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  1. Item: Mingda MC 300 - PRE Valve Preamplifier - Relisted Location: Coffs Harbour Price: $1500 plus postage firm (reduced from $2000) Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: Gone SS Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Direct Credit into Bank A/c Extra Info: Purchased new in July 2013. Over $1000 in upgrades: Standard Rectifier Tube replaced by TJ Full Music 274B/n mesh plate. Full Music 300B tubes replaced by Black Treasures 300-B-Z Ming da 6SN7 Onion tubes replaced by Full Music 6SN7 tubes Electrolytic cap on rectifier tube replaced by Mundorf Mcap Film type cap. Standard white Mcap valve coupling caps replaced by Mundorf Supreme Silver/Gold/Oil caps Input caps replaced by Jensen F_Capacitors-091 .10UF 630V Copper Foil, PIO/Ceramic Tube caps Also available a pair RCA Red Base 5692. Have the original box and packaging so can ship at buyer's expense. Local pickup preferred. Specs available at this link: http://www.mingda.co.uk/mc300-pre-amplifier.html Pictures:
  2. Audio Salon

    Anyone dealt with this company who can comment on their experience? I'm thinking of ordering some speakers.
  3. SOLD: FS: Rythmik E15HP Subwoofer

    Where was this purchased from? Are you the first user? Do you have the original packaging for transport?
  4. FS: OPPO BDP-95

    Do you have the original boxes for posting?
  5. Surface Pro 4 as Music Server

    What players do you guys use. Have you tried something like JRiver and Audiophile Optimiser?
  6. Has anyone tried this? It seems to tick all the boxes - SSD, battery powered, fanless etc. with Windows 10 as OS.
  7. This is almost certainly a dumb question - will it work with the NAD M51 through the HDMI port?
  8. I'm late to this thread but what i2S protocol does the Singer use?
  9. FS: Oppo BDP 105 Blu Ray Player with Pro Mod

    So I take it this unit is region-free?
  10. FS: Oppo BDP 105 Blu Ray Player with Pro Mod

    What is the pro mod?
  11. Did you build these?
  12. FS: Oppo BDP-103D BluRay Player

    Is this unit region free?
  13. REL R305 Sub

    Any idea how you would use this with mono blocs?
  14. FS: REL R305 x2

    @jamesg11 I'm happy to buy these if you can ship to NSW.