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  1. OT-- There's a youtube video about the relative sizes of stars. It really puts our world (or our car😁) in perspective. The sizes are WAY beyond my ability to even imagine!
  2. I used to play a bit--moved into a house with a court. Unfortunately my knees won't take the stop/start any more so I've changed to stick and knife fighting.😁
  3. AFAIK it's already been done--Carrie Fisher in the latest of the Star Wars films.
  4. Oh dear, it sounds as though you got the Ming Moll.πŸ˜‚
  5. Yup--this. I can't figure it out. Some 'dealers' don't seem to want to sell cars at all. (Maybe it's a tax dodge.🀣) With the last car I bought I got service like "Addicted to music"--introduced, coffee, help, then left alone to explore, then a test drive. I'd suggest a call to Mazda with complaints, and ask for a recommendation of a dealer who actually is running a business. When it comes to buying, John Cadogan's fleet discount seems hard to beat.
  6. Telstra doesn't want to ruin their reputation?
  7. You might need to be careful with that and a 718. Car & Driver tests have revealed that the base 718 is at least .5 seconds faster 0-60 mph than Porsche claims!πŸ˜ƒ
  8. 1. Car was cold, I'd only been going for a minute or two. 2. I can't afford a ticket or to lose my license.πŸ˜€ 3. Playing like that just isn't me.πŸ™„
  9. I get my orange blossom honey from a roadside fruit stall that is driven down from the Riverland every Thursday. (I don't like the gum flavours much--my all-time favourites were from a friend just out of Auckland who harvested his own mixed flower honey and at a different time of the year, manuka.)
  10. Unfortunately Leclerc wasn't at his best in the race. He didn't seem able to keep up with Vettel nor catch the Mercs. Sad.
  11. All true. 😁 It's just that so often the overall satisfaction of driving a particular car is forgotten and the drag race or 0-100kph is all that seems to matter. For me, I get many more twisties and great handling than I do hot accelerations.
  12. As much as I like a responsive car, I really don't get the 'drag race' thing for the seeminly 'ultimate' evaluation. I already have to monitor throttle pressure carefully in "normal" mode (rather than "sport") to avoid running into slow cars in front of me.
  13. What cracks me up is that they would seemingly rather have an actor that looks like the original person than an actor who can act!πŸ˜† It's one reason I watch fewer movies now than at any time in my life.
  14. I had ADSL with Internode when the NBN was put down the street. I went with Internode again. Connected on time, worked fine, got latest speed upgrade by just re-starting the modem/router. At peak times I get download speeds of 5.6 MiB--which is what I ordered. I assume upload speeds also match the standard, but I've never measured it.
  15. Both the heated seats and the heated steering wheel get me ready for the gym on cold mornings--love them both.πŸ˜€
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