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  1. The crackles and pops ARE reduced, sometimes drastically--but on some records they don't change much. Although, even if they are still there the increased "aliveness" makes them less significant.
  2. I've tried both and sonically the US won--recordings were more "alive". It is also easier. (I have about 700 albums and I'm working through them one by one.) With only 100, I'd be trying to borrow a machine or pay to have them done.
  3. Check with Trevor as to the prices both before and after re-furb. That'll tell you whether it's worth doing before you advertise it. Many people hide the amp away so appearance issues may not be important to them, but condition internally is important.
  4. The quality difference that a good amp will make is very dependent ( as stated above) on the amp you are currently using, and how "high-end" you want to go. I don't listen to headphones very much but when I do I really enjoy my Meier Jazz-FF with crossfeed circuit. (Meier amps come at a variety of price points.)
  5. Nope. Not on that journey.😀
  6. I've been with Internode for a goodly number of years. Good prices , great Australian service and they've won "the best" several times. Never had an issue.
  7. I know that Linn had always recommended that the cartridge be HARD BOLTED to the arm/headshell. (I have no idea if they've changed.)
  8. This illustrates how Microsoft pushes people to software piracy.🥴
  9. Ahhh, good old Church Block. I used to get all the Wirra Wirra wines delivered to the front door, or at the cellars--all for free. It's amazing what being the partner of the owner gets you.
  10. It sure doesn't sound normal to me. Mind you I've only had two Linns and several upgrades but never a sound like that. If you haven't actually taken it back but only talked on the 'phone, then a return to the shop would be a next step. If they continue to say it's normal then ask them to show you it on another table. Last effort would be the consumer legislation.
  11. When the dealer won't deal to the level that's acceptable to you, before you walk out and down the road, leave them a calling card in case they change their minds.
  12. Yes. I honestly wouldn't get any of the "Ming Moll" extras from a dealer. They are always cheaper and usually much better from a specialist. My last dealer didn't even do any of those things--he said go specialist.😮
  13. When it runs continuously it sounds awfully like the Canadian air raid sirens from the Cold War period. Quite spooky for me.
  14. Conspiracy theories are not needed to explain and understand bias. One major influencer is fairly simple and is basic psychology. We are all familiar with bad stuff getting connected to circumstances and places. It's a rare person who isn't more cautious on a piece of road or intersection where they've been involved in an accident. Similarly, good stuff gets connected to circumstances. Good advertising income or expense paid trips to test-drive cars provide a good feeling and that gets connected to the car brands--influencing the outcomes. This is why drug companies are no longer allowed to give freebies to doctors--the freebies did influence the doctors' opinions and behaviours; despite many doctors saying otherwise. Be careful out there.
  15. According to the guys that use ultrasonic cleaners commercially (not just LPs) and the manufacturers, and the theory, the cleaning is proportional to the surface area of the dirty item. I'm not sure that 2 or 4 or 6 LPs at a time is a good idea. I clean one at a time, vacuum it dry with a special nozzle on a shop vac. The drying takes only a matter or seconds, and the LP is good to play.
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