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  1. Wouldn't look out of place with a pot plant or vase on it.
  2. I have the exact same amp stands under my Acoustic Arts Amp. The perfect amp stand when you cant lift your amp.
  3. Upgraded to an inverted dome tweeter by a 5 year old?
  4. I usually gooogle image search the photo. Plus google the BSB number of the bank to see if it is in the same suburb as the seller. and pay pay pal. Sounds though that this guy was a good con. Makes you wonder how he opened an Australian bank account without correct identification. If it is the banks mistake it leaves them open to litigation. And a slap on the wrist by the regulator. I would also contact the regulator to investigate the bank after you notify the police and the bank.
  5. All this advice has been very helpful. Many thanks. It gives me some much better options than shipping 100kgs.
  6. My JL Audio Fathom F212 has just started to hum. Even when the input balanced lead is removed. Still makes music though when the lead is plugged in but hums irrespective.. I am thinking something in the power supply is making it do a 50HZ hum. As I am in Newcastle and it weighs 100kgs I dont wish to go far to get it fixed. Any advice?
  7. Orpheus Dolomites or Minotaurs. They are minotaurs. Dolomites had the 8" bass driver and were more expensive. Minotaurs sound better.
  8. I am wondering what happened to the writing on the cable. I have this cable with different plugs. Is this an early edition? Maybe the dealer terminated it.
  9. Ahh...1989, Thursdays nights hanging out upstairs at Bankstown. Some of the rotating brands, trading upgrading. Bill Beard, Ensemble, Gryphon, Apogee, DPA, Kebschull, Oracle, Sota, Audion.... And even a trip on Joe to the Chinese around the corner. Lazy Susan. Memorable misspent youth thank to Jo. I dont think life has been that good since. Miss you Joe.
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