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  1. I have it as well in both ears and it is a real bother when I'm run down or got the dreaded flu. Some music calms it a bit and some triggers it to increase. It sometimes just stops for a few hours or flairs up for days or weeks. Don't let hearing problems get in the way of enjoying the music.
  2. I ran an Oppo 103 into my Dac Magic Plus for awhile and it sounded better to me. A bit clearer and more precise, I think.
  3. One of the following would reduce the belt slip at startup: 1. Lighter platter 2. Lower torque motor 3. Tighter belt All 3 would in my opinion be not wanted. Powder on the belt would help but might cause slip in operation. A pulley damper may help.
  4. I was told the following by Peter White@ White's Hifi: "Mark, at Brisbane Electronics, ph 3855 5503"
  5. I'm interested if you don't mind posting at my expense. Postcode is 4350
  6. I have an AVO Mk3 tester in Toowoomba Qld.
  7. Welcome Tim. A lot of land west of Brisbane.
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