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  1. Yeah, thanks for the eBay link. Looked into it and mailed him directly. Still have to add on postage to get them there. It ends up quite expensive. He agreed but still wouldn't send just the parts. Latest on AK is that he's only got a limited number, not going to be repeated. Oh yeah; have a look at any eBay item in the US and it will have an entry ' taxes to be added at checkout'. It's more than GST. I don't know what it's supposed to be. In this case it's another $50 + I'd be happy just to get mine back from Atilla in Melbourne.
  2. Thanks. That was what I thought to start with. House is New so it has all the right gear. I also know it works from when I had an electrical fault in a brand new RCM.
  3. Thanks guys. It's for a cheap import. Suggested as a just in case idea, but maybe adds a safety level generally anyway. I do have a standard box full of circuit breakers on the house that I know do work. I was looking at exactly the ones you linked. What I didn't notice was the different manufacturer.
  4. It's been suggested to me to look into these to guard against killing myself from dodgy gear. Never heard of it before but it essentially looks like a circuit breaker. I've got a new house and I know the breakers work. Do these do anything new ? Also there's simple plug in versions that would be easier if I do. Some have multiple outlets so useful as multiple power outlet. Thanks.
  5. Wiggled that pre/power switch a decent amount and there's no difference. Wouldn't it be both channels if that was the problem. My Right side is fine. Left is very low in speakers A & speakers B.
  6. Very clean look front panel appearance with all the trick Tube/D class work hidden.
  7. Hmmmm...... ok thanks, I can wiggle a switch. Symptom is very low volume on left channel.
  8. Pretty sure it's all original. Only got it this year. So it might be mate, but I've got mobility issues so I won't be hauling this around town to post it somewhere. If someone in Canberra can pick up and deliver it might get done, otherwise ....
  9. Have to wonder what shortcuts the Chinese maker has taken and how long they will last. I won't be rushing to get one. We do need something that's not twice the ICE price.
  10. Well that didn't last long. I've used this AU 517 for less than 6 months and the left channel has stuffed up on speakers A & B. I'm presuming it's something on the output side. Was thinking of using it as a pre amp anyway and I've got a custom hybrid Tube/D class integrated on the way too. Watch this space for a possible Sansui AU 517 sale, (especially if you're in Canberra ).
  11. The look seems to match the Driver well.
  12. Talked to him yesterday. He's had a bit of trouble matching Voice Coils , which means nothing to me. I sent spares which means I haven't even looked inside my cabinets. Am a bit worried about having to solder anything. (My old cracked ones are still working, haha).
  13. Spotted that too but I've got enough already as well. Am currently selling a Rotel multidisc changer in our classifieds. OP won't have access to that yet so PM me for details if interested.
  14. Further information: Plenty of positive reviews online from the original retail release of these. This one is hardly used and in excellent condition. Includes original remote. Posting might take me a little while. Photos:
  15. Mechanism in the old DUAL are an amazing piece of work to the modern eye. Full auto and all cogs and rods. Denon of about 10 years later is pretty much the opposite. The full auto with circuit board and servo.
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