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  1. Nah, enough of your passive aggressive stuff pal. Lets just remind everyone and yourself what you actually said to a brand new member of this site "blow-ins" you've called and grouped him. We were all new members at some stage and if the welcome was the kind of ill thought out nasty rebuke like you posted then we'd have no members here. Would you have posted the same bile if the guy was talking about selling some crappy old Gale speakers? I'm betting you'd of PM'd him offering advice and wondering if he's interested in selling them.
  2. Your a dead set dill Peter. Try engaging your brain before you hit send. Give the guy a break. If you've got a problem with it then you contact the mods and have a whinge about it to them. Give Wal a bell and see how you go.
  3. You were probably in it! And if you come back and tell me that you got on the vino with Fred in some obscure spot on the Amalfi coast or in a bar in Soho...so help me D-- I'll drive up north and throw stuff at your front door!
  4. Great topic there Sat-Nicka (I read it this way everytime!) I hope all the fanbois for the various streaming services just give a measured opinion and then shut up, and let someone else have the soapbox. I'm not hung up on hi rez and dsd and yada yada as I use spotify when I'm working via my ph and I'm on the end of a shovel or rake or driving the bobcat etc so it don't matter. When I'm home it's Spotty going through the network and I'm working outside or cooking, so it don't matter, it's click and forget. I'd like to hear Spotty at flac levels one day but no biggy rea
  5. A bit late as this ends tonight but there's some real bargains in there. Clay is a top bloke. GO FUND YOURSELF WITH SOME DIRT CHEAP RECORDS We're one week into our 4 week getthenewshopreadyathon and with the help of Bunnings and our credit card we've turned a lot of MDF back into sawdust. We've layered contigency plans apon contingency plans and expect to have a shop full of browsable shelves on relaunch day, even if they are a bit sharp around the edges. In true T-RECS style we tried to base everything around Ikea bookshelves but have ended up with complet
  6. If you'd like to know a bit more about the remarkable M's June Anderson then have a listen to this. She's much much more than you think. https://www.abc.net.au/radio/programs/conversations/judith-anderson-mrs-danvers-rebecca-star-trek-vulcan-priestess/13291044 Villainesses and Vulcans — the life of Judith Anderson Share Facebook Twitter Mail Download Villainesses and Vulcans — the life of J
  7. Irish contemporary and trad from an album from long ago. Not sure but I think Sharon Shannon's 'Potholes' was the first Irish folk song to mash it up in Triple J's hottest 100 and it's a fantastic track. But in this album you discover Neil and Tim Finn at the height of Crowded and Tim's popularity singing to their Irish roots. The names on the album contain Irish folk scene/roots scene royalty but also people like U2's lads acknowledging their roots. It's a fantastic album to use as a primer to some great artists(a couple now dead) and the Irish folk and Trad scene is
  8. That's why you've been called. Impart your knowledge on this dark art. As you know I have no clue on it and just buy records.
  9. @Eggmeister is an acknowledged master in Meta data retrieval and getting those pesky files in some kinda order.
  10. How is it Martin? Me, I'm listening to this. do you know them?
  11. Only made two great albums and this is one of them. NB. Don't play Russian roulette when your whacked and have a revolver handy.
  12. And it'd be subjective and eventually need to be closed, fanbois would inhabit it like a quick dose of Covid19, it'd be like opening up every argument that's ever been closed down apart from the one true beacon that shines out from SNA across the digital divide. Analogue is superior in every facet bar none. If you disagree then take your bat and ball and go home...
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