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  1. I know this is an old thread, but wanted to give props to Audio Junction. I just purchased some IsoAcoustics Aperta’s from them (online). The list price seemed not quite right. When I enquired, they (Nathan) confirmed it was incorrect, apologised, and offered a generous voucher for inconvenience. They didn’t need to do this (and many wouldn’t). Good communication and customer service helps keep these local shops alive, and it deserves to be acknowledged. If anyone in Newy is heading in there soon, please let them know of my satisfaction. As an aside, the Aperta’s are discounted at the moment.
  2. Thank you all for your input, it is much appreciated, and I’ll definitely take it on board. Im still leaning towards Rega, and need to call the blokes at VAF anyway, so I’ll see what they have to say too. Thanks again.
  3. So, I’ve had a bit of a mind change. After doing a bit of research, I’ve nearly set myself on a Rega Planar. Most likely the P2, unless I stumble across someone with a crazy pre Christmas sale on a P3. I’d probably stick with the basic Carbon cart, and maybe swap it out for my Pickering XV-15. Thoughts anyone?
  4. I’m also fairly space constrained. I’d happily recommend VAF i90’s ($2000). Mine are currently on shelves, but will soon be stand mounted.
  5. These keep me warm in the winter.
  6. Do-Bop, I can handle, as I can still isolate the horn. Rubberband loses me completely though. I can’t be critical of that list of names! Do you have a sax background? Mine is trumpet, which is why I gravitate more towards Miles I guess. I can tune everything else out, and just hear the horn. I have occasional similar struggles to you but with Coltrane. Do you know of Andrea Motis? Spanish, beautiful voice, plays horn, and cute as a button to boot, haha. If not, try Summertime, with Joan Chamorro (arrangement genius). Sheesh, derailment. At least it’s my own thread I guess, haha. How do you go with your tubes being quite confined, temperature wise? My KT88’s put out enough heat to warm a small room.
  7. Thanks for that KRSDarwin. I’ll definitely take that on board. I guess one of my reasons for leaning toward the Denon is the ease of headshell (hence cartridge) removal. I’d probably swap the stock cartridge out for the Pickering. I have thought about a seperate phono stage, but for now I’ll just use the internal one on the CS-55a amp. As an aside, love your taste in music. I lost my copy of Kind of Blue, but an original pressing of Sketches of Spain survived when a lot of my collection “went missing”. I’d be interested to know what you think of Doo-Bop? It’s very different, but I don’t mind it.
  8. Aussievintage, I can thank my dearly departed grandmother for the cart. Who knew she was such an audiophile, hehe. Bless her! Much appreciated Wartman. You’re at the wrong end of the state (wouldn’t be me), but I’ll keep your offer in mind for when I make a decision as to what to do. Thanks again
  9. Hi all I’ve been absent for a long time. I am pretty keen to start rebuilding my vinyl collection. In doing so, a turntable is a bit of a requirement. I dragged my old Rotel RP-300 (with Pickering XV-15 cart) out of mothballs the other day. It’s in serious need of some loving. The tonearm reservoir is obviously down, as it lowers too quickly, and the belt will likely need replacing. The most disappointing thing is that the platter has some corrosion/oxidation around the rim. I’m considering cutting my losses and stumping up for a new unit. On that, the two models I have under most serious consideration are: -Denon DP-400 and -Pro-Ject Debut Carbon I'm leaning toward the Denon, but open to any suggestions. It’ll be paired with a Cayin CS-55a (KT88). Thanks in advance Scott
  10. I'm looking at upgrading my centre speaker, but am a bit limited height wise. To sit on the cabinet top I have a maximum of 140mm so as not to obstruct the screen. The most desirable I've been able to find at the moment is a Dynaudio Excite X22 (H - 130mm). This unit seems ok but I have a few concerns (or questions) for those that know better that me. It is rated at 150w (4ohms). My power amp is a Marantz MM9000 (with matching AV9000 pre), and my main questions are, a.) will the amp be ok to handle the 4ohm load, as the only info I have is for 6/8ohms, and, b.) will the speaker be ok with the extra power output from the amp at that impedance? It's 150w at 8ohms. The amp being built to THX Ultra specs should handle it I think (?), but people here know a lot more than me. Thanks
  11. A bit of a delay in posting as life kind of got in the way a bit. Received my i90's just pre Christmas. When I hooked them up the mid and top end clarity jumped right at me. Amazing. They lacked a little in the bottom end - which is to be expected in a small unit. I emailed Patrick to say thanks, and described as I have here. As he pointed out, they were designed with a sub in mind - which I plan to add in future anyway - but also said they would loosen up a bit with run in. I figured they would a bit, but the evolution over a couple of weeks was astounding. The bass now has a good kick for a small unit, and very tight. Put a bit of volume into them and, well I'm suitably impressed. A few mates have been a bit wide eyed. Am trying to get a few sales, unfortunately most of the fellas come with handbrake attached. Many thanks to VAF and Patrick for the first rate service.
  12. That I did. Now to play the waiting game, which I'm not so good at.......
  13. One pair of i90's coming my way. Thanks all for your input. They better be as good as you say!
  14. VAF, if you stumble across this thread before checking your PM's, you have one. Thanks Flash
  15. Yep, noticed they had been merged George. Good thing. I could easily have ended up in a severe state of confusion. Ahh Hensa, you've won me. I see you're a Blackadder fan. My nic is a shortening of Lord Flashheart. Woof! Curse missing out on the VAF i90 $699 offer. A pair of them for $1400 would have been ideal.
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