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  1. Latest model is the PS Audio DirectStream which retails for OVER $8K........plus ANOTHER $1K for the network bridge!!! https://www.carltonaudiovisual.com.au/psaudiodsd.html According to CAV the PerfectWave is upgradeable to DirectStream spec.
  2. JohnL

    Time to update the big 3 speakers

    What are all your current speakers? Maybe you could move your current mains to the rear and then go with something from same maker for better mains and matching centre. Maybe even keep old rears for future 7.1.4 system. Similar voicing all round will definitely add to a more seamless multi channel experience. Atmos ceiling speakers probably not as important to match up perfectly though......(too hard anyway!!!) If room is big consider another matching sub too!!!
  3. JohnL

    Speakers, $13k budget

    Sell the amp too and go active ATC's....
  4. If it's got the blue ends.........It's a good cable...
  5. JohnL

    What would you buy?

    +1 Their ARC Room EQ is also highly regarded The AVM 60 would be my "go to"...... if/when my Integra DHC 80.3 dies.
  6. Why not try your Thor running other less demanding stuff like Source and Display?
  7. Unfortunately the PF2 is as far as my budget stretches.... Fortunately it stretched far enough for a PF2......
  8. Wouldn't listen without my Gigawatt PF2 conditioner now. Big improvement with clearly lower noise floor. Dynamic swings are actually better with no "choking" of my actives whatsoever. Even improved my Pioneer Plasma's PQ!! IMHO Just let your ears (and eyes?) decide if a conditioner or regenerator is a benefit to you.
  9. Pair from Pre to speakers is 2 mts!!! Could only use a 1 metre pair from source to pre with a XLR/RCA adapter
  10. Me too!!!.......(your Chords) Active ATC's Also.......I edited my last post.
  11. $3.5K a pair (XLR) from here https://addictedtoaudio.com.au/products/cardas-clear-interconnect I would say they are negotiable though. If you went used you would be looking at around $2K a pair at most......maybe less https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/223277658273 If you were in Melbourne you could have borrowed mine for a listen........and vice versa!!!! CARDAS also do the Clear Reflection which is a bit cheaper ($2K) and offers a bit more "warmth" over "clarity"......... https://addictedtoaudio.com.au/products/cardas-clear-reflection-interconnect
  12. Have you heard CARDAS Clears?
  13. If your "rubbish" AVR has pre outs then all you need is to add a decent M/C power amp. Unless you want/need very latest codecs (Atmos... etc)......then a new AVR would be the go.