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  1. JohnL

    FS: Integra DHC 80.3 Pre

  2. Great pickup $400 for an Onkyo Pre/Pro with Audyssey XT32 is a stonking bargain!!!!!
  3. JohnL


    Looks to me like it has had the PS upgrade. Pics appear to show the newer locking multi pin socket for the connector as opposed to the older style 5 pin din. Outboard power supply also has the newer fluted style as opposed to the older plain flat rectangular one. There's now a quite recent and affordable cap replacement/upgrade available too which has apparently been getting rave reviews. (Note to self......get ME24 done with latest upgrade) Of course just one glance at the guts by Zaph will settle things!!!!!😉
  4. By "up to spec" do you just mean working properly or more? There are several upgrades out there for 50A's including "SL" spec bass drivers, SEAS or in house ATC tweeters and better (Mk4?) amp packs. Problem is whichever way you want to go it's tough to find dealers in Australia that can/will do the job. As far as new tweeters if you wanted the new ATC's your amps have to be recalibrated and apart from the UK Factory hardly anyone else has the proper gear to do it. Try Sublime Hi Fi in Perth as John might know someone in Sydney that can help. Your only other option is to contact ATC directly and pray!!! I am in Melbourne and went through a similar thing with my 70's. Luckily (??) for me though........in my case I only miss out on the new tweeters!!! Good Luck
  5. Pair this with the Integra DHC 80.3 Pre/Pro also currently advertised on SNA for an instant HIGH END setup (sans ATMOS) for WELL UNDER $3K!!!!!.........😎. GLWTS
  6. JohnL

    FS: Integra DHC 80.3 Pre

    If you don't need ATMOS....... Just buy this!!!!!....... Love mine. BARGAIN!!!!! Pair this with the 7 x 185W Elektra Theatron amp also currently advertised on SNA for an instant HIGH END setup WELL UNDER $3K!!!!!.........😎. GLWTS
  7. JohnL

    Blu Ray Title Trade

    Hi everyone, A friend wants these gone so I thought I would list them here. All are Region B, brand new and still sealed. $5 each (plus postage) ......except Gladiator (2 Disc Special Edition $7.50) and Spiderman Trilogy ($15) Apollo 13 Clear and Present Danger Gladiator (Russell Crowe) Independence Day The Patriot - Extended Cut Wonder Woman Spiderman Trilogy
  8. A "human" PVR!!!!........... Sounds intriguing....
  9. My advice would be to not waste money on quality gear if you are going to feed it the TV's mediocre audio signal. Use a BD or DVD player as a Source and complete the system properly. If you must use the TV's audio signal go with half decent soundbar. Just my 2c....
  10. JohnL

    SOLD: FS: whatmough 202 Speakers.

    PM' ed with intent to buy
  11. Great Pics. Had quite a few pieces of ME gear over the years including a couple of these. The Hi Cap version of the ME550 MKII is a sterling performer and unbeatable at this price IMHO and IME. GLWTS Note........whoever is interested in this should definitely go after the matching pre as well....
  12. JohnL

    Where to buy ATC in Perth ?

    WRT ATC IME..........passives are very good but..........the actives are where it's really at!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. JohnL

    MARANTZ SR9600 - Advice

    Why does 4K matter? No need to pass video through AVR's these days as most players (hopefully yours too) have dual HDMI outputs.
  14. Hi just wondering if these are still available and, if so, are you negotiable on price? Cheers, John
  15. Surprised it took 14 hours to sell......... SUPERB UNIT that easily justified it's original $4K RRP