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  1. Soon as you go digital you are using the AVR's DAC ..........not the players. Benefits include access to the AVR's DSP incorporating bass management , room EQ, etc ........depending on model. FWIW A few of the later midrange and up models do have quite good Room EQ. Reasons to hook up at analog level would be having an older non HDMI AVR, as you mentioned, and also preferring the SQ of the DAC (s) in your player. If you are keen on ATMOS then AFAIK only a new AVR can do it.
  2. If your player has dual HDMI ouputs.........ie...."MAIN" and "AUDIO only" there is NO need to feed ANY video through an AVR or Pre/Pro. Just send video DIRECT to your Display and the AVR or Pre/Pro's "HDR" capabilities become irrelevant.
  3. The positive difference these cables made to the picture and sound quality of my system was clearly noticeable and I highly recommend them for anyone owning a quality system. At these prices they are an absolute steal !!!!!!!!
  4. I will take these if we can arrange it. I am in Western Suburbs. Have sent you a PM
  5. Connecting to an AVR or Pre/Pro at analog level bypasses its internal DAC and negates the use of its on board DSP / Room EQ / Bass Management functions........etc
  6. Another thing you may wish to consider is the fact that the Oppo 95 has a fan whilst the 105 doesn't.
  7. FWIW............This is the exact thing I was originally thinking of for you...😉
  8. Well most stereo integrated's don't have any digital inputs as that would require an onboard DAC. Further to my earlier post.........the absolute cheapest and easiest solution for you would be to buy a used DVD player with HDMI and analog outs from Ebay.......... Doesn't get much cheaper than this!!!.... https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Laser-DVD-Player-HDMI-Composite-USB-REPACK/123883565685?epid=17012340727&hash=item1cd8093275:g:TPUAAOSwQhNdX3dv My earlier post would only come into play if you have a larger budget and are also looking for decent .......if not noticeably improved........sound quality across the board. Other options apart from OPPO if you had concerns about their future support.
  9. A player with HDMI and stereo analog outs would be ideal....... Would have to recommend a used OPPO as best bang for buck and a potential one box solution regardless of them not doing players anymore. Most of the used Oppo's out there play great upscaled DVD's and also BD's plus other formats should you want to experiment/upgrade. They may also play your CD's to a higher level than your current player. I have had most OPPO models over the years and they have all performed superbly. In your case I would think something like a used BDP 95 would be ideal. Check out moddels that match your budget. A HDMI splitter won't help unless your integrated has HDMI inputs which I doubt. Good luck
  10. Well they can have quality "end game" actives and still chase after better sources, pre's, cabling, room treatment.....etc. Just like me......and (maybe) gat474..........and a few others!!!😎 Great article here.......... http://www.enjoythemusic.com/magazine/manufacture/0403/
  11. It's nowhere near 2K but still might sound like it.......
  12. A screaming, stonking bargain compared to this!!!!! https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/264622521241
  13. You could always just hit the "previous chapter" button on your CA 752BD remote. It should start the track again at the beginning and..............costs nothing...😉
  14. If you think the cost is worth it............ https://www.ebcelectronics.com/velodyne-ct-100-Repair-Service.html It was for my HGS 15........saved myself $1K Otherwise an upgrade is probably better bang for buck.
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