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  1. pulinap

    SUT Upgrade

    'tis time to build that valve headamp mate...before the hipsters get a crowdfunding to build their own...
  2. pulinap

    FS: jensen step up transformer

  3. pulinap

    JELCO SA-750L 12" Tonearm

    Make sure you buy a better collar for Jelco......
  4. pulinap

    Deceased estate

    ....oh here we go.... 😁
  5. pulinap

    FS: Suunto MC2 compass

  6. pulinap

    SOLD: Lyn sondek turntable

  7. pulinap

    SOLD: Lyn sondek turntable

  8. They sell direct .....no middle man.....keep the cost down. But they pop-up on A'gon and eBay and sometimes here in 'straya.....usually go for around 4k AUD
  9. pulinap

    MC step up transformer

    Perhaps it's time to change your moniker to trannyhunter.......