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  1. Wife thinks it's some kind of weird toilet. Send it to the Fugly thread.
  2. Idiot. You didn't listen to her did you when she told you to turn it down.
  3. Hot, humid weather turn the AC on. Cold frigid weather turn the AC on Hot and sweaty/cold and wet at live music have another drink or spliff In transit? Doesn't matter.
  4. Well let me just say that this entire thread is damaging your brand Anthony, I find it hard to believe you've let it go on this long. Wouldn't it just be simpler to do all of this back and forth in private rather than in the centre of a group of people who could be potential customers of yours in the future perhaps. Doesn't really matter now where the fault lies it just needs to be remedied with just replacing everything or refund and apologies or whatever you think is a fair thing. Doug probably doesn't need to shave now as he'd of pulled his beard off during this awful experience.
  5. When I work I'm digging holes or building retaining walls or laying pavers or uncovering blocked sewer pipes yada yada . I have industrial noise bashing into me most days if I'm working and the gift that is the 11 bucks or something a month that is spotty is just wonderful. $40 ear plugs into the ph and there it is. Get home and it's picked up by a streaming speaker thingy and it just plays stuff It thinks I'll like and I'm happy to listen while I'm getting dinner ready or working in the workshop/come mancave2. Discoveries of music I'd never ever have come across is endless, I hit
  6. Personal Message. Hover your mouse over someone's name and you get a choice of actions.
  7. We all were at some stage Ross, no biggy. always PM a seller if you want to negotiate, no need to do it in public. 👍🙏
  8. Hey Ross, scroll up and read the replies and then go and have a squiz at the rules for commenting in a For Sale thread. If you need to lowball then do it in private via a PM.
  9. Haven't followed the entire thread Doug but the little bit I've read I'm pretty sure you've gone above and beyond the call of duty when it comes to bending over to a manufacturer and trying everything they've recommended. It's time to call it it quits and seek recompense from Anthony and Anthony if your reading this then you'd be aware of the damage that this thread has done to your brand, it's not a good look. No one's the winner here and perhaps you could do the right thing for Doug in private away from this open stage that we're all watching and just shaking our collective head
  10. That's not hard to do is it. Push that early morning plate of salami and bruschetta aside and focus. 😜 Spotty moving up from mp3 should be great. Wonder if we'll have a fanboi war amongst the Roon-Spotty mobs.
  11. Did you ever own a P76 by any chance?
  12. Granted, slight improvement. Binocular look they've got going. The old ones are the P76 of the hifi world and the new binocular look might be their Targa Floria
  13. I've got one of these, they are a true vintage cart. I purchased mine in the early 80's so it's near 40 yrs old. Not sure when the company closed but it was a while back. GLWTS.
  14. @buddyev Stands and the speakers are already warmed up. C'mon, you know you want em. Magtec+Harbeth a match made in...
  15. Sent 1 LP12, 7 solid state amps and numerous other bits and pieces with Aus Post and never had a problem. It's all down to how well you pack. Pack for the worst case scenario, double boxed, polystyrene and sheet cardboard(stiff, top bottom and sides) thick bubble and taped up like a mummy. 40 bucks will cover some of the toll charges but a bit more up front dosh would be more likely to find a taker
  16. Click the link the OP provided and you'll have all the specs for it. GLWTS OP
  17. Good luck with that, you'll be lucky if you find one, I doubt very much you will but...ask @Telecine and he'll point you towards a UK site that might be of some help.
  18. Hey Andrew, perhaps a bit less chest thumping and a bit more, how can I help you Sue with your amplification needs for your new speakers.
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