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  1. You sure you don't mean pF? Even Cat-6 cable is only around 14pF/FT or 160pF/100m
  2. @jakeyb77 said "Aaaaaargh I just moved my ME850 with a bad back for nothing lol" Just stop complaining and be great full it wasn't a ME1400/1500
  3. The hum field from a power amplifier may be quite specific in area. The only ways to reduce it are Distance and Magnetic Shielding. Electrical Shielding provided by an aluminium chassis is only half of the story. I built a power amplifier and preamplifier in the late 70's both in aluminium chassis and had to locate the preamplifier one rack unit below the power amplifier and had to add a 1.2mm thick galvanized steel plate on top of the preamplifier's aluminium top plate to get rid of the hum. Being rack mounted I did not have the luxury of moving the preamplifier sideways.
  4. If you are looking for miniature incandescent lamps often used in vintage gear try Lamp Replacements Australia. They even have a range of miniature lamps with bare wire ends under: Home Lamps OTHER/SPECIALISED INDICATOR/MINIATURE Wire Terminals
  5. @jakeyb77 I'm here! I have spoken to Mr_Gadget and he is dropping the amp in on Monday afternoon.
  6. Why not use the "FrequenSee HD" App on your smartphone? Covers 20Hz to 20kHz Real time graphical display.
  7. The Black end looks like it has an I.C. in it while the Red end looks to have a Ferrite Bead for RFI Suppression in it. Are they just interconnects or have they a special purpose?
  8. @Zaphod Beeblebrox It looks like the upper half of the left channel has been on fire with several resistors burnt.
  9. Did anyone spot that the Bank Address is shown as Poland?
  10. OH I see Dave, Multi-Pin Plastic Capacitor with Silicon inside! That would work.
  11. Hi, Altronics have both types. BNC male to RCA female, Part # P085 or P085A @ 3.10 BNC Female to RCA male, Part # P086 @ $2.65
  12. Felix, just measure the DC offset at the amplifier output. Any offset will cause DC to flow in the speakers and cause excessive amplifier power dissipation, not to mention the heating and possible destruction of your woofer voive coils.
  13. If the network consists of two Parallel RC networks in series between the Op-Amp output and the inverting input, with or without an additional series resistor then YES you can reverse the order of the individual Parallel RC Networks. The thing to consider is the physical size of each parallel network, as the inverting input may pick up interference if a network with a large physical size is connected, I would connect the larger network to the output and the smaller to the inverting network.
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