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  1. pulinap

    FS: Golden Age Audio Mono Blocks

    chance to own a piece of Melbourne hifi history.......
  2. pulinap

    wtb: high end iem

  3. pulinap

    Upgrade path for my system

    If you are 'colour blind' (like me).....my humble suggestion is: DAC - Gustard DAC x-9 (around $500.00) Phono - Valab LRC (Around 1k) Enjoy the journey......
  4. I can see @djb lusting over that 'suitcase'.......
  5. pulinap

    Upgrade SUT or Phonostage?

    I found half a mils are better than full millimetres....😉
  6. pulinap

    Upgrade SUT or Phonostage?

    Upgrade the phonostage to a current amplification type...and forget about loading....life is too short of that.
  7. pulinap

    Hi All - how to post to classifieds

    Mate @djb, that doesn't make any sense what so ever.....please keep away from that home-brewed moonshine....