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  1. Have you double checked that you are coming from the AVR's Sub PRE OUT and NOT accidentally connected to the AVR's M\C sub INPUT? You wouldn't be the first to have done that!!!!
  2. Laserdiscs make great frisbees!!!!........😁 So glad I got rid of mine when DVD came out...........and so on.......... and so on!!!!!!
  3. That turntable looks like it would cost more than my house!!!!😮
  4. Sally, Just want to offer you condolences on behalf of all the wonderful SNA family which your husband was a welcome part of. He clearly knew his stuff based on the quality of gear you are advertising. Best Wishes to you. GLWTS
  5. Fair enough. Haven't had to touch my ME 850 or ME 24 since buying them many years ago. Might get Ponytail to give them a once over. Another 20 years will do me nicely. I will either be already gone or deaf as a post. Either way.......never will they be "boat anchors" for me......LOL
  6. Even allowing for difficulty of service choosing a power amp based on anything other than SQ still strikes me as just plain wrong.. I wish you good luck in your search anyway though.
  7. Make absolutely GREAT gear that lasts for YONKS and STILL get complaints. A fair amount of the overpriced lesser quality gear out there would have died in the A*S by now....... BUT NOT ME!!!!! "Wahh.....my 25 year old PLUS amp needs a service."😄 Come on guys.........that is simply a flattering reflection on how well built the thing actually was.😎 The fact that ME gear will easily outlive the Designer and current tech guru's is a concern I understand. I wouldn't want someone poking around my ME 24 and ME 850 if I didn't think they knew EXACTLY what they were doing. I am 56........Peter Stein started doing his stuff when I was just a teenager!!!!!😍 🤗 Hopefully some of the tech minded fanboi's on here can study up and take up the servicing mantle for the next 20 years!!!! 🤞👍
  8. Your quoted specs are a bit out of whack........ Power output (0.1% THD): 1,000 watts RMS @ 4 ohms 600 watts RMS @ 8 ohms https://www.douglashifi.com.au/products/emotiva-xpa-1-monoblock-power-amplifier GLWTS
  9. You don't mention the Model No of your AVR so here's a few "best guess" options.... The ACM 1H and ACM 1HB (B for black) fit most Denon/Marantz/Onkyo Models https://www.ebay.com.au/sch/i.html?_from=R40&_trksid=m570.l1313&_nkw=audyssey+acm1&_sacat=0&LH_TitleDesc=0&LH_PrefLoc=2&_sop=15&_osacat=0&_odkw=audyssey+microphone+acm1
  10. First time I saw this I though it had just landed from another Galaxy!!!! https://www.dagogo.com/oracle-cd-2500-cd-player-review/ Cheap and nasty compared to the Gryphon.......😄
  11. 🤩😎😍...............Me want very much!!!!!!! http://atcloudspeakers.co.uk/2019/10/nashvilles-blackbird-studio-makes-no-small-plans-builds-out-for-dolby-atmos-music-with-15-atc-monitors-6-atc-subwoofers/
  12. Isn't the JL Audio Model you mention just a 10" car sub driver on it's own? I would definitely recommend just buying 2 complete good quality powered HT Subs. They would both simply connect to the 2 parallel RCA Sub preout's offered by your Onkyo AVR. If $$ are a concern start with one. As long as it's decent quality you may find that it's enough anyway. Lastly......if your room is pretty big a 12 " or even 15" ( my friend has 2 x 18" in his BIG room!!!!) may be necessary to give you what you are looking for.
  13. Buy a decent power amp to run your main speakers and use a couple of channels of your AVR for outside. Give the more important speakers the better amplification. Your Anthem should allow this configuration if it's amps are assignable and it offers outputs for another "Zone". BTW........I'm pretty certain that your Sub is powering itself!!!!
  14. I think this would work VERY well.........especially at the price!!!!! https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Whatmough-Subwoofer/184074616266?hash=item2adbb3bdca:g:0aAAAOSwlkhd2mCF&frcectupt=true If it's a Tornado Mk 1.......I have heard it in the past and it was clean, tight and musical. Only 3dB down @ 25 Hz.............don't know about inside a cabinet though. IIRC RRP was around $1K at the time. The MK 2 has similar specs but RRP now seems to be $1.4K https://www.pymblehifi.com.au/shop/whatmough-tornado2-classic-active-subwoofer/
  15. Not sure how you "gear" a rooms treatment to sound big............but sounds like something my smallish loungeroom could use!!!!! Sounds to me like problems with the partnering equipment as ATC's just give you what you feed them. It's their total lack of coloration that many consider one of their finest virtues. Maybe you and GENKIFD should compare notes as you both seem to have had opposite experiences!!!! FWIW.........the new ATC tweets are widely very well regarded and the ones in GAT474's SCM 40A's sounded beautifully smooth to me. Also AFAIK one of the reasons Super Linear tech was introduced to their bass drivers was to prevent potential harmonics issues.
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