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  1. Bit of a Philips fan myself. From my limited experience (& your comments ) it seems like the top current production can be pretty good.
  2. How are those Psvane going ? I've found there is only one designation of black glass Shuguang. The Psvane black glass equivalent is going under a name 'Cossor' for some reason.
  3. Ok .thanks. very interesting. Makes it more of a digital preamp than just a DAC.
  4. D50 as preamp. Interesting idea. Does it have volume control.
  5. What you're doing is what I call 'fine tuning' your system. Try this, try that, listen again. It's the invisible bit of getting the sound you prefer. Remember that some CDs and records will sound sharper or brighter. Freddie Mercury vocals are well known for it.
  6. I had VLPS/VPSU. Now running Project Tubebox DS2. Lots of flexibilty and tube rolling.
  7. BTW. The Queen record is not a really rare thing. You should be able to get a better copy easily.
  8. @April Snow Discussion here on record grading you might find useful.
  9. I'm on the plus side. OBI won't make it sound better though.
  10. I think you're onto something with that rack. With my standard dishrack I use microfibre cloth to stop the record touching the bars and they still lean over.
  11. Water should be fine for records. Probably the same as I got from them, or close enough. I stand mine in dishrack for hours afterwards even though I've already vacuum cleaned them. Probably no need to go that far but it's just the way I do it.
  12. Ultra Sonic de-ionised fish tank. Mmmm.... do I need a magic wand too ?
  13. Last time I went to Big W to get a 2ltr jug of distilled I found they changed to 1ltr of demineralised only. So that's what I got. I'm not going to screw around chasing all over town for it. You might find distilled in carparts shop because it goes in batteries. I ve seen online comments that distilled is very hard to find in UK. Looks like going that way here.
  14. No more Nissan next season and Gary Rogers Motorsport going elsewhere too. Going.... going .... Speedweek on SBS last week showed Touring Cars-Production. Real current or recent cars and a full championship series.
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