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  1. I know little of the technical side so I follow my ears. These sorts of things will be on the list for later.
  2. Looks like the D class is in there for 'compactness and clarity' which I suspected because that's what it's good at. Implementation is the issue and they seem to have done well with it.
  3. Nice % discount but still massive for me. Have got where I am by the time tested tradition of step up and resell to best work the budget. Looking to move away from the heavy lump amp right now so already in the middle of a shake up. Think I had to get help with the SBT. One of those Raspberry Pi things almost killed me.
  4. Are they using internal D class amp ? .... or some conventional SS ?
  5. When they get more affordable you can take me through that again. Tried to set up a NAD 368 hybrid amp recently with App stuff etc and couldn't cope.
  6. 'Invisible ' bits are the future. I'm just not tech enough. Those Devialet look good but have tech connect stuff.(& too much $$ for me right now). I'm keen to clean things up but I keep buying more stuff and haven't worked out what to get rid of.
  7. eman

    Channel 10 motorsport garbage😠

    At least they have a 'leaders board' on screen now. I've been calling for it for 20yrs. Now use it better. I want to see the car driving/number not manufacturer. What a joke are the ute trucks. Keep falling over haha.
  8. eman

    RSD 2019

    Wellll..... not supposed to be available ahead of time online so run into a scrum if you *need * a high demand one. Some will be online later but might be pricejacked even more.
  9. eman

    RSD 2019

    Got a quote on Albert King Bad Sign mono. $65 !!! Fahwhat ? NOT.
  10. Can't do much better than get a new one similar to the one you like. ...... or get your's fixed. Transport and laser probably both available. Have had two old worn out NAD CDPs rebuilt.
  11. Can you fix the thread title pleeeeease cos "Best Amplifier" doesn’t tell me. ... .. etc etc (Sigh).
  12. eman

    Currently Spinning

    I think it's from the same series I got some Bobs. Mine were pressed NL but deadwax shows 'Mastered by Capitol ' which means US Capitol stampers. Nothing wrong with it but try an older UK/EURO Island label if you're really in to it.
  13. eman

    Project phonobox RS

    On price alone I would expect the Project to be better. If the MF came anywhere close it would be a compliment, especially if it was without a PSU.
  14. eman

    RSD 2019

    A few interesting things but cost and availability here make it difficult. Wish they would just do a general release of the popular bands. I don't volunteer to get shafted because someone else thinks it's a good idea.
  15. eman

    Supercar racing

    The 6 hour race is at Easter. 21 April. More like how the Bathurst race used to be I expect. Hopefully it will be on free tv.