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  1. Get Innuos...one box solution....streamer/storage/PSU
  2. Global feedback: Do you still listen to CDs? A short film about CD playback w/ Hegel, PS Audio & Pro-Ject
  3. Have a look at Darko's website...he has quite few streamers reviewed and compared...including W4S and Innuos.
  4. Hello fellow SNA members. I am looking for recommendation for a camera for street/ architecture photography for my partner. Here are some parameters: 1. Should be very simple to operate - point and shoot....(all auto..?) 2. Light/small 3. Preferable around $500.00 (can look for used/ previous technology) Thanks in advance.
  5. If you take a utilitarian approach to this issue the answer is simple and two folds: 1. if you can hear a difference between a $5.00 cable and a $50.00 cable, then congratulate yourself, as you have what we call in the industry a pair of golden ears and/or a highly resolving system - either or both are good. (but then again Bob Carver demolished some of those golden ears and resolving systems.... https://www.bobcarvercorp.com/carver-challenge) 2. If you cannot hear a difference between power cables - again congratulate yourself as you have saved yourself heaps of money (that could be spent on music) and the agony of sleepless nights thinking about the next best power cable. So as you can see it is a win-win situation.
  6. So does it mean that JJ 'invented' that valve....?
  7. Thanks. So looks like there is no direct replacement....
  8. While on the subject anyone know the direct replacement alternatives for ECC99? I could only find JJ valves.....
  9. Hard to beat Valab for the price.....
  10. ....and expensive.....😄 It is Oswald Mills Audio OMA .....
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