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  1. Sell the box and just throw the wine in as an extra! (Although that may well be illegal too.)
  2. Thanks for this. One of the reviews of "Welcome to Marwen" was so intriguing that I'm searching it out.
  3. If my experience of company cars is any indication, they are just another avenue to increase profits.🙁
  4. Sounds pretty good to me. I've had Opti-Coat Pro twice (Pro+ on the latest car) and am enthusiastic about the easy clean, shine, no wax needed, and protection (although nothing will protect from sand filled cleaning from a commercial car wash🙁).
  5. I won tickets to the preview of Easy Rider. I remember both being shocked and seeing people sitting against the wall outside the theatre crying. Haven't watched it since.
  6. Hi Steve, Sorry, this content isn't available right now The link you followed may have expired, or the page may only be visible to an audience you're not in. Go back to the previous page · Go to News Feed · Visit our Help Center
  7. Sure--as soon as they have computers that never crash, never fail to start, or never make errors.😀
  8. I had a friend's son visit. He was really into music but only had experience of a 3-in-1 and some basic headphones so he knew that headphones were better. He wanted to listen to mine so he could compare with his. He liked mine (still an inexpensive pair) but decided he wanted to hear the big speakers as well. I sat him in THE CHAIR and put on one of his favourite albums (yes, he listened to albums!). His eyes got really big😍 and he didn't say anything for several hours.😀
  9. I can't remember which Isotek power strip I bought (it looks like a Polaris), it was a while ago. I heard a difference at a demonstration, ordered one for a trial at home, sent a cheque.
  10. Fret not. If he keeps doing that then evolutionary forces will take care of him; and if he's young he won't pass on the bad genes.🙄 On the negative side, insurance premiums will go up slightly.
  11. Unless it really bothers you--some fine sandpaper, a couple of ear sticks or a fine brush, and a can of wheel paint will make it *almost* invisible. Narrow curving ramps in car parks are an issue, but worse for me was a car coming right at me in the centre of the road. I reckon that a 150 mm further out from the curb (yeah, I scraped) and there would have been a lot more damage from a collision. I can see the remaining scar when I wash the wheels but not from more than a couple of metres away. It will certainly do until I decide to sell the car (if ever).
  12. Incident and action filled! I thought it was the best F1 viewing in more than a year. (I see channel 10 is showing an edited version in 1 hour tonight.😛)
  13. You could try just rotating the speakers 180° and see if it is indeed sagging. Or call Whatmough.
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