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  1. You can normally leave the setting on Auto and it will choose SDR or HDR as required. Occasionally, odd 4K movie put on has interestingly stayed in SDR mode. Played 4k copy of War for Planet of the apes last night , and auto chose SDR, swapping to HDR and colors looked oversaturated- so set back to SDR. Under the HDR mode you can adjust the setting of course, but couldn't seem to get it looking right with that particular movie. Any thoughts @betty boop ?
  2. I'll take the Japanese pressing then , thanks! 😊
  3. Not all of us covet Thy neighbors chattels or missus! 🙄
  4. LOL , ignorance is bliss! However, yes opinions on supposed superiority are to be taken with a grain of salt! 😉
  5. @Ooogh makes a lot of rash decisions - he sold me his pride and joy Bryston 4B3! We need to think more long term, Tony. 😉
  6. You %$#@ard Jakeyb!!! Very tempting, something magical about the CJ sound - as owner of two of them! 😫 Edit: buy them @Tony M and we can come to arrangement on loaning out! 😬
  7. Where did you source the top plate, a true flat version? Yes very satisfying working on the LP12 yourself, however I always call in outside help to properly tune the springs!
  8. @Juzbear the new plinth looks fantastic! Love the depth of color with the Redgum. Makes the old afromasia one look very average, which I have. Did you fit it yourself?
  9. It has happened more than once! 🙄 Anyway what would you know - you prematurely senile old geezer! (Posted 3 times. ) 😂
  10. Well you're on a roll then! 😊 Offer that you're merely shuffling the deck, and fully intend to sell something of equal value. Do you want me to talk to her?? 😬
  11. Seek forgiveness, plus mention a bespoke ultra rare ,made in Aussie item! Can't knock supporting local industry, just don't mention it's being resold! 😬
  12. Bring me back a 6 pack thanks , al ! 😬 Edit: and work on your pouring, that looks a tad heady! 😃
  13. Look it's a tough situation for all concerned, I'd certainly be semi ok after 90 mins as many acts only perform that long. Free ticket for another event is a good gesture. Why the wife and I avoid outdoor concerts around December/ January. Weather can be fickle.
  14. Agreed, Anthony @Grizzly had a pair setup here last year for a presentation - and others beside myself were left very highly impressed by their performance.
  15. Heard yesterday on the radio there wouldn't be a refund as over half the concert was performed. (90mins). However the organizers etc. are going to offer free tickets to another concert held this year at Rochford.
  16. Yeah as the original owner , I updated from this to a virtually identical Marantz which cost me considerably more! Crazy Cheap for such a quality Surround pre, these were $3k new ! You could still use this with 4k by just going direct from source to projector or TV and audio to the Marantz.
  17. Great bespoke valve amplifier for such a low price!
  18. You can sit on them for the time being ! 😬
  19. Yeah I'm the same ! Oh a SNAG ! 😂 Could certainly do with some of TBs finest too. 😉
  20. Naming me on a scammer alert thread , nice ! 🙄
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