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  1. Please don't burn these. They are amazing even if they are repros. If they were in Perth I'd take them to try my Monitor Gold 15s in. Someone please take them!
  2. The aesthetics are obviously personal taste. I have Vitus gear now and I'm seriously thinking of moving over/up to Accuphase partially because of the retro look.
  3. OK, but I really think you should try it. Nothing to lose and a potential gain.
  4. Have you tried connecting to the DSJ (I assume they all have a bridge installed) with ethernet and having the fan cooled NUC in another room?
  5. That article is 8 years old though. A MBP into a DAC has well and truly been overtaken by dedicated servers/renderers. I don't know if that means CA has now surpassed CD though.
  6. I absolutely agree. The gap between SACD/CD and CA has closed with the Ultra. I use an i7 NUC as server. Still using the wall-wart on the NUC so I have to get a linear PSU for that. I think it is the least sensitive end of the chain though. Chanh, I'll PM you.
  7. Hi Chanh, I've been running a sMS-200 Ultra with ethernet switch (Uptone JS-2 PSU) for about 3 months now. I had a Sms-200 before. As far as I'm concerned the Ultra is the best CA I've heard. And I went a long way down the rabbit hole with DIY server builds and power supplies as I followed this thread. I must have spent >$3k on those server builds. If you want I can bring the sMS-200 Ultra over and you can give it a spin. I'd love to hear your system anyway. I also have my original sMS-200 that you can borrow for a while if you want. Although it's not close to the Ultra SQ-wise so you will be disappointed..
  8. Jamo CBR 905 Speakers

    I had some 1304s. They're still going strong at my brother-in-law/sister's place. Some great memories here They were beautifully built in Denmark. Sound great. That centre bass reflex was a novel idea. By photographing them upside down you can't see the mid and high range adjustment knobs. GLWS.
  9. Why not just use an i3 NUC as Roon recommend. https://kb.roonlabs.com/Roon_Optimized_Core_Kit If you don't want to run ROCK just load Ubuntu or a similar Linux distro and install Roon server.
  10. MQA/Masters on Tidal

    I have to agree. It is digital done differently. When I first got my Mytek Brooklyn DAC I couldn't stop listening to MQA from Tidal. It seemed to sound more analog to me than I was used to from PCM. Comparing the MQA albums to my PCM 44.1 files of the same music had me preferring MQA almost every time. For some reason that early infatuation has worn off. I no longer prefer the MQA version of most tracks from Tidal. I don't know why but my ears have started to find fault with the MQA sound. Maybe it is due to all the anti-MQA stuff I've read leading me psychologically to prefer plain PCM
  11. MQA/Masters on Tidal

    Have read of this. It may influence your opinion of MQA. https://www.computeraudiophile.com/ca/reviews/mqa-a-review-of-controversies-concerns-and-cautions-r701/
  12. I've read your post a few times and I'm still none the wiser. Are you using that Apple thingy in the middle as an adapter of some sort?
  13. Yes I had a few giggles as I read it having just had an electrician in to run a dedicated line to my listening room. I think the journalist almost "got it" at the end of his research.
  14. I'm not sure if this article has been discussed before but it is a very sympathetic look at us as a group. https://www.esquire.com/uk/culture/news/a8618/are-the-audiophiles-hearing-something-were-not/