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  1. Don't know about Sansui but the bayonet fit/screw collar headshell are widely available.
  2. Oh lovely. I think 'M' is for Manual ? I'm looking for one ,or similar, model in auto which I think is 'L' for Lift .
  3. Yes the Japanese ones are good and the UK one's flimsy. Just source a supply online as linked, or pizza boxes. Sadly the state of the nation means AusPost does not have a specific box available so ypu can't just get one as needed.
  4. "Ennui". Sort of English cos we use stuff from everywhere to make the mongrel.
  5. It can only be so resistant. The only things left of my place were concrete and steel and the concrete was cracked and the steel was buckled. We're not talking about a grass fire here.
  6. Was that straight away? Keeping in mind I didn't get to hear these Kappa 6.1i without one of the polydomes being quite cracked up. Also I have inadvertently replaced Kappa .1 with rebuilt original Kappa polydomes, which various online posts say originally sounded the same. These did sound very much like my 3 previous pairs of Infinity. (RSM RS6b, RS7). On the strength of only a few records frankly I've lost the Infinity clear transparent sound. The tone of everything has dropped which in effect has smoothed the top end which I've always thought was a bit sharp, but
  7. Blatantly the car is completely under control because it's doing exactly what it's supposed to. When seeing the ad I never once thought anything of it. A bit of dust in the field ! So what?
  8. Having selectable gain and loading makes for fine tuning options.
  9. Count yourself lucky you still have your old ones. Mine all got burnt in the fires and I'm not wasting the pension on CD s badly pressed to vinyl that don't even sound good because the digital files are all 'remastered'. Which means shopping in the 'vintage' (read Used) market which is still stupidly priced and badly graded.
  10. Exchange rate isn't everything. Lots of other considerations.
  11. ...and the answer from net research (AudioKarma) is that the 'Polydome K 902-3075' are original Kappa series and 'Kappa Polydome 902-5793' are later Kappa .1 series and have a metal for durability. Performance said to be the same.
  12. Got my brother to give me a hand and unsoldered (heat and pull). Took both of us to hold and work. We did think of the cut idea but only as a last resort. Wasn't a lot of length to play with. Next question is from looking at the different Polydomes I have with different model numbers. What's the difference between 'Polydome K 902-3075' and 'Kappa Polydome 902-5793' ?
  13. Trying to get my Attila polydomes in. Any tips on unsoldering the originals. Can't get the things out by myself so far.
  14. I'll take it please, btw I'm using black screen and couldn't see the description until i tricked onto randomly highlighting the text area.
  15. Logitech bluetooth adapter. You've prob seen it on eBay. Also available JB etc.
  16. Hi. How soon do you need pick up or do you come to Gungahlin area? I've got health issues so I can't get out.
  17. Both channels gone now. Doesn't work as a pre amp and doesn't work by using a RCA cable across the Pre Out and Power In either. Is the connect/separate switch easy for a complete amateur to access?
  18. I'm pretty sure to point was that its fine compared to how its supposed to be. I gave away for free my Subie wagon because the alloy block was screwed. I can fit a boat in the back of my Commo.
  19. K's indeed are in influence on value but country K's are easy on the car; it's just not factored in. My 2002 blue Commo wagon has 330 000 country K's and goes fine too.
  20. Yeah, thanks for the eBay link. Looked into it and mailed him directly. Still have to add on postage to get them there. It ends up quite expensive. He agreed but still wouldn't send just the parts. Latest on AK is that he's only got a limited number, not going to be repeated. Oh yeah; have a look at any eBay item in the US and it will have an entry ' taxes to be added at checkout'. It's more than GST. I don't know what it's supposed to be. In this case it's another $50 + I'd be happy just to get mine back from Atilla in Melbourne.
  21. Thanks. That was what I thought to start with. House is New so it has all the right gear. I also know it works from when I had an electrical fault in a brand new RCM.
  22. Thanks guys. It's for a cheap import. Suggested as a just in case idea, but maybe adds a safety level generally anyway. I do have a standard box full of circuit breakers on the house that I know do work. I was looking at exactly the ones you linked. What I didn't notice was the different manufacturer.
  23. It's been suggested to me to look into these to guard against killing myself from dodgy gear. Never heard of it before but it essentially looks like a circuit breaker. I've got a new house and I know the breakers work. Do these do anything new ? Also there's simple plug in versions that would be easier if I do. Some have multiple outlets so useful as multiple power outlet. Thanks.
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