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  1. Current battery tech is such that small cars are limited in range. The Mini EV as example. Small cars of course always had smaller tanks but petrol is a very dense energy source. Battery tech is now prime R&D so we should see a breakthrough I'm sure. I'd expect before 2030.
  2. ID3 I like. I don't like supporting China if I can avoid it.
  3. Single driver went back to Attila 2 months ago for "a simple fix". Although he's unwell and doesn't return my calls he is apparently slowly doing other work. I bought these 4 ohm polys from Simply Speakers and they sound fine. https://www.simplyspeakers.com/replacement-speaker-dome-midrange-m-330.html
  4. Saw an HSV Colorado and thought what a waste of money, and my old Commo could prob beat it. Looked it up on HSV site. Lots of extra 'doodangs' and 'woohickies'. They've actually raised it. For all that high gutter work? Useful looking trick rear swaybar for 'offroad' and that's about it. Only so much they can do with a top heavy truck. Overpriced silliness. Still think my old wagon would beat it in everything but a rock climb.
  5. Saw a Herbies reply to a question on their sight about levelling wobbly components. Herbies said they use PostIt notes with 'no noticeable detriment to performance'. It's cheap and works as isolator if put under all points of components on hard surface. The more moving parts involved the better it works.
  6. Not sure I need this so I'll sit it out. At least I'm back with some gear these days. Fine tune my DAC sound may come later. Might need a cable then.
  7. Wow NBGRING 24 live stream! Not wow in a cloud,hahaha. Saves me having to watch it all night. Need to get some sort of early heads up about streaming things somehow.
  8. I went with using the Telstra network because I was in the country. Even the cheaper repackage worked fine right through the bushfires. (For me).
  9. I might be with Belong. I know it's Telstra network repackage. $10 month free talk and text and 'some' data. So set and forget I wouldn't have remembered who it was. Painless update when my credit card expired.
  10. Not got anything retipped but bought a couple of stylus. Very amenable and knowledgable.
  11. Covid was mostly background to the time I've had, until I reacted to the vax. Bit OT here.
  12. Yes thank you. Having some resources takes away at least some concern.
  13. No. Faced with incinerated landscape and no facilities of any kind including food it wasn't a realistic option. Became a homeless bushfire refugee.
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