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  1. Finally someone had the guts to say what I've been thinking for years.....for the money there are much...much...better TTs
  2. "There's Big Ben; there's Piccadilly Circus; there's Jimmy Page, the greatest thief of American black music who ever walked the Earth; Oh, there's the kids!".....Homer J Simpson
  3. @kmiommi PM sent with regards to 13e1 valves
  4. Lot of options....but only few of them have all the features that OP is after...
  5. Innuos is generally better than most out there (for the same price)...try to get a used Zen MKII - better than Zen Mini MKIII Also their online support service is pretty good.
  6. What a prodigy...17 years....can anyone hear Mr Morganfield....?
  7. Allnic h3000 or Aurorasound VIDA Supreme
  8. That's @djb rolling a doobie in the background.... Those days you can catch a direct tram to Frankston from North Fitzroy.
  9. I am surprised you prefer Primaluna over these....(no offence) IMHO the built quality is better than Primaluna. I've heard these with Osborne speakers in a treated room which had spooky 3 dimensionality.... I could almost touch the musicians.
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