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  1. I have enjoyed Krell amps and owned them some very nice amps.. Heard or owned pretty much all of the Gryphon amps from the Antilleon Sig upward. The Ant Sig is a superb amplifier a legend but is at the bottom of the Gryphon range' Krell and Gryphon both have great control of speakers but differ in sound signature. Depending on your tastes and speakers will depend on which you like. Gryphon is renowned for a lush ,full natural sound Krell leaner brash and detailed. Go listen to both to be sure or you may end up with something that does not suit your speakers or taste.
  2. Plexus plastic cleaner protects and polishes .....Wilson audio and other manufacturers recommend it and it works wonders on my high gloss black on my Pendragons......expensive but highly recommended.
  3. Heard the 30.7s they are super damn impressive for the price. No speaker I know comes even close for the money ......3-4 times the cost I still struggle to think of a speaker which offers what the 30.7s can. Anyone looking at the big Rockport, Magico,Wilson,YG Acoustics etc really must hear these..... color me impressed which does not happen often! Thanks for the kind G-man for making it possible. much appreciated
  4. Anyone know how to get a hold of Gary The Music Monster...,...??
  5. Ok makes sense....we all have to compromise at times...
  6. Have you tried to pull the 802s out into the room a little or is your room quite short/challenging? It would seem in their current position you would struggle to get their best with whatever amp you use.
  7. Good call only my opinion and in comparison to other gear I have owned previously and at the time.......... Ayre MX-r's ,Antipodes DX , Krell SACD Standard
  8. Most of the products that I have regretted purchasing have been/are still rated highly so not sure a good idea to list .....maybe its my tastes that's the issue.....
  9. I will assume you mean internal which is 48.5mm diameter. Cheers
  10. Item: IsoAcoustic Gaia 1 Carpet disks Location: WA Price: $200 for 2 sets (4 in each set) Item Condition: Like new used once Reason for selling: Gryphon Atlas spikes Payment Method: Cash, Paypal Extra Info: Each set has 4 carpet disks. All original packaging . Price new was $380 for the 2 sets Pictures:
  11. Whole loom may be a bit of an ask as I need a set of 2m xlrs for the mono's and a set of 3.5m xlrs for the bass towers......then 2.5m speaker cables for the ribbon towers. I will inquire but suspect it might be tough. The Lenehans would be up against some heavy hitters in the Goebels but you never know until you try!
  12. @Darren69 always wanted to try Goertz cables almost bought the AG3's but I see they have gone the way of dodo..... is there a demo set of the Lenehans to try ??
  13. Look forward to your thoughts on the 30.7s when they arrive. They look super impressive!
  14. Yes the Pens would seem to be an updated/simplified reboot of the IRSV and Gen1s by Flemming is my guess as well. My first ownership of a Ribbon speaker which has me hooked. Not sure I could ever go back. I have spoken with Ron in regards to the Pendragons on a few occasions a very nice and informative gentlemen . The VTLs Siegfrieds would be one of a few valve amplifiers I could live with. Heard Rockport Arrakis 2 with 4 of them powering it in Hong Kong was very impressive. If you make it across to WA drop me a line and will be happy to let you have a listen and get your thoughts on the current setup....and you never know maybe a set of 30.7s may be here as well. Cheers Jones
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