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  1. I've got one stuck in Germany and one stuck in Japan. Bought them way back early in the year. Just got caught in the shutdown.
  2. As already noted it's not a Discogs only situation, it's a Covid one. Shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone by now that standard international mail is disrupted. Sometimes it's possible to pay for priority or courier shipping.
  3. Setup on such a general consumer table shouldn't be too hard. Mostly it's just a matter of slowly and carefully following instructions. Skipping sounds like a lack of tracking weight to me.
  4. Checking the Unread Content on my Android phone I used to get the Thread Titles and a one line quote of the most recent comment. That way I could glance at the state of the conversation. Now no one line quote. Nowhere near as useful. Not going to check into every thread just in case. Have I hit some unknown display option by mistake ?
  5. ...this happens all the time. Like I said: tiny tools. Tweezers instead of pliers for example. Set of tiny screwdrivers with flat blades, Philips head and 'spike' available cheaply at Bunnings etc.
  6. Tiny tools and a steady hand. 'Jewellers' screwdriver set.
  7. No shortage of good gear coming along here. Hell, you could post a WTB if you can't wait.
  8. A lot of minus points there and a lot of other amps around to think about for just getting in to 2 Channel.
  9. He was huge. Monterey, Woodstock, Isle of Wight. The defining festivals of the time. Lost all my stuff in the bushfires. Getting some Jimi back together. Got a couple of shirts and the super limited colour vinyl BOG and teed up an original In the West I just spotted on Facebook at midnight. Kathy E's rebuttal of that stupid movie was great. Didn't know she's in Oz now.
  10. Yep. RS6b were the first speakers that impressed me as a young bloke. At the time they were current production. 30 ? Years later I ended up with that exact same pair. Did the refoam. They came with a free set of RSM shed find. Did the refoam & the caps. Bought a set of RS7 because I thought they were a bit smaller than they turned out. Refoam already done. All 3 sets lost with everything else in the bushfires. Bought some Kappa 6.1i on here. Polydomes were faded but complete. After shipping and storage for 6 months unpacking revealed the brittle old polydomes were cracked now. Brand new exact replica polydomes now available in the US but the bloke won't send the parts. It's a rebuild service only and the numbers work out at about $230 each. Have sourced one original complete Polydome and two old busted ones to get rebuilt by someone in Oz. Yet to contact suggested bloke called Attila in Melbourne. If anyone has a second spare available that might be easier? Fair enough to say the old classics usually need something fixed by now. There's also this thing about some ppl blowing out the Emits, which can be alleviated by puting a lower fuse in.
  11. They also didn't want to admit it when I was direct about it. Took months to get the right one and they just kept saying it was on the way. Nothing wrong with the technical knowledge and actual product but seem deceptive about it's physical origin. Pretty sure it's designed in AU and made in China, for the Opamps at least.
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