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  1. eman


    Good price. I've had two of these bridged.
  2. I hope the desert covers it over quickly. It's more human rubbish. We can hear that wherever we want. Blasting it out there is more pollution.
  3. Who's That Lady is prime Ernie Isley too. Would like to see more live from this period. Speaking of Isleys ..... how do we not have Hendrix all over the thread yet. I'll nominate Voodoo Chile ( Slight Return ).
  4. eman

    A fun YouTube wormhole

    Could do without him reading the Wikipedia to us ! Impressively insightful when making his own observations from a first listen.
  5. eman

    A fun YouTube wormhole

    Searching the tube for the US tv show Soul Train shows all the cool groove we missed out on.
  6. I'm yet to see anything in the new ones that's much different to the old ones, unless you start spending thousands.
  7. eman

    Tube + solid state amp in one case

    Oh wow !!
  8. eman

    Cricket season 2018/19

    Off for light and the rain is still on the way. Don't know if it will last for a couple of days though.
  9. eman

    Cricket season 2018/19

    Someone has to call for weather. Been a few hours of wet here already and it's going north.
  10. eman

    Cricket season 2018/19

    Pujara - master class.
  11. eman

    LED's on audio gear!

    Is that a pack of one hundred 'dims' ? (Online on my phone so some things not obvious ).
  12. eman

    LED's on audio gear!

    Blue ones are too bright. Not only that but they come in multiples. One for each function plus power means my phono has 7 of them.
  13. eman

    Cricket season 2018/19

    There's always some aspect of entertainment and internal dialogue within the commentary team. ABC radio is full of 'banter'. I'm finding Ch7 better than the last lot who were a bunch of idiots boys club. Actually I find the ads annoying, but I get weird ones cos I get Remote Region VAST TV .
  14. eman

    Power amp considerations.

    What is your idea of 'vintage ' ?