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  1. 1) over-rated, trying to split the attention between 2 tasks that take about 10-25 seconds is hopeless (at least for me it was—and still is ). 2) useful 3) ???. My current machine (Izzo Pompeii) has push down spring levers. 4) can make a big difference 5) I did quieten my Diadema with Dynamat (for car stereos) and was pleased with the difference. Vibe pumps can be noisy (rotaries are quiet) and the 'tin can' noises also almost disappeared. I don't know about newer grinders, I still use the Macap and an early Orphan Espresso Pharos. I haven't felt the need to upgrade. A check for reviews etc. on CoffeeSnobs could be informative. Enjoy the coffee!
  2. I don't know anything about the MaraX but I have had a Levetta. Given that the price difference is less than 2 times, I think the difference in the coffee would be minimal unless there have been some real, major developments. It is still an E61 group though, so the touted improvements may have little effect on taste. My upgrade to a Diadema Junior Extra lasted only a short while because of the low level of improvement. How about a new grinder? A nice conical burr one would make a difference and, if your daily production is fairly low, some of the manual ones would be inexpensive. Even a flat burr like the Macap M4D would be some improvement in grind size consistency. That's where I went from the Rocky and while the improvement was definitely there it wasn't astounding. Mind you my Rocky had been extensively modded. IMO both the VBM and the Rocky punch above average for the price.
  3. GR Yaris—is that pronounced Grrrr?
  4. It'll be interesting to see if it's a real sports car (again) or a continuance of the recent bloated things.
  5. The original Dune novel was 528 pages so any film adaptation is going to leave out lots. The novel is definitely worth a read, and not just as the start of a multi-book series (about 10 or 12 now, depending on what you count). So, IMO, accuracy to the book is secondary to whether the film is actually good. I'll just wait and see.
  6. Yes, the storage conditions are very important. I've had good coffee from my home stored green beans (freshly roasted) after 5 or 6 years. I doubt many importers would be storing green beans for any length of time as storage would increase both the price and the risk unacceptably. Of course roasted beans must be kept cool (NOT cold) dry and in an air-excluded bag. I really prefer my beans less than a fortnight old. I've had some truly horrible, stale beans from at least one local 'artisan' roaster.
  7. The "rule of three" about coffee freshness is "ground coffee—3 minutes, roasted beans—3 weeks, green beans—3 years".
  8. According to the real experts the crucial grind measurement is in volume after tamping; but I've never figured out how to do that. Maybe if you used the same beans and roast all the time, but —boring. Weighing each shot's beans is the best I can do.
  9. I can't answer for your specific set-up or your ears, but I certainly heard an improvement when I tri-wired my old Linn Kabers. Dr Rod Crawford (the designer) said it definitely made a difference.
  10. If you really like it, then yes it's worth shipping (depending on the cost of course) When I came "down under" it was on a ship and we had 40 cubic feet of luggage free, so my system definitely came with me. If it's marginal then there are some great Australian manufacturers whose products are better value than imports.
  11. I hope it all works. The last few (super)hero movies I've watched have been so "ho-hum" that more than a couple sit unfinished on my computer.
  12. This is essential part of being an audiophile/musicophile.
  13. If 1.75 grams was appropriate for the tracking, I'm going to suggest that 1 or so will ruin both the sound and the LPs.
  14. We'll let you say you found it to be a great capsule.
  15. And the Taycan was beaten by the Porsche 911 S Turbo. BTW—he really should learn how to pronounce Porsche.
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