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  1. Just saw your upgrade. Wow. Not hanging around.
  2. Lots of EVs coming out of China not just the Chinese ones. Tesla Model 3 are now coming to us from there as well as other brands. Personally I don't feel inclined to buy any of them due to the 'trade' situation.
  3. Agreed. It takes a whole lot of fun out of it and throws in a whole load of frustration and waste of money with the way prices have gone. I lost an excellent collection and in some attempt to recover I've got more records in my rejects pile than in my keepers. So I'm pretty disillusioned with it. This is with some knowledge of pressings and fine print.
  4. I'm happy with carriers but the last 2 pieces of gear I bought from different Melbourne sellers were listed online as available, only to be told they were waiting for stock after purchase. Online not integrated with stock level.
  5. Yep. Brand new classic album on vinyl from the Temptations bought online cos i can't get out. Looks like it's a legit current pressing and looks fine but sounds like complete rubbish. Sourcing a vintage copy by mail means risking misgrading etc. It's expensive either way and a lot of CDs are going cheap.
  6. I'll be waiting to see the Ioniq 6 sedan mentioned. Don't know why we need all these SUV things.
  7. M is Manual. L is Lift arm. F is full auto, (which I'm on the lookout for. Esp with the S arm).
  8. After replacing the Polydomes and thinking I'd lost clarity but gained top end smoothness I then found I had overwhelming deep bass. Turns out I was sitting in a bass node. Moved forward a metre and clicked into clarity. Very nice but still had too heavy bass on occasion so I've put a sock in them.
  9. Piano black always nice. Lots of drivers. I've got floorstanders similar size with rear port.
  10. I'm often seeing the yanks rant about bent records from Amazon US on a US forum.
  11. Regardless of exact technical details my conclusion was the same.
  12. Sorry I was not clear there. I meant the Project Tube unit was much better than the cheap LB one; as expected by the price. I wouldn't put the Projetc tube box in the 'cheap phono' range. That's why not comparable. It's a real one. I have no idea about tube details, but it can be widely found online that they are in the output stage.
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