Amplifiers are Gryphon Mephisto Solo mono blocks Speakers are Gryphon Pendragon No reason to change I like the Pendragons but I am always looking. I am really drawn to the concept of a full range 4 tower Ribbon(non/hybrid ) panel speaker The 30.7 looks like it will deliver on my expectations...fingers crossed.
  10. @Big Dog RJ yes my thoughts are I will have travel to Bills for an audition but I live in hope. The specs of the 30.7 are not clear on the research I have done so far .....I have seen 24hz and 20hz. I realize this is room dependent but it would be nice to have a known figure.My tastes in music is very varied and the 4 tower configuration with separate ribbon bass panel in theory should give the lower end extension I expect but it still concerns me. My room is large and my current amplifiers will be an excellent match with the 30.7s according to Bill and hoping a demo with a 20.7 or 20.1 or similar will allay my concerns. @andyr I have spoken to Bill already and I am waiting for his advice if any are in WA just thought I would try and see if any one on SNA had a pair locally. Thanks to all for the advice.
  11. Thanks for the advice Andy really appreciated. If an opportunity comes up in WA I would like to take my amplifiers but logistics stand in the way of that. I am sure/hoping whoever own the 20.1 or 20.7s will have appropriate amplifiers to drive them. A bit of long shot that they are in WA as I get the feeling I may have to head east to hear them fingers crossed.... Cheers
  12. I am very interested in the 30.7 but with no possible audition possible for quite some time the 20.7 seems my only option to hear what the 30.7 is capable off. Are there any 20.7s owners in WA that would be kind enough to allow me to hear them??
  13. I know an owner who had to replace tweeters on Magico's twice. No brand is immune to failures even if perhaps it was misuse.
  14. Not all old .....at least I think I am still classed as middle aged......Tidal certainly make some lovely Engineered speakers a must to audition if looking at this level . Whether you like them or not well that's depends on your tastes. The below is a measurement from a speaker designed well over 20 years ago and measured by Stereophile. Makes you wonder if we really have progressed with speakers at all or as mentioned perhaps measurements else where are more important. Or maybe a ruler flat speaker response is not ideal for most? Certainly some food for thought but as always the best method is listen and make your own mind up if looking to hand over the hard earned.
  15. Genesis and Acapella I have heard.I have not heard the 4 box Tidal yet. The Wamm certainly is imposing and has a lot of drivers/crossovers. I really doubt I will ever get to hear it with only 70 being built maybe one day.....certainly take some impressive amplification to drive it properly.
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