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  1. I'll take it if the 'new' PSU comes with it and shipping available to ACT 2905. Thanks. (even if it is the wrong colour ).
  2. I know, Tube amps in particular. Just saying a trolley is a good idea because they are deceptively heavy. My D Class was a proper custom job by fellow SNAer.
  3. Since this thread was started *10 years ago* things have moved on. *Current* production I favour top line Psvane or black glass Shuguang.
  4. Have the prices of those shot up recently, along with every other audio thing, cos of the sad $AU?
  5. Trolley yes. Gave up a tube amp cos it was too heavy for me and went to a D class. Recently bought a Sansui AU517. Some how overlooked the weight and found myself struggling with it and nowhere to put it down. Seem to be heavy lumps for the rated output. I've had power amps with much more power weigh much less.
  6. Shall investigate thanks. Thought there must be more than one product.
  7. I was relying on some of the EU having affordable postage but now cr@p $AU and virus has ruled them out too. Hell of a time to be trying to rebuild a collection. Just can't be done.
  8. Thanks. I've picked up a few things in sales here. I've got a pile of boxes stacked up. Actually looking for something like a Tru Lift to go on the TT Marc sent me. Extraordinary price new retail.
  9. Essentially they are the USA and aren't bothered about external markets. Internal postage is significantly less, even though they complain about paying a few bucks for 'media mail', which is a laughably low amount.
  10. Records are very expensive now and CDs are not; so I'm getting a lot more CDs compared to vinyl than I had. Same problem with both as far as getting good sound though. Mastering is king. (Then we have vinyl condition and CD brickwall/loudness.)
  11. Are you including the new PSU ?
  12. I think actives is a good idea but I've just gone and got bigger and heavier bits of 'vintage' !? .... along with noise cancelling bluetooth headphones..... Starting over, like everything else, isn't just rational.
  13. Not if we don't pay it. Actually I saw them jump after the last 'financial crisis'. The rise to insane levels of everything O/S is due to AU $ slide. Even the bulk sellers of product are sitting at unattainable levels.
  14. I guess they have enough local (US, EU) physical media sales to not care about our small market. As far as US postage. It's been too high for me for a while, now with AU dollar down it's more impossible.
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