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  1. DoggieHowser

    Kef LS 50 compared to Kef LS 50 Wireless

    My bad https://www.naimaudio.com/product/uniti-atom I meant the Atom. You would use a USB HDD and USB CD ROM to rip CDs. Or get the Nova with the CD player/ripper. Or you can use a USB CD ROM and a NAS I believe to rip CDs. If you don't need ripping, the Cyrus Lyric is a nice combo too.
  2. DoggieHowser

    Kef LS 50 compared to Kef LS 50 Wireless

    I have the LS50 passives and I think the main problem is how KEF priced it - it is basically a KEF Blade without the 4 bass drivers. But sells for a fraction of the Blades. So there's a temptation to partner the LS50s with some cheap amps. Listen to the LS50 with something like the Plinius SA-Reference 100W ClassA or PS Audio BHK Stereo and they sound sublime. Not the best price/partner ratio, granted but this is how I've heard them sound their best. Which brings me to the LS50 actives. For the life of me, I cannot find a combination of amp/streamer/DAC for $2000 that will do the LS50 passives justice - and sound even remotely as good as the LS50 actives. The Musical Fidelity M6 Encore streamer/DAC/ripper/amplifier was also a good combination that maybe just edges out the LS50W but at 8 grand - is not cheap either. The downsides - you are limited in connectivity. No coax. No XLR analog inputs and streamer/DAC doesn't support DSD. That said - it is a function of the active digital crossover circuit which can't handle DSD and it would be pointless to use a good analog front end to this when it gets converted to digital again. The upside - once it got Roon connectivity, streaming has been seamless for me. One thing I am looking forward to testing the LS50 is with the new Naim Uniti Core - which seems a bargain at just 3 grand. Still more expensive than the LS50W premium over the LS50 passive.
  3. Which title in particular? Many FullHD BluRay movies don't have Atmos even when their UHD versions do
  4. DoggieHowser


    Just got mine last week - and promptly ordered the Fanatec Porsche 918 RSR wheel to play on the XB1
  5. DoggieHowser

    PrimaLuna; standard vs HP

    From what I gathered once Herman got to the Kiseki, he realised he couldn't make a good enough internal phono preamp, he decided to drop the product. I ordered one in 2014 at SouthPort HiFi - but the customer decided not to go ahead with the order so if you ask Mike to rummage through his inventory, you might be able to find one
  6. DoggieHowser


    Is it out already?
  7. DoggieHowser

    Oppo Uhd 4K Player

    I run my AppleTV through the Oppo 203's HDMI input for 2 reasons. There's a bug in the way my Sony projector and AppleTV handle Dolby Vision content (up till 11.2.5) which causes black screen dropouts - while audio is playing. And also because I can use Oppo HDR Tone Mapping on the AppleTV.
  8. DoggieHowser

    Oppo 203 HDR Tone Mapping.

    Oppo was on HDR Tone Mapping Mode 2 (for both C7 and 760ES). Was using Cinema I believe on the Sony - which is what I have been using for all my HDR content up to this point. The Oppo on the C7 was mapping to 800 nits I think, while the Sony was set to 500 nits. The Oppo 205 goes direct to the C7. The 203 goes through a Marantz AV8802A with the Dolby Vision firmware update. The Sony 760ES of course does not have Dolby Vision support.
  9. DoggieHowser

    Oppo 203 HDR Tone Mapping.

    I tested out Oppo 205 with the LG C7 - Dolby Vision reported and colors looked good. Then on my main system - Oppo 203 with the Sony 760ES projector - and there seems to be a red push
  10. Sorry for the shameless plug but no love for Brisbane HiFi?
  11. DoggieHowser

    Oppo 203 and 205

    How much do you save reusing those mods? As far as I know the parts aren’t reusable on the Modwright mod - except maybe the external power supply.
  12. DoggieHowser

    Oppo 203 and 205

    This review does touch on some issues I raised about the ever shorter cycle of video disc players. In its current form, the 205 does pretty much everything except: a. no MQA over Roon (only via Music player app) b. no DSD over Roon Sadly both are important to me and I expect to many who want to use the Roon over network functionality. To be fair, Oppo never really promised either Roon or MQA when the 20x series was announced so I guess we cant really fault them for the lack of full MQA/DSD support on Roon. Don't forget there is a current Dolby Vision brouhaha. Dolby recently introduced a new framework for Dolby Vision encoding which places more processing on the video player than on the display - first introduced on the Sony Xtreme processing displays like the A1 OLED and ZD9 FALD. This has meant Dolby Vision compatible devices have had to be updated. AppleTV 4K's firmware 11.3 (now in beta) apparently already fixes this. But Oppo has not addressed or responded to this. And with the newly introduced HDR10+ format, it is likely a 30x series might soon be released. Don't get me wrong - the Oppo is a superb sounding player - and these new advances in video compatibility is par for the course for any new disc format. I remember going to Profile 1.0 players to Profile 1.1 to Profile 2.0 BDPs, then 3D compatible etc etc. I expect I will upgrade again when the 30x series is launched. But I doubt I would dare splurge 3x the price of the Oppo 205 for the Modwright mod unless all I cared about was audio disc playback.
  13. We’ve had really spotty records with loans. I had a bookshelf speaker come back with chips on the cabinet. And another came back without the biwire bridges attached. Sometimes it gets too hectic and we can’t inspect or test the items when they are returned. We still loan some gear out with a deposit or credit card on hold. But it can be kinda difficult with speakers. Which can be extremely heavy and fragile and sometimes hard to repack again.
  14. DoggieHowser

    SOLD: FS: Chord Qutest DAC

    Yes. Basically a Hugo 2 without the head amp and the battery.
  15. DoggieHowser

    SOLD: FS: Chord Qutest DAC

    I do like the convenience of using the Devialet as a (semi) Roon compatible device and there is a clear sonic benefit to using a direct end to end network to conversion to power in a single box architecture like the way the Devialet does. FWIW Classe admitted to me their Sigma integrated sounded better than their Sigma Pre and Power combo for a similar reason. (Not true for the Delta architecture which is a more traditional standalone box approach)