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  1. No. It needs a tray.
  2. Lots of twin cab current type Utes where I was in the country. They actually make sense there and get used as intended. Now I'm in the 'burbs and they don't make any sense and really neither do all the diesel 'SUV' things here.
  3. I used a couple of bricks before.
  4. His 'truck' was too 'jacked' *up*. Garage not tall enough.! It's true about the garage size you mention. We have a garage that is a little larger but with a Falcon Ute and old style long Commodore wagon we'll be building an enclosed carport.
  5. Er... yeah, right idea but...... There's only one !? (& BMW $$). If a local manufacturer could just do one of these with an affordable sedan........oh wait .........
  6. Competing buying for my house pulled out cos his 'jacked' 'truck' would not fit in the garage. House is only 2yrs old!
  7. Brother has a Falcon Ute. Says he wants more 'inside' space and a tray but the only option is a twin cab monster. Doesn't want one of those. Stuck.
  8. Thanks for the link. Mmmmm..... lots of options.... Does the Butchers Block benefit even the MMF 7.1 ? I had them under very 'solid' units before and it worked. It's still NIB in original box and something is moving when the box is tipped. Only way to see is to open the box, which I wasn"t going to do until I had somewhere to put it.
  9. They are substantial. There's a thing I call 'internet size'. The size changes IRL. I'll have to get one or two for my system rebuild. I had Sorbothane sheet square pieces between TT and Block. Do you have a link to the ebay balls ? EDIT: oh you've got a Musichall MMF 7.1 ! Just what I'm going to set up. Just moved and everything still in boxes. My NIB 7.2 box seems to have a rattle tho. A bit concerned.
  10. You have a convertible ute ?
  11. No, they lost me in about 2 minutes when they called a Landrover a "Jeep". Didn't help that straight after that they had 2 blokes looking at empty sand and then suddenly after a cut there was a body laying there. Inaccurate and bad production. ....and ' Buffalo' ?
  12. Haha, yeah laid down slant engine to fit in and with injection when Holden grey engine didn't even have an oil filter.
  13. It's on high rise hoist for sure.
  14. Do you think a lot would have the patience to watch ?
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