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  1. Luc

    Vinyl Discovery!

    I just automatically wanted you to close those curtains Vinyl is nice..
  2. Sharp as broken glass Joe.👊biscotti stout... That'll settle the matter. Or, first bloke to get up after I whack em with this
  3. Luc

    My Peaceful Place

    Welcome. Lots of tv folk here since the sites merged. Umm, what's your strong personal hobby then?
  4. Sorry but you guys are talking in rarefied air a place I never go too. I turn my amp on and play music and I don't think along the lines your discussing or worry about it. My speakers sound great with a 17watt 46 year old Sansui driving them and the same with 45w pure class A Weston. Easy speakers to drive as far as I'm concerned. I'm luckier than most in that I have a dedicated listening room that's been acoustically modified to the best of my budget so I'm not dealing with the strictures of a normal living room and it makes a huge difference and I'm sure it's why I don't fuss too much about my gear as it just sounds great in my room. You can have all the power and finesse of top amps and cables and a great front end but if your room is full of reflections and hard surfaces ect ect then your behind the 8 ball. Sorry I cant be of more help. Plenty of people here have said that the biggest improvement to SQ they've heard have been when they've treated their rooms. Maybe you should look into to that at some stage.
  5. Luc

    It's illegal. STOP IT!

    I knew the " Can I borrow your ph to make a quick call as mine's flat." was a ruse. You looked at my Tinder file didn't you. This is me from now on keeping a close eye on you fella.
  6. Luc

    It's illegal. STOP IT!

    No idea. Interesting Q. I used to do it. All Bleak City inhabitants of the early 70's would remember this radio station and it's blurb: 3AK Where No Wrinklies Lie. I mean early 70's. I used to tape their music to play to chicks at school who just lurved the Panasonic leather enwrapped AM portable radio+Cassette player..😍
  7. Luc

    Currently Spinning

    About to listen to this: Coz I outsmarted myself. See here>>> Earworm,Ariel Just look at Mike Rudd there and Bill Putt (Billy! @Zen Mister )
  8. Luc

    It's illegal. STOP IT!

    Not a good track on it is there Geoff but Steve Howe back then had hair and cool shades just like me but I've ditched the hair but still got the cool shades. Actually there's some pretty good records in this big stash I discovered recently at a house I was landscaping. I now have my second copy of Madder Lake's first album @Zen Mister and a copy of Ariel Live the double album. Those old enuff to remember will have this as an earworm ... Someday I'll have Money...Money isn't easy to come by...by the time I come by ....haha, Edit: Caught in my own trap. You know how that song goes and then the harmonica starts up? I need to hear that harmonica so now it's half hour while I set up the RCM before I can hear it...hoisted by my own Jean Luc Petard.😖
  9. Looking through a big box of old records. Haha. It's illegal you buggers stop it ok.
  10. Luc

    Signed CD raffle

    Jeremiah was a bullfrog Was a good friend of mine I never understood a single word he said But I helped him a-drink his wine And he always had some mighty fine wine Me me me please!!!
  11. Luc

    Currently Spinning

    @mrbuzzardstubble Haha. I raise you a railway and give you a nation! Edit: Springsteen in his element here and Brian Wilson before he came out again, strong mention for Pete Seeger and Little Richard. Who knew?
  12. @Aussieamps Anthony, is there an integrated in your future plans for those who couldn't be bothered with a pre/power combo??
  13. Anthony, is there an integrated in your future plans for those who couldn't be bothered with the pre/power combo??
  14. @m8audio Yes I can well understand. I listened to your set up at Marc's show and I know Clive had you out there at Syndal at one stage and I only heard good reports. If you do another session a bit closer to the Gold Coast or Brissie in the future announce it here at SNA.