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  1. Gary Cawsey? I find it quite frustrating that there aren't many technicians around here in sunny Melbourne. Duc aka Peter aka Lovetube used to be the run-to person...alas his untimely passing away has left a big hole in Melbourne hifi scene...not to nostagically mention his legendary BBQs.
  2. Dalmore an a cigar...a match made in heaven.
  3. What do you expect from a person who has worked with Trevor Lees.... 😄
  4. Saw him few years ago at the Hamer Hall.....ear splitting distortions...(take a bow Mr Hendrix) Actually, it was Buddy Guy who first started playing distorted crunchy blues before anyone else......but the audience was not ready at that time... then Hendrix came and steam rolled them all......once and for all.
  5. No, but last time when I spoke to Elson, he was under the impression that he cannot get it to sound like 13e1...of course each to their own. They are completely different valves.
  6. That's because there is a limited supply of 13e1...
  7. Yep he is a gentleman to deal with. I think his secret weapon is his Cymer Southernstar 13e1 amps....perfected over the years...to deliver SET bliss from a beam tetrode.
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