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  1. @Flash thank you so much for your kind words. The i90 has been such a popular speaker in so many situations, normally paired with a compact subwoofer it produces a big sound. @Pablo_Beluga I'd be pleased to have a chat, we have a couple of more compact monitor size speakers at or under your budget and of course can custom build. This is my personal favourite and what I run myself - Signature I25 . Its very close to the size you need (can lay on it's side with no problem) - and produces a solid 40Hz so IMO doesn't need a sub for quality stereo. We offer 30 day money back trials in house too.
  2. That looks original - some of the very first had caps stripped down out of the original plastic covers - not sure they were mundorf though.... does it actually have a brand on it?
  3. So measuring at 4M is going to introduce a lot of reflections and won't be indicative of the speakers actual response. However, it's pretty easy to see via the impulse and step function if the drivers are in phase or not. It's been many years, but I can't quite remember if the red sticker (I assume you're meaning that) indicates +. Best to check with a battery over the terminals. + to + = cone moves OUT. Cheers! Simon
  4. Hey Davide, I can confirm all drivers are in phase on the BK. From the picture, they've been highly modified externally at least. Send me what you're measuring and I can maybe comment and help you out. simon.wilde@vaf.com.au cheers! Simon
  5. Hi Chris, only ever two types of cabinet. PCL2001 series and then the C6/7000 - C6000/7000 had same cabinet but C7000 had the Krell active crossovers. Later C6000 had some cross over mods and also the later version had updated mid range drivers.
  6. Drop us an email and we can send you through some info no problems, Cheers! Simon
  7. There's been a dramatic slowing of demand for large sub $5k floor standing speakers over the last few years, we found it harder and harder to keep the price down until it became unsustainable. Ironically as soon as we decided to stop them, we had more demand than ever and did two 'last' runs. But we'd already told the driver supplier we were stopping them and they discontinued the baskets. With a lot of development in the signature range and the new smaller DC's - we're turning attention back to a new DC-X soon.
  8. Hey there, that's a GEN3 DC-X, circa 1995-2000. One of or most popular models ever. Thousands built and shipped all over the place. Twin Fibreglass 8" bass/mid and a horn loaded Audax tweeter. High sensitivity at 96dB/W One of the first cross overless designs, one capacitor on the tweeter (and a padding resistor). We still make the occasional replacement grille sock for these. There's also a retrofit for the bass/mids that we've done to fit the newer GEN4 Kevlar woofers - the original Audax 8" drivers are no longer available as replacements. Hope you like them! They look like they're in great condition. Cheers, Simon
  9. Hi Steve, You've got DC-X speakers there by the pics, not DC-7. Twin 8" bass/mid and horn loaded 1" dome tweeter. The drivers are 8 Ohm. The original French manufacturer of the drive units went out of business about 15 years ago and we held replacement stock until about 2 years ago. The replacement we've developed is an upgrade to the speaker and I assume that's what was offered. Specs on the driver probably wont help that muc h, however - attached. Send an email through, we do have the odd upgrade and some times end up with a couple of the original drivers, so I could probably help you out. Cheers, Simon.
  10. Yeah OK, I understand. I'd think there's other problems going on there if it had no bass, and if the rubber was stiff, maybe the owner used a chemical cleaner that reacted with the surround. Anyway, good to hear from you - if there's any owners in SA that need support I'd be happy to help you / them out. Just shout out!
  11. Marquis NEVER had anything but VIFA drivers from the Regency Park factory or before. When Duntech was sold and Regency Park closed there was a brief period , maybe 12 months...(ish) when manufacturing was outsourced, before Duntech was sold/reborn again to the current owners who wouldn't have had anything to do with it before then. It is possible at the end of that time a Marquis might have been made with Morel and Dyn tweeters (which is what the picture looks like) - in this case ir would have been tested and integrated correctly, so the owner shouldn't have any misgivings or worry - I'd suggest they sound better than the originals anyway. Hi Kiat, hope you're well. Long time no speak! If it wasn't a morel then it didn't come from the 'factory'. Pic really looks like a morel... You have any pics of the back?
  12. Pleasure, brings back some good memories. So female vocals would be influenced - typically the range is around 350 to 3Khz with harmonics going out to roughly 12kHz. So I'd suggest it's th higher order harmonics that are causing some issues. Depending on the band width of the dip you mention, it's unlikely you'd hear an effect - which I guess you proved. Sounds like you have some experience and tech capability, if you want to squeeze the most out of those you might consider a DSP like the DEQX - they're damn good and if you can bi amp and run a quasi active arrangement you'll be able to balance the woofer to mid transition better, where some of those problems are. I see you're in Adelaide, happy to have a chat if you want to drop in or call. No problems either way. cheers, Simon
  13. No problems Chris, questions are for asking. It does depend on a few things including what the construction is and what your preferred setup is in terms of speaker placement in the room - the main thing I see there is the speakers are going to be close to the side walls if you want a decent sound stage assuming your setup is on the short wall - on the long wall you're too close. So you'll definitely want some good acoustic treatments in that space. (in fact regardless of the room it's always going to benefit from a better acoustics). We recommend Vicoustic products, they have an excellent service to model your room and design a layout for you. It's completely worth the trouble - do it once and do it right. Happy to chat about that if you'd like. Jump on our web site and send me a mail, or just call. Cheers Simon
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