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  1. D class amp with tube phono and tube Dac/preamp. Trying to upgrade the opamp if Burson would decide to deliver the bloody thing instead of lying about where it comes from.
  2. Replacing Squeezebox? Is a good question. I've just added a Logitech Bluetooth receiver to my second system which I feed from streaming on my phone. Given the apps and sites accessible through the phone I wonder what I need my SBT for? Sure the phone Bluetooth doesn’t go through the external DAC but for convenience and casual listening it cuts out a lot of gear.
  3. Exceptional to find that TT with all original packing in that as new condition.
  4. Happy to see it's only reversing and low speed.
  5. 'Far Eastern' ? Does that mean East Asia?
  6. Using mine now to stream online radio.
  7. Not like Huawei have an interest in the area or anything.
  8. I've used various UK,Euro and US sellers. Some on ebay. All sent to AU, but costs can be high. Some interesting stuff pops up here, but not usually what I'm after. Have never found all my wants in one place.
  9. Fine collection and I think the only place to get the singles mixes of A5 & A6 on Lp.
  10. If you email VTL ask them if you can use the KT88 tubes, or others in the KT series.
  11. ..... or even that once you have a component sounding good that it will have any synergy when put with another system. In this case is seems like my tube choices have transferred ok. I'm still using small tubes on my inputs and even there it's tempting to try every possible option just for the experience.
  12. Seller here. He's got the original OEM Chinese set for comparison but most of those in use are already very respectable vintage US mil spec and top current production so def no need to rush into roll them.
  13. I'm in. ... maybe I'll win the lottery by the time these are online.
  14. D class is not hot or heavy for a start. D class has amazing detail and control. Found the uppers to be hard thus the tubes on the input side. Much like our Houston said upthread which is understandable because it's one of his tripaths.
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