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  1. I would need a 50 year mortgage at 0% interest!
  2. That list ignores so many earlier important contributions such as Wester Electric, Klangfilm, Altec Lansing, etc.
  3. Sorry I missed this thread until now! Great work, I bet you are excited to get them up and running. Will follow with interest.
  4. Had a great time at Andy's this morning listening to his smooth sounding system. Andy has spent a great deal of time and effort on his system and it shows. Thanks Andy for you hospitality. David
  5. Item: Arcam Alpha CD Player Price Range: Up to $350 Item Condition: Used Extra Info: Looking for an early Arcam Alpha Cd player from early 1990s in working condition. Will pay for shipping
  6. I volunteer to come over and help you drink some space in the room.
  7. If you can find one, try a Music Fidelity V90 DAC. Chris Bryan reviewed it for HifiCritic and said it got close in performance to the very expensive MSB reference.
  8. I meant on headphones. If you mix on headphones you cannot tell relative loudness of instruments. You get a surprise when you listen to the mix on speakers
  9. I got my first pair of Stax at 17 in 1977, SRX Mk3s. The Lambda Signature were great for checking edits and other technical work. You could never mix on them though. The six drivers were 1 midrange (top) and 5 midbass. the mids were between 400hz and 3.5khz, the midbass between 125hz and 400hz. The idea of the 5 midbass drivers was to have speed and dynamics in the midbass.
  10. Hi Steve, Unfortunately that is not my gear . The photo was taken when they were for sale at the dealer in London about 5 years ago. I bought them in 1997 for my studio in London: I rebuilt them to get them to my requirements. They were sold with most of my studio gear in 2006 when I moved back to Melbourne. I repurchased them when they became available for sale again in 2016 for 2300 GBP. They are currently residing at a friends place in South Caufield. Note that I no longer have the matching Po
  11. There are 40 components in the crossover. Some components are made up of a number of paralleled capacitors or resistors. All the inductors are air core. The inductors on the bass and midbass are 14awg solid core. The caps the designer used on the mid and tweeter were the best available at the time -Sidereals. When I rebuilt them in 1998, I left the caps and inductors as they were, and replaced and fine tuned the resistors. Also all the wiring (about 100 meters) was replaced with solid core silver. The wiring improved the dynamics and the resistor fine tuning (to .01 ohm) improved
  12. I don't have any internal pics to hand. I will try and find some. Here is an external pic:
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