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  1. Sonore MQA unfolding

    Yes it will obviously be the first unfold only. Still, for those waiting for ever for Roon to offer the first unfold, this is great news.
  2. New Magico A3

    They are sort of a budget S3. At that price, if they're half as good as my S5s they'll be amazing value.
  3. The word "madness" sprung to mind when I read this FS thread. A centre speaker like that, designed like your L&R, is a match made in heaven. You'd regret the sale for the rest of your life.
  4. Mac mini problems playing movies

    Tried 3. All the same.
  5. Mac mini problems playing movies

    Thanks for the replies @Ralph and @BATMAQN. Dendy is like iTunes movies but 10c cheaper and an Australian owned distributor. I hope it keeps a little more tax in Australia! Mac mini is i7 with 250Gb SSD and High Sierra. Movies stored on external HDD play but picture drops out every few seconds. I use VLC. Denon AVR connected with HDMI. Ethernet only, no WiFi. VLC has the same dropouts but plays. iTunes just refuses to play iTunes movies at all through the AVR. All other programs work perfectly so not a hardware problem. i.e. Roon, Audirvana, Pages etc. There are two separate problems. The iTunes copy protection problem refusing to play via the old AVR and the separate video dropout problem via VLC etc. I have no real idea how to fix either.
  6. Mac mini problems playing movies

    Obviously too many questions in the one post. Any advice would still be appreciated.
  7. Wife wants another dog... so...

    That's a common misconception about border collies. They actually come in ALL colours including (but rarely) solid black, solid white and solid brown. My boy had a black and white mum and a tricolour dad but he is mostly tan with a little bit of black and white. Besty22's brown/white Helix is fairly common. They all seem to have the same personality though and all suffer from ADHD as youngsters.
  8. Wife wants another dog... so...

    Looks like a border collie to me. Here's ours when he was a bit older than Helix. They are extremely busy dogs and chew everything. But very smart. I feel sorry for your CKCS because he's going to be run ragged. Enjoy the HT build and Helix!
  9. I know these will be straightforward questions for the knowledgeable here so here goes. 1. When I try to play an iTunes movie from my Mac mini to my Denon AVC-A1HD and JVC 9500 it refuses to play. I'm guessing it has something to do with copy protection but I'm not sure. 2. The same movie will play perfectly well from Dendy but only if I use Chrome, not Safari. Is this again a copy protection problem? 3. I bought a cheap HDMI splitter hoping that would solve the problem and in the beginning it helped but now only works intermittently. 4. I notice threads here talking about products like the HD Fury. Should I invest in such a product and if so specifically which one? 5. There are intermittent dropouts in the picture when I play any movie from Dendy or even stored on an attached USB from the Mac mini. These dropout happen every few seconds and last about 1/10 second but are very annoying. Even Netflix through the Mac mini suffers the same problem. So to summarise, I have two separate problems. The refusal to play iTunes movies and the intermittent video dropouts. Thanks for any help. Andrew
  10. Item: Benq W10000 plus spare lamp Location: Perth western suburbs Price: $500 Item Condition: Aesthetically good. Functionally excellent. Reason for selling: Upgraded Payment Method: Pickup cash Extra Info: I've had this W10000 for 9 years and it has been a wonderful projector. I've upgraded to a JVC so it's time to move this on. Comes with an unopened spare lamp. I forgot to check how many hours it's done before packing it back in it's box. I've only had one replacement lamp so not that many hours in total. Pickup only please. http://www.projectorcentral.com/BenQ-W10000.htm https://www.cnet.com/au/products/benq-w10000/review/ Pictures:
  11. FS: Intel NUC7i5BNH

    Which OS does it have?
  12. Projector suggestion please

    A final update on my projector search. I bit the bullet and bought the DLA-X9500 that seanoo had for sale on the in the Classifieds. Well what a difference. The blacks, brightness and contrast are stunning compared with my old Benq. I'm thrilled. I had to turn the brightness down because it was initially so stunning!! Now I just have to try to sell the Benq. So thanks to seanoo for a seamless purchase and to everyone who helped with advice.
  13. And the asking price seems ridiculously good value anyway.
  14. Projector suggestion please

    Just an update on my search. And my procrastination. I have found a JVC DLA-X500 on Gumtree locally here for $2300. Is that a reasonable price? There is also a local DLA-X9500 here on SNA that I almost pulled the trigger on but it is way over my initial $5k budget. My questions are, will I be sorry if I buy the X500 rather than the X9500? Will they both give me a big step up in contrast and black levels over my old Benq W-9000? Is it a waste seeing I don't have 4K Netflix or a UHD player? Thanks Andrew
  15. NS1000's VS Proac Studio 100

    I have to learn to bite my tongue or the worms will get out of the can.