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  1. AS pete_mac says............Make the cake as good as you can first before worrying about any icing!!!! If you believe you are at that point then it becomes a choice of DIY or something like Audio Principe as mentioned by Ittaku
  2. Here's an old article about the Belden 19364 If you Google it you will see it is a pretty popular budget cable. And............yes I thought it sounded better than the stock cable I was using at the time. "The belden 19364 is a legend in DIY circles and popular for over 20 years as a mains cable for power leads, extension blocks and even a loud speaker cables. It was originally discovered by Bob Crump of TG Audio Labs who found it appeared on all power cords supplied with Mark Levinson equipment. Bob liked the sound of the cables and since then it has gone on to become the most popular mains cable on the market. The actual construction of the cable is 3 cores of oxygen free copper 14 AWG with patented beldfoil insulation and a tinned copper drain wire which is in constant contact with the foil and when connected to the earth pin of the mains plug forms a ground loop to trap mains interference and keep it at the plug and, not the equipment end. Each wire is rated to 300 volts and can be used for high current power cords as well as standard mains leads."
  3. You will certainly get someone telling you that building your own AC cable comes with issues re official certification ( and they are right) but I chose to take the punt anyway. I have built these in the past and was quite happy with their performance/price ratio. https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Belden-19364-Audiophile-Mains-Power-Cable-Choose-Your-Own-Length/124089254710?hash=item1ce44bc336:g:W5UAAOSwUiVZ05JI&frcectupt=true https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Vanguard-For-Audio-Rhodium-Plated-IEC-connector-C-320R-A-320R-AU-NZ-plug/182282505906?hash=item2a70e24eb2:g:Xz0AAOSwJPZc4GJL There are even cheaper connector options available but I found that this Brand had better build quality... (plus the Seller accepted my lower offer too!!!) Good Luck.
  4. Maybe I can solve the puzzle for you. There are 3 different types of ME pre amps out there.......... 1.........First type has original external PSU in a flat rectangular box with a 5 pin din cable connector. This pre is First Gen and sounds the worst of the 3 2.......Second type had PSU upgrade and PSU is now in a fluted rectangular box with multi pin locking cable connector. This upgrade made this pre sing wonderfully and I know because I have one. 3.......Third type has the very latest full caps upgrade/replacement and is purported to sound clearly even better again. Note.....As I don't do vinyl I have no observations regarding phono stage performance which seems to be all you based your opinion on based on earlier post. So, that being the case maybe you are simply not a fan of the ME phono stage as opposed to lumping everything together and being puzzled by their pre as a whole. Anyway, allowing for those facts, the above hopefully helps take away some of the mystery for you and helps you understand why ME pres are so very highly regarded...........especially the later iterations!!! Cheers
  5. Then say so here.........🙂 https://www.stereo.net.au/forums/forum/41-wanted-to-buy/
  6. I recently scored the D90 which is very good and has Bluetooth.
  7. Well that's never going to happen...........so pick your poison!!!! Some people also just want to hear their amps/speakers driven properly which simply results in better sound..............it's not altered..........it's now just how it's supposed to be after previously being compromised by the wrong equipment.
  8. Heard a Benchmark DAC2, an OPPO 105 and an OPPO 205 as pre amps. Then heard an ATC pre amp. Absolutely no contest.............the DAC/PRE's were all just dull, lifeless and one dimensional. The ATC pre actually drove my active speakers properly. Just my experience...🙂
  9. Have heard/owned the following...... Gieseler Klein III...(with Kraftwerk upgraded PSU ) Denafrips ARES II Topping D90 Topping is super quiet.........very transparent and highly detailed...... Still evaluating as it only has around 10 hrs on it. Gieseler is quite good too.........clear step up from my Oppo 205. Denafrips is a very popular R2R which offers OS and NOS modes but just didn't quite work for me. All the above contenders are only around half your budget so you could look higher up the chain if desired.........except for Topping (D90 is their Flagship) Denafrips........Pontus Gieseler............Fein II Good Luck
  10. https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/303557841979
  11. Going from a sealed "Plus series" Velo to a ported SVS...... Hope you know what you're doin!!!! 🙂
  12. Seems like overkill..........Why not just use OPPO 205 as transport for everything? Anyway...........you mention coaxial "input/output".........the OPPO 205 has both so you should at least confirm you are using "coaxial input" I am assuming you are putting the SACD in the OPPO (NOT the CXC) and have set it's volume to 100 ( and not muted accidentallly).......(and set SACD output to stereo and DSD) Are OPPO's interconnects actually plugged into the input you have selected on the P6? Make sure you are not using Phono input!!!! Do you possess another set of RCA cables for testing in case the ones used now are faulty? You could also try XLR cables if you have any...... Did you know that all OPPO outputs are active simultaneously? If you have HDMI (MAIN) going to TV and HDMI (AUDIO) to AVR you should be OK. If you are only using one HDMI however it's possible that maybe the TV is preventing DSD playback.....turn "HDMI AUDIO" OFF........as suggested by Benalaur_1 Lots of good advice above...........would be very surprised if issue is an OPPO problem. If everything else checks out you could try resetting OPPO. Good Luck Andrew
  13. This particular Thread is the perfect example of why SNA is such a great Forum. Everyone, regardless of personal stance, gets to post their thoughts/concerns on an upcoming product and the actual designer in question happily explains his position and planned product strategies moving forward......... So honest and open........ Take a bow all................🙂
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