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  1. Hit one winery today. Grabbed some Durif, sparkling Vermentino and this light-ish red. Jovan tempanrillo
  2. Bugger I thought I'd posted them. One sec. And this is Bella who is the house pet. There's a warning to feed her ONE PIECE AND ONE PIECE ONLY of what your cooking. She has cancer so she's on her last legs but even then she can open the sliding screen door and plonk down next to the industrial grade Esky that had all the provender in it!
  3. Gosh, I'm not sure I should post after that epic lunch with wines to die for! Wow. Hosts supplied us with a fruit/cheese platter of local produce and the wine in the pic. Never heard of it or tasted it so it's the first of many I hope. Boss said it reminded her of apples that'll do. Lime zest with subtle pepper notes and white flowers with a long dry finish the label states. The finish is dry which is nice. More to come tomorrow.
  4. Your taking your time...the French one with the Spanish grape(I looked it up🤩) is either roobish or, umm... funked😋. *You'd be proud. I'm advancing my limited knowledge of wine(open-pour-quaff-quaff again, repeat) by staying at some wineries for the next 5 days way up in woop woop somewhere with names like; Grape Rock Secateurs and No We Dont Sell Beer and Welcome Please Enter. I might be reading their web pages the wrong way round as I have a new browser but still..they sound interesting. Limited if any wireless, so reports will be scratchy till I get back. Wines to be attempted and then spat out include;Barbera(I'm thinking of a I dream of Jeannie joke which will get me a discount or thrown out) and Petite Mansang, Sylvaner, Fiano, Alvarinho, Tannat, Saperavi, Graciano, Pinotage and a host of others like these that I've never heard of. Am taking a slab of Margaret River's finest(Colonial IPA and their new Hazy IPA🥰) as back up just in case. Wife drinks one type...Riesling from Clare+ Eden valleys and will not touch red wine...what could possibly go wrong eh.
  5. Once you have your Linn serviced it's pretty much set and forget unless you upgrade and then it's expensive and the skies the limit. Don't confuse servicing with upgrading. Your man will adjust spring tension,check your arm and cart, have a squiz at the psu, drop some oil into the bearing, check your rubberband/drivebelt and if nothing needs replacing then your good to go for yonks.
  6. @Yngvi ...horns! @evil c be brave! Grab these and try a new route that diverges from boxes, you got the amps! @Guest from up here(you know who you are John...) Those cables and amps with these...better than your Magico's in your house. No big brooding black boxes and those damned cats of yours will get burnt paws if they touch these once warmed up, no grills to climb here bud😁 GLWTS OP, lovely things
  7. We're a reasonably broad church here and allow nearly everyone in. Welcome, enjoy your time here. They begrudgingly let me stay as a member so there's plenty of scope...
  8. All those many many lucky people who never updated, never moved away from W7 which is the best Bill Gates ever achieved for the computer illiterate. How lucky they are. Even if it's no longer supported, every other dumb arse like me who still has it is grinning like a Cheshire Cat. Me? I was seduced into the free upgrade and I've regretted it ever since. W10 is someone's revenge on everyone.
  9. Almost absolutely the same ideology here except that I have taken the streaming option and ripped all the cd's and put all the digital files onto the streamer...that's the easy part. The hard part is the meta data retrieval and currently I'm treating that chore like mowing the back lawn: Soon, I'll do it soon. Spotify is brilliant for discovering new music isn't it and crap music as well. No longer do I buy on someone's recommendation and then find that I have yet another orphan I'll never listen to again, lol. I now treat some members recommendations now with deep suspicion 😋 after trialling them on Spotify! *I sold my spinner to finance the streamer and when circumstances allow I'll be getting another spinner. Why? Well it goes something like this; I want to listen to some music; I find my ipad and turn it on; I go to the streamers app ;I click on it and go into the menu; I scroll through the hundreds and hundreds of albums or I use the sub menu with genre's, instruments, periods ect; find the track I'm after; adjust volume via the app; listen to the song. Simple really. ** Meanwhile, old me would turn spinner on and grab said cd and load it and hit play. I'd probably be halfway through side one that way before I got to track 1 on the streamer.
  10. Linds, wasn't there some NAD transports which were like this? Probably getting a bit old now but I'm sure they had this functionality?
  11. Witcher found it's feet after four or five episodes and when the credits rolled on the last ep it had me looking for ep 9! The location shots are breath taking and highlight an area of Europe few get to see. The games are great and Witcher3 is brilliant but...the TV series doesn't follow them or the books closely as it's an adaptation only. The acting? Meh, we're not after The Godfather 1+2, it's fantasy and hack n slash and I for one can never get enough of it. Geralt says the naughty word a lot and he's pretty one dimensional but still...he's pretty damn good with a blade aint he! Toss a coin to your Witcher O’ Valley of Plenty O’ Valley of Plenty O’ Toss a coin to Your Witcher O’ Valley of Plenty At the edge of the world Fight the mighty horde That bashes and breaks you And brings you the morn’ He thrust every elf Far back on the shelf High up on the mountain From whence it came He wiped out your pest Got kicked in his chest He’s a friend of humanity So give him the rest Haha! More please!
  12. The sellers a moron, wouldn't know a good bit of kit if it jumped up and bit him. Buy with confidence as he only ever has the very very best of gear and it must be said, the very very best of intentions when he buys this kit. As in: THIS IS ENDGAME! It never is. I've met the original owner and he's well known here and I've listened to this in the OP's system, pure would be the first descriptive I'd use of the sound through the OP's system. "Pure" Wtf does that mean then? It means needle like precision in the transients, grip on the lower notes, no muddiness here. It's a very good price. You can haggle too. Offer him some Bose QS35's...he'll probably swap!🤣 GLWTS Lord Nog!
  13. Sadly I've not been allowed to audition as loud as I'd like it. I made a mistake once , travelling around Bleak City with a friend from SNA who every single shop we stopped at...was welcomed in with open arms. The spivs and apartment stay salesmen that infest HiFi stores knew him well; Diana Krell...check; Norah Jones...check; DSOTM...check; Eagles best of...check; Faust, Sad Skinhead...check...umm, HEY WAIT!! WTF IS THAT PLAYING...TURN IT DOWN!!!!
  14. I've Edmund's Mober, with it's digital control and PSU and strobe sticker and that's it. It's been a wonderful thing and it sits atop and drives a mid 90's LP12 which of course has most of the goodies a newbie Linn buyer would want., Cirkus not the least of them. So really I shouldn't be here in this thread about his bearing. The Cirkus does the biz.
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