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  1. Without getting into DIY horns, what do you consider a good set of entry level horns? Price I'd imagine isn't the complete arbiter here, it could be of course but for your average audiophile punter where would you point them? Used obviously opens the market up a fair bit but new? No idea.
  2. @Yngvi has an Absolare integrated up for sale in the classifieds at the moment(unless he's moved it on) if the above Absolare pRon has piqued your interest. Top shelf.
  3. Tennant channels Bill Nighy outrageously and his is the stand out performance of this entertaining 6 parter. It falls away a bit as it nears it's climax as the threads are all drawn together but well worth your time to watch. Witchfinder Sergeant Shadwell is a great character and Miranda Richardson plays the slightly risqué madam very nicely. Your loss there I guess. As this is black comedy and spoof and time travel and really nice little in jokes that Gaiman and Pratchet do so well. Even the casting is deliberate with Benedict Cumbersome as the voice of your namesake. It was a hoot.
  4. Phew, thank God Mozart preceded thee guys eh! And Mrs Mills just slipped under the radar... EDIT: popping in an errant 's'.
  5. Tough market as you'd know well and retail means zilch at the end of the day, absolutely nothing really. Perhaps he should keep it and take it with him OS as he may well take a big hit on it. It's a lovely bit of kit. I saw TerryO's a few weeks ago and...this one has a bigger plinth he says! Hopefully you'll find a kind home for this. GLWTS.
  6. A very elite piece of audio design and certainly top end in it's inference. I honestly can't imagine what a lowballer would say/offer; Hi, I have a Magna Verada GTVi it had a recommended retail price of $47,490, with the sunroof fitted to the vehicle adding another $2000. Would you be happy to swap with say a cash difference of $7.5k?...to me? Cheers, Hopeful. *Hi just noticed your price drop. Can I amend my offer and make the cash differential 8k? cheers. ** In all seriousness. This is absolute unobtania to a lot of people and to see it offered here on SNA amongst the populace who hover a little below this price range, is both an example of the range of member's pursuits in the HiFi world and also an acknowledgement of the broad church that is 'us'. There is of course the 'Dark SNA' . The very real membership, both long term and shorter who do not post but pay careful attention to the fora here and act when they see something that piques their interest. Good luck with the sale Eggmiester and I hope someone here ends up with this rather extraordinary bit of kit. ***Disclaimer: I've seen this amp in situ and had a listening session, the synergy on display was both immediate and impressive within Eggy's system. It spoke heaps about his continual journey which in truth is a search, probably never ending like many here. There have been many discussions here about the rate of diminishing returns as you go up the food chain, it is both a truism but also a cold hard fact. This level of refinement and R+D doesn't come cheap but I don't think I'd have to mention that obvious fact to any prospective buyer. Speak to the OP for more info. EDIT: The thing is an absolute unit. The photos don't do justice to the size...it's not like a massive Vitus or Gryphon Diablo, it's a much more refined design than those but it will impress on first viewing if you've never met one in the flesh.
  7. I'm like the OP..."I need cash" GLWTS. such a lovely item.
  8. Luc

    Tennis Discussion

    Geez he is a big lad isn't he!
  9. Luc

    Tennis Discussion

    Yes. Thought I'd seen pics of it actually. also for some reason I remember Randolph Scott playing tennis in long pants
  10. Absolutely nothing is impossible to 'Ghost Who Walks!'
  11. Luc

    Tennis Discussion

    Martin. Did he win it wearing long pants?
  12. I read it in the guardian this morning and Thom Yorke's thoughts on it. He didn't think they were that flash but it's out there now and all the money is going to a good cause. @ThirdDrawerDown Thx for the heads up Muzza
  13. Luc

    Tennis Discussion

    Absolutely correct. I remember some of the whinges and the whining from some top ten tennis players of both sexes about the timing of the Aus Open, they wanted it changed so it could be played in a cooler month or moved to a time that wasn't in the New Year holiday period. The unspoken charge was: Why does Australia even have a Major? Why do I have to come down to this godforsaken place where it's as hot as hell and... That's why it's called a Grand Slam matey, that's why it's a Major matey and that's why it's so farking hard to win it. If you win it then look at the names on the cup... *Actually, without resorting to Google. Who won the last Grand Slam? Did Sampras get one? I've no idea.
  14. Luc

    Tennis Discussion

    I don't want to risk being called a contrarian but... I think this is a bit tautulogical : Grand Slam Tennis Majors You have the tennis majors as Shane has said, there's four of them ... ok. And if you win them within a calendar year you've won a Grand Slam and as we know only one person has two Grand Slams under his belt, one encompassing the amateur era and one taking in the dawn of the professional era. You can only have a 'Grand Slam' if you win all the 'Majors' within a calendar year so maybe the topic heading should just be a simple 'Tennis Majors' or 'All Four Tennis Majors' because there's no other 'Majors' except the big four and it's a given that you win four in a year you have a 'Grand Slam', there's no...like, small 'Majors' or middle 'Majors' just those big four and without them you don't have a Grand Slam. I vote for 'Tennis Majors'
  15. Slip me a few backhanders and your in like Flynn.
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