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  1. Damn I was going to get a Fiesta ST and put a sticker on the BMW that said "My other car has Apple Carplay for free" 😂
  2. Monday rolled along - no email. So I used the Connected feature in the infotainment unit to speak to a real person. They said to go to Connected Media. Press the Option button and choose Update DOH Carplay downloaded. Needed to delete my current BT pairing - but once I deleted and paired the 2 again, VOILA CarPlay. Not having a touchscreen on the 2017 makes it a little bit cumbersome but it would have been difficult to drive AND reach over to use the touchscreen anyway
  3. Ah. The email said it would send a notification when it was activated
  4. How long does it take to activate CarPlay?
  5. Thanks Al!! Decided to get it finally. Tested it on the Mini I had for a loan car and it was just brilliant.
  6. Even if you don't already have one.. a large proportion (not all - so best to check the packaging) of UHD titles include a BluRay copy of the movie so you can just get your collection ready for UHD. That being said - more and more guys I know are just getting their movies off iTunes. Some of the offers are pretty good and the new releases (re-releases) have been getting UHD HDR/Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos visual and audio upgrades. For one thing, the deals can be really good (Spiderman 1-3, Amazing Spiderman 1-2 and Homecoming all for under $50 with UHD HDR and Dolby Atmos). And second of all, if you ever purchased the movie off iTunes in the past (at DVD or 1080p quality, you will get the upgraded 4K version when they become available) - makes guys who double/triple/quadruple dip their purchases on LaserDisc, DVD, HD DVD, BluRay and now UHD look like suckers
  7. The real deal is when you combine it with the 2 for $40 and 2 for $50 but in QLD, many stores are out of the Steel Box versions (which will end up costing the same as the non steel box version in the 2 for... offer). 2 for $40 with the 20% off works out to $16/UHD. not a bad haul. I did end up paying for shipping because the nearest pick up point with all the titles I wanted was in Victoria!
  8. I have just moved my 205 to the bedroom to drive my Focal Utopia headphones as a Roon end point. And it is simply quite stunning. I prefer running the cans direct - rather than go through the Schiit Mjolnir dedicated headphone amp
  9. Damn. I didn’t test CarPlay before when al posted about the deal. Now I have and want it, the offer is over. Anyone know when or if another deal will become available? Have they offered similar deals before?
  10. Mad as Hell is back. How I have missed you I used to like The Weekly but it seems to have hit a snag this season with the departure of Kitty. The new woman is more obnoxious than funny. Kitty could take the punch to Charlie without coming across as smarmy. I loved what the team blew the budget increase at the ABC on the premise of Labour's victory.
  11. I think for some HDR material, there's something to be said about a bright 1800 nits FALD Sony like my old ZD9. The new ZG9 looks even more phenomenal (4000 nits!!!) and HDTV test was almost drooling Just got word from the Aus distributor - 25k for the 85" reviewed by HDTV test but this is for the Pro range. The consumer model may be cheaper?
  12. I had a loan Mini with Carplay the other day and it was such a joy to use (basically iDrive with a slight Mini twist). Especially with TIDAL which pops up as an app on the screen. I could even use the the iDrive controller (didn't need touchscreen to navigate) I used to run Apple Music and the SIRI integration is great (didn't even need Carplay to work) but SIRI didn't work with TIDAL so CarPlay + TIDAL works a real treat. I might have to wait for another sale
  13. How much for the last of the Mohicans?
  14. The story on AVS is that the LS sold badly. Not the numbers Epson was expecting. This was already their second gen reflective LCD design. And there are serious doubts Epson will continue to invest R&D money on it. They may eventually get a 4K LCD and put a laser on it but I doubt the LS in its current tech will get a 4K panel.
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