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  1. Jones99

    Yamaha Mans' system.

    the waiting is killing me.....come on give us a clue or a few words on the comparison....
  2. Jones99

    Yamaha Mans' system.

    And the current leader is....?
  3. Jones99

    My System this morning

    Its versatility is exceptional and it is leaps and bounds ahead of the previous UMT V I was running in my system. While still early stages I am extremely happy with its performance and matching with the Select Dac. The most content I have ever been with my current setup which says a lot looking back at the equipment that has passed through my system and equipment I have heard.
  4. I owned dCS Vivaldi 2 full stack and loved it ,truly one of the best digital systems! I compared Vivaldi 2 vs MSB Select 2 in my own system and now I do not own dCS Vivaldi 2. Whatever they are doing it works. Select technology has trickled down the MSB line to make it more affordable and a must audition for those looking to see how good digital can sound. +1 on above........head to SGR or contact Audiofidelity ....well worth it.
  5. Jones99

    My System this morning

    Thanks for the offer Daz but already have it.
  6. Jones99

    My System this morning

    Surprisingly a female singer with guitar or piano stripped back is my most favorite music
  7. Far less.......paints a very very clear picture. I did another Google and there are quite a few NZ stores with pricing at roughly 2.5knzd advertised so this is not an anomaly.
  8. Item: Dynaudio Evidence Center in birds eye maple Location: WA Price: $9500 (freight to be met by buyer) Item Condition: Like New Reason for selling: HT Plans shelved Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal(Fees To be met by buyer) Extra Info: Comes with all accessories,original wooden crate/box, and 2 x Center 2 Bases. Speaker is Australian stock and is like new. Used/checked once and then reboxed(Less than 1 hour used) This is truly one of the best Center Speakers you can buy at any price and stunning looking. Replacement cost RRP $39990 for Center Speaker and $1890 for 2 x Center 2 bases. Check Lifestyle Store for pricing. Why own Confidence or lower models when you can own the best. I Have owned confidence center the Evidence center is far superior! Pictures:
  9. Jones99

    My System this morning

    Anytime you like....just a short plane ride away.... Will be in Warnambool around xmas so hopefully catch up for a few ales and music if ok
  10. Jones99

    My System this morning

    Gryphon Pendragon
  11. Horse one spinning now......I am liking it so far ...thanks for the suggestion!
  12. Ok spinning Mastadon now...picked up 5 albums Powerful stuff!....not sure you would want to soften it though..... first album spinning away ....did I happen to grab one of the real stinkers?
  13. I have had this one on repeat.....and I am loving it all over again! The imaging and separation is far from poor . Brandon's voice central,sound stage expansive and a lot going on . While I do agree it is not audiophile quality but lets face it what rock is , its ability to draw you into tapping your foot just begs you to turn it up and pretend you are in a stadium or pub...awesome! Loved this album previously and absolutely loving it again thanks for the reminder....will have to disagree on the MP3 quality though far from it.
  14. Alright time to satisfy my curiosity.....dig deep in my collection or visit the cd shop.
  15. Which Pearl Jam album?