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  1. Oppo Uhd 4K Player

    The 1592 is a better DAC 4490 vs the 4458 (I think) in the Oppo I think they are fundamentally the same chip but the 4458 configures them as 8 DACs while the 4490 stacks them and configures them as higher SNR 2 channels. FWIW I do prefer the 4490 to the Sabre32 all things being equal.. but the 203 really lacks the refinement in power and analog sections vs the 205
  2. New XBox one x

    There’s a trade in deal for your old xbox one s for the x -$349 with a few games when I was in EB. Seemed decent. I needed a second PS4 Pro for the PS VR - in this current model doesn’t handle HDR passthrough so this second one will offer upgraded visuals in PSVR title. I traded in my old PS4 with one game for the Pro. $399
  3. Oppo Uhd 4K Player

    It’s a DRM issue so no. Optical and coax max out at 48kHz. That said you can get an audio de-embedder device that takes the PCM full hi-res from HDMI and sends it to an optical output.
  4. Item: Audio Research Reference 5SE Line Stage PreAmplifier Location:Brisbane Price: SOLD Item Condition: Used (4x installed Cryo Matched + new 4x Cryo Matched ElectroHarmonix 6H30Pi EB Gold Pin from CryoSet still in box), bought in 2012 Reason for selling:Surplus - using BHK Preamplifier Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Bank Transfer Extra Info:Silver/Natural Finish with the optional (more expensive) acrylic cover which ARC claims offers better damping than the steel plate Pictures:
  5. JVC DLA Z1 Arrives..

    Let me know if you could live with the reduced contrast on the Z1. Recall Javs did a shootout earlier this year but it was with the old firmware.
  6. Gran Turismo Sport

    Damn - so it looks like PS4Pro will also improve the graphics on the VR mode - which is really just a tech demo for now but I think there's great potential for it. So here's the downside, the current VR box doesn't support HDR passthrough (not HDCP2.2 compliant) so I was using my old PS4 to drive the VR unit. It really looks like a PS3 game rather than a PS4 game. I didn't think there was any point using the PS4 Pro if I couldn't get HDR on the main screen. FWIW they announced a new VR kit in Japan that now handles HDCP2.2 HDR passthrough in October but no sign of it here.
  7. Gran Turismo Sport

    Bloody amazing in VR mode Yes the graphics aren't as pristine as they are in non VR mode but sense of immersion is so good. Only downside is that my shifter is on the wrong side of the car so it would piss me off no end. I can only play VR mode in RHD cars in the game
  8. JVC X7900 / X9900 Owners Thread

    We've recently got a DLP 4K in the store and I was watching the opening scenes of Man of Steel earlier today Got home and cracked open my own copy and played the same scenes. Damn even without a real 4K panel, my 9500 was so much sharper and detailed. The black levels and contrast just made the whole image pop - and then with the HDR blasts.. just no contest. I will admit to being swayed by the new Sony 760ES but it would have to be pretty special to make me switch
  9. Logitech G29 or Thrustmaster T300RS

    I think it is worth stepping up to a a mid tier system like the CSL series. For the longest time I couldn't justify the full blown Club Sport series from Fanatec but the CSL Elite with the load cell really really makes the set up change from a toy to serious sim kit.
  10. Logitech G29 or Thrustmaster T300RS

    Get the CSL Elite PS4 edition
  11. What I learnt from Forza.... If I turn off Traction and Stability Control on my car, and I encounter just a bend in the road, I will end up killing myself
  12. Some photos of the messy rooms Work In Progress
  13. It's taken a long time to get all the bits and pieces tied up but I finally had lift off over the weekend. The first piece of the puzzle - the Sony 65Z9D FALD LCD UHD HDR TV. It is about a year old now - but it is still a stellar TV but not without a few niggles. a. [email protected] is only available on HDMI port 2 and port 3. Not an issue if you pass through an HDMI2.0/HDCP2.2 18Gbps AVR/AVP but in my study room, it was a real pain when I found it out after the fact. Hopefully once I get my Smyth Realiser A16 to mimic my main room 7.1.4 system and use it as an HDMI switch, it should not be an issue. b. No Bluetooth audio support (found in the newer models just not the Z9D) On the plus side, it is plenty bright for HDR gaming and black levels this side of OLED is phenomenal. The second piece of the puzzle was trying to get a proper seat/layout. I always knew it was going to be these guys - a local Aussie firm https://www.pagnianimports.com.au Got this off eBay when there was a 15% off discount code a few months back. That way the wheel was properly mounted and bolted to the seat. No amount of hard braking would push the pedals away from the seat The problem was that I could only fix ONE steering wheel on this setup and I wanted one I could use on both the PS4 and Xbox. Licensing deals made this nigh impossible. Years ago I had one of these Fanatec Turbo S wheel (still worked in Project Cars 1 on the PS4!): which worked great for both PS3 and Xbox 360 but even at $800, it was still a toy. The pedals felt no better than the old Logitech ones and that stick shift was terrible. But Fanatec had already upped their game in the intervening years and they finally sorted out their licensing in a very cunning way. They put the Xbox One compatibility in the wheel attachment and put the PS4 functionality in a wheel base. So Sony licensed a full PS4 compatible product (complete wheel and pedals) but you could always order a replacement steering wheel to add Xbox One compatibility. The nice thing about the Fanatec kit was the modular approach. So I could add a better load-cell brake pedal And then the Xbox One compatible rim wrapped in lovely Alcantara And the ClubSport Shifter SQ1.5 (can be set as a full R+6+1 gated shifter or in sequential mode with a switch) Ideally, I would have loved this wheel (but they never added XB1 compatibility :() Would have been the only Porsche I could ever afford in this lifetime The final pieces were the consoles and the games. JB HiFi had an offer on the PS4Pro a few months back and the Xbox One X was finally launched last week. But my study room was in a disarray. I had to dismantle all my old PCs, my old 42" LCD TV, Thunderbolt dock, MacMinis, Xbox 360, USB HDDs and all manner of junk that had piled on top of a dining table I had repurposed as a study room desk. Took me almost 3 weekends to clear everything out, and clean and put the new system in place. And also finish installing the racing seat. I did encounter a few niggles along the way - the wheel stand doesn't have the exact 3 bolt holes for the wheel base (using the table clamp for now) and the pedal base didn't have the right bolt pattern for the Fanatec pedals so that's using globs of Blutac to hold it in place. Worked well initially until I started racing.. the amount of brake pressure on the load cell needed to pass Gran Turismo driving tests meant the Blutac wasn't enough. Pagnian said there is a new base plate that would allow the pedals to bolt in - and they will ship that to me.. so fingers crossed. Moment of truth arrived over the weekend. Here are some of my initial impressions UI - GT Sport feels more structured, more organised. F7 feels like everything is scattered all over the place. I think I ended up missing a level up reward because I wasn't on the right screen when it happened - as I was buying a virtual car in a different screen. Progression - GT Sport lets a newbie start from scratch. F7 uses driving aids to help newbies start in a race. Tie. Depends on what you are looking for Steering Wheel and ForceFeedback (FFB) Control - GT Sport hands down. Recognises the Fanatec CSL Elite PS4 immediately including rev lights and wheel LED. Good preset of FFB settings from start. FFB on F7 requires some fine-tuning. Out of the box FFB effect were just too high and unrealistic. Also F7 doesn't see the LED rev lights or rev strip indicators. Graphics - GT Sport @4K is super smooth at constant 60fps. F7 @4K feels like a PC game with the odd dropped frames/screen tearing during menus. Rock solid during game play. GT Sport uses HDR convincingly - beautiful specular highlights that feels like glare. F7 feels like it has better shadows/reflections. F7 feels more vibrant. GT Sport feels more subdued but ends up looking more realistic. Weather effects are bloody amazing on F7. And I can tell the developers put in a lot of work (and compute cycles) to render things like reflections of the dashboard on the windscreen and shadows over the car dashboard (like during overcast weather). This video pretty much mirrors what I experienced. Was not aware the GT Sport rendered in 1800p internally and upsampled to 4K output vs native 4K everything on Forza 7. And yeah - HDR on GT Sport is phenomenal Can't wait to watch this HDR encoded video on the Sony Z9D when I get back.
  14. New AppleTV supports UHD and I believe Atmos and Dolby Vision too

    Swapped cables around - so now all of them report HDR gaming compatible. Good thing my old PS4 (non Pro) cable connected to HDMI2 passed through 4K easily. I kept the old PS4 for VR duties seeing as the VR kit doesn't pass through HDR from the PS4 Pro.