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  1. Get a Foxtel IQ4 STB and problem solved. The onboard FTA HD MPEG4 tuner is great. Also....... Foxtel now has 3 dedicated 4K channels.........which your LG C9 will love.
  2. Benchmark DAC3?........or an ATC pre ( preferably the SCA2 for you) and standalone DAC FWIW.........IME I found that using an OPPO UHD 205 and ATC CA2 MK2 pre with my SCM70ASL's gave a better result than using a Benchmark DAC2 HGC as a DAC/PRE .............but of course YMMV. To do SCM 150's justice, and achieve better system balance, you should probably look at higher end DAC/PRE's anyway. Watch out for high output level units as they mightn't get along as well with your ATC's 1V input sensitivity. My friend uses a Jeff Rowland AERIS as a DAC/PRE which sounds great in his system. His system doesn't have ATC's though...... Good Luck
  3. I have one of these and..........if you don't need/want ATMOS..........it is an absolute "no brainer"!!! Over $4K when new................and worth every penny. At this price...........with Audyssey XT32........and with HDMI board done.............A HUGE BARGAIN!!!!!!!!!! GLWTS
  4. As long as your BD/UHD player has 2 HDMI outputs it is not absolutely necessary to change your AVR. Simply plug one HDMI into your TV for video and the other one ( probably marked "HDMI Audio only") into your AVR. Of course it it doesn't.......and/or you are wanting to get into ATMOS......then it IS upgrade time!!!
  5. You haven't heard Duntech Sovereigns properly until you have run them with a ME1400 or ME1500.
  6. Just wondering which AC cables from Neotech cost $500-$100? Also......aren't Neutrik the mob that make XLR connectors for I/C's?...........not regular AC connectors?
  7. 1) Do you believe in using upgraded power cables for all you audio products. YES / NO 2) Do you make your own cables YES / NO And change the connectors of factory ones where I believe necessary a) Favorite brands of parts i) Cables Gigawatt LC1 Mk3, LC2 Mk3 Acrolink 7N P4020iii Belden 83803, 19364 ii) Connectors Furutech Vanguard Gigawatt 3) Do you use the same brand / type of cables throughout yours system YES / NO 4) Do you have a favorite brand of cable YES/ NO. Brand / Type / List Up to 3 names or use web links if eBay generic shop cables but try to name etc I) ii) iii) 5) Price ranges of cables in your system a )Free. b )Up to 20 Aus Dollars c) Up to 100 Aus Dollars $100 - $500 d )500 - 1000 Aud Dollars e )1000 - 5000 Aud Dollars f) 5000+ 6) Comments on power cables IME I have found that the same cable is not necessarily the right one for every job due to variances in configuration and properties re AWG, shielding, solid core vs stranded etc. E.G.....My DIY Belden 83803 works wonderfully well running my active speakers but not my Source (s) 7) Success stores for others to learn from. Don't be afraid to build your own cables if you are not put off by the whole official licensed thing. Buying un terminated cable and connectors in bulk is more cost effective. You could also just try adding higher quality connectors to your existing cables if you want to experiment. E.G......My Gigawatt LC1 MK3's came with a decent IEC but very cheap AUS male end. I changed them out with better quality and quite affordable Vanguards from which had larger, thicker tangs and were generally more solid and better quality. https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Vanguard-For-Audio-Rhodium-Plated-IEC-connector-C-320R-A-320R-AU-NZ-plug/182282505906?hash=item2a70e24eb2:g:Xz0AAOSwJPZc4GJL Any sonic improvements could obviously be vigorously debated but I was happier and glad I did it. Furutech offer pretty much the only high end AUS style connector out there and I am very happy with them as well.........apart from the price!!!!...😄 TIP........I have also read that going with longer AC cables is better than short ones. Lastly I do not see any harm in playing around with AC cables if you feel you have already addressed everything else that had a larger affect on SQ.
  8. If you run MCACC correctly it should improve SQ most of the time. Did you follow the User Manual instructions properly regarding microphone placement? Always beneficial to fine tune afterwards anyway. Usually all speakers set to "small" and crossover to sub(s) at 80Hz works pretty well. You can also apply manual adjustment of SPL's and delays (distances) to taste. Can still choose "Direct" but have a listen with MCACC "on" and "off". Seems unusual that a properly run MCACC would sound worse.
  9. If they sound even remotely as good as they look it's a "no brainer"....😉 GLWTS
  10. Nothing else would come near this for the price!!!!! A Hi capped bargain. Why isn't it sold yet???......😕 GLWTS
  11. This article describes the advantages of actives really well. http://www.enjoythemusic.com/magazine/manufacture/0403/ I know there's no going back for me..............☺️
  12. Might be worth reserving judgement until OP's P15 has more hours on it. Hopefully he will post again in the near future with an update....?😉
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