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  1. Jones99

    Dynaudio Speaker Chat

    Having owned so many Dynaudio's I have a real soft spot for them I hope they re-energize/create a new Evidence series ....such a timeless master piece I would be very interested in hearing it and looking to buy.......fingers crossed. Impressive measurement room.....I dare say one of the absolute best!
  2. Jones99

    Value of a second opinion

    Dave thanks for the invite to hear your DIY setup . Always enjoy hearing different setups. I admire what you have done and appreciate a lot of your time has been invested in the system. I can only compare to my system which is vastly different to yours and I am always loathe to be too critical of systems that are labor of loves but you seem determined for some feedback so for what its worth here are some more thoughts. I think you are on the right track but the differences from my system are quite stark. I could tell quite quickly that there was a possible issue with integration of lower end to mid to highs. Certain frequencies were accentuated but others recessed on some of the tracks I played compared to what I am used to. If you have sorted this then this will be a great step forward. As we discussed the noise floor of your system is significantly different to what I am used to and expect. I completely understand the dollar difference but if there is any way to drop this I would pursue it if it does not detract in other areas. I do like that you are running the little diy class A amps they did work very well with your horns. In this respect as a whole I thought a little darker/warmer than I am used to but that could be attributed to something else....... Class A amps are my choice of amplifier although mine are a little larger and with a few more watts, stick with them they certainly had attributes I seek in amplifiers and the small watts mean little when hooked to the horns. I think your imaging could be improved by possibly spending a little time getting everything perfectly aligned and accurately measured to your listening position. I have spent considerably time ensuring my speakers are within mm's of correct alignment/measurements distances and really do think it is important.I know you had the horns just resting on top so some sort of support which allows easy adjustment could bring great rewards. Hard to comment on the Giesler DAC as would need to hear it in isolation to determine if it is adding to noise via direct connection or have its own sonic characteristic's etc.. I liked the presence of your system and it worked well in your room. Horns and bass towers worked quite well putting aside the integration/timing . I really do think you are on the right track and have done exceptionally well in achieving what you have already. Dave please do take up my offer to come and listen to my system and judge for yourself if you think I am on the right track or if my system offers attributes different to your own. While our systems do differ ultimately we all have to live with compromises and we all decide whether we can live with those compromises. Cheers Jones
  3. Jones99

    SOLD: FS: Goebel Lacorde Statement XLRs

    I have 3 sets of Goebel xlrs and also own speaker cables. I used the 1.2m xlr from dac to pre and other 1.2m xlr from pre to power amp. I also use a 4m xlr pair for my active. My new DAC does not require a preamp so one pair of 1.2m is spare.
  4. Evidence Center will look at home nestled between the c2s....a perfect match.
  5. Dyns sold a long time ago ....do have a Evidence center speaker I am selling though
  6. Happy to try ML5s vs my current speakers in my system... .always open for change....change my paradigm please!
  7. tem: Goebel Lacorde Statement XLRs 1.2m Location: WA Price: $3900 Item Condition: Good Reason for selling: Surplus no longer need it as not using a preamp Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal(fees to be met by buyer) Extra Info: Comes with original leather case and all original packaging a few minor scuffs on connector. Superb cables that replaced Nordost Valhalla. Pictures:
  8. Jones99

    Looking for an Audio only Receiver

    Denon AVP-A1HD 3d interest you? Like new minimal hours.....balanced tip to tail in silver which is unheard of for AV procesor ..for Audio it is outstanding.
  9. I have heard this beast multiple times a lovely 3 way speaker and always enjoyed its sound.
  10. Isn't that a 3 way then .?? Yet to hear this combo match a large floorstander. A large floorstander with its greater height throws a bigger soundstage...physics again ..... Coherence and integration with a 2 way/sub that is not designed to be together is tricky ....has never been to my total satisfaction previously ....still waiting to hear one that does .
  11. Agree with @THOMO. I have owned and heard quite a few 2 ways over the years but they cannot deliver enough dynamics ,separation, low octaves and spl to accurately represent a lot of music realistically.There are a lot of claims of speakers that run flat to 20hz but in reality they don't . I have owned large floor standers. with 4 x 8 inch woofers per speaker that run flat to a genuine 27hz . They hit you in the chest when low notes come on but I still felt I was missing something. Listen to a large floor stander in a room big enough that genuinely can go to 20Hz and you can never go back. Its just physics...nothing personal..
  12. I have a Synoligy 918+ running roon and connected to the Renderer. The DX through usb in my system was too laid back for my tastes. Dynamics were squashed and soundstage was smaller through it compared to W20 running dual aes. The Renderer on my short listens improves on everything the W20 gave ...soundstage,dynamics,smoothenes. If you own a MSB dac I would seriously look into the Renderer. I will be doing more comparisons and can offer more thoughts soon.
  13. The Renderer has impressed me so far....I used to own a Aurender W20 and while I enjoyed the W20 the Renderer gives more flexibility and the sound on early listening sessions has it offering more of every thing....a lot cheaper for the Renderer if you have a MSB DAC to boot. Of for another listen.....