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  1. I've always been confused with this. Which one is best (as in best to buy) and why do they offer the different outputs?
  2. a.dent

    ROON Server Build

    New pre-amp @Chanh What's going on there?
  3. a.dent

    SOtM SMS-200 Primer

    I just went through the process of installing Tidal via ickstream on my sMS-200. It's basically exactly the same as on your mac PC or Linux computer. I notice Deezer can be installed the same way. I'll have to give Deezer HiFi a shot via Squeezelite! Open LMS Click on settings Paste ickstream repository address Agree to terms In Plugins open ickstream settings Click on Tidal Login I've taken some screen shots.
  4. a.dent

    SOtM SMS-200 Primer

    Or if you really have a lot of spare change wait for this https://www.sotm-audio.com/sotmwp/english/portfolio-item/snh-10g/
  5. a.dent

    FS: Acoustic Research AR7 speakers and stands

    I had a Uni mate who owned these new in 1975. They set me on this upgraditis path I'm still on. From my memory (maybe hazy) they are just wonderful speakers.
  6. a.dent

    SOtM SMS-200 Primer

    I've never tried this but it's good news it works as designed. With Spotty and Tidal apps (or via ickstream) installed on LMS it would be the best way to stream from Spotify or Tidal. @Mike13 have you tried this?
  7. a.dent

    SOtM SMS-200 Primer

    Squeezelite is a player software not a server software. It only plays what is fed to it by LMS. You need LMS or Roon Server to feed it. I've never used Windoze with Roon, LMS, Tidal, Spotify etc. My advice would be to switch to Ubuntu, Rock or OSX if you want to avoid that MacAfee or Norton problem. They've all worked seamlessly for me. I currently use Ubuntu which I feel is the best compromise.
  8. I'll do some later. Unfortunately it's not as impressive from the back or inside.
  9. Being anal about matching the aesthetics of my system, I wanted to make my streamer match the rest of my gear. These Accuphase T110CS tuners (mid-left in the shelf) were released on the Japanese market in the 1995. http://audio-database.com/Accuphase-kensonic/tuner/T-110CS.html There is no more digital satellite streaming in the format anymore so these come up on Yahoo Auctions Japan really cheap. I bought one, gutted it and with a little help from @Doncentric managed to install my sMS-200 Ultra, clocked ethernet switch and Uptone JS-2 LPS inside. I must say the sMS-200 sounds MUCH better with the new case than without. 😉😉
  10. a.dent

    SOtM SMS-200 Primer

    LibreSpot works fine.
  11. a.dent

    SOtM SMS-200 Primer

    Good idea @Snoopy8 I've found my sMS-200 and now sMS-200 Ultra really easy to set up and use. I can see where people may get into trouble though. After trying MPD, LMS and Squeezelite, plain Roon and HQPlayer to Roon I settled on the HQ/Player Roon partnership as the best SQ with the nicest, easiest to use interface. It did take a bit of sorting out on the server end but as a streamer the sMS-200 was a breeze to set up.
  12. OOHH Steve what's next? I thought this was the end of your search. Before it heads to Melbourne I'd love to have a listen to it in my system.
  13. I love mine. Highly recommended. Best CA sound I've had in my system and I've tried a few (many) solutions 😓. @scumbag's recommendation of using an appropriate LPS such as the Giesler is spot on. 12V to the sMS and 5V to the switch. GLWTS.
  14. a.dent

    Roon vs MPD which sounds better

    This results in the best SQ and the best user experience in my opinion. I don't know why but the filters and upsampling algorithms in HQ Player seems to be better than those in Roon. Opposite to my experience. I've had all my questions answered really quickly and was more than happy to pay for lifetime subscription. The Roon/HQ Player experience sounds as good as any software I've used before and I think I've tried just about everything on the market in the search for the ultimate solution. HQ Player by itself is unintuitive and just plain hard work. Ugly interface too. SQ is great though. And yes I have tried MPD. SQ is great when it works. Unfortunately it's a very clunky interface with multiple playback problems.
  15. a.dent

    Help with Sotm SMS 200 Set up

    Here's a thread on av forums explaining how to stream from your computer using Logitech Media Server. It looks like the same principle as streaming Tidal from LMS. It should be better than airplay from your phone. https://www.avforums.com/threads/streaming-deezer.2117580/ When trying airplay have you turned on Sharepoint on the sMS-200?