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  1. Excellent advice. Even the Element I should (will) outperform the PS Audio DSD. The M would be icing.
  2. Item: Shed streaming system Location: Perth western suburbs Price: $250 Item Condition: Well used but works perfectly Reason for selling: Moving house. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash Extra Info: Shed streaming system set up as Roon bridge (end point). Sounds pretty good in my acoustically treated (not) shed. Raspberry Pi running Ropieee (no wifi antenna but you could put yours on) IQaudIO DAC + hat Cheap Chinese Android tablet to use as a Roon remote (you will probably have to reload Roon remote on this) Cambridge Audio 340A integrated amplifier B&W 600i two-way speakers Speaker wall mounts installed on speakers Interconnects from Selby Speaker wire from Bunnings Photos:
  3. I formatted in NTFS. Plex sees the drive but won't load any movies from it. I've given up and just use my Mac mini now. No hassle.
  4. Item: Intel NUC5CPYH Roon ROCK server Location: Perth westen suburbs Price: $150.00 Item Condition: As new Reason for selling: Suplus Payment Method: Pickup - Cash. Bank transfer if you want me to post. Extra Info: Intel NUC5CPYH 120GB SSD 4GB RAM I used this for a while as my Roon server. It works perfectly. It won't cope well if you want to use the DSP options Roon provides but works perfectly streaming native files. I have loaded the latest version of ROCK on. You can use the free trial of Roon to see if you like it. Photos:
  5. This is what gets me confused. I've spent another hour on this today. I have no problem with my USB drive being recognised by Roon and I am listening to my music ATM. I've tried all sorts of settings but Plex just won't load my movies which are on the same drive as my Roon music. Should I shut down Roon (it runs in the background) before trying to load the movies on to Plex?
  6. We’ll leave it there for now then.👍
  7. So you are saying a DAC is important in determining detail, soundstage width/depth, imaging and treble/bass extension. I agree. But if two DACs reproduce the analog output accurately from the same digital input they must sound the same and will not contribute anything to the sound. They will just be reproducing the analog signal the way it was before it was originally digitised. Therefore all the detail, soundstage width/depth, imaging and treble/bass extension will be the same from good measuring DACs. Any variation from this will be distortion of the original pre-digitised signal.
  8. OK. I looked at the ASR post/s you made as Tonto? Is that the user name you used on ASR? Obviously I can't see the posts that were removed. Still, I totally agree with @pozz ,on ASR. You are barking up the wrong tree thinking a DAC will to contribute to detail, soundstage width/depth, imaging and treble/bass extension. If it is a good measuring DAC it will present those attributes correctly. A good DAC will present the information unaltered and will not contribute to detail, soundstage width/depth, imaging and treble/bass extension. Still you have the right to debate the issue even if I don't agree with your opinion.
  9. Yes, well that seems a serious over reaction. I'll have to look at the thread. There are people on every forum who take things too seriously. While they may have perceived your post as trolling every opinion needs to be tested. There was no reason to ban you. I support your right to make your comments and detest any censorship. There you are, two points of agreement. That doesn't mean I agree with your reliance on subjective listening over objective measurement as reason to choose one DAC over another.
  10. A great TT at a very fair price. I can't believe no one has grabbed it by now.
  11. Your OPPO 205 is an outstanding disc player and DAC. Don't sell it. Stream to it using it as a DAC. Get a streamer (used) such as a Raspberry Pi or something like an sMS-200 from the Classifieds here on SNA. Connect via USB. The SQ will be pretty much SOTA.
  12. @was_a this is something I agree with you on!
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