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  1. Damn. I didn’t test CarPlay before when al posted about the deal. Now I have and want it, the offer is over. Anyone know when or if another deal will become available? Have they offered similar deals before?
  2. Mad as Hell is back. How I have missed you I used to like The Weekly but it seems to have hit a snag this season with the departure of Kitty. The new woman is more obnoxious than funny. Kitty could take the punch to Charlie without coming across as smarmy. I loved what the team blew the budget increase at the ABC on the premise of Labour's victory.
  3. I think for some HDR material, there's something to be said about a bright 1800 nits FALD Sony like my old ZD9. The new ZG9 looks even more phenomenal (4000 nits!!!) and HDTV test was almost drooling Just got word from the Aus distributor - 25k for the 85" reviewed by HDTV test but this is for the Pro range. The consumer model may be cheaper?
  4. I had a loan Mini with Carplay the other day and it was such a joy to use (basically iDrive with a slight Mini twist). Especially with TIDAL which pops up as an app on the screen. I could even use the the iDrive controller (didn't need touchscreen to navigate) I used to run Apple Music and the SIRI integration is great (didn't even need Carplay to work) but SIRI didn't work with TIDAL so CarPlay + TIDAL works a real treat. I might have to wait for another sale
  5. How much for the last of the Mohicans?
  6. How much was the changeover?
  7. The story on AVS is that the LS sold badly. Not the numbers Epson was expecting. This was already their second gen reflective LCD design. And there are serious doubts Epson will continue to invest R&D money on it. They may eventually get a 4K LCD and put a laser on it but I doubt the LS in its current tech will get a 4K panel.
  8. Arcam has a new SACD CD player for $1500 that used the ESS 9038 Chipset like the Oppo 205. Does TIDAL streaming too but not Roon.
  9. I ordered two. And the 2 boxes came in a bigger box. With some packing material inside. Looked fine.
  10. I almost forgot it was coming today but got an email alert that it was delivered. Popped the door open and there it was! Quickly unwrapped it and put it on Have to say it is clearly remastered. But it didn’t sound as bad as the one on TIDAL. It is emphasized or boosted - the Simply Vinyl less err vivid but feels more correct. It’s like someone boosted some bands on the EQ on the remaster. But still enjoyable. Hotel California has always been criticized as being remixed in the studio and not a true live recording so I doubt either version is a true representation of being there. Alas, I’ve found Tequila Sunrise still to exhibit more sibilance than any of the other tracks. Same as on Simply Vinyl. Can’t explain it. I found at least one other poster who’s commented on this.
  11. Just spent the morning re-listening to my Simply Vinyl version to get myself reacclimatized. Still waiting. Pants on the sofa ready to put them on when the doorbell goes. Hope it isn’t Jehovah’s Witnesses.
  12. Glad this helped the guys hunting for a copy of this. My two copies have been on board for delivery since 8pm last night according to Amazon Prime. I’m still at home expecting a knock on the door. Which reminds me. Better put on some pants [emoji23]
  13. Amazon says mine is coming on Monday - which is my day off so fingers crossed.
  14. So TIDAL offers up 2 versions of this album - the original and the 2018 Remaster. OMG the remaster is terrible.
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