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  1. DOTM caps and T-shirts. End of each month after scouring the threads here you pick a Dunce of the Month and they get a cap and T-shirt. Would smarten up the threads no end. Who'd want to win it? The oblivious obviously but you'd also see the power cable threads, the measurements threads, the wow my system is just the bee's knee's threads tighten up, no more off the cuff remarks and narkiness or chest beating as you praise your speakers/amps/dacs and weird tonearms and TT's. Some would wear it with pride and a texta'd in S thinking it was a mistake and they'd fixed it,
  2. Don't ever sell it. Magic spinner, classic design and Rega made a mistake with their utilitarian upgrade the 'R models.
  3. Bah. I've sold a few things over the years here and got bugger all feedback. Well packed, insured in some cases and sent on time and....nothing. Some of the buyers are no longer active and only have a couple of posts and some of the buyers are well known and long term members. Meh. As long as the dosh is in my bank account I don't care. They can say/do what they want it doesn't matter at the end of the day.
  4. If I was flush I'd buy this despite the naysayers amongst my friends here. Yes it runs hot...very hot actually but once you take that into account and don't sit stuff on it or too close to it for that matter. It's a classic late 50's early 60's pure class A design and them Yorkies, them Tykes, them Northerners like to stick to things when they work and this amp does just that it does the biz. *I'm emailing Scomo now and Josh to see if they can see their way clear to slip me a little bit more J/keeper.
  5. There's a new look? Get outta here. Really? Apart from the orange ring around the post window, I'm looking for what else is new. Clue me up.
  6. They did have a bit of a problem though and despite the good engineering and R+D and the lovely timber work, there's no way around the fact that they were ugly, no way around it at all. That ring at the top of a box speaker design despite the gorgeous woodworking skills involved in making it was just wasted and perhaps more effort to integrate it into a complete traditional box speaker design might of yielded better sales. I'm like Rantan, I nearly bought a pair but what held me back was the fact that were ordained to be orphans...no one would want them in a resale sense. And so it's prov
  7. Great unit. I have the Piccolo+ the next one up the line. Seamless streaming, great app and interface. Keen pricing you have there, GLWTS.
  8. Qlders need to go through a rigorous initiation process I'm afraid. No other state in Aus is subjected to this degree of difficulty. Needless to say that once your in, your in for life. *#1 hint would be to practice rolling up one trouser leg and mounting and dismounting a sheep to approximate the goat you'd ride at the first round of inductions.(unless of course a goat is handy to your location) What's that I hear you say? Your in QLD and you wear shorts most days? I've given you a big hint then about how to move to second stage induction.😎
  9. Dark SNA has been here for years. *For those who know...
  10. I've seen the pics😎...lovely lovely things!
  11. I'm guessing the Op forgot this pic which is in his link. Is this right @Plasmod3 ? Pretty yummy racks
  12. Hey erest, are these Juicester's old Martens? If they are, have you done any work on them or are they still the stock standard ones in his old ad? Gotta a friend up here interested in them. 60kgs two boxes, $200 plus insurance would cover courier do you think? Post code 2487.
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