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  1. Borrow one Jake, if you can as there are a few that I know of in Melb. Short of that, Warwick would let you demo one at home I'm sure, plus he has contacts for the models he's sold and he quite often can match you up with a seller(at the right price I'd suggest). @Telecine put me onto RCM phono's when I was having a torrid time trying to match a really really low LOMC cart from Dynavector. I had no amount of trouble trying to get the gain correct and I started off with several sub 1K models and then went up above that and then Tele put me onto the RCM's. I think he used language like: "RCM Prelude is fantastic but RCM Sensor 2 is endgame you'll not need to look elsewhere." *Warwick has had it as his phono in his centrepiece system on display in @Marc 's show for the last two years running, 30 to 50k's worth of system both times. Marc sold his recently and if he ever gets out of his bike induced bed holiday he'll chime in on just how good these are. sierra will be along too I'd imagine as he's a happy camper and has several TT's and some serious kickass carts.
  2. Bargain. Try and find these AU-6900's, they are the rarer model in the AU-2900/3900/4900/5900/6900/7900 model run. GLWTS Snodge.
  3. I have one of these exact Reno's in this size and as a plus 6 footer it's the bees knees. I use if for my computer chair and then swing around 180 degrees and it's my listening chair😎 and they are hard to beat. GLWTS.
  4. Absolute boat anchors that do Rock and everything in between Roll. @Tubularbells you need to listen to these. You should line up a night/arvo to drive out to the compound(it's YUGE!) that's known as Castle Egg abode of Lord Albumen. Zingalli's? Meh. Magico's 3 to 5? Meh. Wilson Watt Puppys? Meh. Huge drink cabinet JBL's? Meh. Near 200kgs of Danish delish here at ridiculous money. GLWTS Lord E of Nog!
  5. Lot of love here for the RCM Sensor 2 here Jakey, it's a 5K phono that can be picked up so far in the classifieds here at around 2.2 to 2.5k depending on whether it's got the Furutech upgraded plug thingys. Evil had one for a time after he ditched his M25(I think it was) and then through his mate here at SNA he got a much older phono(the one you mention) that suits his system, each to their own eh. I've got the RCM 2. @Sierra has one too and a member up my way bought a brand newy (😮) after listening to a selection of music via LP12/ Lyra Delos MC (on loan from a friend who set it up as I have no idea! Ask Evil) RCM2/Topaz 120 and then we swapped out the tubes and went Sansui via four amps😄. Noise floor? Can't help there as my hearing isn't that acute but the degree of control over gain that you get with this phono when using ultra low LOMC carts has seen off every other phono I've had and in my system it's a winner. Ask Sierra about his system as it's number two on my system's heard in Bleak City and was formerly number One but then I heard Lord Albumen of Egg, 2nd Earl Yngvi of Outer Melbourne's system.
  6. This was formerly my amp and Muzza gave it a new home and big upgrade. It was (and is) in superb cosmetic condition with not a mark on it. A couple of people saw it at my place and were blown away by it's condition. The original owner kept it in a cupboard for years and years in it's box. I never asked why but the condition reflects this. $1900 is an absolute bargain for this amp as I know what the upgrade costs from Zaph at Rage. @muzzagruzz hope you don't end up regretting selling this Muzza and GLWTS
  7. Luc

    Beer: "proof that God loves us"

    Kool Kidd checking in. Furphy, tis ok. The only big brewery beer to make it into the Aus Top 100. Boutique beers are easily my fav and also many friends up here and down in Bleak City and elsewhere and why? Simple really: Variety. More power to them. Strong beer is for slow sipping...real slow unless you want to fall off your chair in a hurry. Still a fav is this one from Melb. Look at the colour! 6.5% and tangy fruit...yum! The Matriarch by Co conspirators Brewery one of a huge constantly changing stable of...yup, you guessed it, boutique beers they produce. Had it on tap down in Bleak City and it wasn't half bad lemme tell you.
  8. Luc

    Beer: "proof that God loves us"

    Internet typed words never quite deliver the right meaning. We know this. I think session ale is swill and you like it, so? So... nothing It's just me saying what I think nothing more nothing less. You think Honda's and their CVT's are rubbish and your not averse to putting it out there, steaming piles of (insert your words here) you called them and I remember you posting it. We'd just picked up our new car and I showed the bride your comment and we kinda laughed at it because as you know only to well RT, it means nothing in the long run. I've reminded you of it because I've just done the same thing back to you and that is, to bag your beer. Meh. It means little doesn't it. Leaving or staying is a a personal choice. I like strong beer that's all and session ales that I've tried leave me nonplussed ...the mediocrity of the product is driven by brewers trying to keep their slab prices down by lowering the alcohol content and that is the end story, it's the only reason you have session ales. Forum friends certainly but not beer mates I'm thinking.
  9. Luc

    Beer: "proof that God loves us"

    Session Ale; The beer you have when your not having a beer or you're not actually up to having a proper beer. All they have to do now is reintroduce throw-downs and you'd have the perfect swill masquerading as a drink. It is indeed the Claytons XXXX of what ever variety you choose. @Ugly Welcome to the club! I must make mention of the one good Double IPA brewed by one of the big international mobs and that's the recently private but now gobbled up Pirate Life IIPA in the 500ml can. It's $11.99 to $12.99 a can but at 8.9% or somewhere near that figure it's rocket fuel and you sip it slowly and wait for it to cut in. I usually follow it with a small Pirate Life IPA which at 5.2% is like water after this and if you make the mistake of following it with their Session swill then your just wasting money and expect a lot of trips to the loo.(sorry RT but most session ales are just hop coloured water for hipsters)
  10. Until you order that 180 gram album remaster you've been chasing for yonks and just after you've opened the LP mailer and carefully opened the gatefold cover and chucked the first side on after you've run it through your RCM and you sit back in the sweet spot with coffee/wine/beer in hand and...WTF!!!!? ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, MY TT HAS ...umm, gone slow...what is wrong? Welcome to the world of the cunningly disguised record that you really really really want and the re-issuers have naturally assumed you will want to hear it in the best format they can think of that you might have. I waited for two years after I ordered my fav Radiohead album and chucked it on the Linn and I had my wtf moment. Never again. I looked at the Moses Hercules and plumbed for the Mober(also from Edmund) and if you want the difference explained then ask @andyr about the differences between AC and DC motors. The Mober is in another league I reckon to the Moses H.
  11. Luc

    Sansui SP-X7700/7300 Speakers

    Shed speakers. Perfect.
  12. Luc

    Beer: "proof that God loves us"

    Yes they are but...the fact that only a couple of the big monster international brewers featured in the top 100 is a plus. What's actually a worry is that bloody Balter and it's world surf champ owner/partner featured in something like 6 or 7 beers in the top 20! Like they do a good drop but 6 or 7 in the top 20 and my favourite drop dropped out of the top 20 and I don't have a grudge to bear...I farking don't. Honest, I'm not that petty, I'd never neg a beer coz my fav's not there and might not be as good as what I think it is... I'd never do it.
  13. I have a small room with a small system and I've done my best to seal it from the rest of the existing house. It does the biz. If I ever hold a GTG it will be me and one other coz that's how big the room is. It's sealed as best as I can do and acoustically insulated and the 'sweet spot' is an eye opener to most who I sit in the Stressless chair. You can get completely carried away with the minutiae I think and forget the other bits of the equation which is who you live with and how often you sit and critically listen. Having been to a few GTG's over the years and witnessed just how totally a sound system can take over a house and thus cause dramas with the other occupants, I reckon a sealed room as best you can do it is a plus. I think the thread on my room build is long lost now and the pics certainly are as Photobucket hosted all the pics for free and that's gone now too. But I guess we all have to compromise to a degree in our houses or units and the happy folk are those who build new and incorporate a designated room for their listening and I'm not talking about theatre rooms or theater rooms how ever you wish to spell them. The obsessiveness of this hobby gets in the way of the enjoyment sometimes. The wife and I have a note pad in the lounge room and one in my room, we write a time down and a time when we stop. For her it's TV(I only watch the 7 o'clock ABC news as a rule) and for me it's the music in my room. This years total for her is 2 hrs a night and me the half hour for the news. Me with the music in my room with the system fired up and acoustically sealed door closed is about 7 hrs total. ridiculous really. Total time spent listening to music is about 6 hrs a day every working day via my ph and earbuds and Spotify. Life gets in the way of your enjoyment sometimes doesn't it.
  14. Luc

    Sansui SP-X7700/7300 Speakers

    @GTOJOE Mate there are speakers of this vintage that are worth mucking around with...these aren't one of them. Sansui are renowned for amps and very few of their speakers are worthy of the title: 'collectable' or 'renowned' Entirely up to you if you want to go down the rabbit hole of trying to bring them up to spec.
  15. Luc

    EOI: Weston Time Machine 2a3 PP

    @caminperth Unless Earl has changed his package methods, then this amp would of arrived in a huge thick cardboard box and inside it is acres of bubblewrap encompassing another thick cardboard box which has the amp proper and then you the box housing the tubes in their individual boxes. It's a very very large box is earls box. He doesn't do wooden boxes ect. * I've also just explained how you send a Weston amp...I've done it twice.