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  1. I wouldn't venture above the mason-dixon line....@djb
  2. pulinap

    Overdue road trip

    Didn't you use to run shotgun between Adelaide and Melbourne in your pre-federation gun slinger days....?
  3. pulinap

    FS: Metrum Octave

    Ah I see you have bought yourself a telephone....I was just about to send you an aeromail....
  4. yeah...ask @djb, he used to own one inter-war period......
  5. Denon DL-S1 (increasingly becoming rare) + Valab LCR phono......you are good to go...
  6. pulinap

    DACs & DSD

    I knew you were a laissez faire capitalist...! It won't be long, we, the downtrodden take pictchforks and start marching up the Richmond hill....that dac may be the only thing between you and the lynching mob.....😃
  7. pulinap

    DACs & DSD

    And if it doesn't work out....you can always donate it to me...I am just a short tram ride away...
  8. pulinap

    DACs & DSD

  9. pulinap

    Power cord discussions

    As they say looks can be often deceptive...he was 48 when that picture was take....
  10. pulinap

    Power cord discussions

    That's @djb circa 1947
  11. pulinap

    Vale Ed King

    Tons of booze, three guitars, two memorable southern anthems, one plane crash (even thought Ed has left the band by then).....what a story.
  12. pulinap

    Vale Ed King

    One of the last of the original redneck boys (oh yeah they were rednecks alright....but grew their hair long enough to cover it...😃) You can hear him counting before ripping into one of the most memorable Stratocaster riffs in the history of rock n roll.... So here's to you....one, two, three, ...