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  1. Really sorry to hear of your circumstances. I hope things improve soon. GLWTS!
  2. As with most Gecko stuff, these are good value. Even more so at that price. You won’t be disappointed.
  3. My first was the 53, and I still use a 67 MkII. Both were non KI models, as that stretched my apprentice wage a bit far, haha. GLWTS
  4. Item: REL T5i subwoofer x 2 Price Range: Reasonable Item Condition: As new Extra Info: I’m after a pair of these, in black. As new condition (preferably). Able to be shipped to Tassie, so original boxes would be handy. Thanks Please don't forget to report your post as FOUND when possible. (You can now delete this text).
  5. What funky looking little units! With a bit of imagination, you could build a really eye catching setup. GLWTS!
  6. It’s a shame borders are closed, otherwise you could pop down to Tassie and deliver it to me, haha. GLWTS!
  7. Otis Blue - Otis Redding I started watching a series the other day called Quarry. This was featured, and I hadn’t listened to it for years. It’s been on high rotation since.
  8. Thanks mate. I’ll have a think, and try to justify it, haha.
  9. @Nicko1979, what did you have on it? I’m kinda wondering how beneficial it would be for my integrated tube amp (Cayin cs-55a). I might do some digging. Shipping to Tassie might be a bit steep though, unfortunately.
  10. Yep, that’s what I meant. Just the single, as I would make 2x3m(ish) cables with plugs on one end. I prefer to terminate speakers via direct connection, so just want bananas for amp. To be honest, I wasn’t expecting you to entertain this, and was said in jest a bit. That said if you are willing, I’m certainly interested. Thanks Scott
  11. It’s a shame these are twice as long as I need. I’d take one, but I’m guessing that’s not an option, haha. I hope you can offload them soon, mate.
  12. THIS!! For me, it's one of the most beautiful cars ever made. I built a Revell model of it when I was a kid, which I still have. The first time I saw one in the flesh, I was totally awestruck. My other was PB's A9X Torana.
  13. Are they Gecko’s? The glass plates look familiar. Great bang for your buck stands.
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