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  1. GregWormald

    What did you pass your test in/on?

    No, Dad liked changing every two or three years. The Skylark lasted longer than most but eventually started to become unreliable and expensive to maintain and he gave it to one of my sister's friends for a project. When I left Canada he bought my Cortina 1600GT, drove it for a year and then traded it in on an Audi Fox (80).
  2. GregWormald

    82kg speakers

    Leave the spikes on. Tilt the speaker on one spike and rotate speaker to new position. Repeat 'walking' until you have it where you want it. Adjust spikes to stop any movement. For shiny expensive objects--be careful (it is actually pretty easy) and wear white cotton gloves.
  3. GregWormald

    What did you pass your test in/on?

    While mom and us kids were at the summer cottage, the transmission fell out. Dad kicked it back into place a couple of times but over 30mph and out it went. He took it to a dealer for a trade on a 1963 Buick Skylark convertible. The dealer drove the old car once around the block, never exceeded 25mph and gave Dad a great price. That Skylark addicted me to power and convertibles at the young age of 17. I still haven't recovered.
  4. GregWormald

    What did you pass your test in/on?

    1959 Buick hardtop @ age 16
  5. I used Strathfield many years ago and they were good--but I suspect it's really up to the individual store/installer. Last time I had something done (18/12 ago) I used a one-man shop who specialised and came highly recommended. He was excellent.
  6. GregWormald

    electric cars

    Nissan unfortunately is in bad shape these days. It's real shame, their 1600 and 240Z were well and truly top class.
  7. GregWormald

    Fasting, anybody done it?

    Western eating habits usually contain too much of everything. We need enough protein to maintain and/or build muscle, a good deal of vitamins and minerals--mostly from veges and a small amount of fruit. We only need starchy carbs if we're short of energy for our daily activities. Sugars we don't need at all. Sometimes I eat what I need, sometimes I eat what I enjoy.😞
  8. GregWormald

    Car Batteries

    The last time I bought a car battery it was whatever the RAA brought. For the Moto Guzzi I did a few searches and ended up with a sealed gel model from Battery World. Batteries last a long time these days, but when the fail they go from good to worthless in a couple of starts.
  9. GregWormald

    Fasting, anybody done it?

    I guess that's technically correct--it will take that long for the ketones to build up in the blood, but your body burns more fat for energy and produces low levels of ketones (and will use them for energy) after fasting for 12 hours overnight as the glycogen stored in the liver is depleted. Exercise also helps burn the liver stores. One of the problems with the "Greatest Loser" regime is that the exercise was excessive--sure it burned lots of fat but the muscles didn't have time to re-build and they ended up losing lots of muscle mass too. The very low calorie diet didn't help either, it kicked in the starvation response which slowed overall metabolism. Burning fat and maintaining (or actually gaining) muscle is a real balancing act that many high-end strength athletes have managed. Medicine has only recently studied how they do it.
  10. GregWormald

    Anyone else into BBQ?

    That's a great looking piece of machinery. It makes my Kamado Joe look small and light!--although my delivery guy also didn't know what he was doing. Repair really depends on how invisible you want it to be. Either do it yourself with some good paint from the auto parts store (does it need to be heat proof?) and thinned so it takes a few coats, or have a pro do it.
  11. GregWormald

    Fasting, anybody done it?

    Thanks for that. Interesting. I was on the Precision Nutrition list for quite a while a number of years ago. It has certainly grown. I was also aware that severe calorie restriction is not viable for the long run. Do you know if the original work was about severe restriction or any restriction? I did try the Mosely-researched 5 & 2 but found the results tapered off fairly quickly. I know that most successful fat loss/maintenance regimes have some time of more "normal" eating built-in. This sounds like the intermittent fasting. Keeping the body in fat-burning mode (ketosis) for a good while every day has always been the most successful for me--I never 'suffered' from missing breakfast. That and limited carb (although not really low carb) seems to add to the fat loss. My trouble is I'm a good cook and am 'addicted' to beautiful carbs! Sigh--time to stop baking again--my weight has been creeping up lately. I hope you have success. (I'm reminded of Mark Twain--"Quitting smoking is easy. I've done it hundreds of times.")
  12. GregWormald

    Fasting, anybody done it?

    I've not heard that this is a problem as long as the activity level stays up. Have you an easy reference?
  13. GregWormald

    Fasting, anybody done it?

    Losing fat is actually really simple: adequate nutrition-including protein and exercise to maintain muscle--and fewer calories than you need. Of course simple isn't the same as easy😮, you just have to find the way that works for you.
  14. GregWormald

    Recent close calls !!!!!!!

    I hope he/you have good insurance! (Not really a close call, but yesterday a council worker driving a tractor while reading his 'phone went through a Give Way just in front of me.)
  15. GregWormald

    Beer: "proof that God loves us"

    Fox Hat Metric IPA--a fair bit of 'pine' and reasonably bitey. A small amount of fruit. Not a bad drop. Young Henrys Summer Hop Ale--Less pine than above, and not as bitey. Better balanced but also more 'ordinary'. More of a sessional drink. Still like the Tuatara, and in a different vein Chimay Blue remains a favourite.