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  1. DoggieHowser

    BMW M135i

    BMW keeps tempting me with the M Performance wheel (shod with PSC2) and that means I can transfer my old 19" to the 125i
  2. DoggieHowser

    BMW M135i

    The PS4 replaces the PS3 but the PS3 didn’t replace the PS2. The PS2 was replaced by the PSS. The PS3 replaced the Pilot Exalto 2 so... I guess that was the source of the original confusion.
  3. DoggieHowser

    BMW M135i

    http://www.tyrereviews.co.uk/Article/Michelin-Pilot-Sport-4-Press-Release.htm “Next up, the Michelin Pilot Sport 4. Many people felt the Pilot Sport name lost its direction as the Michelin Pilot Sport 3 didn't replace the Pilot Sport 2, but the slightly more touring bias Pilot Exalto 2. The true replacement for the Pilot Sport 2 came in the shape of the well regarded Michelin Pilot Super Sport. With the launch of the Pilot Sport 4, Michelin are aiming to get the Pilot Sport name back on track. The new tyre borrows lessons learnt from both the Pilot Super Sport, and Michelins involvement with the Formula E race series. This has resulted in a tyre which has a much more performance focus than the Pilot Sport 3, but still retails excellent tread life, a strong wet performance and the good levels of comfort we've come to expect from a premium tyre. ... As for the fate of the much loved Pilot Super Sport? This tyre will continue to sit above the Pilot Sport 4, catering to those of us who want an even higher level of performance in 19 inches and above.”
  4. DoggieHowser

    BMW M135i

    https://www.automobilemag.com/news/michelins-new-pilot-sport-4s-better-pilot-super-sport/ “First, it’s important to clarify the somewhat perplexing name of the new Michelin tire. The ‘4S’ in PS4S does not mean it’s a four-season (all-season) tire. The PS4S is Michelin’s 4th-generation Pilot Sport UHP summer tire, carrying on the legacy of the original Pilot Sport, the Pilot Sport PS2 and the Pilot Super Sport. To add to the confusion, Michelin also has the new Pilot Sport 4. That tire doesn’t hold the same ultimate performance focus as the PS4S and is exclusively a European-market tire, outside of a handful of OEM applications. That’s why there is an ‘S’ in ‘PS4S,’ signifying a level of performance beyond the Pilot Sport 4, similar to Porsche’s badging scheme for the 911 Carrera S versus the standard 911 Carrera. “
  5. DoggieHowser

    BMW M135i

    Sorry for the curt reply earlier But yeah - I think it is odd that Michelin uses such similar names for 2 different products. The Pilot Sport 4S is the successor to the Super Sports which was a successor to the Pilot Sport. But there is a Pilot Sport 4 which isn't related.
  6. DoggieHowser

    BMW M135i

    Pilot Sport 4 not the same as Sport 4S
  7. DoggieHowser

    2019 projector releases ?

    Isn't the NX9 about @25k now. I don't see a cheaper laser model slotting between that and the Z1 at $38k. It would more likely be a replacement to the Z1. Z2?
  8. DoggieHowser

    2019 projector releases ?

    So the new JVC 4K panels will have higher native contrast than that of the Z1? 🤔
  9. DoggieHowser


    You said it happened on the C7 and a Samsung. Isn’t it more likely to be a game issue?
  10. DoggieHowser

    Coffee /espresso Machine

    If i didn’t know any better, I would have thought this was a “white van speaker” scenario [emoji51]
  11. DoggieHowser

    HDR 10+ - Best HDR for projectors?

    I’ve never tried the UB420 so I can’t be sure. But the paper specs seem to suggest only DV is the difference. What’s the price delta? The 820 is under $600. Feels like a bargain.
  12. DoggieHowser

    HDR 10+ - Best HDR for projectors?

    Tonight I decided to take the Oppo 203 out of the projector set up and replaced it with the 820. And I used this setting from a user on AVS. “Here are my settings that I like to use: UB820: SDR2020, HDR optimizer on, slider to +2 885: Laser at 80, D65, Gamma 2.4, BT2020, tune brighness and contrast with masciola disc (For me with masciola i get brightness on 50, contrast on max) Youll get nice bright images. The HDR optimizer on in the SDR2020 setting will tone map according to each disc metadata. I think it works great. Much better details in dark scenes, and no clipping in the extra bright scenes (I can finally see the minister of magics face in harry potter goblet of fire quidditch scene). I just wish it had an HDMI input like oppo.” DAMN. After marveling at how good Black Panther looked on the ZD9 with Dolby Vision I had despaired at getting this title to work with projectors. But with this new setting the terribly washed out scenes with the 760ES previously now look actually watchable.
  13. DoggieHowser

    Pioneer UDP-LX500 universal player

    The Panasonic UB820 for video playback is just hard to beat.
  14. DoggieHowser

    Pioneer UDP-LX500 universal player

    Plugging it into the home Sony 760ES yields a picture not worse or better than the Oppo 203 I have in the system. Black Panther’s black crush washed out picture remaining pretty much the same. And there are no tone mapping HDR-> SDR mapping algorithms like on the Oppo or the Panasonic. The Panasonic UB820 imho outperforms both for Low luminance projectors.
  15. DoggieHowser

    HDR 10+ - Best HDR for projectors?

    Not sure if I should be using this thread but it was the only place I saw reference to the Panasonic UB820... so here goes. The first night I hooked the 820 to the Sony 760ES projector and compared it to the Oppo 203 in that system. I just watched a few critical scenes from Black Panther UHD and there seems less of that black crush. The video settings allow you to set the display to a low luminance TV or projector and that seems to be the reason for the difference. Very noticeable in the Oakland scene when they are in the apartment. The basketball court scene was also better. The forest/Nigeria scene was still a little washed out - just a little less so. Picture appears sharper too. And there was a bit more pop in the red dress in the casino. Second night I hooked it to the Sony ZD9 TV and set it to high luminance TV and enabled Dolby Vision. The picture also seems noticeably better in those dark scenes. I really hate Dolby Vision titles because it isn't supported on projectors yet. Saw some settings for remapping HDR10+ to HDR10 on the Panasonic 820. Wonder if it will be better than watching Dolby Vision titles on non DV displays.