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  1. My first overclock was a Celeron 300A that was overclocked to 450MHz I remember you even had to hunt for a specific batch number just to be sure.
  2. Oh, I did skip over a few issues getting Oculus to talk to the Quest 2 over the official Link cable I guess it didn't help that I was setting up this new laptop just as Oculus was rolling out their massive version 28 firmware. Version 28 would introduce a whole host of new features, including 120Hz refresh rate Infinite Screens - where you can use VR to display virtual monitors for work Real to VR keyboard - by pairing a Logitech K830 keyboard to the Quest 2, you could see a virtual representation of the keyboard in VR so hunt and peck typists can see what they
  3. Oh, one other thing. Noise and heat. I read that this laptop (gaming laptops in general) does get loud. For context, the MacBook Pro I am using right now sounds only marginally quieter when it is fully loaded (usually Chrome), compared to the Infinity W5 on a full load on Beast Mode The internals do get hot - based on the monitoring software I used but never hot to the touch or on the keyboard which affected some early preproduction units. And overall weight.. at 2.5kg, it is heavier than my 2014 MacBook Pro but not in a very intrusive way in m
  4. The saga (windbag) continues.. Armed with more research, I knew I wanted an Nvidia RTX3000 series graphics and an 8 core processor for the basis of my "portable" VR system - as close as possible to my desktop rig. That said, Nvidia and laptop manufacturers have not made it easy for us to decipher everything. One would think, that an RTX 3080 mobile would be faster than an RTX 3070 mobile, which in turn would outpace the baby RTX3060 mobile. But we would be wrong. Nvidia now allowed manufacturers to decide how much of the system power to allocate to the gra
  5. It's been a long road getting there to here.. as the Enterprise theme goes Like many, I tinkered and assembled my own PCs when I was younger, the official reason being for school, and then later for work - but deep down, it was always for gaming. I remember having a Voodoo 3D card, then Voodoo 2 SLIs which still needed a 2D only graphics card (to play Street Fighter 2 of course). The hobby escalated quickly with small upgrades every 6 months and then a major upgrade every year. Even had a stint writing reviews for a PC hardware site years ago. But age and other hobbies
  6. I had gotten about 50k km on the runflats that came with the old 125i MSport - no it's not the M135i/M140i but I'm guessing the findings could be similar. I had ordered a set of Michelin Pilot Sport 4 (non S) to replace them but there wasn't stock of the rear tyres so I was waiting till the end of the month for them to arrive. But as fate would have it, got a nail in one of the rear tyres the other day. Quickly topped up the air and limped back home, hoping to get a repair till the end of the month. When I was at Bob Jane yesterday, they said the tyre was unrepairable
  7. If the car came with runflats, do they need to be replaced only with runflats?
  8. I think he designed it as a homage to the old Z3M coupe/shooting brake. but yeah they definitely took parts from the M2. I’m guessing the front fenders and bumpers (including the headlights). It was already a 3 door hatch so they didn’t change the rest of the body work too much. I reckon the door might be from the M2 to match the lines/bulge of the front fenders. The rear fenders seem to be different from the regular 1 hatch as well. Don’t know how they modified it from the M2 donor car. You could see the rear quarter panel standing alone in one of the photos. The rear bumper has the
  9. This is truly hardcore. Wish BMW made one.
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