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  1. TEZZA

    Oppo 103 transport

    I ran an Oppo 103 into my Dac Magic Plus for awhile and it sounded better to me. A bit clearer and more precise, I think.
  2. TEZZA

    Perth Seller - First post

    Welcome Joel.
  3. TEZZA

    Free B&W P3 Series 2 Headphones - Raffle

    I'm in.
  4. One of the following would reduce the belt slip at startup: 1. Lighter platter 2. Lower torque motor 3. Tighter belt All 3 would in my opinion be not wanted. Powder on the belt would help but might cause slip in operation. A pulley damper may help.
  5. TEZZA

    Greetings from Brisbane

    Welcome aboard, Craig.
  6. TEZZA

    Vintage Stereo Techs Brisbane?

    I was told the following by Peter White@ White's Hifi: "Mark, at Brisbane Electronics, ph 3855 5503"
  7. TEZZA

    Mazda 6V6GT matched pair

    PM Sent.
  8. TEZZA

    Mazda 6V6GT matched pair

    I'm interested if you don't mind posting at my expense. Postcode is 4350
  9. Doof Doof, like thumping a wet cardboard box.
  10. I have an AVO Mk3 tester in Toowoomba Qld.
  11. TEZZA

    Hi from west of Brisbane

    Welcome Tim. A lot of land west of Brisbane.
  12. TEZZA

    FS: another bunch of amplifiers

    I'm interested in the Yamaha RX-397
  13. OCD dictates that they must be exactly the same length, even if it really does not matter.