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  1. Hello Fellow SNA Travellers, Let me first wish you all a safe and a joyous New Year........and please say hello to Aunt Gladys for us from south of the border. I am after some advice for a gimbal stabilizer for android phones - similar to that of Osmo Mobile 3, but with video pause option (either in the device or app) I have Osmo Mobile 3 - but it does not have pause option for the video recordings. Thanks for your time.
  2. Exactly.... The man asked for something simple....
  3. Life is too short to muck around with loading...there are much better option out there...
  4. Time to crank it up to 12......so we can have a hell of a B'day party...!
  5. Sad news indeed...they were instrumental in conventing blues to heavy metal. One of the pioneering proto-metal bands to induce headbanging. Crank up Mississippi Queen and see what all this fuzz about. May you meet your long departed band mate Felix Pappalardi...
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