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  1. Luc

    Cricket season 2018/19

    Oh, and I could watch Bumrah bowl all day. What an action eh...wow!
  2. Luc

    Cricket season 2018/19

    We've squandered our good start haven't we. Watching this innings it's really brought home just how poor we are as a Test batting side. Good chance we'll be bowled out on the first day(I hope not) and you just can't see this great Indian batting side slowly crumbling like we're doing. I'm listening to a commentator bigging up this score by relating the previous Shield match here and the low scores. He's calling it a fine score...251/6, really? What a wally. Paine...
  3. Luc

    Iggy Pop - who's going?

    An old quote. *Did we go through this 3 or 4 years back? It rings a bell.
  4. Luc

    Iggy Pop - who's going?

    @caddisgeek Menace.
  5. Luc

    Linn Sondek general service

    Was playing mine when the Mober arrived at the door. Turned it off and sat it on our dinner table on top of a chair with the seat removed. Follow Edmund's instructions to the T and you'll be good to go. The rest is folklore.
  6. 4 weeks and your handbrake said no, not on my watch, wow. Such a shame. Hope you move them on. Maybe discuss your next purchase before you buy! GLWTS.
  7. @caddisgeek was just wondering. It used to be a taught but I dunno if it still is. It's all engineering degrees and business degrees and water management principles these days here in the land that time forgot. I think essay writing is absolutely fantastic and yes I love the arts faculty in those Uni's that still have one. Agree with your view of Peppers and of course I'll still listen to B&B when the mood calls(which isn't often with the Stones I'll admit). Menace; I think Lou Reed had menace back then when he was young and he never lost it so agree with @keyse1 on that one but we do come up against 'menace' in a popular band who has a huge following and that can equate to influence on the popular psyche as it did on my mum. She wouldn't let me take my Stones single to the 1969 Mt.Waverley Primary school Year 6 social. Grand Funk Railroad were huge in 69 to 74 drew enormous crowds in America as big as Led Zep or the Stones and they were a raw three piece band and a generation of(mainly Americans) slipped from teeny to teen listening to them...menace? TNUC played live in front of an estimated 160 thousand followed by I'm your Captain! Yes!. Menace? Hmm, depends where your coming from.
  8. Just goes to show how much you know my lad. Or is that how much you don't know. Moot point obviously. Do they still teach rhetoric as a subject at Uni these days? Now that the discussion has continued to move along and silly asides(from me obviously) have stopped until at least the Caddis replies, I reckon this discussion about a seminal album by a kickarse band from a period 50 years ago and who it seems most people are in agreement that they haven't really done much else up to and including Some Girls can be played out against another seminal band that while only in it's 33rd year has kept a relevant sharpness to their ourvre. Have they had such a social impact on popular culture as the Stones? Nuh. But the 60's as a social experiment and indeed movement, was techtonic plate movement wasn't it. Beatles& them headlined the period but perhaps the late 50's guys actually started it. Radiohead my band of 33 years really appeal to me for their continual chameleon-niss and their uncomprimising-ness.(not quite menace obviously but constant menace would be tiring yeah?) They didn't/haven't petered out like the Strolling Bones did decades ago and of course many other bands besides them. Beatles just never managed to get to the ennui stage that the Stones have represented for decades. @buddyev and that brings me back to your OP topic and heading. You are correct and I was being silly as the good doctor of bugs&water suggests although I'll always listen to B+B before the album you champion. Silliness is a very underrated ability and Auberon Waugh had somewhat to say upon the subject. Sadly I've forgotten what it was but it was a favourite of mine. My bêtes noires seem to includes a lot of others loves. Completely lost where we are...I think
  9. Bah&humbug you old fogies, get a grip I say! Take those rose coloured specs off, put that glass of Ben Ean Moselle down or Blue Nun if your an inner city type(or Mateus Rose if your a full blown wally) turn off Homicide on the the TV or the Mavis Brampton Show and listen to the sheer creative climax that was Black + Blue and culminated in so many fantastic tracks! #The hand of fate is on me now It pick me up and knock me down I'm on the run, I'm prison bound The hand of fate is heavy now I killed a man, I'm highway bound # Mick n Keeth at their best yeah...
  10. Haha. It's the silly season indeed. Yes, I thought so! Have an 'i' on me. *Oh! Your a Qlder I see, sorry, I'll explain then. I was having a dig at some friends. A point easily lost when your reading text only. I'm sure the aforementioned albums are ok but we move on you know or in buddyev's case you go off tangent and all weird...but that's another story. Black+Blue was a much better album than that 68 dross and Blood on the Tracks craps all over Music from big pink 😝 @Russ. I keep reading Bacharach for Bach. Apart from that being plain silly, hasn't it got a name when you see one thing but name another? (...leaves door wide open for a kicking...)
  11. Old guys riffing about 50 yr old muzak...shite load of better stuff since then.
  12. Back when J.Darko was both a member here and an Aus resident he did a review of these speakers. If you separate the verbiage you'll see they aren't a half bad speaker. Review>>> Click 400 bills is a reasonable price for minty speakers. GLWTS.
  13. Luc

    currently drinking

    Thought you guys might be interested in this article if you haven't already read it somewhere. When should you open a good bottle of wine? Penfolds can help James Atkinson Dec 6 2018 Whether you're a billionaire or a parent with a pram, we're all guilty of waiting too long to drink our best bottles. This year's Penfolds re-corking clinics confirmed the number one mistake made when cellaring wine. "There are two classic quotes at re-corking clinics, whether you're a billionaire or a mum and dad with a pram," says Penfolds chief winemaker Peter Gago. See Also The biggest trend in drinks right now is all about the blend Penfolds to make wine in the USA The ultimate boozy gift guide for Father's Day "'I can afford to buy it, but I can't afford to drink it', and 'I'm waiting for the right opportunity to drink it'. Chief winemaker Peter Gago has been been involved in re-corking clinics since the early 1990s. "We say to people jokingly, 'your family will be sharing this at your wake'. Drink it!'" Put a cork in it This is Gago's 25th year of involvement in the re-corking clinics, which always turn up plenty of surprises. "I've never really thought much of the '59 Grange, but last week in Melbourne we saw probably the best '59 I've ever seen," he says. "Then other times, very rare bottlings come through, something done in the 1940s or 50s that we don't even have written up." But the one guaranteed appearance at every re-corking clinic is of wines that have overstayed their welcome in the cellar. Peak drinkability "Even the greatest wines of the world will reach a quality peak. The better ones will plateau for years, sometimes decades, but all wine no matter how good or bad will fall off that plateau and go into decline mode," Gago says. "Everyone's trying to second guess that point, but most people get it wrong because it's different for every wine in every cellar." Drinkers often hold onto their wines too long for emotional reasons. Perhaps the bottle was passed on from their grandparents, or it was the first wine they ever bought. "Or it's a brilliant wine from a great year, but they haven't cellared it properly," offers Gago. Penfolds' legendary re-corking clinics always turn up plenty of surprises. The golden rule He says the golden rule is to err on the side of drinking wines too early rather than holding onto them in the hope they will continue their upward trajectory.
 "The styles of wines that Penfolds makes, you can't drink them too early. What you have is a different expression; it's pumped up, you have more primary fruit," he says. "If you love the vivacity of youth, drink it on release. The 2004 Grange is a great example, I drank most of mine with friends within a year or two of release. Re-corking clinics allow wine enthusiasts the opportunity to have their wines opened and the quality assessed. "Do I regret that? Only because I don't have many left. But do I regret having wasted it? No. It was a beautiful drink as a young wine and it will be beautiful to drink still in 50 years' time. "My adage has always been, a great wine doesn't become great in year 37 or year 49 – they start off good. They just go through a transformation over time." Corker of a clinic Re-corking clinics allow wine enthusiasts the opportunity to have their wines opened and the quality assessed, before being carefully re-capsuled to prevent further deterioration due to leakage or low levels. And if the wine is deemed a good example of that particular vintage and style, Penfolds will top it up with a recent vintage of the same wine and give it a clinic certification label signed by a Penfolds winemaker. "A wine doesn't have to be the best example of a given vintage to get certified, it has to be just above the point of acceptance for that vintage," says Gago. "You've got to manage expectations in terms of this assessment, which is very clinical and brutally honest. "I might like you, but I'm not going to sign off because I like you. That bottle might appear in the auction system signed off and someone's paying thousands of dollars to buy it, thinking it's a good example recently certified of that vintage." Gago's genius Gago pauses to reject an '82 Grange presented by another winemaker. "Eighty two is really like fruit conserve, wild raspberry," he informs them. "That's just a bit advanced – a bit muted and leathery." This is where Gago earns his keep. Chief winemaker since 2002, he joined the Penfolds winemaking team in 1989, and has been been involved in re-corking clinics since the early 1990s. Few would possess his encyclopaedic knowledge of Penfolds wines dating back almost 70 years, and the sensory cues for how they are supposed to present today. Penfolds collectors attending the clinics can also discuss with Gago and colleagues drinking windows and cellaring recommendations for the bottle being assessed. "A wine might be 'now until 2025', but we explain you don't have to wait until 2025. That's a guestimate, and that's for a bottle out of our museum," he says. Wines that do not meet the standard for certification are re-corked and a white dot is placed on the bottle. "Some people are very happy leaving with a white dot because we've in effect given them permission to drink their wine," says Gago. "We'll advise them 'this weekend', or 'by Christmas' or 'within the next two years'." *Flashback: 1980 Redcliffe Brisbane. Working class pub,ask guy if he has any reds? He brings up a 74 Grange from a shelf under the counter. "Got any more?" He had 11 bottles of 74 Grange for $12 a pop or somewhere round that price. Drank em all within 6 months or so.
  14. Luc

    Cricket season 2018/19

    Was searching for some info on my speakers in my hdd's...couldn't find a single document on them, I know it's there and it'll have the name of them and model number but I've clean forgotton what they are apart from the manufacturer...anyway. In the course of that fruitless search i came across oe of my favourite pics that as a kid I look at and just marvel. Clem Hill from the Golden Age of cricket which is my favourite. There's a close up pic as well of Clem standing there leaning on his thin lightweight bat, marvellous stuff. *Look at the names on the scoreboard!
  15. I knew you'd know or the Syndal Sage would. There was thread a few years ago about HiFi Do and their Yammies for sale. I know nothing about much and these speakers even less so but I know Evil thought them the best thing since sliced bread or at least until he found the best thing since sliced bread...lol. A WTB ad might winkle out a pair for the OP, you never know.