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  1. Item: Pink Floyd Dark Side Of The Moon CD's 7 Masterings Location: Toowoomba Qld. Price: Trade/Swap $185.00 value Item Condition: From Very Good to Excellent. Reason for selling: Excess to needs Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: This is a set of 7 different issues of the "Dark Side Of The Moon" CD The 2 Sony masterings and the 5 EMI masterings that were released as a single disc. Wanting to trade for a good CD player, DAC or headphones. Some of the discs had to be sourced from overseas and one is the 2003 SACD release. Release and Matrix Details: Sony #1 Harvest CDP 7 46001 2 Japanese pressing. CDP 7-46001 2 CP35-3017 28A5 Sony #2 Capitol CDP 7 46001 2 DIDX226 USA pressing and USA only release DIDX-000226 14 EMI RE0 Harvest 7 46001 2 Australian pressing MADE BY DISTRONICS B ** 746001-2 ** #03 EMI RE1 Capitol CDP 7 46001 2 DIDX226 USA pressing and North America only release RE1 CDP 7 46001 2 L9C09E 1-1-19 CAPITOL JAX 96 C EMI RE2 EMI 7243 8 29752 2 9 Australian pressing D.A.T.A. IFPIL311 8297522 B EMI RE3 EMI 7243 582136 2 1 SACD 2003 5821362 CD 4 EMI RE4 SONY 888751709126 USA pressing DIDX-739080 11 A14 L328 Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  2. Careful driving loads with a trigger output. They generally have limited available output current.
  3. 12au7 has lower impedance and will probably draw more plate current, so it depends on the amp design.
  4. V3 is a 12au7 , V1 and V2 are 12ax7
  5. Cliff, I have a few used and new 12ax7's from USA, UK and Russia as well as some new old stock 5751's, I'm sure that I have a few new old stock Mullard 12ax7's as well. I can test the ones that you have on a AVO Mk3 if you are concerned that they may not be up to scratch.
  6. May be AWA (Australian) https://mullard.org/blogs/news/83886851-cv-numbers-and-uk-military-date-and-factory-codes
  7. I have it as well in both ears and it is a real bother when I'm run down or got the dreaded flu. Some music calms it a bit and some triggers it to increase. It sometimes just stops for a few hours or flairs up for days or weeks. Don't let hearing problems get in the way of enjoying the music.
  8. I ran an Oppo 103 into my Dac Magic Plus for awhile and it sounded better to me. A bit clearer and more precise, I think.
  9. One of the following would reduce the belt slip at startup: 1. Lighter platter 2. Lower torque motor 3. Tighter belt All 3 would in my opinion be not wanted. Powder on the belt would help but might cause slip in operation. A pulley damper may help.
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