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  1. I'd say you've got it there. Research is a fine thing but nothing beats actually giving 'it' a go. I keep from spending all my money on gear by reselling what I'm not using. I still have enough gear for 3 systems though, hahaha.
  2. Sorry I don't know your NAD directly but I have a PRO-JECT tubebox. I found the sound from the Project can be fine tuned by changing the tubes. Also depending on the model you may have onboard adjustment available. Looks like you made good decisions if the main comment is the 'flavour ' of the units. So far so good indeed. BTW I found the phono in my old 1980s NAD phono in amp is still equal to current entry level phono stages. Very different sort of sound tho.
  3. I use Pro-ject tubebox phono and find the adjustability very useful.
  4. I m old enough to have bought records pre CD. We never heard of a RCM back then. After 20yrs of CD I went back to vinyl and noticed surface noise more. My system is also much more revealing. Tried all sorts of cleaning methods and found a vacuum the best. I use a PHK machine with L'art du Son fluid. Nowhere near $800.
  5. Not stock blueprinted to be scary surely. XU1 spec and Triple carbs is the go.
  6. Psvane are a good place to start for current production bang for buck. Shuguang have a premium line too. Find them ebay or elsewhere online.
  7. Can I ask which tube dac you're upgrading? I'm wanting to find the right op amp to upgrade Maverick tubemagic D1+.
  8. Tube 'rolling ' is a whole game to itself and very system dependent. You could try some premium current production from Psvane or Shuguang. If you're going to change amp do that first.
  9. 'Pre amp' goes with a power amp. Phono preamp maybe. It saves confusion. I have a Pro-Ject Tube Box phono and like it. If you haven't tried different tubes it's worth a go. I have run the Project into a couple of NAD integrated amps but not as new as the one you mentioned. I've never had a Sansui either.
  10. No phono built in. I used a Pro-Ject phono stage. 3 line level RCA inputs.
  11. I prefer the Melody Gardot earlier Live in Paris. I don't think it's had a stand alone release though since it came with the One & Only Thrill album. Wouldn't mind seeing it get a vinyl release.
  12. Think I've had about 4 of these. Mostly fine units. Some early production problems with main caps apparently. Mine were fine if they had got some use. Only one I had trouble with was NIB. Seems the problem showed up quickly if there was any. Have resold most of them and the new owners were very happy with them.
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