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  1. Now those questions are WAY beyond my experience. Good luck.
  2. Remember to read the instructions. When I was damping the cabinet of my espresso machine (!) I was amazed at how little Dynamat was needed per panel to get the results. Before and after application knock on the panel with your knuckles to gauge whether you have the result you want.
  3. Sound dampening will undoubtedly help. If the assumption that the problem with the Bose system is the speakers is correct, then I recommend you see a professional installer who well may have dealt with similar issues before. Matching speakers in an 8 speaker system is unlikely to be simple. Of course if it's the Bose amp then new speakers may make little or no difference. There are a fair few comments by those who opted for the Bose upgrade from the standard Porsche 718 system that indicate the need for lots of control tweaking to get good sound.
  4. War movies aren't my thing, but ... One thing I've never heard/seen in one is when a bullet rips by your head you can actually hear it tearing the air—and that has quite an impact on your state of mind, at least it did on mine.
  5. Let me add to the majority opinion here: Speakers (and room) are by far the most influential in the overall characteristic of the sound—and are therefore a 'must' to audition. Also do that audition in your own room (of course providing you plan on keeping that room😀). If that's not possible look for a "return if not suitable" arrangement with the seller. A 'sort-of' rule of thumb--quality starts at the source (and once lost cannot be regained); character starts at the room/speaker interface.
  6. Other than having to increase the volume control (which affects the pre-amp section) more than on other inputs, is there any other disadvantage? If not, then just getting used to using the volume control would seem to be a viable option.
  7. I use basic charcoal and both the lighting and shut down are easy, but do take some time. I generally figure about 20 minutes to get going (I just use two non-kero starter cubes) and another 10 if I want the whole thing at roasting temperature. On shut down the burning stops very quickly but the thick ceramic stays hot for quite a while. Let me add that the Kamado seems much more economical of charcoal than the previous Weber. I do a fair bit of chicken thigh meals and the combination of grill and roast gives great results.
  8. I'm sure these sorts of issues are why piracy is more popular than ever despite the huge efforts to contain it.
  9. While you wait for Andy a couple of comments. What the arm does on a blank portion of a disk is no indication of correct anti-skating. The portion of the stylus that actually touches the record is tiny, tiny, tiny and needs a good microscope to actually see if it's ok or off-kilter from the main body of the diamond. The final judgement is by ear (unless you have a distortion meter) so if reducing the bias gets rid of the distortion that's where it should be set. As @Richard Tremain mentions, get the distortion equal in both channels and then adjust the tracking weight to get ri
  10. IMO nothing beats real charcoal/wood cooking for flavour. A gas bbq, to me, is good for outdoor cooking, but it's not bbq . I've never tried the 'rocks' bbq so have no opinion there. I love my kamado but they are expensive. I started with a round kettle Weber and it did me for years, but was given away when I got into smoking. It would do it, but it wasn't easy when long and slow was needed. For chicken, fish and veges it was fine.
  11. Give Stuart at SGR a call, he's most approachable. Note: I'm biased.
  12. I've heard of all sorts of substitutes but can only really recommend that you contact the manufacturer. Most OEM oils are fairly cheap as only small amounts are used.
  13. The XLR connectors are separate for left and right channels so you'll need two cables, one for each channel. Good shielding would be useful because of the proximity to other cables—although I can't tell you whether converting to RCA at the start or the end will make any difference. There should be a cable expert along soon to give you that help.
  14. Could it be cartridge picking up the hum from the motor as it drops closer? Is there any hum with the stylus on the record without the platter turning? When my Linn was converted to DC the motor was moved 90° to ensure that didn't happen.
  15. Let me repeat: I'm always suspicious that 1 minute viral clips have some vital context missing.
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