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  1. JB sales tend to come around. I recall the 55” LG OLED B7 was like $1888 or something like that That’s the one I’d go for.
  2. Black Panther

    Avatar is a movie about blue people but there was still a white guy behind the scene saving Pocahontas Possible SPOILERS... And we had Watson doing a scaled down version here too. FWIW, given the setting, it would be tough to have more white faces in there. The Marvel comic on which it is based does depict the country as being isolated from the rest of the world so it was never colonised.
  3. Altered Carbon (Netflix)

    I turned on the subtitles
  4. Altered Carbon (Netflix)

    One thing with NetFlix I’ve noticed is that they are slow burn. The first episode threw so much information at you. It was disorientating. But after the second episode, the back story and the murder case became far more interesting. Imho.
  5. Altered Carbon (Netflix)

    Episode 5 in - not much violence. Some nudity - full frontal male if you are easily offended. I seem to recall Robocop being more bloody. The original, not the Joel one I know everyone sees the Blade Runner reference - but I kinda see it as the Elijah Baley for the new generation. On the face of it, the Elijah Baley stories were cop stories - but with an interesting take on ethics and morality and of science itself. Really loved how the Empire and Foundation series eventually tied in with the Baley ones.
  6. Oppo 203 HDR Tone Mapping.

    Stripping out HDR is only one part of the solution - it is the tone mapping of HDR to SDR on the 203/5 that is what makes it so impressive. Yes I know that one does - but just curious what could be done for the older unit.
  7. Oppo 203 HDR Tone Mapping.

    Does anyone know if SDR BT2020 tone mapping will work with an Epson LS10000 (no HDR BT2020 but DCI P3 color)? This will make those LS10000s a bargain if it did

    Got an AppleTV 4K Pretty damn impressed. Altered Carbon HDR Punisher HDR on the ZD9 was amazing. The Grand Tour HDR (not NetFlix) also amazing Have been watching the last few episodes of Star Trek Discovery with HDR. Awesome.
  9. Altered Carbon (Netflix)

    With HDR on the 4K AppleTV it is pretty impressive.
  10. Thankfully I don’t just watch movies with just star screens The Sony does look amazing with everything else. And surprisingly good on NetFlix Punisher Dolby Vision (which is dark) and The Grand Tour which is HDR and 4K - provided my old ADSL isn’t misbehaving. It’s just on the threshold of the limits of ADSL
  11. Sunday 7 : Fastest cars under $70k

    My left and right feet are my launch control. Not very good I might add.
  12. Actually No on both counts. The lens AND the panels are identical on both the 760ES and the 360ES (and even the 260ES). In fact the 360ES lens actually has a working dynamic iris that the 760ES does not. Some reviewers have found improvements of about 50-60% in dynamic contrast with the 360ES over the 760ES..
  13. The 760ES uses the same lens and the same panel as the 260
  14. FWIW I thought the JVC X9500 has elevated black floors compared to my old RS60 but it is a function of HDR I guess and higher lumens. I guess that's just the way the HDR stuff is designed. When I first got the 760ES I also got an Apple TV 4K and started watching Netflix UltraHD/HDR stuff and to be honest, a lot of the black levels look pretty meh. But after I went back to the JVC recently for comparison, I was surprised that a lot of the high black levels seemed to be source dependent. The JVC did suffer from a similar washed out look too. But for good black material, the JVC is noticeably better. The question then is how often I notice that black level improvement. For pretty much everything else, the Sony looks way sharper than the JVC and I know part of it is because of the Reality Creation but man does it look good. And bright too. Despite the same lumens rating, the 760ES is just much brighter. Really helps with HDR material. And motion is something that Sony has perfected. Is the Sony perfect? Hell no. There are lots of areas that can be improved.. maybe not in the way that some users are expecting (like access to manual iris) but the way the tone mapping is done and the way the laser dimming works.. I would love to see improvements in that. Sorry to the OP for not answering him directly.