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  1. Reservoir Dogs.......Mr. Blonde......Steelers Wheel: Stuck in the middle......ear......blood You can look it up if you are unfamiliar.
  2. Nice install mate. You have a valid point with the Melbourne thing though. Not much power left in what sun we are getting lately. @soundbyte I do have a dim dark distant memory of things oh so close to freezing mid stream in arctic Canberra so am aware of that. ??
  3. Solar? Heating for the shed so you can spend more time out there over the cold, frigid, icy Tassie winter? And the cold frigid half of summer too?
  4. I’ll just sit here waiting......
  5. That’s some fancy looking weedmat.
  6. If he has, and it seems from replies that’s the case, I’d like his patience. And spare time.
  7. I’ll just leave this here (after 10 pages of catching up).....
  8. Even say an oval shape with flat sides. Still can mount to it that way. Could frankenstein the end caps into a new mold shape to suit.
  9. And some progress!!!! Nice work Master. Just a thought, although a little late to the party, with the mount off the CD, what’s stopping you making it square shaped instead of round, allowing you more options when it comes to how you mount the horns to the midbass Box by being able to use the flat sides of the CD mount to attach brackets to off the box?
  10. He still need it despite the numbers recently reducing. And if you think I sound jealous, you’re right!
  11. Surely it has to. He has to build a TT shelf for inside anyway so what’s another one added to the list? He can always say it’s ‘spare’ turntable storage.
  12. In the wise words of.....ahhh... you @Upfront a man has to have a hobby. I think being esily sidetracked is part and parcel of all this.......cough..plinth...cough.
  13. Regarding No 2, you’re going to make many here jealous of your shed!
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