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  1. eman

    The Ashes

    Career best figures is handy.
  2. eman

    The Ashes

    Mmm .... confused .... poms batted all day ... just like *test* cricket.
  3. Have always wondered about that. Couldn't shut mine up even after a dismantle and clean, so .... not there now.
  4. https://amstat.com/products/anti-static-brush-with-ionizing-cartridge-1.html
  5. I used daytime low light to have the unit still visible and camera on tripod to get stable long exposure to get glowing glass.
  6. Reckon I've got my timing right with cars. Built myself a hotrod FJ Holden just by bolting it together without knowing how, now run one of the last model of the real long wagon Commodores with light mods and waiting for widespread affordable electrics because I just want ease of operation these days.
  7. eman

    The Ashes

    He needed Stokes to be brilliant again to bat out the overs with him.
  8. eman

    The Ashes

    Spluttering almost everyone except Smith could be more reliable.
  9. Any comparison experience with vintage of the same cost ?
  10. Hi. Wondering if you've heard the Psvane 12ax7 Premium. Seem to cost as much as decent vintage @ $100 pair. The Shuguang 50 year Treasures range does not seem to cover 12ax7.
  11. eman

    The Ashes

    Waffle waffle on radio. What? Is it special long lunch. .. or a cloud nearby?
  12. eman

    The Ashes

    Mad Max movie elsewhere on tv during lunch. Hoping Smith and Largechampagne pile it on . Can we count on anyone else?
  13. Basic streaming would seem easy and convenient to me. Hirez streaming of some kind needs another set of costs and requirements. Looks like another string in the bow to use at the level desired.
  14. From LED ZEP III even Gallows Pole is a trad English folk tune called Hangman. Given it's trad folk there's really no problem with LZ doing it and shows their English heritage. Blues music shares many motifs around too. The problem is as stated upthread with the crediting to Page/Plant.
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