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  1. Hi, Given the on-going resurrection of my vinyl collection--see: I decided to review the set-up of my speakers. The initiative was spurred as I noticed a slight shift of the balance to the left, made more noticeable by more attentive listening to the increased clarity of my old favourites. I did check other sources and the shift was there too, but had gone basically unnoticed. It wasn't large by any means but it started to bother me. I've always been fairly fussy (some might say anal😃) about set-up so I wasn't really expecting much. Boy, was I surprised. My room is very asymmetrical, with a cathedral ceiling of about 3 metres. The speakers are approximately 750 mm from the wall, 2.7 metres apart and my listening chair sits 3.5 metres back from them with 2.8 metres to the wall behind me. I've spend a fair while getting this set-up and it works well. I'm not convinced it's perfect but I got tired of moving heavy speakers and furniture. I put my chair on the centre-line between the speakers, got the tape measure out and proceeded to measure everything. One speaker was closer to the wall by about 30mm. One speaker was angled more than the other with a 15mm difference when comparing the R-L spike positions. One speaker rocked slightly while the other was rock solid to the concrete slab. The rocking speaker was tilted down by about two turns of one thread locking nut. I evened everything up and lastly put the listening chair precisely on the apex of the chair/speakers triangle. All measurements were now the same within a mm or two. I sat down to listen, and WOW. The 'image' was now precisely in the centre between the speakers with some sounds extending beyond the outside of the speakers by several feet. The image was exceptionally stable and the clarity of the music improved again. My involvement in the music was so improved that I've had trouble reading, having to stop and just listen, eyes closed. Problems: As above, I'm falling behind in my reading.😧😧 I haven't listened to digital in a couple of weeks. (Advantage--Even though I bet I'm listening more and louder, my tinnitus is less!?) Moving my seating more than a very few inches from the 'hot spot' means the image shifts to the right or left. The quality is there--but the centre shifts. (Speculation: The shift seems more than can be explained by loudness issues and I'm wondering if it could be related to the sounds from the right and left no longer arriving simultaneously. 5000 Hz (below which most of the music lies) has a wavelength of 2.7 inches, so moving 3 inches right or left would delay the long side by one wavelength. Comments and experiences please.) Greg
  2. I always wonder about people trying to escape cops on the highway. Don't the car drivers realise the cops have their rego numbers and addresses? (Some exceptions of course.)
  3. I really like this one.😁 It's a shame that the bright red/orange sign takes some focus off the umbrella. If I was printing a big one (and I'd be tempted) I think I'd de-emphasise the sign somehow.
  4. Tyres, tyres, tyres. I think I've mentioned it before, but if one is reading reviews it bears repeating: The presentation of the performance graphs is MISLEADING in that the differences are grossly exaggerated. In most cases the differences in the top tier tyres are less than 5%! The other caution I would issue is that I would expect new tyres (of the same quality) to always feel better than old and well-worn ones. If they don't, then something is probably wrong. I know that I was always impressed by new tyres even if they were the identical model as the ones replaced.
  5. New sports performance tyre test from Auto Bild. http://www.tyrereviews.co.uk/Article/2019-Auto-Bild-Sports-Car-Tyre-Test.htm
  6. If you can afford a bit more, or negotiate a discount, or discover a used pair Price Range: $20000 to $30000 1. Focal Sopra 2 $22,300 2. SGR CX3B Mk II active speakers $22,000 3. Kii THREE $22,7004. 5. Meridian DSP5200 $25,000 6. SGR CX4F-2 (and yes I'm prejudiced)
  7. Yeah, the trailer looks promising, my sort of SF. It sure had some polarised reviews.
  8. Riske played a magic game against Barty and (disappointingly) deserved her win. Now if only she could learn to shut up while on-court. I can't comment for Barty but I found the grunts on every shot very distracting. (One of my pet hates.😠) Strangely enough, sound is important to me.😁
  9. I've had a Blackvue 650 running for a couple of years with no issues at all. I had it installed by a pro (it's invisible from the driver's seat) and use a Blackvue SD card (expensive but one of the few that can take the continual writing). The wi-fi and software updating work fine.
  10. What an absolute joy it is to watch Ash Barty play tennis.😀😀 No grunts, no squeals, no temper tantrums--and REAL tennis. Go Ash!
  11. I've used the 414 on my SR80 for years. They are a great improvement.
  12. As the magistrate said that pedestrians ALREADY on the roadway have right of way I suspect that there's a LOT missing from the story. Still, $184,00 in legal fees for a settlement of $7600 sounds a bit extreme! Maybe he should be suing his lawyer for not putting in a counter claim--although what would that cost?! And of course being prepared for road users to act in "unexpected ways" seems inconsistent.
  13. It sounds like the lawyers and courts are making all the money.😖
  14. Is it really worth buying high end speakers costing thousands?? It was for me. I'm still enjoying them and a recent upgrade in my source is easily noticed. Of course, YMMV.
  15. Ahhh, another nut.😂 Welcome.
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