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  1. Way it's going Mr Bells, I will be setting it all up in the new outside patio to fast track human contact! 😃
  2. You're right, things have been oddly sped up in a slow motion environment of sameness! A chance as it were, with plenty of self reflection time - to plot a clear path that would normally take much longer! Harmony remains, helps offloading excess stock and spending 90% of income ! 😊 True, great devices that do considerably more than a plain black box appears to do!👍
  3. Still fundamentally an analog animal wading in the digital pool, Mate! 😉 This is totally, unbelievably , streamlined, simplified, and precisely what I needed to achieve that !😬 Theoretically, I could run a USB cable straight from the Rhein Z1 to my Ayon Sigma DAC- but that's way too easy! Plus I've been advised USB is inferior to streaming to the Lumin, although I will be trying it out! Might need that Supra USB cable back @Darren69 😬
  4. A week is a long time in audio lately - at evil springs ! Just settling back to listen properly to my digital setup, after buying at Sound Gallery a Silent Angel Rhein Z1 Roon core server and QNAP NAS - to feed via the Lumin U1 Mini and Ayon Sigma DAC. Just joined up with Roon too so big WOW!!! On how it all sounds! After many conversations with SNA guys, ( thanks especially @Assisi, @todagt) and talking to John Ong the Rhein Z1 Roon core server was highly recommended from a price/performance perspective . Very compact good looking unit, and weighs a ton! I liked the whole dedicated Roon core server concept but baulked at building my own! I was tempted by the Roon Nucleus plus, but the Rhein Z1 is meant to be every bit as good at a very competitive price. So how does it perform? Well I thought improvements were going to be more on a subtle scale, after adding the Lumin and Ayon Sigma DAC! Boy was I wrong !! Sound just floats out into the air from a wide range of sources, plus the whole frequency spectrum sounds on almost a different scale. Much more precise, and layered imaging too. Just finished transferring 1800 albums to the NAS last night, so with Tidal etc. plenty of music to enjoy ! Scary part of it all, is how satisfying it is to listen to - and exciting the sonic presentation is. Scarier too, after speaking to John Ong and @Assisi is it gets better with higher quality Ethernet cables and switch apparently! I'm NOT going to go there for now. 😒
  5. Brilliant amplifier, and great price for a $10k unit - still miss mine!
  6. And with the savings keep your TAD speakers! 😉
  7. Please feel free to comment on your own personal observations , no prerequisites on price points - hell I've mentioned the Muji DAC ($1k pimped to 2k +) several times! 😉
  8. LOL , but the mids are still important! 😉 Seriously there's a bit more happening than just nice gear being unnecessarily replaced . On a side note, have been running in the new Opamps in the Muji tube DAC since yesterday. Spinning a few well known tracks, and highly impressed - bit more warmth over the old Opamps and tad more bass . Will give it a 👍 @MattyW
  9. Looks like we share similarities with the Lumin and I was also looking at the Roon Nucleus . Ha ha, the more innocent unenlightened times!,😂 I don't necessarily agree with a % of improvement- all the changes I've made in total - have if you use such a unit of measurement resulted in a 300% lift! Significant improvement is often my impression, on a tweak or change. Obsession more like, but obviously with multiple benefits- disregarding marital strain! 😉
  10. Let me know when you're selling it- l mightn't offer full market price though! 😉
  11. It is a vexing question, and one many of us ponder and potentially throw good money on a new replacement - only to find little or no improvement. The effective timing can relate to elevations in performance of other key components, and only then are the benefits realized. As is often said, you put in a stronger link in the chain - then the rest must follow! And It's why trying before buying if possible, is such a handy tool! Or moving on otherwise if it clearly doesn't work out . Although sometimes I've reintroduced a component after changes in the system, and apparent shortcomings attributed to them - have magically disappeared! They were only previously performing to the level of restrictions applied to them - and in itself a very good argument for hoarding! 😊 Nothing wrong with having two or more of everything, gives you the opportunity to mix up different combos and keep our audio hobby fresh! Often of course just the financial realities that restrict us! 😉
  12. Yeah stick with what you've got - save your money! I mean - it's not like DACs can sound much better right? 😉 Sometimes you luck on a really good item - and if it works for you certainly keep it.
  13. I wonder if I could feed Radio Paradise in on my spare Node 2 into the Muji DAC to speed things up- although I suspect need to have it running into an amplifier switched on.
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