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  1. Of course it's not easy but it's certainly not hard nowadays. Many manufacturers have achieved audibly transparent DAC designs in the last few years using solid engineering principles. These DACs measure well. The Topping D90 is such a DAC. Modern DACs are measurably the most transparent components in our systems. They are far more transparent (not contributing a "sound" to the audio chain) than amplifiers, speakers, analog sources and our rooms. I get the impression you are confusing what sounds good to you with what is transparent. There's nothing wrong with that from a personal perspective but it's hardly a reproducible result that can guide a person who is considering buying a new DAC.
  2. I was making more of a logical statement rather than a simplistic statement. Your failure to accept scientific proof has also dogged this thread.
  3. A wonderfully measuring DAC will, by definition, be transparent and lack distortion. The measurements come from the attributes, the attributes don't come from the measurements. The analog output stage and the power supply will influence the measurements so their effect can be quantified.
  4. Rubbish. Schiit and PS Audio products were measured exactly the same way as all the other brands. Amir is only critical of the products that performed badly. He is brand agnostic. He has not been critical of all Schiit and PS Audio products, only those that measure poorly. He has been just as critical of many other brands including Audio GD Again a completely baseless statement. Amir and most ASR readers, including me, have a long history of involvement in HiFi. 45 years in my case. I've had countless DACs in that time and I can tell you that spending more does not necessarily equate with better sound. Interestingly, the DAC that I found to sound clearly worse than all others was from Audio GD, products which ASR has found problems with. Most of the other DACs I've had have sounded so similar as to be virtually indistinguishable from each other. Again you are being deliberately misleading. Amir does not say $100 dollar products are superior to $2500 products. He and the other contributors measure products from all price ranges but the results speak for themselves and are price agnostic. I just can't understand why people get so worked up about facts. If you want to ignore them well good for you but to claim there are ulterior motives in the ASR measurements is real "conspiracy theory" stuff.
  5. Good points. That's why I said the ASR measurements are a good basis for choosing a DAC. Just somewhere to start by telling us all which ones measure badly. Ideally we should listen before buying but sometimes that's not possible. Exactly. There's already distortion in every system (even with DSP and room treatments) so why introduce further distortion when you can avoid doing so by choosing a well measuring DAC.
  6. You added the "too much". I'm just trying to get you to see there should be science involved in DAC design, not religion or faith. Measurements are a critical part of designing a DAC. Look, I'll just leave it now. I reckon you'll come around eventually.
  7. Looking at the cloth and the binding posts I reckon these used to be mine several years ago. Yep they sounded good then. I moved on to 15s after this. GLWTS.
  8. @was_a, I don't know you and I don't know if you are really serious with your line of argument. I'm thinking that surely some of your posts must be tongue in cheek! A DAC is not a musical instrument. It is a piece of electronic equipment. It has a job to do converting a digital source into an analog signal. It would seem logical to me that doing this in the most accurate way possible would be the aim. The only way of checking the accuracy is with measurements that can be reproduced. The Topping D90 does this conversion very well and therefore measures well. Saying ASR and it's measurements are leading people astray is just plain wrong. The measurements give everyone a basis for choosing a DAC. If they don't like "accurate" that's fine by me. They can choose a DAC that imparts a level of distortion to the signal and sounds different from accurate. There are certainly plenty of those in most price brackets. Any way I'll stick with preferring accurate to distorted.
  9. That's not true. That's also not true. Measurements give a good guide to what gear will sound bad. If a DAC measures well it will not have a unique "sound". It will simply provide accurate digital to analog conversion. If you want your system to have a "sound" put some tubes in.
  10. I went out with my son to help him look for a TV and sound bar for his new house. The TOTR Samsung is what we went for. Surprisingly the Atmos speakers work really well and the sub fills the room amazingly. I think that $1300 price was about what he paid. Highly recommended.
  11. These cables are currently on trial in a potential purchaser's system so sale is on hold for now.
  12. And my "Accuphase" streamer is upgraded since the last time. sMS-200 Ultra Neo now. Somewhat different.
  13. Best at yours I think. You have much more gear.
  14. No worries. $350 for the tin and I'll throw in the cables free. 😎
  15. Talking about mismatched centre to left and right fronts, I have an Usher S525 centre and S520 rears running with Magico S5 left and right fronts. The Magicos retail for about 100 times the Ushers but honestly, the Ushers blend beautifully with them. I initially had the Ushers in another setup and thought I was content with the Magicos alone for movies with my JVC projector. One bored day, I tried the Ushers in the mix and I've never removed them. I now realise the centre speaker, to me , is the most important speaker for movies. This is especially true if the family is watching movies together. Amplification is critical though. I use an Accuphase A-70 for the Magicos. To integrate well you need a similar level of grunt and control for the centre as you do for the left and right. I use an Elektra Theatre HD to power the Ushers and it helps them integrate really well with the SQ of the Magicos.
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