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  1. If the car came with runflats, do they need to be replaced only with runflats?
  2. I think he designed it as a homage to the old Z3M coupe/shooting brake. but yeah they definitely took parts from the M2. I’m guessing the front fenders and bumpers (including the headlights). It was already a 3 door hatch so they didn’t change the rest of the body work too much. I reckon the door might be from the M2 to match the lines/bulge of the front fenders. The rear fenders seem to be different from the regular 1 hatch as well. Don’t know how they modified it from the M2 donor car. You could see the rear quarter panel standing alone in one of the photos. The rear bumper has the
  3. This is truly hardcore. Wish BMW made one.
  4. The rear end of the new A class... meh. looks like a Hyundai or Kia. The old A class had a much nicer derriere The new CLA on the other hand.. has a much tastier rear end
  5. Yeah but there isnt PS4S in 18s . Does the new M140i come with a tyre repair kit and inflator?
  6. Did your M135i/M140is come with run flats? Did you have to do anything differently if you then changed to regular tires? Thinking of swapping out the runflats for some Pilot Sport 4 Looking at getting one of those solar/battery tyre pressure monitors and maybe a cigarette lighter powered air pump
  7. Damn I was going to get a Fiesta ST and put a sticker on the BMW that said "My other car has Apple Carplay for free" 😂
  8. Monday rolled along - no email. So I used the Connected feature in the infotainment unit to speak to a real person. They said to go to Connected Media. Press the Option button and choose Update DOH Carplay downloaded. Needed to delete my current BT pairing - but once I deleted and paired the 2 again, VOILA CarPlay. Not having a touchscreen on the 2017 makes it a little bit cumbersome but it would have been difficult to drive AND reach over to use the touchscreen anyway
  9. Ah. The email said it would send a notification when it was activated
  10. How long does it take to activate CarPlay?
  11. Thanks Al!! Decided to get it finally. Tested it on the Mini I had for a loan car and it was just brilliant.
  12. Even if you don't already have one.. a large proportion (not all - so best to check the packaging) of UHD titles include a BluRay copy of the movie so you can just get your collection ready for UHD. That being said - more and more guys I know are just getting their movies off iTunes. Some of the offers are pretty good and the new releases (re-releases) have been getting UHD HDR/Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos visual and audio upgrades. For one thing, the deals can be really good (Spiderman 1-3, Amazing Spiderman 1-2 and Homecoming all for under $50 with UHD HDR and Dolby Atmos). And
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