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  1. Hi Homer, I'll send you a private message and give me a call easier. I happen to own 800D2s for 2 Channel System and have extensively tested NC500, NC1200, NC2000, Purifi Variants with them (and a few other speakers) and also own an M17V2 + M27 for theatre, so have quite alot of experience there and can give you some feedback. Regards, Phil
  2. Epic sub for the money - I preferred this over the SVS 12" models when testing. Good Luck!
  3. 😄 I like the warning... but its ok, am not one of these young generation offended by everything, all the time and on behalf of others..
  4. I will have to dig a copy of this up - never heard it, but I remember some of his other mixes back in the day were good.
  5. Yeah, the sounds is still really good on picture disc though... I think the pressing technique or materials must have improved over days of past with some of the old picture discs or coloured vinyl sounding terrible. War Stories Up Next its normal black pressings.
  6. UNKLE - Where Did the Night Fall. Probably the coolest looking box/insert book and picture disc set I have.
  7. https://www.discogs.com/sell/release/15884436?ev=rb or there is a 7 LP limited...https://www.amazon.com/Transmissions-Exclusive-Limited-Gatefold-Worldwide/dp/B08HTVSBCC/ref=pd_lpo_15_t_0/147-3271433-7824045?_encoding=UTF8&pd_rd_i=B08HTVSBCC&pd_rd_r=534449da-ba72-4019-aaa4-f714e22fbb4d&pd_rd_w=HlsFm&pd_rd_wg=JsV82&pf_rd_p=7b36d496-f366-4631-94d3-61b87b52511b&pf_rd_r=4K1N8NZ2KJX1ZCFB1053&psc=1&refRID=4K1N8NZ2KJX1ZCFB1053
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