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  1. Persistence is my middle name but I realise this is basically a Sisyphian exercise. But if he was able to keep rolling it uphill then so can I.😎 *Back to original Q. Have you asked Earle about upgrades?
  2. I can organise people to pick these up if my Handbrake gives me the go ahead, I just wanted to check first that they're not going to be withdrawn from sale before I have that conversation. So I'll take it that that's a confirmed yes on your behalf that these are for sale?
  3. So just to cut to the chase: Are these for sale or?
  4. Cabinets are looking a bit dated and I'm worried about Earle's amp being a dust magnet. I'd suggest ditch at least one of the cabinets(the left one thanks) and invest in some stillpoints and a Scandinavian Beech cabinet that's been scoured whitewash, to match the brickwork. The old Sansui cabinet look... it's meh these days. Ditch it.
  5. @Hawkeye I didn't actually see your budget, what is it? These speakers are in the el cheapo budget range these days second hand, if you can find a pair that is. They've never been well supported in Australia but the manufacturer in the US has and is a font of knowledge. No. Flea amps will run these. Hence my swapping different Sansui's of different power output and to be honest I've not paid that closer attention to them as I'm more interested in the music; Does it sound ok? Yeah. Is it loud enough? Yeah. Is there a bit of sibilance in the top end, do you think it needs a sub for the bottom end? ... Go away. Triple five A will do the business with so so many speakers, as will so many other amps but 70's amps just seem to have a nice easy going nature and are happy to run whatever you put in front of them. Don't overthink it I say.🙂
  6. I swap my 555A in and out all the time with other Sansui's running my speakers which are dead easy to drive. A long review > Spatial M4 turbo S and another review here click Might be a bit left field for you but they seem and sound a good with the vintage amps.
  7. Virus has been good for inward looking, get your shi.t together thinking. So with the new PC rig built(won't bore you, it's in the PC section) and it's completely clean internals it was time to get my room back into it's original intention which was hiding most of my gear behind doors and screens and listening in comfort and quiet from the rest of the house. Just the TT and Earle's paperweight showing and the other three connected amps are behind the doors as are the phono stage and the Mober digital and it's psu as well as the Aria Picollo Plus(streamer) and some other peripherals. The one let down to this clean look is a pair of Aslan speaker cables(laying on the floor in the pic) which aren't connected to the speakers but are to their Alpha series Sansui and there's some speaker cables behind the doors that are connected to an AU-7900 as well as the ' gaming ' amp which is hardwired to the gaming PC. All of this stuff was spread out before and it was a mess so it's nice to have it all clean and tidy again. *The messy cables on the far right are the phone chargers and tablet chargers connected (yeah I know it's a waste) to a Consonance power conditioner. But it was laying in the Cab Sav Shiraz buying draw along with other items so why not use it. Darth Vader's noggin is a new addition and the Handbrake will never ever...ever, find my new cunning kick...it's in Darth's head. I reckon the stash in there is as safe as houses, a small stash admittedly in these trying times but Scomo's first jobkeeper is keeping it alive and kicking. You might not be able to see them but some of the gear Imentioned are in behind the doors here. I took a pic sitting next to the TT looking back, the bomb crater that was my desk is now clean again and isn't it nice to have a clean desk.It's usually full of of dead IPA soldiers who ultimately succumbed to the rigours of battle... The acoustic door of SILENCE! is shut so nothing goes out or in sound wise within reason. Last pic is my fav stack all cleaned up and plugged in for their photo op. It's been a few years since they were all gathered together, the missing model is out of camera shot. So the down time has been good. We're not on restrictions like you guys down there in Bleak City and I feel your pain, my daughter is stuck in a tiny flat in East St Kilda and I worry for her peace of mind. So wear your masks and eat heaps, become twice the men you were before the Rona(like I am...) and keep buying all those albums you've been looking at as you trawl through the online stores. I'm not telling anyone about the limited edition splattered colour triple gatefold vinyl release(for the very very first time..Woo Hoo!) and attached booklet and fantastic iconic artwork from one of the all time greatest anime's ever made and it's jazz fusion cool arsed soundtrack only available from......*^^%!!~~ Keep safe!😎🤙
  8. I'll save Marc's servers by not quoting all the pics. Excellent excellent excellent photographs! Great skill on display here. More please.
  9. Two weekends ago I started building it on the Saturday and late in the day the young bloke dropped in and about 8 that night we finished and plugged it in briefly and... During the week I transferred files and deleted stuff from the old PC and tidied it up bit prior to temporary retirement and then downloaded the Windows W10 tool onto a stick and installed it and it went like a breeze. No bloatware, no crap, no unnecessary software, just keeping it tight and clean at the moment. The thing is whisper quiet...I can't actually hear it. Sadly I've had to cover up all the pretty lights as the case is dampened and it needs all it's sides and magnetic top on to do the job. It's blisteringly fast and hopefully I can keep it that way. So far it's running games and doing it easily. Will ease it into some of the more challenging games once I've bedded it down properly. I can't believe how quiet it is! * Thanks for all your advice and links, the whole exercise had been one of friendliness and experience. Thanks guys 👏👍
  10. Guess what was I watching last night? Yup. Shaolin Soccer..Fair dinkum! * That album I linked to the other night, the Belgian bird. Ka-Pow if you've grabbed the remix album...f/ing fantastic. ** as soon as my next jobkeeper drop appears...I'll be grabbing Shaolin Afronauts. (Luc tries to remember who else recommended this to him🥺) Check this out Mr dopplereffect.... Whooshka! It's Fantastique
  11. I remember when you had two Mark...I should of used the PM function and pleaded my case...lol
  12. Nailed on cert actually sir zingders sanmore. Very surprised they're still for sale actually, thought he'd of snaffled them. Maybe he's worried they'd show up the LADS? I mean TADS.
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