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  1. Beer: "proof that God loves us"

    Had 2 of these this evening and with only a 6 pack left it's nearly time for another few slabs if I can source it again locally. It was on special for $80 a slab a little while back and I grabbed the shop's entire supply(5 slabs) and it's tasty! I think I've been lucky or unlucky enough depending on your point of view to have only shared one can so far and it wasn't appreciated by the sharee as he much preferred his bottle of cider. He comes from the northern suburbs of Sydney and possibly that's both an excuse and a reason! @evil c that looks nice mate and also mid strength to boot! Don't drink to many or you know what'll happen... Yup: Dr John at volume.
  2. Beer: "proof that God loves us"

    Double ouch! I'll stand by my comment Fez and you can remain as pee'd off as you like. Yes we have a growing boutique craft beer industry but it pales into insignificance compared to the UK. Your standard pub tap beer offers little choice and if you live in the regional centres(like I do) then your choice of craft keg/cask beer is extremely limited and actually almost non existent. I support the local industry by buying my IPA's from as many small breweries as I can via a local bottleshop. If you'd care to scroll back through this thread you'll see many pics I've posted of these beers. Might I suggest you try being a bit less thin skinned and check your facts before you engage your finger. I'll save you some time and you can look at the last two beers I've popped up. Have you tried them, have you supported them?
  3. Beer: "proof that God loves us"

    @SETSergio I know I shouldn't mention wines in the beer threads but the pinot noirs I had in Paris...loved em. My lack of schooling in wines was quickly shown up and to save embarrassment I learnt to look for Pinots. It's now taught me to move along from Durif and big tanniny reds and I'll be exploring them more from now on.(expect me over in your wine thread!)
  4. Beer: "proof that God loves us"

    Having just spent 6 weeks touring all around England and Scotland I've finally realised (after being told by countless expats) that our beer in the main, is farking roobish. Yes we have boutique breweries but if your not living near them then you'll have little chance of experiencing them. A tiny little postage stamp of a pub we went to had 27 cask beers on tap and another 20 plus keg beers on tap(I never knew there was difference). People came from miles to drink there, you could barely bend your elbow to drink the stuff as it was just packed. The range and depth was gobsmacking. Many of the beers were one offs and never to be seen again and this was a regular pattern we experienced in many pubs, more so in England than in Scotland. I've got a heap of pics I took of the taps at the many bars (I sadly ended up at...) and eventually I'll post a few of them and the names...the names are laugh out loud in some cases. The colour and the murky depths of some of them are truly spectacular and had me questioning whether I should sip them let alone drink the whole half pint. I learnt early on to buy halves as it was cheaper if you didn't like the beer and there were many that I didn't but their IPA's...WOW! The taste and depth of the beers there leave our cold bubbly pi** for dead.
  5. Sunday HiFi show weekend GTG

    @joz Not sure Joz, only just got back from Europe so unsure what I'm doing at this stage.
  6. Sunday HiFi show weekend GTG

    I'll bring some fresh flathead.
  7. I seem to remember us wanting to go there last time but certain drunks thought otherwise. We now know they have form so ignore their suggestions this time around.
  8. Bargain. $350-$390 for the 4900 alone. Fantastic first system or garage system or hipster retro system
  9. Quite a crew assembling for this knees up. Where is the after drinks knees really up going to be then? Same sh**hole as last time or perhaps a bit more classier this year?
  10. Certainly prefer to see the Visual stuff in a separate section as I'm only here for the HiFi not TV. Tele is on the money with the AG idea and sub sections, the result being that you'd no longer have to wade through all the ads looking for your preferred category or item. The search function is clunky and too lineal at times so the sub sections would address this.
  11. Hello all

    Welcome to the club of diminishing returns and fearful finance factors, more commonly called audiophilia. No better place on the net to loose your money than here, especially if you cruise the classifieds which are full of clickbait. The kind that you see and sleep on and wake up determined to buy regardless of your Handbrake's misgivings or indeed your own(remorse at not telling her about the purchase of yet another shiny box thingy ). The fact you you consider advice to spend 7k as possible sound advice means your almost there...
  12. Currently Spinning

    First listen to vinyl is some time. Cobwebs dusted out of system by... These blokes take James Taylor's 'Steamroller' up a level it's pretty bloody good. There's a few tracks on this that are well worth the purchase. It used to be a rarity in the late 70's but is now a bit more freely available at the usual places.
  13. Was waiting for the incentives to be placed. Duly noted. If I win the Interdyn then someone else can have it for a mere bottle of Durif(Rutherglen of course)
  14. Rubbish pic but it's a nice spot you don't get to everyday