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  1. Mober PSU. Agree with the others suggesting this. That Valhalla is getting really old I'm afraid. Another option...flog yours and buy another LP12 with upgrades already done.
  2. Thanks. I'm lucky to have a bit of a custom built room for my hobby, certainly makes it easier for the rest of the house not to have to listen to my music at my levels!
  3. For something from a bit left field you could look into something like my current set up. After having standmounts/bookshelves and floorstanders I was looking for another avenue to walk down so I tried tubes and OB's(open baffle). In the pics below are Spatial Hologram M4 Turbo S (wanky name) which have compression drivers in them. The amp is a Weston Topaz 120 and below it is a vintage Sansui which drives them when I'm not playing vinyl. A lot of warmth, a lot of detail and an extremely friendly pair of speakers to position(toe-in) once you settle on where your preferred possie is. My room is small roughly 5m x 4.5 and it has thick carpet on acoustic underlay and acoustic batts in the wall and ceiling and acoustic double glazing but no thick drapes like you have. It's an intimate room for want of a better word( tiny and one man in the sweet spot is all it'll handle). There's the compression drivers. Like I said, they're a bit out of the norm compared to your normal wooden boxes. But I'm glad I took the plunge sight unseen and unheard as well. A few of members here have these speakers now and they can be purchased locally(I imported mine at silly money) at a fair price. @blybo has the big brothers to these and he's in Melb and I'm sure he'd welcome you for a visit to have a listen.
  4. @metal beat Nice choice, Khalids a talent isn't he. Talent in spades actually and it'll be interesting to see how he progresses as he grows up and matures. Me? I'm listening to August Greene The names on the album say it all if you know them but if you don't then maybe do a bit of youtubing or better than that head over to NPR and Tiny Desk and listen to a really nice half hour concert as only Tiny Desk can do. @hired goon Geoff what's "IDM" I don't know the acronym. @Marc Marc the 'insert nick' feature by hovering over name isn't working but does if you do it longhand(obviously)
  5. What difference, what's changed? Looks the same to me. You lot need a few of these which fix things like this remarkably well.
  6. Well there's lurkers and there's lurkers isn't there. I've been lurking here for yonks and pop up out of nowhere and bomb a thread then disappear for awhile. One of the reasons if I'm correct for the rule change that made all you lurkers and newbies become non-lurkers and make you post count affiliated members was to stop the scammers who were hitting up SNA and taking members for a ride. So a moderate post count is one small way of both deterring the scammer and also a way to get you lurkers and newbies to contribute and be part of the community. Lurkings great, I've lurked below this thread for awhile down in the lurkers box and I'll lurk in that box on many threads until I'm ready to unlurk. Luc cwt wag Snoopy8 currently lurking See.
  7. Luc


    You and your epistemological relativism again. Just can't leave it alone...pfft.
  8. Luc


    @Yngvi and I said:
  9. I didn't play 45's either until I bought some Radiohead albums off cheekyboy and thought my Linn had died when I played them! That's when I decided to look into the Moses but I took so long to decide whether to pull the trigger that Edward had come up with the Mober so it was a no brainer to try digital control. *pics look great J, wd on the project so far.
  10. Such an excellent spinner these and an almost iconic quasi industrial design that's instantly recognisable to most people here on this forum and featuring the 'starship enterprise' top loader. No mechanical drawer to get stuck or sloppy, see where your placing the cd as well. 3k new in their day(or was it near 4k? Can't remember) and they are bullet proof. SQ? Detailed and refined is my immediate memory. Half tempted.
  11. @jakeyb77 Where'd you source your mat from J? I'm up for trying a new mat as my felt ones are a bit ovoid. Nice plinth Peter has given you too👌. *On a side note. I had a play with my Linn for the first time in yonks(lost interest really, been mainly spotifying) on the weekend and you forget how good vinyl is. I played nothing but 45rpm lp's as I wanted to test out the Mober digital adjustment on these albums as they are all 180gm and a 200gm. Wanted to test it to see if there is much variation as I do get a little bit of variation on 33rpm but only .1 or .2 in an extreme case. 45 rpm is different, I was getting up to .5 variation regularly and this is when the Mober came into it's own. You can't adjust on a original(obviously) but if you were faced with choosing the older Moses Hercules upgrade which also has no way to adjust platter speed or the Mober then I'd go with the Mober.
  12. Luc

    Cricket season 2018/19

    I'm a longterm blogger on county cricket and follow Lancashire and Glen 'Aigburth' Maxwell was bowled by Dial M for Murder of the Middle Saxons for a stunningly appropriate score of 1 last night our time. He'll fit in well at OT. Meanwhile Durham with Marcus North in charge and 40 Grit as it's newly appointed captain(oh don't they love 40 Grit in the UK) are giving Sussex a match in 2nd div CC. Can't fault the English in their collective disdain for Australia and their expectations in the upcoming Ashes. A lot of commentary (like here) revolves around the perils of putting Warner back in the Test side. I'd be quite happy to never see him on the field again in a baggy green and that goes for Smith as well, the guy is a first class numpty and 40 Grit is just plain stupid and if they want him as captain at Durham then good luck to them. Smith and Warner can see out the rest of their careers in the IPL and in Canada and Bangladesh and Pittsburgh PA. Other Australians? Siddle as ever does well and he's a credit to perseverance and playing for Essex he's just taken a sixfer against Surrey. Renshaw continues his awful form in Australia in England as he plays in 2nd div Kent, he'll not figure in Ashes squad at all. Shaun Marsh Ditto. Callum Ferguson Ditto James Pattinson Didn't play in Notts latest match(injured?) Daniel Worrall (Gloucestershire) No news on him I'm afraid. Joe Burns (Lancashire) Yet to pad up for Lanky Marnus Labuschagne (Glamorgan) Has had a match where Glorious for some strange reason decided to actually score runs and a lot of them at that. The pitch is an absolute road and Glorious' opposition Northants have moved to 240/0, so that gives you an idea of the track. A century here is almost meaningless in the scheme of things with four posted so far in the match and more to come perhaps. Again this a match between perennial dwellers in the 2nd div So keeping an eye on Australians in CC we can say that Mark Cosgrove continues to be one of the best not to play a game for Aus and there are others there who's name never reach the lips of Australian supporters or officials. Our Ashes team, our Test team for this tour is going to be disrupted if the Sandpapergate crew get back in, no ifs or buts there. If Australian selectors took the bold step to leave them out then I think you'd see our resurgence continue and whatever the outcome of the series we'd be back in contention and back in somewhat slight favour for eschewing these two players and tackling the hard task of England in their summer and their swinging maestros. But Australia being Australia and CA being the grubby mob they are...I don't expect it to happen. Our win at all cost mentality will prevail as usual.
  13. @Yngvi the Artist formerly known as The Archduke Eggmiester of Castle Nog in the Duchy of Egg has form on the scratching of itches. Like he's infested with fleas and the only way to get rid of them is to buy obscure branded speakers. The Leyland P76 of Speakers Award was handed out on the quiet to the manufacturers of Rethm speakers and the Marga is the 2 door Targa Florio of their range It certainly appeals to a particular market. The rest of the speaker purchases just smack of 'elitism' and us plebs with our Heos BT speakers nad Bose soundbars can only drool on the sidelines. I've owned a couple of lowbrow speakers and will post pics a bit later. The Lord Egg travels down roads that few others will or would travel and while we sit on safe paths with our purchases he just wades into the unknown and saves us from having to go there or makes us wish we could go there... WD Eggy, fantastic trip your on. 👍....👌...🥂
  14. SANSUI AU-alpha607 Integrated Amplifier AC100V Working Properly (d850 Price: AU $1,276.06 Postage: FREE Standard delivery from outside AU | See details Item location: Tokyo, Japan Posts to: Worldwide See exclusions Umm, what do we think with this one then?
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