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  1. Remember to allocate about $60 or so for a wet shop vac (Bunnings) and use a slotted tube covered in a velvet microfibre (one end closed) to suck the records dry. This takes about a minute and leaves the record ready to play.
  2. I've had records cleaned by a few systems and was happy with all of them—until I tried an ultrasonic. Then I was unhappy with them and bought an ultrasonic. I'm not going back. BTW—if you go US then do some (lots?) of reading about cleaning with them in general to find out what really matters, not just the audiophile 'magic' versions.
  3. I had a wonderful turquoise RX2 2-door that I loved. Fast, light, and sporty. Unfortunately it started blowing seals (a very expensive fix!) and once it started it couldn't be stopped. I sold it as soon as soon as the 4th set went in. At times I still miss it.
  4. What's the matter with the Whatmoughs? What do you want more/less of?
  5. From what I've read (no tested experience) any channel imbalances are at a minimum around ½ volume, and the components will be at their optimum temperature.
  6. The main reasons for having less gain in your system are two: most pre-amps sound best at around ½ volume, and this also makes finding the right volume for you easier. BUT it's not a big deal, so I wouldn't be adding anything that might degrade the sound. That said, since the set-up is locally made, talk to the maker and see if the gain can easily be reduced. I did that with my headphone amp (high efficiency 'phones) and the designer/manufacturer was happy to lower the gain and make it easily reversible if I go to low efficiency 'phones later. He did it for free.
  7. Works fine for me--VPN or not, two different browsers.
  8. Here's the dough I use most. This is for one pizza. 125 gm flour (must be high protein: 11% or better. I use 12.2% bread flour. Note—"00" flour is a very fine grind and despite the label of "pizza" it may only be suitable for pastry unless high protein. Low protein flour won't hold the bubbles.) bare ¼ teaspoon instant yeast (must be fresh) ¼ teaspoon sugar ¼ teaspoon salt Mix thoroughly 75 gm warm water Add and stir/mix until flour is absorbed Cover with plastic wrap and let sit for 10-15 minutes ½-1 teaspoon olive oil Add to dough and knead for 3 minutes Cover and let sit at room temperature for a couple of hours to rise. (It's even better if after it starts to rise you store in the fridge for one to two days. Remove from fridge and let sit at room temperature, still covered, until it warms and starts to rise again—at least one hour, up to two) Spread to pizza size, moving dough only by pressing and spreading with fingertips—no rolling pin. (If you can toss it like a pro then do that. I can't.🙁) A bit of flour/semolina on the board or olive oil on the pan will stop it sticking. Add toppings and bake. Best on a stone or heavy metal sheet pre-heated in a REALLY hot oven but a normal pizza dish will do.
  9. Pizza dough is really easy😀, providing you have the right flour. If there's interest I'll copy out and post two simple doughs.
  10. As a hi-fi nut and an ex insurance claims clerk: photos & descriptions; insurance broker; NOT depreciated value but current value or declared value or new-for-old; be prepared for a hefty insurance premium. The LPs are likely not replaceable like-for-like and many may not be available as digital, so ... make digital copies of non-replaceables.
  11. Yes, interesting. In my experience most surveys (and many tests/evaluations) have so many problems as to make them almost useless.😞 Without access to the original questions and data you really have no idea what the results actually mean. Boy, they sure are popular though.
  12. I've got a little piece of software that monitors all outgoings and notifies me if anything I haven't previously approved happens. It was a bit of a pain to set up 'cause so much software has hidden outgoings.
  13. I really like the colour.😃 How was it done? When mine was really yucky I donned the white gloves and gave it a careful satin finish with some (IIRC) 1200 grit wet/dry paper on a sanding block and then a couple of light spray coats of a lacquer designed for non-ferrous metals. It still looks good after 4-5 years. It does get wiped with a damp microfibre cloth every year or so.
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