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  1. Thanks Ian, I'll chuck the system as it stands at the moment into that calc. The parts listed were for the 1400 build but the Handbrake said I can go to 2k if needed. I've never built on before so it'll be a learning curve for sure.
  2. Got a G700s at the moment and love not having wired but I'm also not gaming either. Dunno if icould go back to wireless but early stage at the moment.
  3. Time for a new PC after many years of the old one which is laggy and well worn from 7 yrs of 24/7 use(only turned off occasionally in all that time). Looking at getting back into some gaming via Steam and the build can reflect that as I only use the PC for normal home chores otherwise. AMD or Intel, being situated in my listening room it would be nice to have it as silent as I can get it. Young friends have come up with an initial build and I was going to throw it out here to see if anyone had suggestions or advice(damning or otherwise o.O ). $1400 was the starting point but might be able to go higher if I can get it through as a tax write off , 2k tops. What do you think?
  4. Back when I had cans(about 3 years ago, Hifiman 500's) I had a dedicated amp for them, a Burson but I also had (have) a few Sansui's as well and the cans sounded fine through all of them. I think your idea has merit and if you buy a Sansui, then you will not lose money on the deal if you decide to sell it in the future. That's a very decent set of cans you've got there, I trialled them once and preferred them to their higher priced brothers(800's and 1000's). $250 wont get you much in the Sansui range(the desirable ones anyway) and $400 will get you into entry level. $600 will get you some seriously nice Vintage bling. I think your on the right track for sure. Good luck and post some pics up when you get set up. *Post a WTB and see what's on offer here.
  5. You was young and hip and now of course we're both tragically unhip...well, one of us is anyway😜
  6. Deep into a day of baking in the mysterious world of wild yeast and sourdough. It's a 2 day slog to get a loaf in the oven ( unlike the 2 minute effort to make a bun in the oven..) and today's efforts interfered with beer o'clock and then dragged on into 🍷 o'clock, which is still going at the moment as I wait for loaves to prove. One of my fav big beers and it hasn't suffered under the auspices of CUB. Then I foolishly cracked a can of some American wunderkind IPA! Wishy washy and then I got stuck into kneading and then snuck into my sound room mancave and nearly pulled the cork on a 🍷 that the couple I worked for this week gave me for doing a good job and coming out in the pandemic. I told them that if they'd just been that little bit older and unhealthy and I'd been pre- warned about their 🍷 collection. I'd of coughed on them... They laughed their heads off. Gave me a bottle of Hundred Acre Cab Sav 2014 Napa Valley. I was going to open it but Pepperjack 2015 is on special so I grabbed a couple of bottles and I'm quaffing (sorry.. Sipping) a glass now. Hope you guys are all well in these perilous times. And remember this as I did today when for the umpteenth time the Handbrake tried to force some of her home grown cucumber on me. Dr Johnson nailed it almost 300 years ago and I repeated it about an hour a go I said, Madam, a cucumber should be well sliced, dressed with pepper and vinegar, and then thrown out. *Pepperjack makes you brave doesn't it!
  7. I met him at Joz's. couldn't remember his name. I contact if I can't get it right.
  8. Too damn clever Andy! I'm always in awe of people who build electronic stuff. Timbers one thing but this stuff...wow. My project requires someone with a good knowledge of Japanese Kanji as I'm building a swinging shingle, you know, like the ones you see in movies outside of 18th century or 19th century pubs with the Prancing Pony inscribed on the board as it creaks in the wind. I've got to come up with an idea for an Acupuncturists clinic. A hangmans post is my first thought with two bits of chain holding the sign but...it's getting the right Kanji on that sign that's the worry.
  9. The divine Miss Peggy Lee and Ray Charles and Richard Tauber and Tex Ritter(wtf!...I still say that when I think of his name) and many more as a youngling. Then mum got off on pre-electric Dylan and John Mayer and The Kinks came blasting out of the HMV 3 in 1 cabinet. Apart from Tex, I still listen to them all, some more than others. Kinks were current amongst others when I was kid Tubby In the end I introduced her to more music than she to me but she gets the kudos for starting it all.
  10. New IPA discovery today. Canadian Trash Panda IPA. Different, understated hops with a gentle bite and the kick in the beer is a slow one. Very little hops on the palate. Not to shabby and a@2 for 12 bucks and 475mm cans a real bargain for 5.5%alc. Found in little one horse(maybe two) village bottlo.
  11. Outrageous! Weird?...me? Pfft! Your probably right though. I just hit send and hope for the best.
  12. Sorry about the above post. There is an odd glitch if you type @ someone and hit backspace or click your curser on the members name, you can't get your curser back( @Marc for instance I can't edit out or delete the above post. Tried but no success) So anyway, @Citroen Didn't like the first YT link but very much liked Nadia, Avantdale less so, still to listen to your last one. So in this clip you'll hear a lovely lead vocalist and also a fantastic cello/trombonist in Claire Courchene Hope you like it, she's very good(as is the band)
  13. @Steffen thanks for that. I'm not listening to your link tonight as I have @mikey d 's local guitarist on play at the moment but I'm with you tomorrow as we hunker down in corona world. A bit of Bach interpreted by new young blood is the perfect sunrise for me over a coffee and a personally made slab of sourdough dripping with butter and local honey. (obviously I'll have to hope that someone in Russia has ripped this to a FLAC...
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