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  1. Not really.... there are quite few members here who sold their much expensive 'European' well made dacs to Chinese cheapies.... The world is a different place.....
  2. Let's say you have't seen or heard much....... This is what Greg Osborne told me...(quoting verbatim) " The Linear 1 is a fantastic Pre and easily beat all comers until the AMs arrived. They blitz it. The RT-2 is clearly better than the CAT Legend ($24,000) which is widely considered the Worlds best pre. It makes it very hard for me to sell CATs. I am pretty sure the only preamp available at any price to better it, is the RT-3. " They used to say the same about Japanese TTs (and electronics in general) back in the day specially when the UK kitchen table TTs (i.e. Linn) coudn't compete with Japanese super TTs........
  3. How do you know the seller is from China....?
  4. According to Mark Kemp of Rolling Stone At Fillmore East "remains the finest live rock performance ever committed to vinyl", and "captures America's best blues-rock band at its peak" Unfortunately, only Dicky Betts and Jaimoe remain from the original line up..... Whipping Post 23 minutes long.......still gives me goose bumps
  5. I would keep this till your new phono arrives.....
  6. The rumour has it that they couldn't keep @djb out on the 'Nude Day' as he kept coming for freebies......
  7. Try a DHT preamp....if you value transparency and neutrality Small valves offer more colouration......
  8. No....because you don't have Golden Ears.. Here's the test-can you distinguish the SQ between $ 88.00 powercord and $91.76 powercord?
  9. Didn't someone sell his/her Metrum Pavenae for D90......? I think it is in this thread.
  10. Have to done a one to one comparison...?
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