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  1. Really, a vineyard named after pubic wigs? Did they not know?
  2. I once went and read a published medical study based on DBT that showed that Vitamin C had no effect on the course of a cold. They actually did find a difference but it fell below the required .05 level and therefore the conclusions were that it had no effect. Digging into the method showed that they had administered approximately 1/12th of the recommended dose and only after the cold was well established rather than at first signs. Even medical research scientists can be ... (deleted for politeness).
  3. Couldn't help myself I just had to look it up. Here's the translation (by DeepL) VICTOR ME-1000 ¥1,500,000(around 1995)  Description  The VICTOR ME-1000 is a monaural power amplifier of the Laboratory series, which was developed based on the concept of "Isolated Power Train", or interference-free energy amplification. In pursuit of the ideal material for the chassis of the amplifier, a heavy cast iron chassis weighing 33kg was adopted in order to thoroughly pursue high vibration control and high rigidity. This chassis is used as a mechanical ground, to which the fou
  4. The MWF enjoyed music, was happy to have me spend what I wanted, and took half of everything when she left. I do plan to enjoy them. More info and pics will be forthcoming.
  5. I'm having a set of the SGR MT series made up. They've painted them in Porsche Jet Black Metallic for me. They should be on their way very shortly.
  6. Off topic I've had both the Wilson (WASP video on youtube) and the Sumiko Master (https://www.audioaficionado.org/showthread.php?t=46634) set-up procedures recommended to me for when my new speakers arrive. Hope this helps with the "lots of playing around".
  7. When I sent my Linn Ittok LVII to Audio Origami for rewiring and a service he highly recommended filling the arm tube with foam to damp vibrations. I can't say how much difference the foam made but the whole package was certainly worthwhile.
  8. Orphan Espresso--USA. I bought mine direct before there were any in Aus. https://www.oehandgrinders.com/OE-Manual-Coffee-Grinders_c_1.html
  9. How many coffees a day? For "a few" I like the Pharos by Orphan Espresso, now seemingly on run-out. Large conical burrs, manual grinder with all grounds easily removed each time.
  10. I can see it might be different, but are you sure it's not worse? What about the disturbance to the eddy currents that the manufacturer has optimised through careful component layout? Shouldn't the weights be non-conductive/non-magnetic?
  11. I got stuck half way through Season 5 and haven't been able to get re-started. Maybe it's time to give it another try.
  12. This very topic came up elsewhere and the following piece of Doug's Scripts was mentioned. https://dougscripts.com/apps/m3unifyapp.php
  13. I'd be more inclined to put together a constrained layer slab.
  14. But it wouldn't be MQA then, would it? (At the moment they're trying to take over and own all hi-res and 16/44.1 music and make everybody pay for the privilege. In this modern world taking away choice is not popular.) I'd want to be able to hear and/or have a measured improvement over both 16/44.1 and unencrypted hi-res files. Then maybe, depending on the rest of the package (who owns the real masters, etc.) AFAIK the original stated purpose of MQA was to provide hi-res files (or better sounding files) that were able to be transmitted at 16/44.1 FLAC bandwidth. Given t
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