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  1. Dammit. I’m after a pair of these, but I’m in Tassie. Looks like I’ll have to go retail. I hope they go to a good home.
  2. I’ve posted this one too. It gets panned a bit as it was basically at the death of Floyd, but I like it. Also, it’s brilliantly recorded. A good headphone album.
  3. Shane Howard - Live in Ireland, Australia, and New Zealand. His best album in my opinion. Bought it at HMV in Melbourne in ‘99, and has been one of my “go to’s” ever since.
  4. After a life changing event a number of years ago, I had to move into my parents place. My room was reconfigured, and while I was at it some mates still in the trade did some electrical work. I had 6 double GPO’s mounted together. A comment was made along the lines of, what have you got against power boards, haha.
  5. Can’t disagree@Marc. I contacted the seller and enquired about AS compliance. He told me it exceeded this, and only industrial equipment was supplied with certification of IP56. A couple of problems there. I’m a former sparky, and know that IP56 is a dust and water rating, not a general AS certification. Also, you might well exceed the specifications, but without that little sticker, it means zilch. I did thank him for his time.... Thanks but no thanks..
  6. I just stumbled across these on eBay. Would they also fall into the “avoid at all costs” category? The whole insurance thing does concern me if they aren’t AS compliant. Opinions please? https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/254588490475
  7. I had this happen on a power amp a number of years ago. As much as it annoyed me, there was no way I was going to muck around with it myself, and risk buggering something up. I lived with it until my pre amp was in need of some maintenance, so sent both to the doctor. Easy fix.
  8. This is a rhetorical question right? 😂😂😂
  9. Glad I found this thread, as I have a similar conundrum. Apologies if I’m hijacking, but didn’t think it was worth a new thread. I’m using a Mac Mini as a dedicated server/streamer, but considering swapping to a Node 2i. I have my entire library recorded in ALAC (+Bitperfect), but the vast majority is available on either Spotify, or Tidal anyway. I also still have my CD player connected, so can probably live without the server (except for being irked by spending ages ripping my library and not using it, haha). Also, I do still enjoy putting a disc on from to time. My setup is Mac Mini via usb to the HD input on a Cayin CS-55a amp. Speakers are VAF i90s (soon to be bolstered by a pair of REL t5i subs). These are on Gecko stands and Isoacoustics Aperta’s. I really want to keep things as minimalist as possible, so plan on using the onboard DAC, for now at least. I guess this leads to the big question. As the Node doesn’t have as usb out, how will its DAC compare with that of the Cayin? Over to the SN brains trust. Thanks in advance.
  10. I love the clean, minimalist look @andrewyuri. The panels really fit too. What I'd give for a dedicated listening room! Oh, and a healthier budget, haha.
  11. I only just saw this. As I don't often look at the web version (I use connect), I was unaware. Good on them, and I'll be donating, also to Support Act. I had a fairly terse conversation with a friend the other day about struggling musos, and the arts sector more broadly. They were of the belief that all artists were super rich. She is young, and only has exposure to the big names. I grew up in a time when nearly every pub had live music every weekend. This is long gone now, but what is left of this scene has come to a screaming halt, and many are doing it tough. They deserve all the help we can give them. BTW, I think I opened her eyes a bit.
  12. Ha, yes @blybo, you're right. I misread that as the room size, not listening position. Oops... They seem to be fairly forgiving as far as positioning goes. Maybe it is a combination of very solid construction, and small cabinet to driver ratio. I'm only guessing though. Perhaps the good people at @VAF can help out?
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