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  1. I'm sure there are ways of changing the tonality in (mostly) non-harmful ways. I noticed on my David Hafler 101/200 that even just switching the tone controls into the signal path totally collapsed the 'image' and I ended up not using them. I never bought another amp that had them. Although the multitude of 'tone controls' on the back of the SGR CX4F speakers are not set to flat.
  2. Washing good knives is best done holding it in one hand and brushing with a soft brush in hot or soapy water (the Furis are stainless) with the other. Dry carefully. Putting then in the sink is asking for trouble, both for the knife and your fingers. (A friend was trying out my Furi 8" and washed it carelessly, cutting her wrist. Fortunately it wasn't serious but her husband freaked and didn't want her to have sharp knives after that. She prevailed.)
  3. If you're looking to 'deaden' the plinth then the deadening sheets they use in car audio do a great job. Whether they would improve the sound or not I can't say. The stuff REALLY STICKS so it would be hard to remove though if it's not right. Maybe some lead sheeting stuck on with blu tack might give you an idea.
  4. The point of the Yaris GR is a long way from me. And no, not a Supra fan, although some previous models were good. Same goes for the models after the 240Z. I mentioned somewhere else that I really can't understand how the country of sublime shapes (eg. Samurai swords) and minimalist art is now producing their current car designs. I know things change but I keep hoping for improvement too. Even Lamborghini :
  5. OK— I wasn't so much trying to make a cross-shop comparison but a design comparison. How about this then?
  6. For my money race cars can look like they are designed around ultimate speed and aero efficiency and get away with it. Although I'm not sure I'd like to drive one around the neighbourhood. It's the extras that seemingly have no purpose except adornment that I find uninspiring.
  7. Not my style at all, much too "anime" for me. I prefer smoother, more classical lines, say this:
  8. I don't know that particular one, but many similar ones are pretty poor. A single decent Japanese water stone costs more than that so I have my doubts. Honestly, IMO your best bet is the denim strop and then a serious sharp when the strop won't do. If you treat the knives well then a year or two between sharpenings is possible. The included Furi sharpener would do if you are careful with its use. The Furi designer is an Adelaide engineer and he had some excellent help along the way. I sharpened a knife for a guy who brought his only good knife to the local butcher and a
  9. I have some early Furi knives and I think the steel has been improved since then, but the handles are the best I've ever used. I still use them for casual tasks. The trick with good knives is to strop them as soon as they lose their razor edge. Rockstead makes some of the best pocket and hunting knives on the planet and here are their maintenance instructions. I find it works well. https://www.rockstead.jp/maintenance/ @Kaynin: High quality Japanese blade steel is very hard and can only be successfully sharpened by hand using many grades of diamond abrasives and car
  10. Y You can't guarantee no damage , you can only limit the possibilities. If you want good cardboard sleeves then check around about having them cut to your specifications. I did that for speakers and the boxes were actually quite cheap.
  11. The recommendation I heard, and used, was swimming pool filter sand. I came in a bag and was dry. I'm really surprised that in Cairns no pool shops carry that. As has been said, if it's wet, just dry it yourself. From where would the sand leak? If there are small holes somewhere I'd be sealing them with a good silicone/urethane sealant
  12. Have a good listen with the bananas and see if you like them. Unfortunately too many banana plugs actually have very small areas of actual connection. I had some of these and preferred the screw-on connectors done up really tight.
  13. Sometimes the only thing to do with very poorly recorded tracks is play with the reproduction chain. If well recorded tracks sound good then there's probably nothing wrong with the system overall. If I had too many tracks sounding too bright (I don't know the Spendors personally but they get excellent reviews) then I'd be trying: toe-in, toe-out; looking at the listening room and how it might 'over-reflect' the treble, and maybe even putting an easily removable cloth/felt patch over the tweeter.
  14. Remember that it's the cartridge overhang at the spindle that counts. Moving the arm hole is no big deal. Getting the armboard straight can be difficult. On Linns the final work is done by rotating the springs and ensuring a correct 'bounce'. I've seen a few that bounced right but weren't centred.
  15. Many Australian made speakers are excellent value for money and deserve a listen. VAF is just out in Kent Town and is worth a trip.
  16. If that gets you a satisfactory result then by all means put it all behind you enjoy the driving. Just as an addendum, it's not necessarily about refusing to fix errors but can be about not being able to fix them in a timely manner or without multiple return visits.
  17. Read up on the consumer protection laws and insist they be followed. My reading says you are entitled to a full refund and the costs to have it repaired above the amount refunded. Call the consumer ombudsman. All further communication with the shop should be by registered mail.
  18. My ME15 remote receptor is at such a shallow angle that it didn't work unless I got up and moved closer to the centre of the room or closer to the pre-amp. I rigged up a little reflector out of a small section of a beer can, polished, and then fastened to the cabinet with double-sided tape. I point the remote at the reflector and it works fine.
  19. I've sold both a car and a motorcycle via the Carsales/Bikesales sites. I was satisfied both times. I've certainly heard horror stories about Gumtree.
  20. In general that sort of black surface is very hard to strip or sand back to a good looking natural colour. Possibly you'll get a response from someone who knows the specifics of that particular model.
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