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  1. The Fed Gov is re-inventing the wheel--that is so pre-historic. Singular--person Plural--persons Collective--people
  2. With apologies to the original--"Never let the facts get in the way of a political agenda."
  3. Random cars of interest

    Announcements of performance for items 2 years before production may or may not be believable. Two things I'm anticipating about this-- 1. Putting that much performance on the road surface may be more of a challenge than expected without incurring insane cost/km for tyres. The acceleration quoted exceeds the usual for a Formula One car and their tyres last about 150km. 2. We'll see lots of crash videos on YouTube.
  4. Tony Abbott refuses to go gracefully

    Nope, never going to happen. "Revolutionary biscuits" for a reactionary?
  5. AI: yes but no, but....

    The second definition of "intelligence" is "evaluated information". Neither definition seems to fit AI.
  6. NBN recommendation

    Like BATMAQN I've been happy with Internode for years. I've had no problems for the last 18 months on NBN. Their help centre (for SA at least) is in Adelaide. When bought out by iiNet they kept on the staff and the general manager who had set it up in the first place. I haven't tried anyone else in years but did have issues with Optus help/service before that.
  7. The cost of nbn

    The government makes $millions from the fuel excise that was originally designed to fund the roads.
  8. Hmmmm. Take a similar shot of an LP groove and see how much of the stylus actually touches the groove and hence wears. I think you'll be surprised.
  9. electric cars

    The power from the home wind turbine is free--after you've paid off the $$$ for the installation and maintenance (not to mention the interest lost over time). I've seen prices for domestic turbines from $10,000 to $50,000. That's not cheap for me. At the moment I'm getting 8 litres/100 Km. At 10,000 Km a year that's 800 litres. At $1.30 a litre it works out to $1040 a year--"road tax paid".
  10. Comfy and reliable cars?

    Comfort is personal. Like speakers it's a matter of trying them out. I haven't had one of the new Subarus but my two previous Imprezas (5 and 14 years old now) both fit me better than the same year Toyotas.
  11. Heavy metal is bad after all.

    Actually , the test was on ONLY ONE game, and it required fine motor skills. Maybe what they discovered is that "bopping along with the music" is not good for that--or maybe that the classical they chose was so uninvolving that a kids' game was better, or... I wonder how much grant money was spent on this? Anyway, it's a shame, I could have spent it on some nice alcohol that would have produced the same effect.
  12. The memories themselves never go away. It used to be that you either 'got over' the incidents in time, or didn't and ended up in low effectiveness, long term therapy for PTSD. Fortunately these days there are techniques that can quickly take the trauma out of such memories.
  13. Blade Runner 2049

    In 20 years, only 'oldies' will be watching films. Direct cortical stimulation will be the new film. (Science fiction rules!)
  14. KEEP THEM. That is, if you want to own the music--streams and downloads are only "loans" and you have no rights to the magnetic impulses or electrons that you play. Remember that ripping and selling/giving away the originals is piracy.
  15. I don't know about the current range of Garrott Bros. stuff but anything repaired, designed, etc. by the brothers themselves always impressed me. As did their hospitality when I was privileged to be their guest.