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  1. I reckon a hi capped ME 550 MKII would do the job very nicely. Contact Zaphod ( Trevor from Rage Audio )........hopefully he has something for you.
  2. Item: ATC CA2 MK1 Pre amp with remote Location: Kings Park Vic, 3021 Price: $1250 including postage Item Condition: VGC (few small scratches on top rear only) Reason for selling: No longer required, upgraded Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, Internet Bank Deposit Extra Info: I acquired this from a fellow SNA'er around 6 months ago and it was right at home partnering my ATC actives. Very clean sound and was happy to keep until an upgrade opportunity (another ATC) I just couldn't pass up. Serial No 0123 built 29/4/2002 Includes Remote XLR output only. No phonostage (optional upgrade) Don't have original box but will be double boxed. Can provide a downloaded copy of User Manual if required Donation to SNA upon sale Thanks for looking Advertised elsewhere. https://www.google.com.au/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=https://positive-feedback.com/Issue16/atcca2.htm&ved=2ahUKEwjfxZ7T8_XeAhXEM48KHdQhDjg4ChAWMAN6BAgHEAE&usg=AOvVaw09U_3W7ARQH1qmMMBMnG-p Pictures:
  3. If you are anywhere near 3021 you are more than welcome to pay me a visit and have a listen to what my friends and I class as....... "a clearly audible difference"........ between DIY Belden 83803 and DIY Acrolink 7n P4020-III AC cables running active ATC's through a Gigawatt PC-1 EVO conditioner.
  4. I guess your budget should determine the size of the contender list ( and size of the contenders on it!!!) For around the $1K mark I suggest the Whatmough Tornado.......a sealed design that is tight and clean.
  5. Further to Satanica and hopefullGuys excellent posts......... ALL front speakers are too low for listening position........especially Centre. Don't tilt Mains as it will ruin time alignment.......sit on pavers or similar instead. Tweeters should be around ear height. ALL speakers should be set to small with subs doing around 80 Hz and below and not set with vol too loud. Corners for subs should be OK with proper Room EQ. Run YPAO again after any changes........then fine tune manually. Still look at room treatments once you properly identify all frequency areas that may need attention. GOOD LUCK
  6. What made you buy the B&W's? If you heard them and liked them enough to buy them it's probably well worth investigating what the ancillaries were at time.
  7. FWIW..... I use mine with active ATC's plugged into the 2 analogue outputs and my Pre and Digital Source plugged into the digital outputs with great results.😊 NO loss of dynamics whilst overall clarity/separation/detail really improves as the (noisy) noise floor (you didn't even know you had).............. just drops away!!!!😎 These things go for $3K new!!!! Highly recommended.👍
  8. Does it HAVE to be "smart"? Considering your last paragraph for now you are probably better off sticking with the Pana IMHO!!! Foxtels' 4K Channel and my 4K BD's still look sensational even though they are downscaled to 1080p for my (also 10 year old) Pioneer plasma.
  9. Great pickup $400 for an Onkyo Pre/Pro with Audyssey XT32 is a stonking bargain!!!!!
  10. Looks to me like it has had the PS upgrade. Pics appear to show the newer locking multi pin socket for the connector as opposed to the older style 5 pin din. Outboard power supply also has the newer fluted style as opposed to the older plain flat rectangular one. There's now a quite recent and affordable cap replacement/upgrade available too which has apparently been getting rave reviews. (Note to self......get ME24 done with latest upgrade) Of course just one glance at the guts by Zaph will settle things!!!!!😉
  11. By "up to spec" do you just mean working properly or more? There are several upgrades out there for 50A's including "SL" spec bass drivers, SEAS or in house ATC tweeters and better (Mk4?) amp packs. Problem is whichever way you want to go it's tough to find dealers in Australia that can/will do the job. As far as new tweeters if you wanted the new ATC's your amps have to be recalibrated and apart from the UK Factory hardly anyone else has the proper gear to do it. Try Sublime Hi Fi in Perth as John might know someone in Sydney that can help. Your only other option is to contact ATC directly and pray!!! I am in Melbourne and went through a similar thing with my 70's. Luckily (??) for me though........in my case I only miss out on the new tweeters!!! Good Luck
  12. Pair this with the Integra DHC 80.3 Pre/Pro also currently advertised on SNA for an instant HIGH END setup (sans ATMOS) for WELL UNDER $3K!!!!!.........😎. GLWTS
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