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  1. Don’t start that again! 😂 Good luck to everyone in the draw!
  2. Absolute bargain. Whoever the lucky buyer is, they will not be disappointed.
  3. Crikey. You’ve gotta be quick around here, haha. Bargain!
  4. Apologies, yes stock tubes in a Cayin amp. Thanks for your advice. I’m still relatively new to the world of tubes.
  5. I’m really glad I saw this. I’m running stock Cayin KT88s, but have been tossing up whether to try some 6550s, or go for Gold Lion KT88s. At this point I’m leaning toward the latter.
  6. I’m the only one in the household to please, so that isn’t an issue. Being in a wheelchair and having to relocate every time I want to browse, change a track, or album is however a massive PITA. My system is now at the point where I can tell a clear difference between Tidal and Spotify, but the inconvenience factor basically cancels it out. I can still thoroughly enjoy listening to music through Spotify, without wearing a track in the carpet, haha.
  7. Tidal need to get with the program. I’ve only just joined on the $4 p/m for 4 month deal. I use a MacMini as a dedicated server/steamer. Download app on phone - check Install Tidal on Mac - check Try to connect iPhone app to Mac - nope... I’m a bit annoyed.
  8. Well, they would match my headphones. Surely that’s reason enough. 😂
  9. Holy moly!! This is the first thing I’ve won since a watermelon in grade three! Thanks so much Geoff.
  10. I’ve been using Phillips Hue for a few years now, and they are brilliant. I’m in a wheelchair, and it’s super convenient for me. I use both iPhone Home app with Siri for manual/voice control, and basic automation, and the Hue app for more custom applications. Hue allows you to gradually fade lights on/off, whereas Apple is more basic. I also use EVE Aqua to control my garden watering system. I had planned to use Alexa as well, but you can’t control directly through the hub, but instead have to give Amazon access to your Hue account. I wasn’t too keen on this, so just use Apple.
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