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  1. You need to send PM's via his social secretary for vetting. *Currently my inbox is full and I'm not accepting any more PM's as his business and indeed social calendar is booked out for the next month or so ** Baksheesh on the other hand is always welcome...
  2. Bargain. As most people would know Baron Eggnog of Castle Albumen has expensive tastes and rather than listen to me and use a cheaper cover for some Tube amps he went to a factory and got this made bespoke along with another. PM me if you wish to know the original cost of this. The Baron is a bit flakey at the best of times and this is not silly money but rather it's stupid money. I think he was dropped one time too many as a child. GLWTS Egg person.
  3. You can hit the ignore button. Not sure how you do it. Right click on his name and you get " ignore user" I think. Something like that. Ask a mod. @candyflip
  4. Absolute stonking bargain. These are thin on the ground in Aus. If you want to buy them new then your talking NZ to buy them(yeah I know..Canadian manufacturer and they decide to drop them in a 5 million market instead of a 25 million market) The Arros are just a sweet spot in the range. Can't recommend them enough. GLWTS
  5. Isn't she lovely. I've sworn off cats for 35 years since my rescued kitten died at 17. They're very clingy and have years and years of what you love about cats but instead of showing it every now and agin they do it every day as they slip into and through and out of the twilight years. Raising a red to Kiki. (also one of my fav animes)
  6. That's the reason Shane...they're under the age of 18 but they can't actually read yet. I saw plenty spitting the dummy but then you'd expect that wouldn't you. Statistics never tell the full story do they. I told a few parents with strollers, those big 3 wheeled BMW ones that they'd be best not to go into that room or this room as they just endlessly play DSOTM, the rare pressings on gear you could spend a house deposit on. They rushed into the rooms like lemmings and clogged up the hallways with the strollers and their kids ears with the PF bouncing out through the op
  7. Haha. We wish! Go to a hifi show and it's a meeting place for hordes of 50 year+ balding portly red faced nutters that honestly shouldn't be allowed out too often who almost exclusively listen to DSOTM and DS's and Led Zep and wear t shirts that are 2 sizes too small for them. As a bald 50++ I can attest to this fact. Some younger hifi nutters at a show A room at a recent Aus hifi show I reckon the average age would work out to be around the early 50's and like all averaging does, it levels the field a
  8. I have a sparky coming tomorrow to wire up man cave number 2. I'll show him your post and see what he says. He wired up man cave number one on a separate circuit.
  9. IPA for Luc ✔️ (Because I owe him one, sorry two) Early entry for Luc because I think I said I would ✔️ Discount at the bar for Luc because I nearly always do I think ✔️ Insist on ID for anyone called 'Eggmiester' trying to get in. ✔️ Because it's in Sydney it'll be cheap almost free entry for people from the Far North Coast Northern Rivers area situated between 1 and 3 Waving Palm Circuit.✔️ 😎
  10. Nice. These are the tricked up model(along with the M4 Turbo S) that have the compression driver and advanced crossover. Also rock solid WBT speaker terminals taking all size bayonet and banana and bare wire speaker cable terminations. A finish that is very friendly to knocks or spills or sunlight, you won't find many of these full stop and you will be hard pushed to find a pair that are chipped or marked due to their construction material. To get the latest iterations of Spatial speakers you'll have to import them as
  11. You do it yourself and it's dead easy. You have to have a whetstone, preferably two cheapo* double whetstones with the angle guide that they come with for beginners. Double stones will have 1000 grade+6000 grade for instance and that's not too bad. If you have a honing steel(butchers use em, you know what it is) preferably diamond, then your good to go. You put the stone under a dripping tap in your sink and you work the knife in a firm curving motion that resembles a J. You can eith flip it over each time or do what a lot of people(me included) do and you work one side till you can feel
  12. @Yamaha_man There's some great tips and advice on this site>>> Best knives+things
  13. I have one of these and several slightly cheaper knives and one good double grade whetstone. No block but a magnetic strip. Requires a bit of work to keep them in tip top shape but they're beautiful things. Miyabi If you heed Gordon Ramsey then he reckons you only need 3 knives in a kitchen, not sure about that but apart from a bread knife we basically use three knifes most if the time.
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