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  1. My personal situation with active (internally-powered) speakers means I'm using the multiple power amps on each driver, meaning less noise on the pre-pro. Edit: This setup has the benefit of running balanced XLR cables across the room, rather then speaker or unbalanced cables that 'can' pickup/induce interference. Apparently. I do run passive rear surrounds using a power amp, so, flexibility is another positive for me. It also allows the user to select different power amps per speaker, if using passive speakers.
  2. Hope you're enjoying it mate! Also good to see a fellow SGR owner!
  3. Hmm, just put In Absentia on the turntable while doing some packing tonight, actually a bloody decent album. Might hold onto this one....unless someone has a good offer.....;)
  4. Still sitting here.....Sounds and looks great! Flex on price.....
  5. @t_mike I'll have a check but I don't think they ended up choosing it. It is currently reserved for you
  6. @zippi @Piko Hahaha what is going on!! Kidding. So for Room On Fire, Vaya and Vows, you were both posting at the same time. I'm leaning towards Zippi as he chose less and JUST got in first, PM me if you wish to discuss more
  7. Thanks for all the replies and PMs, I will sort through them now and post an updated list. Local pickup will take preference, but I will keep an open mind etc. - UPDATE as of 13:38 (Vic, NSW) there has been some interest in postage. I will be waiting until tomorrow night to see if there is any more interest and then looking at interstate options. Please be aware that you will pay all shipping costs Items have been reserved in list, and will be removed once picked up/paid for.
  8. Item: 37x Assorted Records Location: Balwyn, VIC Price: See below, would love for these last few to be moved! Item Condition: See below list Reason for selling: Don't play these ones/Don't want these ones/Ex-fiance had some of these Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal Extra Info: List: I am a player, not a collector, so none are sealed, and most have been played once only, hence the sale. I have provided a link to the Discogs entry. I would MUCH prefer local pickup as I am moving interstate soon too. Baroness - Blue Record - RR 7053-1 - 781676705313 - LTD Blue Coke Bottle With Rainbow Splatter - https://www.discogs.com/Baroness-Blue-Record/release/2779632 - As new, played once - $70.00 The Basics - Leftovers - 3B0082360 - 9324690082360 - Black 12" - https://www.discogs.com/Basics-Leftovers/release/4662419 - As new, played once - $10.00 Brian Setzer ‎– Rockabilly Riot - Live From The Planet - 1-53147 - 640424999346 - LTD 3x12" Green - https://www.discogs.com/Brian-Setzer-Rockabilly-Riot-Live-From-The-Planet/release/3905256 - As new, played once - $90.00 Stone Temple Pilots ‎– Core - MOVLP833 - 8718469533275 - 2x 12' 180 gram Clear Vinyl Release with etched D-side, number 2006/5000 - https://www.discogs.com/Stone-Temple-Pilots-Core/release/4785085 - As new, played once - $90.00 Tame Impala - Tame Impala EP - MODVL174 - 6 02537 29195 3 - 12" Red LTD - https://www.discogs.com/Tame-Impala-Tame-Impala/release/4494660 - VGC, played once - $60.00 TesseracT ‎– One - 9980431 - 2x 12" LTD black, number 433/500 - https://www.discogs.com/TesseracT-One/release/3237508 - As new, played once - $100.00 Pictures: Can be provided IF you need, otherwise local inspection/trial can be provided.
  9. Item: See photo Location: Brisbane, just north of city Price: $40 Item Condition: All played once Reason for selling: Don't need, moving soon Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Open to slightly smaller offers. You pay postage, prefer local pickup. Pictures:
  10. Ooo tasty. I'd almost be tempted on the 350P, I'd have to sell my Emotiva XSP-1 first though. Would love to try some Moon gear one day. GLWTS.
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