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  1. How did it go? I spent last Saturday pm really enjoying an older Copeland at Batty's.
  2. That's what I can't understand. Basic business communication is so easy, it's not like it's psychotherapy.
  3. Given the price it is likely that the Australian statutory warranty is longer than the manufacturer's warranty.
  4. As soon as the designers get into "design features" and extras they lose me. And functional doesn't have to boring or outré. Simplicity is often its own reward. (Yeah, I know, I'm old fashioned.)
  5. I wouldn't be trusting any one or two reviewers. The difficulty in auditioning in your own home makes reviews (to me) necessary for a shortlist and they have resulted in some purchases—none of which have been a mistake—so far. However, I was taught how to accumulate information and evaluate it, and only then act. To read reviews you need to work out what you like and dislike and then read enough by each reviewer to learn their likes, , dislikes, and foibles. It also helps to think about any agendas that they may have (advertising dollars for instance). Then
  6. IMO these are good ideas. I was using a stirrer for the WDT but the dosing cup did great and stopped the table litter from the M2D. I now use an Orphan hand grinder and the dosing cup is a bonus for dumping the grounds. I found the naked portafilter a useful way to get better at dosing, distributing and tamping, and it drops the coffee directly into the cup rather than running it on top of more metal. My Izzo is due for a fix as I think I've blown an o-ring. Well, it's back to non-espresso for a while.
  7. I'm not one for relying strictly on measurements, especially those provided in PR material. I've been very happy with my Meier-Audio Corda Jazz ff. He has a wide range of products, and seemed quite happy to modify this to suit my headphones. I especially like the cross-feed circuit he employs. If you can't actually audition, then reviews are your only guide.
  8. Nothing practical or even close to "measureable". My priority is my emotional response to the music. I've heard tiny systems that had it all, and huge expensive systems that left me cold and bored.
  9. The music starts at the source, and once the quality is gone nothing downstream will get it back. The speakers and their interaction with the room play the biggest part in the overall character of the system but can only put out what quality is there. Since you already like the speakers I'd be suggesting a critical listen to find out what you feel is missing or at least what you'd like to improve.
  10. There's no such thing as free delivery. (Stolen from "There ain't no such thing as a free lunch." TANSTAAFL) People and businesses should do what they say. Yeah, right.
  11. Any high class spray painter potentially could do the job. It will depend on the damage, the type of paint/polish required, etc.
  12. I've tried to read the thread but... The Marantz should be fine for general use. If you don't want to change it for higher quality or more power then just keep it and use it. If it's not getting hot (too hot to put your hand on top and keep it there) it's fine. Most use at sensible volumes (that consider the neighbours) use only a small amount of the power and current available. There may be short moments such as explosions or bass drum hits that need lots more but they don't usually affect the overall heat. If you're going to run cables behind the wall—no connections b
  13. My player (Amarra on a Mac) has difficulties with any non-jpeg files and anything not embedded in the individual tracks.
  14. A lot of what's above is correct. You want to get "more out of the speakers" isn't specific enough. More what? Overall volume with same quality? More bass to fill the room? More quality? Overall volume, same quality? 100 watts won't do it. Doubling the power only gives you another 3dB which would be barely noticeable. Tutorial here. More bass? A powered sub-woofer would definitely help, as properly set up it would take some of the bass load off the speakers. Bass takes most of the power of an amp. More quality? Better pre/power or integrated
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