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  1. Have a read of Archimago's assessment of the Dragonfly DACs here https://archimago.blogspot.com/2019/08/measurements-dragonflies-audioquest.html This may give you somewhere to start your decision making process.
  2. I’d take Paul McGowan’s comments with a grain of salt. His prime role is obviously to sell PS Audio products. You don’t “need” a streamer but it makes your setup a lot easier to use. A lot of the latest streamer DACs are very well engineered products with excellent performance. @Hydrology’s suggestion of one the Matrix streamer DACs is a great place to start. Check out ASR for some measurements and objective opinions.
  3. I have a Sony 9500H 75” that I bought because I couldn’t justify the 77” OLED price. This has replaced a last gen 60” Panasonic plasma. I was ready for a drop in picture quality from the plasma but I have been pleasantly surprised. The Sony is just better in every way. I’d say go for the bigger Sony rather than the Pana.
  4. You're a naughty boy/girl @PCOWandre Well written, even if it is off topic. Your story telling is much better than mine hence the reason I didn't make a similarly veined post. I would have just said MQA is nonsense but I'm just crass. Ultimately MQA will go the way of DVD Audio and the dodo. Although it has never contributed to the well-being of the planet like the dodo did. That's not to say I don't enjoy Tidal music but when I play a random mix from Tidal which includes MQA tracks my DAC makes convulsing noises and reminds me every time the "resolution" cha
  5. I have these exact speakers but in pewter. These are the original S5s. The Mk II would be at least twice this very reasonable price. @scribble would need serious counselling if he was selling Mk IIs for this price.
  6. We were all lost at one time. Just keep reading the threads here on SNA and it will all make sense eventually. And building a NUC into a music server is not rocket surgery. It just takes a bit of research and the willingness to give it a shot.
  7. The Innuos is a music server very similar to the NUC server you are contemplating building. You could use the Innuos as a streamer (or Roon endpoint) and serve the music from the NUC but that seems unnecessary to me. It would be a lot easier to use the Innuos straight to your DAC and sell the NUC. Usually a NUC comes barebones. It needs RAM, storage (HDD) and an operating system such as Linux or Windows. It looks like your NUC will have the POS operating system and software installed (and some RAM and storage) so you would need to install a new operating system to use it for your m
  8. Further information: Perfect condition. 1387 hours. I am the second owner of the projector. Projector was bought here on SNA from @seanoo in late 2017. The screen and mount are about 10 years old. It has always functioned flawlessly. This has been packed up ready for the move but I can audition with it sitting on a chair as in the photos. Includes a good quality but unknown brand 105" screen and an Omnimount projector mount. We are downsizing and I can see this sitting idle for some time until I can get it set up again so I thought I would offer it to the SNA communit
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