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  1. So the I-25 is definitely a jump up from the I-91. Exactly the same size, but with the new coax driver, it's another level. More bass extension but more definition and extension in the top end as well. really liking these new drivers. We'll possibly put it into a more compact cabinet again like the I-90, but at this stage we're just enjoying it as a more full range speaker.
  2. Hi Stump, Look forward to seeing you there mate? Glad to hear the Transcriptor is running sweetly still!
  3. A presentation at the Melbourne International HiFi Show by Peter Ledermann direct from New York. Soundsmith continue to commit to go further, to be steeped in details; to work long hours to continue to evolve what is the highest evolution of design in the industry ~ unique ultra low mass Fixed Coil magnetic designs. Only by this will you get both sweetness and "details" out of your records. Also long term VALUE. Soundsmith have the most unique and rebuildable technologies available, by supremely gifted craftsmen. Every cartridge hand made with devotion to the craft.- And you won't have to sell your soul to own one. But you will have it Forever. The Soundsmith, Mr Peter Ledermann will describe what makes his unique designs the go to for those looking for audio truth. By the end of his presentation you will ask yourself "Why aren't all cartridges made this way?". Demonstrations and special prices available to attendees. Saturday and Sunday in the VAF display. Park Room 1st floor. Tickets RSVP at eventbrite here - Soundsmith presentation link
  4. 3 new models and 2 updates. I-93mkIII and I-66mkIII as per website. Significant changes in sound staging and the overall sound, really big sound stage and increased upper bass and mid detail. All from a completely new cross over topology. Also SE versions of both with a new Beryllium tweeter, upgraded cabinet, internal wiring and ultra fast multi layer capacitors in the crossover. The 3 new models are the I-25, 35 and 45. (35 and 45 pictured). We're officially launching these at the Melbourne HiFi show next week. These use our latest magnesium alloy dual concentric drivers. The 1-25 is a stand mount (pictures to come) and uses the same driver as the I-35. The 35 is a two way, very clean and fast sounding speaker with bass to 34Hz. The 45 is a 3 way, same cone materials but the dual concentric driver is a dedicated mid/tweeter and using a proprietary bass driver for bass down to 30Hz. Will have these up on the site v-soon. 😁 Oh - no run-outs on old models, however we're doing an introductory 15% on all Signature lines which means 15% on the new mkIII's and the I-25,35,45. Pricing - I-25 $3,895/pr. I-35 $5,495. I-45 $6,895.
  5. Hi Orphaned Gland, We have a VPL-VW550ES, VPL-VW270ES and VPL-VW760ES on display in our showrooms. We are located at 52-54 North Terrace, Kent Town Regards Keith
  6. Item: SONY VPL-VW550es Location: VAF showroom Adelaide Price: $8999 (RRP $15,999) Item Condition: Ex demo floor model, excellent condition and includes a free globe Reason for selling: New models on display. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, VISA, AMEX, Bank Transfer - We can ship anywhere in Aus. Free shipping to Metro Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane. Extra Info: 4K2K (4096x2160) ANAMORPHIC 3D CAPABLE, SXRD HOME THEATRE PROJECTOR -BLACK - 1800 LUMENS BRIGHTNESS - 300,000:1 CONTRAST. Hand assembled in Japan. 10bit HDR compliant. See it on line at https://vaf.com.au/collections/special-offers/products/sony-vplvw550es-true-4k-projector Pictures:
  7. Hi all, just putting it out there our Turn Table guru, Ben will be back in town next week for a few days. We've booked in set ups for some customers new turntables and some upgrades already but there's still plenty of space to have a look at some more if anyone is interested. Service, upgrade advice for a very broad range of turn tables. The earlier you can bring your TT in to assess the better. Cheers and thanks for your continued support, Simon PS sorry for the late notice.
  8. Hi Stephen, thought I'd chime in to let you know we are an Ortofon reseller. We also support VanDenHul, REGA and Soundsmith. Very happy to help you out if you're thinking of changing anything, arm or cart or just an alignment and tune up. The Soundsmith entry level is an amazing cart and pushes the performance of the the 2M Black. We have both on the floor to audition. We'll trade in too. Cheers for now, Simon
  9. Hi everyone, You've probably seen the post by now, but thought worth mentioning again. We're proud to have Peter Ledermann skype in for another of his very informative presentations on Cartridge design and the challenges involved in making a great or indeed even a good one. I believe everyone who was able to see his last presentation was highly intrigued by his enthusiasm and clearly highly unique design approach. Anyone interested in cartridge design or even interested in what makes a cartridge work will really enjoy this presentation. Saturday and Sunday morning in the VAF room, LAKE1,2 first floor at the Pullman. 10:15am sharp. Please take the time to book your tickets and therefore register your interest here - https://www.eventbrite.com.au/e/melbourne-international-hi-fi-show-peter-ledermann-live-presentation-tickets-50943446219 look forward to seeing you next week! Cheers! Simon
  10. Some of the models have been in and out of the showroom. Not a full time display yet guys.
  11. Hi Rob, DC range equivalent. Floor stander, cool little bookshelf, compact on/in wall, and an LCR on/in wall. Also a new stand mount Signature. Maybe worth giving us a call and have a chat.
  12. Hi Peta, you'll be glad to know we're about to release the 66 in an active format. I know you've been waiting for a while on these. Parts are being ordered in and we'll be in touch as soon as the final parts are ready to 'roll'. Will be in touch soon. Cheers for now Simon
  13. Hi Rob, We're planning on both I-93 and I-66 speakers to be there in active form. Probably also the same in their traditional passive guise as well, but that's going to be dictated by available space. We also will have a new entry level range released there including a compact on and in wall, bookshelf and couple of floor standers. Hope to see you there! Cheers, Simon
  14. Hi there, you won't run any more risk in damaging speakers with biamp config as long as it's done right. In your case it's easy because of the amp you have - simple re assign of the outputs, remove the linking plate on the back of the speaker connect cables and you're done. You won't get any more volume (SPL) out of the system, but you may achieve better dynamics with slightly less distortion. The difference it's going to make however is probably going to be minimal. But this is subjective, as with much in audio, a minimal change for some is HUGE for others. So in saying that, Bi amplification achieves a few outcomes, but the main advantage is separating the more demanding and power draining low frequencies from the mids and highs, which require proportionately much less power. In a two way speaker you are separating only the tweeter from the bas/mids. The tweeter is probably only drawing about 10 watts, so you really aren't taking much load away by doing this. IMO, having already got the cables and have spare channels on the amp - just do it! The best way to find out is to try it. Always happy to have a chat if you'd like to give us a call - (08) 8363 9996 Cheers and all the best, Simon
  15. Sounds good Tim, (no pun intended) let me know if you have any questions. or doubts when it arrives. Cheers, Simon
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